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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Soulsplosion,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BNxqGss corvusAdult3,5386933
msXuylook  at  itAdult (f)3,0496724
p4hLHANNOUNCER CHIEFHatchling (m, F)5,5291,0561
gdAkZVoS THE VILLAGE OF STREAMFELLHatchling (m, F)3,0677000
dy7QnDM THE DESERT MARCHHatchling (f, F)4,6119190
lPc8EHighlord Atlanticus VerViarus IAdult (m)5,4269555
xZTRILady Whisper vonValon IAdult (f)5,4179535
IXJIpLady Hookblood vixAris IAdult (f)5,4359566
G9fJmLord Title-KeeperAdult (m)4,2827866
F1RYdLord Clockheart the Visionary G1Adult (m)6,1391,3511
YS2JhLady Tempora the Timesmith G1Adult (f)2,3177211
V7poUVasetipo G2Adult (f)3,5498071
uTCirLord Amberblood the Wise G2Adult (m)2,1136864
fnST8Lady Azulance G1Adult (f)2,7455323
DA5PxLady Vibrance the Elegant G3MAdult (f)2,1526803
I3dkcLord Ledek G4MAdult (m)3,6747353
c3FEXChastion the Visionary G5XAdult (m)1,7775940
yilUZWhisk G4mAdult (f)2,8647375
CiVDFAsiviri the Storm Goddess G2PAdult (f)3,2555082
JGSKpWarrior Weldsparker G1Adult (f)3,3547682
GWM3PToA Priest Gishira G1Adult (f)5,3838671
cbdqEToA Priest Typhosa G1Adult (m)6,3141,0851
D2bLOToA Priest Goronogad G1DAdult (m)2,3427991
9yisQToA Niyiso G1DAdult (f)4,3721,1181
VBZOgVinguardian Chronomotonic G2Adult (m)2,9318131
KpxrfVinguardian Kexperf G1Adult (m)3,7746310
LloZVBm1 Baroness Westward Auflare G1Adult (f)3,7636281
ERlfmwe all die someday G1Adult (f)5,4271,0362
tpON7Bm1 Corrupted Monarch G1Adult (m)4,3036130
arl6LWee BidopeHatchling (F)2,2013861
zKHJvZa'Kiev G11XAdult (f)1,0634552
6rVpUVieraimon G1Adult (m)2,7508491
Z0JIVMeterzojiv G4mAdult (m)3,2137233
lkBbnQuickbeast G1DAdult (f)1,7435461
S4KhlScout Blur G2Adult (f)1,2534091
KRIa2Scout Kriato G2Adult (m)1,2014081
fWxFtBlue Noodle G2Adult (m)1,2874471
gmPvhBh1 Baroness Caliagrand G1Adult (f)1,0374451
LYNBLBh1 Red Flamereaper G4XAdult (f)1,3244612
Ocl2AA Well-Cooked Meme G2Adult (f)4,4676581
EMcgXBh1 Varblaze Creal G1Adult (m)4,5976720
60U0BBh1 Ogiub G2PAdult (m)3,7216322
sAOH6Own Visosphere G1Adult (m)4,8346240
oIIJuBh1 Ujif CrealHatchling (m, F)1,2384091
Xcv67Blazing Blue Terror G2HAdult (f)1,4294961
GXwvxAlyipsa G5XAdult (f)5,3111,0271
1PWU6Dweller Blue Catastrophe G10XAdult (f)3,8829882
QP3MfSpelunker Chemicalias G4SAdult (m)1,8646761
9JdqEChief Stoneguard G1Adult (m)4,4367902
oTSXrDweller Existere G2Adult (f)1,7606432
kJNFwSpelunker Miagradosis G2Adult (f)1,8566731
w2ihUDweller Wivihutu G1Adult (f)7,0451,1142
dryY5Atreias G1Adult (m)3,1507641
2ad3IAdelaide Fierce G1Adult (f)3,7067341
qJTNqGalagrayer G2HAdult (f)3,5078911
Nr7NOGatherer Riselord G2HAdult (f)4,8978456
FPTkmFancy Pantsy Butts G1Adult (m)1,8405951
dkXW8Caliope G1Adult (m)7,2021,4902
G8S0OGateso G1Adult (m)3,2667070
jUludWarrior Julid G1Adult (f)2,6576093
ELtDKEtelde G1Adult (f)4,9967601
JjOf0Rafius Shimmer G1Adult (m)1,6645101
DkRqrDakraq'r G1Adult (m)8934132
