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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zeldarax,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
o1qo6Zelda's 5E Slytherin Strange GemAdult (m)4,6711,0645
OiFdFZelda's 5E Slytherin StrangeTeamAdult (f)4,3529274
B1OPDZelda's 5E Slytherin Lonaz TeamAdult (f)3,2268272
dmGdaZelda's 5E Slytherin  DeenAdult (m)3,87798614
5BS99Zelda's 5E Slytherin Present GemAdult (f)3,1058553
YUEDYZelda's 5E Slytherin Gem KadoAdult (m)2,8217661
Ro5hpZelda's 5E Slytherin Rop CrystalAdult (m)3,2028601
3pjGTZelda's 5E Slytherin Roc CrystalAdult (f)2,96467912
B2IvFZelda's 5E Slytherin Poq CrystalAdult (f)3,6367728
IquYmZelda's 5E Slytherin RemaCrystalAdult (f)5,2759416
ZAlYJZelda's New 5E Slytherin TeamAdult (m)3,6648172
FT8KEZelda's 5E Slytherin Pelt GemAdult (m)7,9341,0546
dDZIPZelda's 5E Slytherin Rema TeamAdult (f)7,8651,0833
CQfi1Zelda's 5E Slytherin Ratty GemAdult (m)7,4251,15116
jfTB9Zelda's 5E Slytherin Pudt VIPAdult (f)6,7011,0798
0qiqGZelda's Elemental Earth GemAdult (m)5,0401,0499
v06A5Zelda's New 5E Slytherin GemAdult (f)5,2979606
RSWlRZelda's 5E Slytherin Gem llAdult (f)5,2959746
SOCvnZelda's 5E Slytherin Rema DorpAdult (f)6,0901,06311
Yh1qBZelda's 5E Slytherin Gem TeamAdult (m)4,7461,21913
pJ4C7Zelda's 5E Slytherin Rop TownAdult (f)5,5271,20117
CaDbKZelda's 5E Slytherin Pelt DorpAdult (f)5,5621,25612
VYHihZelda's 5E Slytherin P's GeodeAdult (m)4,3331,1445
8aD8WZelda's 5E Slytherin Obad-haiAdult (m)6,4351,28715
qFIfeZelda's 5E Silver Gem TeamAdult (f)4,4981,18113
7paJWZelda's 5E Slytherin KrinkledorfAdult (m)5,7231,14310
YAULZelda's Augustsinger 5EAdult (m)99052518
3thgZelda's Octobersinger 5EAdult (m)2,3028837
St32Zelda's Novembersinger 5EAdult (m)2,72795613
T8OEZelda's Last Novembersinger 5EAdult (m)2,97674125
sAN7Zelda's Elemental SingerAdult (m)2,46890311
v0G1Zelda's Elemental OperasingerAdult (m)2,7227775
crNsZelda's Elemental OchreAdult (m)2,70285516
C012Zelda's Singing ElementAdult (m)3,47061117
kvHSZelda's Elemental AprilsingerAdult (m)2,1511,04110
8JEcZelda's Second Singing ElementAdult (m)2,1971,01116
KIfWZelda's Elemental AprilsongAdult (m)1,99191022
3NSaZelda's 5E Singer of April's EndAdult (m)4,10973311
8LfHZelda's Elemental SeptemberAdult (m)3,8458718
JmKsZelda's Elemental NightochreAdult (m)2,9447309
EDuYZelda's Sixth Singing ElementAdult (m)3,0787737
qgM5Zelda's  Ochre of the 5E NightAdult (m)7,3521,45211
e7PeZelda's Elemental NovembersingerAdult (m)4,2951,03010
njKMZelda's Elemental FebruarysingerAdult (m)5,5718538
kPKNZelda's Singing February ElementAdult (m)4,8678067
rB3XZelda's Marchsinger ElementAdult (m)4,84998818
OplGZelda's Elemental Tawny DrakeAdult (m)2,9567359
GRI7uZelda's Elemental June-SingerAdult (m)3,8627476
