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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zeldarax,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
XBS9s(XBS9s)Adult (f)6,7861,2814
XD5DXZelda's 5E Golden OspreyAdult (m)6,8321,2493
h3FKs(h3FKs)Adult (m)6,4821,2902
2FcHk(2FcHk)Adult (f)6,6401,3353
djK8V(djK8V)Adult (m)6,5071,3153
VawLGZelda's 5E Grave Fall TeamAdult (m)6,6191,3114
AyPVO(AyPVO)Adult (m)5,7891,0863
Vt6e1(Vt6e1)Adult (f)5,5441,1394
rleNG(rleNG)Adult (m)5,4401,2014
8LnbEZelda's 5E Sincere Smile TeamAdult (m)5,6319472
87t94Zelda's 5E Stinkende Ember StadAdult (m)5,5229346
Sn3aeZelda's 5E Alpine KingAdult (m)4,2461,0155
wvTW4(wvTW4)Adult (m)6,0281,1452
Py07X(Py07X)Adult (m)6,1621,1473
S77oR(S77oR)Adult (m)6,3011,1935
weRpm(weRpm)Adult (m)5,8761,1449
88Eyx(88Eyx)Adult (m)6,1711,1865
pkBmvZelda's Own 5E Soulpeace TeamAdult (m)5,4261,1107
BuVQzZelda's 5E Golden FalconheartAdult (m)5,9031,2282
FdJ0ZZelda's 5E Silver FalconwispAdult (m)6,0771,2522
Cp0BIZelda's 5E Silver FalconblueAdult (m)5,8981,2672
VBD8PZelda's 5E Silver FalconclawAdult (m)5,8261,3295
vrMLl(vrMLl)Adult (f)5,5931,1362
xot4j(xot4j)Adult (f)5,9081,0924
ImHt7(ImHt7)Adult (m)5,6431,1112
vjEKJZelda's Gouden MagierAdult (f)5,7421,1153
hWoW0(hWoW0)Adult (m)5,7891,1194
efWwl(efWwl)Adult (m)5,6691,1034
aUEKV(aUEKV)Adult (f)5,8169112
iOL1k(iOL1k)Adult (f)6,2898662
1WsgiZelda's 5E Project DukeAdult (m)6,3301,2164
lGaWA(lGaWA)Adult (f)5,3589444
VJPK1(VJPK1)Adult (f)5,6978812
JkQUK(JkQUK)Adult (m)5,7058853
WEmzk(WEmzk)Adult (m)5,7639281
NkcDU(NkcDU)Adult (f)5,4839331
YBCFi(YBCFi)Adult (m)5,5739433
oR5Rj(oR5Rj)Adult (f)5,4079754
ENmWS(ENmWS)Adult (m)6,1497942
wu4gX(wu4gX)Adult (f)6,1068172
uN8W3(uN8W3)Adult (m)5,6228422
qR6F8Zelda's Lonely 5E Nilia KingAdult (m)4,9349634
AxyWL(AxyWL)Adult (m)5,6698503
NM0pG(NM0pG)Adult (m)5,53291510
jQW7pZelda's Pure 5E LothirielAdult (f)5,46788314
T8Pcj(T8Pcj)Adult (f)5,38091212
yratx(yratx)Adult (m)5,0691,01210
9E6yHZelda's Pure 5E NiliaAdult (f)5,31997415
yirF0Zelda's Pure 5E Crimson CapitalAdult (m)6,7551,25510
Te6CN(Te6CN)Adult (m)5,1881,09811
YVY40(YVY40)Adult (f)4,7391,14315
xc5XP(xc5XP)Adult (f)5,0251,13516
qQap6Zelda's 5E Alpen KoningAdult (m)5,77096012
OM2OX(OM2OX)Adult (f)5,59899112
T1GVq(T1GVq)Adult (f)5,72799913
s5PBoZelda's 5E Gouden Herfst DorpjeAdult (f)6,2081,34810
