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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zeldarax,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
7hI9sZelda's Elemental Tinsel TerraeAdult (m)11,1011,1457
naceSZelda's 5E Slytherin Naces WizAdult (m)5,7961,37119
jJ96EZelda's 5E Slytherin Ag TerraeAdult (m)6,1841,2288
e4PFJZelda's Elemental Pure TerraeAdult (m)5,21398816
GWVbZZelda's 5E Green AurelixAdult (m)5,4591,14312
3pplaZelda's 5E Slytherin Palm WizardAdult (m)6,0751,24818
s9oEZelda's Elemental ChlorosqueenAdult (f)3,8638498
bcfXZelda's Allergic Forest ElementAdult (f)2,18484514
USWdZelda's Elemental Moro-OrangeAdult (f)3,1841,1356
hhfSZelda's 5E Slytherin SnakeAdult (f)4,9221,01511
ijrTsZelda's 5E Slytherin TerraewitchAdult (f)5,0061,0187
Ar1CcZelda's 5E Slytherin Gray TerraeAdult (f)2,5577412
oW4UbZelda's 5E Terrae MedalAdult (f)4,2569968
7FEIKZelda's 5E Slytherin Terrae-heksAdult (f)6,3251,37110
jIeFgZelda's 5E Terrae Medal TanothAdult (f)2,3167778
oVXHnZelda's 5E Tanoth SiblingAdult (f)3,6197275
IZvKvZelda's 5E Slytherin TerraeheksAdult (f)4,8181,15514
b9c78Zelda's 5E Slytherin Terrae TeaAdult (f)4,15896613
qOhaiZelda's 5E Chaotic AurelixAdult (f)7,4921,10813
s3V0RZelda's Small 5E Terrae ApolloAdult (f)4,4059958
lEJLKZelda's 5E Slytherin Kjell-WitchAdult (f)9,2831,72317
UoISqZelda's 5E Terrae Smurf ApolloAdult (f)5,4568419
Vi36pZelda's Elemental Green ApolloAdult (f)6,6588944
QV6l2Zelda's 5E Slytherin Plant WitchAdult (f)5,7827875
IELFHZelda's 5E Slytherin Hiel WitchAdult (f)3,4169406
fcCWYZelda's 5E Slytherin Wyf WitchAdult (f)4,3179713
OgvvWZelda's Elemental Harvest TerraeAdult (f)6,2931,01710
m3TvNZelda's 5E Slytherin TV WitchAdult (f)6,5691,14411
eugD4Zelda's 5E Slytherin DeugnietjeAdult (f)5,3199338
Hil2hZelda's 5E Full Circle TerraeAdult (f)5,2988362
Wic8XZelda's 5E Slytherin Wix WitchAdult (f)4,2977969
I9o1fZelda's 5E Slytherin Lof HeksAdult (f)3,1968082
ej5nTZelda's 5E Slytherin Jet WitchAdult (f)5,6637592
DQW17Zelda's 5E Slytherin  StormKringAdult (f)8,9587303
80oUMZelda's 5E Last Minute SlytherinAdult (f)6,8249864
I7g6AZelda's 5E Slytherin JannekeHeksAdult (f)6,3801,05314
ZvZvZZelda's 5E Slytherin Zvaz HeksAdult (f)6,3448956
OAeTGZelda's Famous 5E Slytherin HielAdult (f)6,6101,0013
sE1m9Zelda's 5E Slytherin Mes HeksAdult (f)4,1878623
oLvMZelda's Early Spring ElementAdult (m)1,69569915
i8kJZelda's Elemental SpringleafAdult (m)2,3321,12924
LdCfZelda's New Stony Season ElementAdult (m)4,5601,57317
ZnP1Zelda's Cold Spring ElementAdult (m)2,3706324
cD5cZelda's Quick Spring ElementAdult (m)6,1601,0388
41XRBZelda's Golden Spring ElementAdult (m)5,16598220
5LEnhZelda's Elemental Fast TradeAdult (m)3,7429086
sW4XGZelda's 5E Full Circle GiftAdult (m)5,0551,07413
bhzM1Zelda's 5E Pure PrintempsAdult (m)6,8871,15312