vI3bLZelda's Elemental JulysingerAdult (m)4,2199655
GFbHYZelda's Last 5E AugustsingerAdult (m)4,7449568
1CRa2Zelda's Elemental September KingAdult (m)3,4318718
Hk1D5Zelda's 5E VerjaardagszangerAdult (m)2,3276081
cTShOZelda's Elemental Singing KingAdult (m)5,35584915
hmiU5Zelda's Elemental Singing DukeAdult (m)6,8101,13212
qEJ31Zelda's Ramir Jar ElementAdult (m)6,5771,1518
UaIbXZelda's Elemental Ochre KingAdult (m)4,2479874
I9Y80Zelda's Elemental Ochre DukeAdult (m)4,5871,0319
P9qZhZelda's Elemental Ochre KnightAdult (m)4,0919065
RS5GCZelda's Elemental Ochre EarlAdult (m)4,3326926
E1hveZelda's Elemental Ochre LordAdult (m)2,8506803
1iZpMZelda's Elemental Ochre BaronAdult (m)3,8048745
XTWOoZelda's Elemental Ochre HeerAdult (m)5,1811,1404
FVeIPZelda's Elemental Ochre KoningAdult (m)4,1807952
1PNLUZelda's Elemental Ochre GraafAdult (m)3,9876636
rMInlZelda's 5E Ochre JonkheerAdult (m)5,9241,27415
50Y4Zelda's Julybird ElementAdult (f)3,94497012
88EiZelda's 5E July-AugustbirdAdult (f)1,9175738
ssktZelda's 5E JulyAugustOctoberbirdAdult (f)5,0051,14318
ahZPZelda's January Bird 5EAdult (f)2,2007989
VEOLZelda's Elemental QuartetbirdAdult (f)3,0201,02612
JKK7Zelda's 5E Full Circle OchreAdult (f)2,4991,10325
aFMDZelda's Elemental AprilbirdAdult (f)2,55866610
fcBVZelda's 5E Full Circle DrakeAdult (f)1,95665310
UsNmZelda's Elemental Aran-drakeAdult (f)2,14096415
4p83Zelda's Third Singing ElementAdult (f)2,3801,1199
M6feZelda's Fourth Singing ElementAdult (f)2,59096316
uIGOZelda's Fifth Singing ElementAdult (f)3,1871,14424
1N8hZelda's Elemental JulybirdAdult (f)6,4621,49114
MuJKZelda's Elemental Day-ochreAdult (f)4,9041,02219
QcaPZelda's Elemental curious DrakeAdult (f)3,3511,04916
j2RKZelda's Elemental Singing SeptetAdult (f)6,0229737
EWdcFZelda's Elemental June-birdAdult (f)3,5448959
EvGUQZelda's Slow Elemental JunebirdAdult (f)3,1717793
gcLXaZelda's IJzergeel ElementAdult (f)6,6481,1908
jqMuKZelda's 5E Singing DuchessAdult (f)5,1951,0076
v1YghZelda's Elemental Singing QueenAdult (f)8,8341,49422
YMUK2Zelda's Elemental Singing StairAdult (f)4,5131,0515
sln0vZelda's Elemental MahotsukaiAdult (f)5,4189908
iV0pYZelda's Elemental Ochre LadyAdult (f)3,7348703
NM5GUZelda's Elemental Day OchressAdult (f)6,2741,2358
uOhTtZelda's 5E Ochre ArchduchessAdult (f)5,9369289
efcfcZelda's Elemental Ochre QueenAdult (f)2,0365492
1j51LZelda's Elemental Ochre GravinAdult (f)3,5318198
6CXruZelda's 5E Ochre FreuleAdult (f)6,1591,08715
AE8H3Zelda's 5E Chaotic CaesarsAdult (f)6,8611,48615
50mRDZelda's Elemental Night OchressAdult (f)3,6461,14813
SmSa9Zelda's Elemental Ochre WitchAdult (f)3,44492210
L9COfZelda's 5E Magic ThunderAdult (f)7,6211,57222
oVD0Zelda's Elemental Nilia QueenAdult (f)4,74493013
