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You pick up the scroll labeled “EmpressEclipse,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BoTM6Sweet LavenderAdult (f)2,8806892
dmPrsLavender DuneAdult (f)2,9527290
hSEklDeep LavenderAdult (f)2,7327042
d775CChristmas LavenderAdult (f)2,0967050
SGTZDLavenderstingAdult (f)3,5724055
jNoEcSun-Bright LavenderAdult (f)3,7326120
5OE9p(5OE9p)Adult (f)6,4978471
m4iOE(m4iOE)Adult (f)5,3058713
nl1NALavender InlayAdult (m)2,0976732
lfGD4Lavender TreesAdult (m)2,6907530
kEsYVLavender SummerAdult (m)1,9536610
Dhuv4Lavender PatternAdult (m)2,7196851
H0woMLavender PharoahAdult (m)3,3996152
wAo1h(wAo1h)Adult (m)6,8237152
9W1D8LavenderKissesAdult (m)6,8096162
uJXkK(uJXkK)Adult (m)6,9968783
dTTqB(dTTqB)Adult (m)5,4841,0231
mlYmTurquoise DuneAdult (f)3,3711,29214
LjWoTurquoise TailAdult (m)1,83591310
WW6pTurquoise ValentineAdult (m)2,5841,17916
lppfTurquoise FernAdult (m)1,83492417
mmTGFragile TurquoiseAdult (m)1,60265515
0pUtTurquoise OutputAdult (f)1,9466269
gLRfTurquoise CrestAdult (m)5,7671,16314
BgpMTurquoise BagAdult (f)1,58962716
CpJNXTurquoise InlayAdult (m)7,4321,44216
s3kTvTurquoise StripsAdult (f)2,28481315
0EUd7Turquoise in the SandAdult (f)3,3565042
1NEkuTurquoise TreesAdult (m)3,5146203
RmeukTurquoise RemarkAdult (f)2,4326551
Rt2duSummer TurquoiseAdult (f)4,0938204
AaYjfTurquoise SurpriseAdult (m)3,0038056
gHTJeTurquoise TouchAdult (m)2,5465664
IIpoLLost TurquoiseAdult (f)2,2017022
YzuN5Turquoise HammerAdult (m)3,8268763
QhevWTurquoise RoyalAdult (m)3,3645031
cidbUTurquoise BrightAdult (m)3,3444610
ahny7Turquoise SliceAdult (f)1,8996241
vzO11(vzO11)Adult (f)5,5157670
nz3P7(nz3P7)Adult (f)3,4029360
OUBta(OUBta)Adult (f)3,6099250
deWjg(deWjg)Adult (f)5,0467271
1bKMC(1bKMC)Adult (f)3,7658950
pm28Q(pm28Q)Adult (f)4,7528781
F985C(F985C)Adult (m)6,3749500
ibmHu(ibmHu)Adult (m)3,4981,0230
v7Sf0(v7Sf0)Adult (m)3,5209250
X5ko7(X5ko7)Adult (m)2,8998971
rm8Wr(rm8Wr)Adult (m)3,8548890
69f9N(69f9N)Adult (m)3,8619793
HkHwu(HkHwu)Adult (m)5,4026821
UEo0z(UEo0z)Adult (m)5,2178451
6DkzH(6DkzH)Adult (m)6,5016683
f7sIr(f7sIr)Adult (m)5,9867794
7V3BLightning WhipAdult (m)2,9631,38332
TzAlPearl WhipAdult (m)2,5531,00436
YEvUChampion WhipAdult (m)1,50146229
LqosFresh WhipAdult (f)2,65968013
19icWhip DancerAdult (m)2,16260026
03XPSpeckled WhipAdult (m)2,7121,05315
UuZbWhip FastAdult (m)2,12372925
SAWWSaw WhipAdult (m)3,7201,05344
XN5ZSwish and WhipAdult (f)3,94994027
oG4NCOrganic WhipAdult (m)3,66499018