0Ze1HGafias G4lmAdult (m)4,2171,0172
OFO7DArchitect Brond G1Adult (m)3,3987071
Pgz79Teleporter Geldine Ristin G1Adult (f)5,6246601
0lceqTeleporter Candygolde G1Adult (f)1,3624551
YpeGQTeleporter Yepe Goldhearte G1DAdult (m)6,5951,0980
6F1D6Teleporter Agigago G1DAdult (f)3,6357081
kXOjkGolden BeanHatchling (m, F)1,2233812
t7vs7A Wee Bit MustyHatchling (F)1,0303430
XdDEZSecretariat G2HAdult (f)3,9127492
ny119Warrior Oztoku G1Adult (m)4,4208892
fvPOuWarrior Fovpou G1Adult (m)2,9317681
lWIcLCool Kid Saves The CatsAdult (f)4,0397040
YltuCDM Sunsetter G1DAdult (m)3,2067182
za9PFDM Agrefela G1DAdult (f)3,4487571
zCRj8Rogue Spet Nud G1Adult (f)3,4267430
BMqUzBambi G1Adult (f)7,1841,4691
0RCWTSeawind Fierce G1Adult (m)6,3241,2073
2VJQrGolden Crestling G1Adult (f)1,5284982
YircVGolden Feldling G2Adult (m)1,2644450
0xtZLFriendly Oxyl G1Adult (f)3,1686631
jlyhbFriendly Jalybb G1DAdult (m)3,5388201
rUrevRurev G2PAdult (f)3,7837511
hm42xGuard Hem ForTrex G1Adult (f)7,2569860
N7ey2Warrior Usuviar G1Adult (m)4,1826361
LeUOaRackety G9XAdult (m)2,0535792
LP4qbI Shanked Mufasa G1Adult (m)5,3468351
U1dsUU'alid'es G1DAdult (m)1,2324460
YSEY1Yeseyai G1DAdult (f)8,2869071
tZC1DAutumn Fellsprout G1Adult (f)1,7825411
sprl9Gilding LabRanter G1Adult (f)5,6476631
7QLA4Loqua QuibySkalen G1Adult (f)5,3508401
IT4ezHunter Cuivan G1Adult (m)3,3428980
QuRLdDelicarius G4XAdult (m)2,0266911
oVL7oArmourer Ovlo G1Adult (m)4,3697640
uUAJXGuard U'ujax G1Adult (m)4,1705861
IzTv6Warrior Alchemine G1Adult (f)5,5968121
6cogxArmourer Ixcog G1Adult (f)1,2244033
5trM0Digger Ember-Eyes G1Adult (f)7,1508800
AB6DUDweller Flaming Bloodhound G1Adult (f)10,9421,1980
XLXoiBloodstroked Violets G1Adult (m)8,4569270
luLwbSun Setting On Fire G1Adult (m)4,6096440
F8FubFufub KintinLithe G1Adult (m)5,7638320
YofxRYofrexor G1Adult (f)1,3574081
HDbnHPinkest Beauty G1Adult (m)3,2299150
sG9hSSignafas G3MAdult (m)7,2709363
nfayKNyfak G1Adult (m)8,3238265
nZVbAMirrored Rubies G1Adult (m)3,7676311
g32QYRiggedy Raggedy G1Adult (m)1,5795021
poLkkUnwanted Diamond G1Adult (f)1,1915191
jl0hEJohl EeSnith G1Adult (m)10,8861,2020
jLTJPCrakes kanAlasa G1Adult (f)4,7158021
zxNCJRinger BlitKarun G1Adult (f)4,8896730
lEVO5Duchess Setgrand G1Adult (f)3,4997590
X2rkdAkir of the Sarrakota G2PAdult (f)3,8787402
jGTonAsiphiris of the Sarrakota G1DAdult (f)7,3467310
RkIzxValentine of the Sarrakota G1DAdult (m)4,8876730
iTECSItecs G1Adult (m)4,0158220
ax3SyKiddle G1Adult (m)5,1128521
dr1ciDividend Pureheart G1Adult (m)1,7426491
yP6mYValentine Streaks G1Adult (m)8,0588821
yJhtoY'johto G1Adult (m)4,0207600
xpbQMInterviolet G2Adult (f)1,7715801
qSNwEBsk1 Baron Neon Grand G1Adult (m)1,0684541
3WBXhBsk1 Huntress Akatif FescoAdult (f)3,3876920
AC3zuExtravirgin Olive Oil G2Adult (f)2,6577310
q0hmeBsk1 Kihemi Thunderbrand G1Adult (f)1,4585630
cOO7Euuughhhhghhhhgggg G2Adult (f)2,0936470
a6EK9Ab'gek Niki G1Adult (f)3,7666291
MSEGUSpicy MEEEEEEETbaLL G2Adult (m)1,4114951