rJvjZelda's Elemental Nilia KingAdult (m)4,4868899
tsh9YZelda's 5E Nilia Pygmy QueenAdult (f)4,0346064
et3CuZelda's Elemental Nilia DuchessAdult (f)12,4261,0659
TuLNsZelda's 5E Nilia Pygmy DuchessAdult (f)4,7489294
kk9WMZelda's Elemental Nilia LadyAdult (f)8,1491,07416
dDQIKZelda's Elemental Nilia CountessAdult (f)3,4848738
fXt3tZelda's Elemental Nilia CountAdult (m)5,14496115
uv9lqZelda's Elemental Nilia LordAdult (m)3,4128564
TffU1Zelda's 5E Nilia CountessAdult (f)3,73597710
CnRNtZelda's 5E Nilia CountAdult (m)4,3378946
AuarsZelda's 5E Nilia DuchessAdult (f)4,5799983
9LdlMZelda's Elemental Nilia EarlAdult (m)3,17198816
Ms2HpZelda's Elemental Nilia DukeAdult (m)4,5691,2904
YEXDVZelda's Elemental Nilia FreuleAdult (f)4,07372014
a9XTCZelda's 5E Full Circle PygmyAdult (f)4,1367721
680eoZelda's Elemental Nilia GraafAdult (m)3,8907482
GLCbvZelda's Elemental Nilia BaronAdult (m)4,2617702
LumDNZelda's 5E Nilia GravinAdult (f)6,1241,17313
HEOF1Zelda's 5E Pumpkin Combo TeamAdult (m)5,2741,07514
gs3KHZelda's 5E Nilia JonkheerAdult (m)4,7601,35516
RnGHZZelda's 5E Nilia FreuleAdult (f)6,6491,18011
qc7CGZelda's Elemental Nilia HeerAdult (m)5,3161,18511
X3sTRZelda's Elemental Nilia KoningAdult (m)6,3721,2519
d8KCQZelda's 5E Full Circle NiliaLadyAdult (f)4,2501,12511
J1JemZelda's 5E Nilia KoningAdult (m)5,0609406
MPQzJZelda's 5E Nilia LordAdult (m)5,9301,08710
cpoWsZelda's 5E Blue Pict KingAdult (m)4,2121,11632
0fk5SZelda's 5E Blue Pict DukeAdult (m)5,2551,04621
CBXHgZelda's 5E Nilia KasteelheerAdult (m)4,4651,00417
HnSwvZelda's 5E Blue Pygmy LadyAdult (f)4,7411,0489
pMjUQZelda's 5E Blauwe KasteelheerAdult (m)4,5321,0036
udrCoZelda's 5E Blue Pygmy LordAdult (m)4,6231,07414
yfXbQZelda's 5E Blue Pygmy DukeAdult (m)4,3921,07113
9p4e3Zelda's 5E Blue Pygmy KingAdult (m)5,0671,07214
mSYD7Zelda's 5E Blue Pygmy DuchessAdult (f)4,4801,06911
MiJasZelda's 5E Blue Pygmy QueenAdult (f)4,3241,09411
YUP98Zelda's 5E Blue Pict LordAdult (m)3,8809594
Ijc92Zelda's 5E Blue Pict QueenAdult (f)3,9039572
Iz0JyZelda's 5E Blue Pict DuchessAdult (f)4,6499055
5hgtOZelda's 5E Pure Mountain PygmyAdult (f)5,2751,05211
2EyVWZelda's 5E Blauwe SlotvrouweAdult (f)4,0289247
6jTyLZelda's 5E Nilia SlotheerAdult (m)4,5261,22715
Br4sCZelda's 5E Polaris Nilia KingAdult (m)1,3496739
FqF5YZelda's 5E Blue Horsa QueenAdult (f)3,7301,0469
HorsaZelda's 5E Blue Horsa KingAdult (m)3,9451,03811
sYX2rZelda's 5E Nilia KoninginAdult (f)3,9391,1893
AuDvmZelda's 5E Nilia BurchtvrouweAdult (f)3,7791,1729
LkxbiZelda's 5E Polaris Nilia QueenAdult (f)3,8361,12010
UT6OUZelda's 5E Nilia SlotvrouweAdult (f)3,7771,07611
XOCyQZelda's 5E Blue PearlAdult (f)3,7571,1696
yxzkjZelda's 5E Nilia KasteelvrouweAdult (f)3,9731,1716