BQgV2(BQgV2)Adult (f)5,6431,56224
k9NOEZelda's 5E Booo DoctorAdult (f)5,6261,60320
rC97t(rC97t)Adult (f)5,6041,5999
8tBMQZelda's Orange Gold TeamAdult (f)5,5271,64113
N47cn(N47cn)Adult (m)5,4931,60815
7D26qZelda's 5E Zonnemaan DorpAdult (f)6,8631,24023
UDosq(UDosq)Adult (m)6,5291,25617
sAmgv(sAmgv)Adult (m)7,4701,23016
v9qDu(v9qDu)Adult (f)7,5811,22220
NvjGGZelda's 5E Alpen KoninginAdult (f)7,1401,25526
BbLUDZelda's Magic Magma ElementAdult (m)7,0161,25422
gsB1hZelda's 5E Sugoroku MageAdult (m)6,9291,26920
GC9onZelda's 5E Mount Saint HelensAdult (m)6,8471,28229
Tga0CZelda's Elemental Crimson KingAdult (m)7,6291,40322
CnBPSZelda's 5E Golden Stair HorseAdult (f)6,7571,46827
ZMSuF(ZMSuF)Adult (m)7,0641,46830
vvUJuZelda's Lonely 5E Water QueenAdult (f)8,7621,53041
TrOJH(TrOJH)Adult (m)8,8821,58612
N7ys6(N7ys6)Adult (f)8,4561,64248
L9nyVZelda's 5E Pure Recatch TeamAdult (m)5,4031,3524
jSdyt(jSdyt)Adult (f)4,4361,5864
GlMIs(GlMIs)Adult (f)6,1271,2471
gwJoVZelda's 5E Angelight GoldenpearlAdult (f)4,5721,6104
LvQxw(LvQxw)Adult (m)6,2121,2542
VIw3e(VIw3e)Adult (m)6,8951,57625
USYyQ(USYyQ)Adult (m)7,2831,58128
RlxGB(RlxGB)Adult (m)3,5681,1325
IeF06(IeF06)Adult (m)3,9591,08012
KxlT6Zelda's 5E Pure NATAdult (m)5,7578972
bAUb8(bAUb8)Adult (m)5,0988932
iiTBX(iiTBX)Adult (m)8,6261,23919
7SkqV(7SkqV)Adult (f)8,5201,23516
T8OuNZelda's 5E Pure MountainAdult (f)8,3551,35713
zHmDDZelda's 5E Double Sun ElementAdult (f)7,4711,31012
rWIx4Zelda's 5E Pure HarvestAdult (f)7,2621,33323
sb7mNZelda's New 5E Pure HarvestAdult (m)7,3751,33314
bVAkhZelda's 5E Avatar SeasonsAdult (m)6,0301,27119
hTMlyZelda's 5E Pure Desert Wind TownAdult (f)7,0961,27513
uXlQNZelda's 5E Puur Lily DorpAdult (f)7,3391,30910
Y2EDZZelda's 5E Puur Water Lily DorpAdult (m)7,3451,35716
54vafZelda's 5E Mistletoe BalloonAdult (m)6,5561,32222
DCl5r(DCl5r)Adult (f)7,5091,21521
3gS0d(3gS0d)Adult (m)7,6081,21121
jFFB8Zelda's 5E Horse KingAdult (m)7,2951,4198
XCUAwZelda's 5E Horse DukeAdult (m)7,2801,23212
EyEbl(EyEbl)Adult (m)7,5601,06417
by6WC(by6WC)Adult (m)6,1031,36316
8UqaNZelda's 5E Silver Horse VillageAdult (f)6,5111,38520
aG1n4Zelda's 5E Project Duke 2Adult (m)5,8411,1126
ktC9xZelda's Pure 5E DragonazAdult (f)5,9981,27614
mC9YjZelda's Puur 5E WaterpaardAdult (f)6,3181,35625
BZ9qgZelda's 5E Project Duke 3Adult (m)6,3751,34410
GYDYEZelda's 5E Mage of the EtnaAdult (m)6,6071,22711
