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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zeldarax,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TXufZelda's Silverwhite ElementAdult (f)1,46853416
Sfnn2Zelda's 5E Lucky DorkfaceAdult (f)4,70792317
nWB69Zelda's Famous 5E GryffindorAdult (f)5,61492113
o6teZZelda's Famous 5E SlytherinAdult (m)5,3088699
Et0hjZelda's 5E Santa ValkieAdult (f)6,41486315
DL65AZelda's 5E Hawaiian SlytherinAdult (f)5,79773810
tZPLIZelda's Special 5E Shadow SilverAdult (m)6,2131,22139
SHek3Zelda's 5E Pure Silver TeamAdult (f)5,3331,12529
4fTi5Zelda's Elemental Zilveren SterAdult (f)6,4151,39720
O5NdEZelda's 5E Grace Sterling TeamAdult (m)4,8756865
4CYnlZelda's 5E Moonshadow TeamAdult (f)4,7919733
BAPSgZelda's 5E Gouden KippetjeAdult (f)4,4101,1187
S5fScZelda's 5E Loving GoldAdult (f)4,4223028
ACJuBZelda's 5E Silver HeartseekerAdult (f)4,2561,05018
7u0J8Zelda's 5E Silver LEELOOAdult (f)5,6451,32113
zKBliZelda's 5E Gelukkige SlytherinAdult (f)4,6501,18616
dnYA1Zelda's 5E Slytherin ZilverbloemAdult (f)5,1601,16911
KuaABZelda's 5E Amber WyvernAdult (f)4,7391,24315
ggKlIZelda's 5E Slytherin Gifted KingAdult (m)3,64989614
BwWTkZelda's Pure 5E Golden VillageAdult (m)4,2131,15016
KIzElZelda's 5E Born out of ClayAdult (f)4,0911,1569
Y1VNBZelda's 5E Slytherin Full CircleAdult (m)4,0791,12013
jijwhZelda's 5E Full Circle StairAdult (m)4,0281,15016
iqYOJZelda's 5E Grace Sterling DorpAdult (m)3,6791,0698
wWbOdZelda's 5E Golden CanopyAdult (m)4,9471,23313
BVhojZelda's 5E Tsuami Silver TownAdult (f)5,0551,18121
LQhTyZelda's Most Special ElementalAdult (f)6,2301,0898
Ez2bOZelda's 5E Aredell VillageAdult (f)4,8941,20013
OSXUMZelda's 5E Schaduw SterrendorpAdult (f)5,0581,1125
xOrrdZelda's 5E Shiny Golden DreamAdult (m)6,9351,23216
m1k0sZelda's Nieuwe 5E Zilveren SterAdult (f)6,1961,24114
dmLcZZelda's 5E Tionice TownAdult (m)7,6361,29120
yPhgIZelda's 5E Huntress from HawaiiAdult (f)6,2801,20428
IKWWKZelda's 5E Graceful DiamondsAdult (f)4,9841,15813
faS4pZelda's 5E Gryffindor Rood GoudAdult (f)6,1031,25918
Yk625Zelda's Special Elemental TeamAdult (m)6,7361,34514
gSx0oZelda's Real 5E Silver TownAdult (m)6,8691,3398
CtAaEZelda's 5E Ridiculous VillageAdult (f)5,2861,1246
0LgMvZelda's 5E Hearthseeker SurpriseAdult (f)5,1081,24521
1zDUqZelda's 5E SterrenzilverAdult (m)5,49096210
qCMclZelda's 5E Donderend Goud StadAdult (f)6,0771,31225
ZeeDgZelda's 5E Gouden HerfstAdult (m)5,1801,1769
yWtRpZelda's Goudstenen ElementAdult (f)6,6111,2155
s1OnHZelda's 5E Gouden SpiraalstelselAdult (m)5,2451,17715
wr9c9Zelda's Elemental Golden ArrowAdult (m)5,6801,26616
GZsUPZelda's Elemental GeluksbloemAdult (f)6,0501,24917