0Vg3aZelda's 5E Blue Pict CountessAdult (f)3,6661,1256
lvK4oZelda's 5E Blauwe SlotheerAdult (m)4,0651,0902
w9PHxZelda's 5E Blauwe KasteelvrouweAdult (f)3,8771,0027
J5a3IZelda's 5E Blue Pict CountAdult (m)3,9631,0228
LiM6FZelda's 5E Nilia BurchtheerAdult (m)5,0301,1217
bHvEAlmaran Greenwingzel ElementAdult (m)4,27399034
Ru0TZelda's 5E Pebblestone SlytherinAdult (f)3,8919766
i7VtElemental WaterstonecloudzelAdult (f)2,60585110
TuP0Zelda's Elemental Earth QueenAdult (f)3,0551,09618
UJR7Zelda's Elemental PebblestoneAdult (f)1,61251620
A1Z7Zelda's Elemental Earth KingAdult (m)2,00680819
lNaRZelda's Mintgreen ElementAdult (f)4,5911,48723
IqbUZelda's Elemental Pebble-queenAdult (f)3,0151,05516
HqvtZelda's Greenstone ElementAdult (f)2,0146274
lVrSZelda's Elemental GreengeodeAdult (f)1,9267903
r6EfZelda's Elemental DoublequakeAdult (f)3,1725945
s35CZelda's Elemental Stony PebbleAdult (f)2,9607753
cZOaZelda's Elemental Uncut StoneAdult (m)4,6811,1184
HgmWZelda's Green Elemental FriendAdult (m)3,0649018
ANUMZelda's Elemental Green QueenAdult (f)3,5937084
o62SZelda's Elemental Tree-tremorAdult (f)5,78295112
rEpRZelda's Elemental Quake-queenAdult (f)5,20879510
pkTsZelda's Elemental Green BeautyAdult (m)4,4691,03311
IPWCZelda's Elemental Green BalloonAdult (f)5,1821,16710
XPuXZelda's 5E Slytherin SchaduwAdult (m)5,0561,1075
pcpMZelda's 5E Slytherin GemshadeAdult (f)4,5071,1187
TSajZelda's 5E Slytherin Witch TSajAdult (m)3,8931,0319
cUvRZelda's 5E Slytherin AngelAdult (f)3,9389199
WE0OZelda's 5E Slytherin TeamAdult (m)4,05095611
CbDCZelda's 5E Slytherin ChamomileAdult (m)4,32196810
V4kRZelda's Elemental SilvernuggetAdult (m)5,8501,03315
SvPeZelda's 5E Slytherin WizardAdult (m)6,3531,01618
kNBaZelda's 5E Slytherin X-mas CatchAdult (f)4,1341,09310
PJu0Zelda's Silvergreen ElementAdult (f)4,0661,0138
6H1cZelda's 5E Slytherin SongAdult (f)5,6271,04019
WJeNZelda's 5E Slytherin ViridiaAdult (f)7,2721,82217
Cr7MZelda's 5E Slytherin GreenstoneAdult (f)6,0681,19316
YAM4Zelda's 5E Slytherin RockfallAdult (f)5,8561,01616
IEhYZelda's 5E Slytherin GreenteamAdult (m)5,1388527
VGUnZelda's Goldred Lagarto ElementAdult (m)5,2041,39010
d81oZelda's 5E Slytherin Ratty WitchAdult (f)6,7551,0359
fhUPZelda's 5E Slytherin CenturyAdult (f)1,8966116
p4EoZelda's 5E Slytherin Lucky WitchAdult (f)3,29180119
pkPMZelda's 5E Slytherin Green WitchAdult (f)5,8998268
62XlZelda's 5E Slytherin TeampresentAdult (m)4,03380913
KE9vZelda's 5E EPIC Spyro's GiftAdult (f)4,3716986
W9O6Zelda's 5E Slytherin Groene MistAdult (m)5,38994410
GR0HZelda's 5E EPIC Joint VentureAdult (f)4,35780017
GKQFZelda's 5E Slytherin EarthwizardAdult (m)7,9401,06611
iqW2Zelda's 5E Slytherin LAG TeamAdult (f)7,6271,18716
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