sg9ecZelda's 5E SeizoensveranderingAdult (m)6,9071,09611
9Wn9aZelda's 5E Bourbon TeamAdult (m)6,7601,1148
lCO1tZelda's Voorjaarskoning ElementAdult (m)5,2741,23715
RumllZelda's 5E Pure WainwrightAdult (m)3,2845528
h0eCzZelda's 5E Lente MaanAdult (m)4,7648817
V2vdQZelda's Elemental Spring LordAdult (m)4,9381,46211
PfCAbZelda's Elemental Spring DukeAdult (m)4,9431,2559
O3ERcZelda's 5E Golden SpringAdult (m)6,7719118
dTNlwZelda's 5E Autumn SpringAdult (m)5,71185810
eAVhHZelda's 5E Zilveren LenteAdult (m)4,7471,1342
Wi6D5Zelda's 5E Seizoen VerzameldorpAdult (m)4,1581,0672
i1mMWZelda's 5E Pure Spring TeamAdult (m)5,1381,2981
g1eLZelda's Queen of Spring 5EAdult (f)4,6491,48934
V1olZelda's Elemental Spring QueenAdult (f)2,56465920
XpG4Zelda's Elemental Spring JewelAdult (f)2,6429549
I1pUfZelda's 5E Shadowed SpringAdult (f)5,25479210
n9zPfZelda's 5E LEELOO VillageAdult (f)3,5051,0638
ljQkcZelda's Twee Elementen DorpAdult (f)3,0601,0278
Pc1C7Zelda's 5E Full Circle ValkieAdult (f)2,5304373
c4K7TZelda's 5E Full Circle QueenAdult (f)4,0871,19410
LUwieZelda's 5E Pure Luwie CheskarAdult (f)5,6949703
rwF4PZelda's 5E Icy LozanovAdult (f)6,5301,0316
gBoaoZelda's 5E Zilver LenteAdult (f)4,2378992
CsZbtZelda's 5E OriginalSeasonal TeamAdult (f)7,5041,30219
khhJxZelda's Elemental SnowflakesAdult (f)6,6701,1247
OOomlZelda's Elemental Spring LadyAdult (f)4,81291011
yz4EaZelda's Short Li XionAdult (f)5,6167985
CUrZ7Zelda's Elemental Spring DuchessAdult (f)5,3791,1771
amuU7Zelda's 5E Lente JonkvrouwAdult (f)3,1981,0481
2PP8UZelda's 5E Spring LadyAdult (f)4,1261,2041
SgQSgZelda's 5E Seasonal TeamAdult (f)4,6749032
3UVlWZelda's 5E Coppery SpringAdult (f)4,6489632
iUVTZelda's King of Summer 5EAdult (m)2,53385412
WNQlZelda's first Elemental SummerAdult (m)2,4801,02214
WZLcZelda's Elemental Summer KingAdult (m)3,1221,1889
NTZ4Zelda's New Leeloo ElementAdult (m)1,8156162
ZqDSZelda's Elemental SummerflowerAdult (m)1,6977122
pnNnZelda's Elemental Summer-dukeAdult (m)4,0285184
G0KMZelda's Elemental Icy SummerAdult (m)3,1527978
24DqUZelda's Elemental August KingAdult (m)4,50886511
i3gHJZelda's Elemental AgateAdult (m)4,4151,05613
HmBuUZelda's Elemental Summer LordAdult (m)3,77392213
jQTP4Zelda's 3 Elemental SeasonsAdult (m)2,72272012
CDvFDZelda's Elemental Summer BaronAdult (m)4,5499222
aJmIDZelda's Elemental Icy SeasonAdult (m)5,1971,1247
48RPuZelda's Pure 5E SummerAdult (m)5,0381,09521
TIsE3Zelda's 5E Ideaal Seizoenen DorpAdult (m)5,1111,3112
WfNN8Zelda's 5E Zomer KoningAdult (m)6,5241,2812
tTIqxZelda's Eigen Puur Zomer ElementAdult (m)4,4291,3353
fEXYnZelda's Eigen Puur 5E Zomer TeamAdult (m)6,0981,1751
9ZQ4AZelda's Own Pure 5E SummerAdult (m)6,3281,3088
DrNwgZelda's 5E Herfst en ZomerdraakAdult (m)4,4029394
k5FxYZelda's 5E From Spring to SummerAdult (m)6,7951,2753
