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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zeldarax,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0MQbkZelda's Elemental Gold EpicaAdult (m)9,0811,3009
8UYCOZelda's Long Elemental InextricaAdult (f)6,0831,01011
krFdlZelda's Elemental WeegschaalAdult (f)10,2667953
cVeuYZelda I want to stay Home 5EAdult (m)8,0021,2099
eOkvIZelda's Brons Volk ElementAdult (f)6,3491,0386
OITiHZelda's Elemental PolarisAdult (m)6,9071,1894
CbNLiZelda's Stubborn ElementalAdult (f)6,7871,2305
N9YiEZelda's 5E Cayvyn from FionaAdult (f)8,3559275
XBG9IZelda I was a Tenth gen ElementAdult (m)6,8091,0559
LH4KYZelda's Elemental AGYI CatAdult (f)7,0849384
RRjmgZelda's Elemental Sad EpicaAdult (m)5,9701,0515
0H8qGZelda's Elemental Purple PenkAdult (m)5,0691,05914
e0sW9Zelda's Elemental Penk IcecrownAdult (m)6,4551,0238
Elv3bZelda's 5E Valentine FlowerAdult (m)6,2981,1128
QM5IbZelda's 5E Spiral Darkrose EndAdult (f)5,1721,16016
a1hZOZelda's 5E Cielatahl MoonAdult (m)10,06076614
SCRnVZelda's 5E Sunny Prize FaultAdult (m)5,5199139
Hu1H7Zelda's New 5E Cielatahl MoonAdult (m)6,3591,0116
93AYHZelda's Elemental Ivy HarvestAdult (f)7,1721,0437
03ocYZelda's Elemental Penk SnowdreamAdult (m)6,1921,2071
OfWTAZelda's Elemental Abby's FaultAdult (m)9,2831,1491
HHdJkZelda's Long 5E Bronze CayvynAdult (f)8,6381,1847
KUOrhZelda's Long 5E Cielatahl MoonAdult (m)10,0731,2579
ma6hiZelda's New 5E Star AbbyAdult (m)5,4831,2564
HrdbRZelda's New 5E Joyous GiftAdult (m)4,8061,2587
AO9WPurple Phoenix of the 5 ElementsAdult (m)7,72185519
iEVvqZelda's 5E Lucky Phoenix QueenAdult (f)6,9501,03620
1z5VcZelda's Elemental Phoenix LadyAdult (f)5,1291,3812
TdD6Zelda's 5E Harvest HufflepuffAdult (m)4,15390112
Gc5rZelda's 5E Volcano in the ForestAdult (m)2,7566329
3NCrZelda's 5E Hufflepuff WizardAdult (m)3,77086913
hPIsZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Wizard TeaAdult (m)4,9151,16212
CpreZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Fat FriarAdult (m)3,1517107
5MA7Zelda's 5E Hufflepuff Harv-teamAdult (m)5,6121,22419
lP6pZeldas 5E Full Circle HufflepuffAdult (m)4,76685711
rkQ9Zelda's 5E Full Circle BadgerAdult (m)6,37695312
Njp2Zelda's 5E Full Circle HarvestAdult (m)5,41076314
q3psZelda's 5E Full Circle PuffAdult (m)3,29985723
h4hnZelda's 5E Moro-Orange HarvestAdult (m)5,1651,03214
KlZ9Zelda's Last 5E HufflepuffAdult (m)2,0155724
6dYbZelda's New 5E Hufflepuff WizardAdult (m)4,6767195
ajdTZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Fruit KingAdult (m)2,1586779
JvLTZelda's 5E Hufflepuff OogsterAdult (m)5,19598314
VUAUZelda's 5E Hufflepuff TovenaarAdult (m)6,4901,00812
Lj9q3Zelda's 5E Hufflepuff Yellow WizAdult (m)4,9001,01815
PtWgAZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Pt WizardAdult (m)4,9161,0588
mqiVkZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Fruit WizAdult (m)4,2629519