EMX2KNurser Adrian G1Adult (f)4,7188001
IppY0Ippyo G1Adult (f)7,6766501
kgPnHworld peace isn't possible G5lAdult (f)2,0705911
bdRXcYoung Lifeblood G2Adult (f)1,4665101
jPLewJalape G1Adult (f)4,9778392
CwQ24Loner Warmheart G1Adult (m)7,8247161
M0PIfRoses and Sand G3XAdult (m)3,2365051
LkjdKSpeckled Rose Dancer G2Adult (f)1,0994711
zP2WjRussian Willfire G2Adult (f)1,2654142
TJTI6Genderswayer Hafdire G1Adult (f)3,3726950
hqHP2Genderswayer Sildean G13XAdult (f)5,8356651
RpmsRGenderswayer Rampser G12XAdult (f)5,8386651
iowFSGenderswayer Mire G1Adult (f)6,4277141
s01QqGenderswayer Glogster G1Adult (f)1,3144050
bAvfYGenderswayer Gatruse G1Adult (m)3,6045283
1vvqKGenderswayer Ramone G1Adult (m)1,3334420
12ueZGenderswayer Hugo G13XAdult (m)2,0587051
3G5TTGenderswayer Bind G1Adult (m)4,2587000
USTa0Slimboder ronSnithald G1Adult (m)3,3277371
lNhoJFive Gay Eggs G1Adult (m)1,9885863
N2MPfRalbo G2PAdult (m)3,6214832
O7YDHOdyssey G2PAdult (f)3,5228601
KURshAmiugo G1Adult (f)4,0017631
feuqDFlamingo's Blessing G2Adult (f)3,5965120
XBIrwBotanist Xibec Curo G1Adult (f)10,9111,2030
F9cOHFanchino G1Adult (f)2,0035775
U3JjmMiko G3PAdult (f)3,6806922
wAJakWajak G1Adult (f)4,3079852
P1J2EDM Botanist Elabrance G1Adult (f)5,2151,0650
wMX7APoS Wimixo G1Adult (m)4,0209332
uR3w5Musician Tropical Siren G1Adult (f)8,1888831
Zn3uF7 Nipples in The Big City G2Adult (f)2,5868303
kF5LvMotherly Kaivala G1Adult (f)5,1826450
mZVBzCreme SatusHelden G1Adult (m)5,3256571
O57OIFriendly Roseline Flare G1Adult (m)2,0985841
Vxs3aNomad Afrovixa G1Adult (m)3,9196422
gypshGypsh Sham G2Adult (f)1,3264321
mVrWgBobberballoon Deluxe  G1Adult (f)7,4337250
JMzNPbe still my gay heartAdult (f)3,8677142
cKbLWBlesser Kable G1Adult (f)7,2089850
KzzCwBlesser Wiviolet G1Adult (f)1,2384480
p2pzZBlesser Vivian viVivia G1Adult (f)3,5517224
dXB0OBlesser Interwonder G1Adult (m)4,1735484
OW8JGBlesser Masvala G1Adult (m)8,8997600
iMuLABlesser Himlua G1Adult (m)7,3427310
rgG39Ragthrine G1Adult (f)1,1244710
5O45fVirtual Worm G1Adult (m)1,1845141
OIpYwNo Hind Legs G1Adult (m)1,1214690
SQ5VaOwn Patterfriend G1Adult (f)8,0478811
CX8uBSurgarbolt G1Adult (f)2,3677324
Yx8glYaxel G1Adult (f)3,8173930
zu8uIZati the Grand G1Adult (m)3,7686300
1hYV4Crimis risLarin G1Adult (f)3,5397214
9IcACVicci conLandaro G1Adult (m)3,4288270
RJaFojust bartAdult (m)3,3248121
3ljZjEzijia G1Adult (m)4,0585762
MRiJpScout Cassowary G2HAdult (m)5,2181,0092
W6RXSVoS Waxarus G2HAdult (m)4,5889864
Zg2hFIntergalactica Violet G1DAdult (m)1,9735581
Vity6Guide Stormflare G1Adult (m)4,4519710
8cy8aFriendly Ayciaya G2Adult (m)1,2033761
IRLlXIrlix G1Adult (m)3,5507361
17gaNLoner Mafequire G2PAdult (f)4,1097120
Cp3WLCapul G1Adult (f)3,7727431
gOUKxCabbage Nipples G5MAdult (f)2,0385911
z6zlGZagavi G1Adult (f)3,7244882
x65HZStarsweeper G1Adult (f)4,6635791
a7YHvjust too many beans G2Adult (f)3,3507995
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