abiGeZelda's 5E Weisse WaechterAdult (m)6,2651,25115
X23ddZelda's 5E Silver Flowers TownAdult (m)5,6401,20522
WBUQnZelda's Schoon Water ElementAdult (f)5,4031,24714
Rs0NzZelda's 5E Moonshadow DorpAdult (f)5,0821,24020
tdC2RZelda's 5E Happy StarAdult (m)2,85168311
3rDPqZelda's 5E Sterren ShimmerAdult (f)4,72395417
gsiu7Zelda's 5E Mystic TitanAdult (f)5,6321,09315
IRIOLZelda's 5E Wyvern SoundAdult (m)4,33749815
IJqpeZelda's Famous 5E GryffindorTeamAdult (f)5,2561,34815
s2a6VZelda's 5E Magic Silver BaubleAdult (f)3,8371,42114
y2LhIZelda's Nieuwe 5E Ster ShimmerAdult (f)5,0581,76415
8x29WZelda's 5E Droom GryffindorAdult (m)5,5241,8839
DhZLLZelda's 5E Royal Blue GoldAdult (m)4,3781,30913
QATDmZelda's 5E New Pure Silver TeamAdult (m)5,21169212
mlrPfZelda's 5E Royal Silver PresentAdult (f)5,3638328
J1IfmZelda's 5E Aredell TownAdult (m)5,3941,0701
ByT1uZelda's 5E Icy DomiadraumrAdult (m)5,6021,02629
xTcrqZelda's New 5E Elemental TeamAdult (f)5,1911,0913
0RsYiZelda's Elemental DreamlightAdult (f)6,9301,3707
ck6TsZelda's 5E Purple o MoonAdult (m)3,8987222
FD8nUZelda's Pure 5E Golden TownAdult (m)7,1021,1953
mwLtsZelda's 5E Slytherin Hawai BloemAdult (f)3,69999812
XunP5Zelda's 5E Pure Silver TradeAdult (f)5,5131,29914
9JSJvZelda's 5E Schaduw ShimmerAdult (f)6,2491,13812
hIJVsZelda's Shiny 5E Thunder GoldAdult (m)6,0581,26912
QkF7SZelda's 5E Shiny Sparky GoldAdult (f)6,1671,21510
fYZQRZelda's 5E Silver Shadow VillageAdult (m)4,4641,14821
izjw5Zelda's 5E Shao Shi WyvernAdult (f)5,4091,26416
tlYQDZelda's 5E Canopy Gem TeamAdult (f)5,2911,3069
no5d1Zelda's Shiny Pure 5E SilverAdult (m)6,0551,0044
GJLkCZelda's 5E Sunny Golden ShinyAdult (m)6,24583611
LKUaoZelda's 5E Bronze MysteryAdult (m)4,9321,2967
c6rMvZelda's 5E Shadow TeamAdult (m)3,5241,01712
A2mpiZelda's New 5E Shiny SparkyAdult (f)4,0541,1224
cwOh9Zelda's 5E Zinken LEELOO TeamAdult (m)3,2231,1515
WXVwnZelda's 5E Wyvern from MenothAdult (f)4,9161,2605
cMdjhZelda's 5E Silver Schadow TownAdult (f)2,7849601
AY372Zelda's 5E Pure Silver VillageAdult (f)3,1781,1422
5rCwjZelda's Silverwhite Element TeamAdult (m)4,8978913
BoVdvZelda's New 5E Lucky DorkfaceAdult (m)4,9179213
7LAs6Zelda's 5E Tan SilverAdult (f)4,7929244
uaY0XZelda's 5E Red FillyAdult (m)5,7531,1572
D9toiZelda's 5E Bronze HuntressAdult (f)7,2211,0049
JTK6UZelda's Most Special 5E TeamAdult (m)3,3391,0973
R63eoZelda's Nieuwe 5E SterrenzilverAdult (m)3,3271,1171
Bo5AtZelda's 5E Meandering RiverAdult (m)3,3311,0652
m4skgZelda's New 5E Royal Blue GoldAdult (m)2,5216052
WUQMQZelda's 5E Schaduw SpiralAdult (m)3,5811,1952
Rsj0iZelda's 5E Zingend Goud TeamAdult (f)2,0387642
JjQZd(JjQZd)Adult (f)2,5257412
QFXa3Zelda's 5E Koperen GelukAdult (m)1,8367101