vHWSpZelda's 5E Hufflepuff FruitspellAdult (m)4,27476312
UoXGsZelda's 5E Hufflepuff PlumwizardAdult (m)5,0168846
ZAvohZelda's 5E Bronze Ivy FailTinselAdult (m)6,03097315
4m9uRZelda's 5E Hufflepuff RumWizardAdult (m)4,7961,02710
O4kLSZelda's 5E Hufflepuff SlokWizardAdult (m)4,5191,0176
kcAmAZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Cakam-WizAdult (m)6,5041,1778
FAEavZelda's 5E Hufflepuff FavaWizardAdult (m)5,4958259
FK83JZelda's 5E Hufflepuff April WizAdult (m)4,6741,0875
WLvDoZelda's 5E Hufflepuff WolfWizardAdult (m)3,1787675
p1pfrZelda's 5E Hufflepuff June WizAdult (m)4,9698892
3K6peZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Wolf RupsAdult (m)6,2978532
cC8cWZelda's 5E Hufflepuff  WC TovAdult (m)4,29285912
1ANlZelda's special 5E HufflepuffAdult (f)3,5979326
ZarMZelda's 5E Hufflepuff WitchAdult (f)4,8421,09216
bqJZZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Witch BrewAdult (f)5,2969925
5aQQZelda's Elemental HarvestfireAdult (f)4,70185613
2V5UZelda's 5E Hufflepuff WitchfoodAdult (f)1,74849311
P2FgZelda's 5E Hufflepuff HarvesterAdult (f)7,8161,49416
eRUSZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Harv-witchAdult (f)5,2791,15813
bNYEZelda's 5E Hufflepuff LorimmelAdult (f)4,92984914
JEG6Zelda's 5E Hufflepuff CircleAdult (f)2,1035507
gHR5Zelda's 5E Hufflepuff Yellow TeaAdult (f)4,66370210
eF9aZelda's Lorimmel ElementAdult (f)3,30671512
I58pZelda's 5E Hufflepuff TeamkadoAdult (f)5,1618679
DPt8Zelda's 5E Hufflepuff FruitwitchAdult (f)4,9028064
3YDtjZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Yellow FoxAdult (f)4,3039694
qtFNnZelda's 5E Hufflepuff OogstheksAdult (f)3,2627623
EeWi9Zelda's 5E Hufflepuff Eeuw HeksAdult (f)5,8571,63713
5guXbZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Bux HeksAdult (f)4,7691,10310
ULPVSZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Puls HeksAdult (f)4,6939277
b7OTTZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Bott HeksAdult (f)4,2487884
ZKlhDZelda's 5E Hufflepuff NieuweHeksAdult (f)4,1749868
bLC3DZelda's 5E Hufflepuff QueenWitchAdult (f)3,8948142
k1hs3Zelda's 5E Hufflepuff EmberOogstAdult (f)2,3875884
cr2LIZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Cril HeksAdult (f)3,9877695
mdIkUZelda's Elemental Mages TeamAdult (f)1,8127288
Aiu9JZelda's 5E Zilver OogstAdult (f)2,9617931
XkGC7Zelda's Nice Elemental TryAdult (f)5,6438431
S6hOrZelda's 5E Hufflepuff 100 CoalAdult (f)5,3629313
poPAbZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Pabo WitchAdult (f)6,3061,23020
Ym1JnZelda's Elemental Harvest LadyAdult (f)4,35691211
VN34Zelda's Elemental JungleviewerAdult (m)1,81076110
nRYSZelda's Elemental Flying TreetopAdult (m)3,12395113
0EuZZelda's Elemental TreetopkingAdult (m)5,0207146
4f9OZelda's Elemental JunglekingAdult (m)3,60465811
ntBJZelda's 5E King of the TreetopsAdult (m)3,6899188