gYKh1Whipped UpAdult (f)3,5748234
rjQgPSweet Whipped CreamAdult (f)3,9287021
tkrY4Whip AroundAdult (m)2,5316351
Na7dlWind Whipping Through LeavesAdult (f)3,3668331
o1UaKChristmas WhipAdult (m)2,7688382
GpkrQWhip of LeavesAdult (m)2,1337044
fR40kSpring WhipAdult (m)1,9396461
YNlkVFloating WhipAdult (m)2,1536861
ucCRjTumbling WhipAdult (m)2,6107480
BFDTCWhipsnap DragonAdult (m)2,4806751
sotAmWhip of the WindAdult (m)2,0586942
gN2n5Whipping Through LifeAdult (f)2,0806770
MSh0rWhip Through TimeAdult (m)3,2766344
Bmqi3Sparkling WhipAdult (m)4,9376289
HECyRHunting WhipAdult (m)3,1844893
arCKyChanged WhipAdult (m)3,2654823
997MAHot WhipAdult (m)3,3886653
ZzTJbWicked WhipsAdult (m)4,1777236
p0YQ8ShywhipAdult (m)2,8925902
YKq4dGift-Whip xAdult (m)7,0236672
RC3hb(RC3hb)Adult (f)6,3221,0010
8VVcG(8VVcG)Adult (m)4,4228563
DoHgCopperlingAdult (f)2,89171872
WC2WCopperletteAdult (f)3,5101,21851
fDcBCopperlyAdult (f)3,5631,23251
NVMuCopperblossomAdult (f)2,65660929
XAuVCopperflowerAdult (f)2,46977931
CWtaCopperauroraAdult (f)2,20667515
bE7cFrozenCopperAdult (f)2,81386936
6p3NCopperlaAdult (f)2,53883722
PG9ICoppercoalsAdult (f)3,4481,21716
DsCTCopperringAdult (f)1,60561421
7PReCopper Maple DorkfaceAdult (f)2,22670121
rMKQBright Beautiful CopperAdult (f)1,99868315
F2BVLCoppersweetAdult (f)2,0936412
J9C1FFrosted CopperAdult (f)3,6848903
8n4YfCold CopperAdult (f)4,0869755
vJHjeCopper FlightAdult (f)1,8376631
fstB9Coppery LadyAdult (f)2,3396762
RTsWoIcicles of CopperAdult (f)2,1836801
mQgdIStar CopperAdult (f)1,9236782
C94fWCopper BitsAdult (f)5,2468268
yx8CTCopperstonesAdult (f)3,3248023
gwXdxLight on CopperAdult (f)2,9267391
zAMJVCopperwineAdult (f)2,4056132
VJ9KUHeated CopperAdult (f)2,9327982
uE6bnCoppertumbleAdult (f)2,4167891
4lk7rCopperflakesAdult (f)2,9565522
bs4LE(bs4LE)Adult (f)5,4278672
1dAsk(1dAsk)Adult (f)7,2831,2035
8s1DW(8s1DW)Adult (f)6,9791,4564
2KOny(2KOny)Adult (f)6,8055880
I9dFB(I9dFB)Adult (f)5,3487841
0fhXR(0fhXR)Adult (f)6,2958530
1Wwd0(1Wwd0)Adult (f)6,4277520
h9qZCopper MirrorAdult (m)2,21657624
S9JhCopperlightAdult (m)2,63876935
gPG0CopperglassAdult (m)4,0311,18826
s9A7CoppercircleAdult (m)2,25067228
bKR0CopperburnishAdult (m)2,31084916
k7gEFresh-Tapped CopperAdult (m)3,08181614
df5qCopper Leaf GlowAdult (m)3,53297619
Nh3BCopperemberAdult (m)2,07573113
OdROChristmas CopperAdult (m)2,33373516
camUCopper SkyAdult (m)1,83760312
FqB1MCopperleafAdult (m)2,1416611
fPlj4CopperbranchAdult (m)2,3696722
jhqKNCopper ElderAdult (m)2,2476541