ltKHUZelda's 5E VoorjaarszomerAdult (m)6,8451,2954
KNaSZelda's Elemental Summer JewelAdult (f)4,4151,17415
9iinZelda's Elemental Summer GeodeAdult (f)1,17255311
SE8BZelda It's not Autumn yet 5EAdult (f)2,6147182
BMZpOZelda's Elemental Summer DuchessAdult (f)2,7647803
N0WtLZelda's Elemental Summer QueenAdult (f)2,5975362
PWmVhZelda's 5E Freezing WeatherAdult (f)2,9096557
qls4BZelda's 5E Thuwed Surprise GiftAdult (f)5,73597518
MD2UTZelda's Elemental Summer LadyAdult (f)3,67490312
6iUXWZelda's Elemental Summer GravinAdult (f)4,96771613
OvMtkZelda's Elemental Summer VrouweAdult (f)3,0927087
5GY3SZelda's Elemental Ashera SummerAdult (m)3,93794319
uMX2JZelda's Pure 5E Seasonal TownAdult (f)4,02890620
NUbHRZelda's 5E SeizoenswisselAdult (f)5,0071,10319
8Zs9LZelda's Queen of Summer 5EAdult (f)2,4866523
33FMAZelda's Puur Zomer ElementAdult (f)4,6461,3283
feC7qZelda's  Elemental 2 Season TeamAdult (f)5,0021,2111
aMXCMZelda's Own 5E Pure SummerAdult (f)5,9621,2903
W09kuZelda's Eigen 5E Pure ZomerAdult (f)6,8431,2806
Y38nCZelda's 5E Two Spring SummerAdult (f)6,7901,2762
URHdZelda's King of Autumn 5EAdult (m)3,06374339
lqGiZelda's missing Leeloo 5EAdult (m)4,3051,10619
6e07Zelda's King of 400 ElementsAdult (m)5,1321,2127
aKljZelda's Elemental Ravenclaw WizAdult (m)4,13983218
Db9c5Zelda's Cold Elemental AutumnAdult (m)6,6731,1961
B9GggZelda's 5E Ravenclaw X-masAdult (m)5,2891,0475
Fu5UNZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Autumn-WizAdult (m)5,6581,0665
mpq0vZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Herfst-TovAdult (m)5,8511,0998
cSViPZelda's 5E Ravenclaw WaveAdult (m)4,3168913
JrbkQZelda's Elemental Icy-AutumnAdult (m)5,9831,1014
563QjZelda's Elemental Autumn-MintAdult (m)7,3901,2363
os2t5Zelda's Elemental KelekonaSpringAdult (m)4,4251,07616
X71PkZelda's Elemental LeoGirl SpringAdult (m)4,3051,0506
UiiT1Zelda's Elemental SummerboyAdult (m)5,8111,0705
JkunRZelda's 5E Ravenclaw HTS TeamAdult (m)5,5511,1047
1aVMnZelda's Elemental Moon SeasonsAdult (m)4,7551,2006
bO7SEZelda's 5E Chaotic StairAdult (m)6,4811,26418
2uuiuZelda's Pure Elemental AutumnAdult (m)6,2921,16219
jIf6aZelda's 5E Pure Autumn TeamAdult (m)6,6291,16116
Gq1ZBZelda's 5E Autumn of ForlindonAdult (m)4,9731,30913
Yqj0cZelda's 5E New Charlindon SummerAdult (m)4,9441,31813
G2u4dZelda's 5E Raven GeitenhoederAdult (m)5,2331,21212
79BbWZelda's 5E Ravenclaw New WaveAdult (m)6,4461,2518
7ffIiZelda's 5E Switching Season TeamAdult (m)6,3339239
tjacVZelda's 5E Pure HerfstAdult (m)5,3421,14213
FHlU1Zelda's 5E Zomerse HerfstAdult (m)4,9631,1438
6GeisZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Wave TeamAdult (m)5,1391,1246
Q2eEbZelda's 5E Pure Autumn VillageAdult (m)5,0381,32515
vYNFBZelda's 5E Herfst WinterAdult (f)3,4771,0537