PcYe0(PcYe0)Adult (m)6,3741,42325
4PlZRZelda's 5E Black NiliaAdult (m)5,7041,36916
99b92Zelda's 5E Gouden WaterpaardAdult (m)6,1591,23416
HbvwQZelda's 5E Project Duke 4Adult (m)7,0031,29018
C9BUVZelda's 5E ZilverPaardAdult (f)6,0401,36814
YKyfVZelda's 5E Mage LadyAdult (f)6,2941,39529
d0M8bZelda's 5E Walking HorseAdult (f)5,4451,22620
FB9B1Zelda's 5E Guardian HorseAdult (m)5,5231,27613
oKIJcZelda's 5E Silver Glow HorseAdult (m)5,3651,2353
cVhHQZelda's 5E Silver TerraeAdult (m)6,7611,31323
icIDQZelda's 5E Silver Terrae VillageAdult (m)6,6951,35423
zyMDhZelda's 5E Project Duke 7Adult (m)6,2171,23512
mbFdPZelda's 5E Pure Crescent NiliaAdult (m)5,1261,15722
d9V5hZelda's 5E Pure CrescentAdult (m)5,2641,20523
NmQy7Zelda's 5E Slytherin D'OstiedAdult (f)5,0421,19121
OzVT2Zelda's 5E Golden Horse GiftAdult (f)7,0231,18223
1znJYZelda's 5E Project Duke 15Adult (m)6,2871,28313
9UJiaZelda's 5E Moonstone FreuleAdult (f)7,3511,10411
qEqAXZelda's 5E Golden WaterieAdult (f)7,1001,26215
gPNrrZelda's Pure 5E Orange GarnetAdult (f)6,6811,45234
XhIZYZelda's Rood Elemental PaardAdult (m)7,0901,32215
ivfUvZelda's 5E Project Duke 5Adult (m)7,2421,32414
qcjoUZelda's Pure 5E ZonsopgangAdult (f)6,1201,35430
f7N0UZelda's 5E Grave Garnet TeamAdult (m)7,2421,37925
agrjCZelda's 5E Winter BaronAdult (m)7,0651,35422
WfrDOZelda's Small 5E Fire KingAdult (m)6,9901,36411
zwhPKZelda's 5E Soulpeace Stair GiftAdult (m)5,5201,09725
iVUtCZelda's Short 5E Silver StairAdult (m)6,3461,0896
AwH7rZelda's 5E Silver StairAdult (m)6,1941,1414
avnaIZelda's Pure 5E QualitiesAdult (f)6,3661,27825
0wVty(0wVty)Adult (m)6,6331,35622
yitMNZelda's Pure 5E LillyPadWalkerAdult (f)6,6361,33317
psjayZelda's Pure 5E WaterBalloonAdult (f)6,7191,32825
1ZJJCZelda's 5E Silver CascadedAdult (f)6,8331,31512
kKH8qZelda's 5E Gryffindor GreatCatchAdult (f)6,8151,33112
dIyt7(dIyt7)Adult (m)5,7651,24715
moN0vZelda's 5E Crimson Pygmy DukeAdult (m)6,0801,28717
itN2F(itN2F)Adult (f)6,1691,28514
Ri8bIZelda's 5E Project Duchess 5Adult (f)6,6721,25117
XfqgMZelda's 5E Icy FrostbiteAdult (m)6,3811,21618
Yw3xx(Yw3xx)Adult (f)6,2361,26117
DyRuu(DyRuu)Adult (m)5,9161,29627
JYLNo(JYLNo)Adult (f)6,9001,14618
X0c2OZelda's 5E Familieproject DorpAdult (f)4,9821,09918
0tWhJZelda's Pure 5E Simon AmesAdult (m)5,6631,20929
fQiGeZelda's Pure 5E Bjork MozartAdult (f)5,6891,18817