lRgfsZelda's Elemental Canopy DukeAdult (m)3,82285113
KVYqQZelda's 5E Canopy KingAdult (m)3,6646556
pK6IZZelda's Elemental Canopy KnightAdult (m)7,4651,2139
3bZIGZelda's 5E Snow Copped TreeAdult (m)4,4021,0734
fSM5jZelda's Elemental Canopy KingAdult (m)6,67696012
UPdflZelda's Elemental Canopy CountAdult (m)5,3251,0266
4fJ9aZelda's Elemental Canopy LordAdult (m)2,7174781
fvOXZelda's Elemental JunglequeenAdult (f)1,71951719
ANtfZelda's 5E Full Circle TreelifeAdult (f)2,4881,15230
u34bZelda's Elemental TreesAdult (f)2,5571,10622
9PaLZelda's Elemental SilvertreeAdult (f)3,10973813
5VquZelda's Elemental Jungle DuchessAdult (f)3,99184424
pjM0Zelda's Elemental Treetop-queenAdult (f)3,5167448
GoJ6Zelda's Elemental AntarianAdult (f)3,29392610
LAhZPZelda's 5E Climbing LadyAdult (f)5,2451,0594
tV0rtZelda's Elemental Canopy QueenAdult (f)3,6087772
4s0hkZelda's Elemental Canopy LadyAdult (f)4,7388402
heQ43Zelda's Elemental Canopy DuchessAdult (f)6,2911,08816
jq3XSZelda's Elemental Treetop LadyAdult (f)4,8349836
lfDEpZelda's Elemental Canopy VrouweAdult (f)6,8741,34115
YsyKZZelda's 5E Canopy DuchessAdult (f)3,82299014
uo8rZelda's Mintking 5EAdult (m)2,57854915
m7NHZelda's Elemental Mint QueenAdult (f)2,08971319
shN7Zelda's Green ElementAdult (m)1,94177814
a4I0Zelda's Elemental Mint DuchessAdult (f)2,43890913
JugpZelda's Young Mint ElementAdult (m)1,66370116
4Rp5Zelda's Elemental Mint LadyAdult (f)3,82066911
DP4nZelda's Elemental hidden LadyAdult (f)4,4751,1198
CLdtZelda's Strong Mint ElementAdult (f)5,0411,16913
R7m1Zelda's Elemental MintflowerAdult (m)2,7087303
5WgaZelda's Elemental MintdukeAdult (m)5,91599310
SeO1Zelda's Summermint ElementAdult (f)4,4171,0174
KcUPZelda's Elemental hidden LordAdult (m)3,4338526
jSnCZelda's Elemintal smal KingAdult (m)2,0876323
h1V7Zelda's Elemental small GiantAdult (m)4,91296210
oHXCZelda's Hide and Seek-queen 5EAdult (f)4,1771,07714
p5PlZelda's huge Elemental MintAdult (f)5,1819666
3fWOZelda's Elemental LumiereAdult (m)5,6661,11714
9Ys6Zelda's 5E famous MintAdult (m)5,7541,2047
soTjZelda survived Halloween 5EAdult (f)5,8091,3997
UWGeZelda's Elemental Mint-lordAdult (m)4,77178611
tMVmPZelda's Elemental Moony MintAdult (f)4,8791,0059
cdUp0Zelda's Elemental Mint KingAdult (m)3,6157624
GkIgvZelda's Elemental Shy QueenAdult (f)4,4236062
n3AkbZelda's Elemental Mint LordAdult (m)8,5491,04810
Qfm8qZelda's Elemental Shy DukeAdult (m)5,6481,1359
uu66NZelda's Elemental Shy DuchessAdult (f)6,6709412
9F3ZdZelda's Elemental Shy LadyAdult (f)6,5951,0963
ksNonZelda's Elemental Shy CountessAdult (f)5,4921,0504
FAtnJZelda's Elemental FiremintAdult (f)4,7331,1484
OYU7BZelda's Elemental OreganoAdult (m)3,9501,2394
5DUTfZelda's Elemental Mint CountessAdult (f)5,1251,1353
CSUm9Zelda's Elemental Mint CountAdult (m)4,5259497
M0ABPZelda's Elemental Mint HertoginAdult (f)4,2479928