ohKrsZelda's 5E Pure Autumn TradeAdult (m)3,9541,01010
2sxn6Zelda's 5E Pure Autumn TradeTeamAdult (m)4,8891,38317
EvWhEZelda's New Puur Herfst DorpAdult (m)3,6311,25015
lFHn8Zelda's 5E Golden Autumn GiftAdult (m)2,5778474
KKFYtZelda's 5E Gouden Herfst DorpAdult (m)4,0501,17015
jb75wZelda's 5E Great Gold Gift TeamAdult (m)4,5211,28218
ZEInvZelda's 5E Puur Herfst TeamAdult (m)4,2211,51614
YhlWZelda's Elemental Autumn-queenAdult (f)4,4489786
2d9kZelda's 5E Ravenclaw X-mas WitchAdult (f)7,2831,4114
2VftPZelda's New 5E Autumn QueenAdult (f)6,6001,0152
RS7vdZelda's Golvende 5E RavenclawAdult (f)6,0181,0417
i7gsCZelda's 5E Ravenclaw AutumnWitchAdult (f)5,2611,08913
uEBr0Zelda's Glazura Zieminis ElementAdult (f)4,7211,0639
cLtoCZelda's 5E Mountain WeatherAdult (f)6,4901,38417
9V3K7Zelda's 5E Ravenclaw WitchAdult (f)7,0681,4169
1hIjRZelda's Puur Herst ElementalAdult (f)4,6251,02412
DLaF7Zelda's 5E Autumn RidgewingAdult (f)3,8161,17916
v0p8RZelda's 5E Charlindon SummerAdult (f)4,8531,28215
LdZqKZelda's Elemental Autumn RoseAdult (f)5,5681,2539
ISmnCZelda's Elemental Herfst RoosjeAdult (f)4,6631,17715
RBm2UZelda's New 5E Pure Autumn TeamAdult (f)4,4461,0546
PETHUZelda's 5E Pure Trade VillageAdult (f)4,6721,10619
5MUcSZelda's New 5E Pure AutumnAdult (f)5,2531,16315
kJAgMZelda's 5E Verlaat ZomerfeestAdult (f)4,7211,0678
matRWZelda's 5E Dekert Akiva SummerAdult (f)5,7751,12818
5P3ItZelda's 5E Pure Autumn TownAdult (f)4,0741,31714
F5bcWZelda's 5E Nieuwe Pure HerfstAdult (f)3,5901,21726
JdOtZelda's Elemental Winter KingAdult (m)1,69872021
X5vBZelda's Elemental 3 SeasonsAdult (m)4,3311,0838
2dWPYZelda's New Elemental SeasonsAdult (m)4,8381,3385
MERNpZelda's Elemental Shadowy SeasonAdult (m)3,1589167
fBJKfZelda's Elemental Winter CircleAdult (m)3,9391,0185
sgTWOZelda's 5E Dreamscape AutumnAdult (m)7,4071,22119
aJ6J0Zelda's 5E Charlindon TeamAdult (m)6,4911,18911
1GIBOZelda's 5E Handel in SeizoenenAdult (m)7,1931,0598
HQNsdZelda's 5E Gifted Winter KingAdult (m)5,7711,2136
htll8Zelda's 5E Gifted Winter DukeAdult (m)5,2631,1954
5ecOOZelda's New 5E Pure WinterAdult (m)3,0679674
zfvxXZelda's 5E Reserve LEELOOAdult (m)5,4581,30518
vv8NdZelda's 5E Autumn VargAdult (m)5,0271,2192
0BC4GZelda's 5E Double WinterAdult (m)3,2769895
BKLblZelda's 5E Winter KoninginAdult (f)6,1671,1746
FxlyHZelda's 5E Winter KoningAdult (m)6,2721,4692
2aqnIZelda's 5E Verlaat Zomer TeamAdult (m)4,3211,1401
uB9mZelda's Elemental WinterqueenAdult (f)3,32087721
QldSZelda's Elemental Icy DreamsAdult (f)2,67391511
L0IcZelda's Elemental SnowwhiteAdult (f)2,17565915
sjgeZelda's 5E Silversnow LeelooAdult (f)4,9311,15610
GRPPZelda's Elemental Winter DuchessAdult (f)8,6601,18718
lEPvfZelda's Elemental Polar StarAdult (f)4,5849364
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