tCtCCZelda's Pure 5E Music TeamAdult (f)5,7701,18121
TCO2lZelda's Pure 5E Opera TeamAdult (m)5,7051,18815
0aeJqZelda's Pure 5E Music VillageAdult (m)5,7611,16627
TywnFZelda's 5E Project Duke 6Adult (m)6,0041,22123
MbUNS(MbUNS)Adult (f)5,9501,23221
8GQnFZelda's Pure Thuwed CapitalAdult (m)6,8891,29415
O96t7Zelda's Puur 5E WaterloperAdult (f)6,1071,16625
he1gX(he1gX)Adult (f)5,9421,22710
x6UrhZelda's Pure 5E Mage CatchAdult (f)5,9841,25913
UKQHo(UKQHo)Adult (m)7,1751,29812
Gy7bhZelda's 5E Lonely DukeAdult (m)7,0251,32411
Qj7PJZelda's 5E Family Project DorpAdult (m)5,3031,2199
Np3NrZelda's 5E Crimson BlackAdult (m)6,0721,0404
pOOlBZelda's 5E Horse of the SkyAdult (f)5,6601,06511
CRILUZelda's 5E Goudvuur TeamAdult (f)5,7061,0784
K4mgrZelda's Own 5E Pure WaterwalkerAdult (f)6,3371,00712
he3AiZelda's 5E Ice Horse VillageAdult (m)6,3211,08812
lj4afZelda's 5E Zilveren Paard DorpAdult (f)7,9951,38121
YOFmiZelda's 5E Family ProjectVillageAdult (f)4,8621,1971
6g0dXZelda's Pure 5E QoppaAdult (m)6,5521,29818
L6FRsZelda's Pure 5E Qoppa CrimsonAdult (f)6,4721,33311
4YPRJZelda's Puur Elemental QoppaAdult (m)6,6641,3359
98MZ7Zelda's Pure 5E Opera VillageAdult (f)5,4801,1027
Z2HNb(Z2HNb)Adult (f)5,9821,2825
3uN6UZelda's 5E Altsilber WaterwalkerAdult (f)6,3731,30510
UEI6o(UEI6o)Adult (f)5,4921,1286
hHR2LZelda's Puur 5E Musiek TeamAdult (f)5,3751,11011
PPkhqZelda's Pur 5E Volksmusik DorfAdult (f)5,4251,1256
WiwZK(WiwZK)Adult (m)5,2711,1409
yYkGMZelda's 5E Silver MageAdult (m)6,3341,2069
r1jfbZelda's 5E Water MageAdult (f)6,0581,1928
BNKngZelda's Short Alchemy Gold StairAdult (f)6,1881,2248
1sEr2Zelda's 5E Alchemy Gold StairAdult (f)6,0361,2298
Jow5xZelda's 5E Bleeding Moon QueenAdult (f)6,7441,41615
B8xO3Zelda's 5E Project Duke 10Adult (m)6,2221,53616
TLLxkZelda's 5E Silver Mage TownAdult (f)5,5711,19622
u6IhPZelda's 5E IJswinterAdult (m)5,7291,20418
oaIsKZelda's 5E Project Duke 16Adult (m)6,2971,52719
fe0ZYZelda's 5E Project Duke 11Adult (m)6,1351,52117
6GOLoZelda's 5E Zilver Loper DorpAdult (f)6,9231,42024
k7TDnZelda's 5E Zilveren Paard TeamAdult (m)6,2711,50923
2ExOcZelda's 5E Project Duke 13Adult (m)7,4211,34424
DC6bxZelda's 5E Silver Sunset TeamAdult (m)6,6471,19515
cJMmaZelda's 5E Gold Freyr HorseAdult (f)6,9281,18217
tUt4QZelda's Thuwed Horse VillageAdult (f)8,2251,20616
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