rraqlZelda's Elemental Mint FreuleAdult (f)6,31390814
Y7MacZelda's Elemental Shy EarlAdult (m)3,3167874
9RpOAZelda's Elemental Mint GravinAdult (f)4,0677208
vFV38Zelda's Elemental Mint KoninginAdult (f)7,0548646
V8P0Zelda's Five Saving ElementsAdult (m)3,28092313
SIVmZelda's Healing ElementAdult (m)3,9241,27822
bmKIZelda's Elemental TreebalfireAdult (m)4,1471,25416
bXPJZelda's Long Green ElementAdult (m)2,19798115
TOIWZelda's Elemental MangrovekingAdult (m)4,45393212
1U8MZelda's Elemental Mangrove KingAdult (m)3,1429318
DU3cZelda's Elemental Mangrove DukeAdult (m)5,5511,04210
PNmsZelda's Elemental RainforestkingAdult (m)6,3621,32020
nMfiZelda's Elemental MangrovelordAdult (m)4,4057484
R9TNZelda's Neotropical King ElementAdult (m)4,7991,1778
2mvbLZelda's 5E Treeclimbing KingAdult (m)3,5798059
aZtMJZelda's EPIC Climbing ElementAdult (m)4,0588924
XjOvpZelda's Elemental TropikAdult (m)7,4831,05417
ZGSD3Zelda's Elemental DariyaAdult (m)9,1161,3261
pFenCZelda's Elemental X-Mastree KingAdult (m)5,04989010
2DJ4SZelda's Elemental Lime DesertAdult (m)6,6581,04610
iYWf5Zelda's 5E Red TreeclimberAdult (m)5,7721,12511
B5X5eZelda's Elemental Silver TreeAdult (m)4,0191,0269
FjAbeZelda's 5E Red Flowered TreesAdult (m)4,3109607
XsAIdZelda's Elemental Fruittree KingAdult (m)5,1778309
fLTaQZelda's 5E Neotropical EarlAdult (m)7,7047915
H2MmZelda's Elemental TreeclimberAdult (f)2,57890416
Mul2Zelda's Morning Rosetree 5EAdult (f)2,18472812
t5uvZelda's Elemental TreeballoonAdult (f)4,1451,32119
EcNKElemental Morning MinttreezelAdult (f)3,40691216
q8WmZelda's Searching Earth ElementAdult (f)1,7807335
s4rQZelda's Elemental MangroveAdult (f)2,5281,07717
12hFZelda's 5E Full Circle LifetreeAdult (f)1,69470630
LNoMZelda's Elemental Song of DreamsAdult (f)2,54479219
OBTlZelda's Elemental WintertreeAdult (f)2,64996418
hfRaZelda's Neotropical Queen 5EAdult (f)4,99897011
mI29Zelda's Stony Tree ElementAdult (f)4,3568359
3BtFDZelda's 5E Jungle QueenAdult (f)3,86589419
mBsVVZelda's EPIC Ruby Rhod ElementAdult (f)4,06095412
f216RZelda's New 5E EPIC Ruby RhodAdult (f)3,8389138
WK8LhZelda's 5E Neotropical QueenAdult (f)4,00781411
sZGPCZelda's Elemental Jungle QueenAdult (f)6,1001,2067
EdRFuZelda's Elemental Harvest TreeAdult (f)3,0488263
SPYIZelda's Elemental FirevineAdult (m)2,8969394
cZF8Zelda's Elemental FirecrocusAdult (m)2,4578028
IpHDZelda's Elemental Vine KingAdult (m)2,36760916
be8rZelda's Elemental Vine DukeAdult (m)2,74089715
EnL9Zelda's Elemental VinesAdult (f)2,9031,21516
0NCnZelda's Elemental FrostflowerAdult (f)2,67272419
Ei12Zelda's Elemental Double VinesAdult (f)3,7631,28317
np8kZelda's Elemental FrostvineAdult (m)3,0637809
hflOZelda's Frozen Vine ElementAdult (m)4,7651,04612
unoIZelda Only Vines are ElementalAdult (f)5,0941,07614
7nCqZelda's Goudsbloem ElementAdult (f)5,6961,32518
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