jpRqMZelda's Neue 5E Weisse WaechterAdult (m)3,8069903
GsY9yZelda's Nieuwe 5E Puur Goud StadAdult (f)1,7167132
vJImoZelda's New 5E Mystic TitanAdult (f)5,1771,1505
ceO2PZelda's 5E Ghostlight ShimmerAdult (m)2,9057757
2pJcIZelda's 5E Wyvern HuntressAdult (f)4,5341,0615
L1EvlZelda's 5E Wyvern DiamondsAdult (f)4,7981,1465
zbiWZZelda's Legendary 5E LEELOO TeamAdult (f)2,7887744
wnXZhZelda's 5E Golden Kawa-no-KamiAdult (m)4,7681,0333
7XYNHZelda's 5E Wyvern Brief ShimmerAdult (m)5,4241,13015
VrW3VZelda's 5E Geluksbloem TeamAdult (m)5,7681,0527
5blwhZelda's 5E Bloemen TrapAdult (f)5,5211,0386
clKPIZelda's Elemental Sterren TrapAdult (f)6,7721,0904
ZdIE2Zelda's 5E Geluksbloem DorpAdult (m)2,84899228
0GyJrZelda's 5E Goudstenen TrapAdult (f)4,0321,1574
edouwZelda's 5E Metal Leeloo TeamAdult (f)4,0731,17810
XcFqvZelda's 5E Hawai Bloemen TrapAdult (f)4,2971,20211
TPgseZelda's New 5E Red FillyAdult (m)4,1741,16019
6It2yZelda's 5E Donderende RaffleAdult (m)5,2561,38133
p6ZLAZelda's 5E Icy HuntressAdult (f)5,1951,31128
sCrN6Zelda's 5E Thundering TitanAdult (f)4,2291,20624
swHJnZelda's 5E Gouden PijlAdult (f)3,9131,16021
QNthvZelda's 5E Hunting Yeti ShimmerAdult (f)6,14395623
HvkkLZelda's Nieuwe 5E Rode FillyAdult (m)5,2121,2973
QTdPnZelda's Long 5E Icy HuntressAdult (f)5,0181,25210
mzg45Zelda's Elemental Koperen GoudAdult (f)4,9851,29013
VnPeyZelda's New 5E Heartseeker StairAdult (f)4,9941,29015
glRVzZelda's Elemental Shadow SpiralAdult (f)4,9041,29317
z4NQJ(z4NQJ)Adult (f)5,9671,46818
b90eSZelda's 5E Puur Zilveren DorpAdult (f)5,1561,36128
xK4ii(xK4ii)Adult (m)6,0821,48719
oZ4OtZelda's 5E WaveJumper MetropoleAdult (m)4,4271,14710
tWcbSZelda's Elemental Shadow StairAdult (f)5,5521,36512
V7fv7(V7fv7)Adult (f)5,3911,33811
6Dnia(6Dnia)Adult (f)5,2361,4049
o8l9ZZelda's 5E Brief QuasarAdult (m)6,85590910
c7nEB(c7nEB)Adult (f)5,1121,34626
YIxUCZelda's 5E Golden Magic IzayaAdult (m)3,8461,08122
CpNMaZelda's 5E Shiny Shadow SilverAdult (m)6,4541,4837
U0w9GZelda's New Pure 5E Golden TownAdult (m)2,6405773
9zHnaZelda's 5E Gouden Water TrapAdult (f)5,2171,31820
YOF00Zelda's 5E Royal Kawa-no-KamiAdult (m)6,6351,1065
RRHWsZelda's Lange 5E Ster ShimmerAdult (f)4,7861,20921
9ZaDPZelda's 5E Shiny Checker VillageAdult (f)3,86199117
sRQGJZelda's 5E Shiny JewelAdult (f)4,7961,32912
romWCZelda's 5E Droom VulkaanAdult (f)4,2221,12311
njDcIZelda's 5E Quasar PearlAdult (m)6,5861,09916
4pETuZelda's 5E Wyvern of ConnachtAdult (f)4,1441,12111
NDdijZelda's 5E Seaglory EmberAdult (f)5,1621,29015
814TSZelda's 5E Puur Handels DorpAdult (f)3,8337759
F3aC0Zelda's Nieuwe 5E Zilver SterAdult (f)3,8031,10313
pBJyQZelda's New 5E SterrenzilverAdult (m)3,7651,1367
rPTM2Zelda's 5E Pure Gold Trade TeamAdult (m)4,1949419