DBl1gCopper HoneyorchidAdult (m)2,3856483
GWTKaCopperfireAdult (m)2,8607073
Hkd1sSpirit and Soul of CopperAdult (m)2,5007922
nXRtUGloomy CopperAdult (m)3,0414725
uuZNeCopper FlameAdult (m)2,3466750
iW6pKCrimson CopperAdult (m)2,5567521
j2RA2Copper CharityAdult (m)3,2507803
MdAOjCopperbitAdult (m)2,9687650
5oW1FCopperCrownAdult (m)2,4696581
bIJ5EChaos CopperAdult (m)2,6336530
GsUcDCopper DragonflyAdult (m)3,3407692
YJwk9(YJwk9)Adult (m)4,8959632
EghhG(EghhG)Adult (m)6,6876140
MXy0M(MXy0M)Adult (m)4,8977820
sgxiF(sgxiF)Adult (m)5,6315741
FnPen(FnPen)Adult (m)5,6317651
U3tUQ(U3tUQ)Adult (m)7,1426312
WpU9Frozen IceCrystalAdult (m)3,06094219
OVWUClouded IceAdult (m)3,00391525
3NBdIced CopperAdult (m)3,30988642
QX09MirrorIceAdult (m)3,7661,11123
bIQrIceBlossomAdult (m)1,53151724
ZZUlLance of IceAdult (m)1,59265419
ZrmQLast Flurry of IceAdult (m)2,16283026
MmIQIce HellAdult (m)2,33093223
qltvUnexpected IceAdult (m)2,83094617
mb4UMelty IceAdult (m)2,47182831
YeoouSpirit IceAdult (m)1,8855571
3itAfSouful IceAdult (m)3,4037641
9q3CRUnusual IceAdult (m)3,0288672
7TsbAOncoming IceAdult (m)2,6238271
NFRpDIce CrystalsAdult (m)2,4937932
fgd81Broken IceAdult (m)3,1667491
cITPbIcicle of IceAdult (m)2,1117322
mEda1Stream of IceAdult (m)1,9416793
BmZ8FGrail of IceAdult (m)3,3257652
Na0RQIce DragonflyAdult (m)2,7566710
95FAfBeautifiul Black IceAdult (m)2,8716750
9dQJuCracked IceAdult (m)2,3886365
6aOexWeak IceAdult (m)2,7016570
VPQU0(VPQU0)Adult (m)4,8129332
nQt0F(nQt0F)Adult (m)4,8999693
7gFOBChristmas IcesAdult (m)5,2089810
RfbxA(RfbxA)Adult (m)4,6031,0471
cjqRICrown of Ice and WireAdult (m)5,0659063
lHWyaLights Under IceAdult (m)4,8471,0473
8Q2MT(8Q2MT)Adult (m)5,4907720
rt2Rs(rt2Rs)Adult (m)5,8285930
nCdq8(nCdq8)Adult (m)7,4755101
Wd1hE(Wd1hE)Adult (m)8,7138342
K4UiIcefloweringAdult (f)1,93983321
C4YWIce GlassAdult (f)3,2001,02921
kBsNCircle of IceAdult (f)2,90484327
L0CJSugar IceAdult (f)2,15876517
cIWKFirst Flush of Winter IceAdult (f)2,09587225
PSaHCrunchy IceAdult (f)2,53569029
agrcIce GiftAdult (f)2,43390614
KLpgIce ObsidianAdult (f)2,09786834
PpLPIce SweetAdult (f)3,01789731
sobuWarrior of the IceAdult (f)3,02992547
BeUm6Snowdrops of IceAdult (f)3,3309021
7tO4aSilver Frost IceAdult (f)2,3128221
dW8WiJewels of IceAdult (f)3,2127282
gMtCPCrust of IceAdult (f)2,3867282
Zc0lvValentine IceAdult (f)1,9616581
OYVrUCrunching IceAdult (f)2,5726882
1pVXAIce Over WaterAdult (f)2,1086592
v4Hh4Ice in AutumnAdult (f)2,8846711
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