JGyZmZelda's 5E Tan BilboAdult (m)4,1071,17913
RQ0z8Zelda's Nieuw 5E SpiraalstelselAdult (m)4,7851,05923
7xZ4nZelda's 5E Shiny Lucky CopperAdult (f)5,5991,2473
1DvFUZelda's 5E Shiny Raffle SongAdult (m)5,9261,1385
AqGKfZelda's 5E Hunting Yeti PrizeAdult (f)4,5731,27213
hq6LLZelda's 5E Shiny Utren Shim SongAdult (m)5,4071,08011
YePFpZelda's 5E Royal Virn ze LunarAdult (m)4,29298420
PPcRyZelda's 5E Golden SingerAdult (m)4,29198111
RLM3MZelda's New 5E Golden DreamAdult (f)4,4271,20316
dOWtSZelda's 5E Lost TradeAdult (f)5,1279518
Wil3AZelda's 5E Starvillage from JavaAdult (m)4,52392312
o9YHUZelda's New 5E Connacht WyvernAdult (f)4,6231,36724
AtMoEZelda's Nieuwe 5E Wyvern BriefAdult (m)5,0681,50718
TDWYRZelda's 5E Slytherin Bloem TeamAdult (m)4,5291,2204
izhflZelda's Famous 5E Shadow SilverAdult (f)4,2311,0633
d7aiDZelda's Famous 5E Shadow GoldAdult (m)4,0061,0734
nJBoZZelda's Special 5E Gold TeamAdult (m)3,9621,0393
QC4iBZelda's 5E Thundering TeamAdult (f)4,4001,2418
oLNfiZelda's 5E White Shadow TeamAdult (m)2,8389744
Lv34NZelda's 5E Frozen ShadowAdult (m)2,7749724
ATATmZelda's 5E Cold ShadowAdult (m)3,2661,01310
zkT4SZelda's 5E Harvest Luck TeamAdult (m)2,8401,08111
p64AtZelda's 5E Gifted Pict VillageAdult (m)3,0041,18413
GlUyOZelda's 5E Pumpkin Home VillageAdult (f)2,9351,14715
abtKzZelda's 5E Donker Pompoen DorpAdult (f)2,9231,14813
4MowI(4MowI)Adult (f)3,9951,31014
G8Llg(G8Llg)Adult (m)3,9721,2719
4LBEi(4LBEi)Adult (m)4,1681,30211
HBh7q(HBh7q)Adult (f)3,4631,24312
EG4BP(EG4BP)Adult (f)3,2911,12811
QICUo(QICUo)Adult (m)3,2751,08819
3upXQZelda's New 5E Pure Trade VillAdult (m)3,9671,21126
CGKT4Zelda's 5E Pure Sterling TeamAdult (f)3,9291,34721
BdSALZelda's 5E Slytherin Vine TeamAdult (f)2,03466016
pjgcJZelda's 5E Silvery Thunder StairAdult (f)3,7111,0309
6NCiCZelda's 5E Copper Gold TeamAdult (m)4,2011,08713
8ouhKZelda's 5E Gryffindor Gift TownAdult (f)4,6561,24722
PxEEWZelda's 5E White Gold MetropoleAdult (f)4,4301,23420
9ohG9Zelda's 5E Tan First RaffleAdult (m)4,1631,17411
Vt14vZelda's Famous 5E GryffindorDorpAdult (f)3,9111,18811
oWhLlZelda's Pure Shiny 5E TeamAdult (f)5,6571,37211
DewmVZelda's 5E Silent Shadow TeamAdult (f)5,1621,3557
mZh6oZelda's 5E Shiny Utren Shim MoonAdult (m)5,5281,2218
pwyEIZelda's 5E Pure Moonlight TeamAdult (m)4,3491,20820
HH9GgZelda's Famous 5E Copper TeamAdult (f)4,7291,15420
YZlnv(YZlnv)Adult (m)4,7591,29721
56oqWZelda's 5E Silver Wyvern StairAdult (m)4,9231,38519
Ork87Zelda's Elemental Ork FlowerAdult (f)4,4441,25420
hPG77(hPG77)Adult (f)4,8471,29722
2d92b(2d92b)Adult (m)3,9551,22524
HNovVZelda's 5E Great Gifted TeamAdult (f)3,0231,04120
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