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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zeldarax,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
i8JJC(i8JJC)Adult (f)5,3349121
MEnSm(MEnSm)Adult (f)5,2008674
YWXUPZelda's 5E Project King 5Adult (m)5,5739221
9vY4MZelda's 5E Project PrincessAdult (f)2,9637691
EHImzZelda's 5E Project PrinceAdult (m)2,7077711
WpAZg(WpAZg)Adult (m)6,5231,1304
6C0DN(6C0DN)Adult (f)6,3971,1383
6srtmZelda's Short 5E FortunaAdult (f)6,6491,1773
pVz0N(pVz0N)Adult (m)7,2691,1994
wvXQp(wvXQp)Adult (m)7,1891,2253
aHFPY(aHFPY)Adult (f)7,4321,2004
po3P4(po3P4)Adult (m)7,1321,0042
JqviI(JqviI)Adult (m)6,9601,0111
k9xMk(k9xMk)Adult (f)6,9301,0295
CPYYo(CPYYo)Adult (f)6,7801,0221
914BfZelda's 5E Gold Waterwalker TeamAdult (m)6,9419912
CvDYLZelda's 5E Found Project TeamAdult (f)4,7496712
LoLk0(LoLk0)Adult (m)4,7716462
zYwea(zYwea)Adult (f)4,6646361
HdyoA(HdyoA)Adult (f)6,7251,0913
GQRpe(GQRpe)Adult (f)6,4751,0623
58bjmZelda's 5E Silver Walker TownAdult (f)5,9481,1221
MHax6(MHax6)Adult (f)5,9571,1342
xTAN7(xTAN7)Adult (f)3,6096692
JFUBk(JFUBk)Adult (m)3,4697045
STR7R(STR7R)Adult (f)3,5596712
63V86(63V86)Adult (m)5,8339243
yN6yO(yN6yO)Adult (m)6,9368824
fSSPs(fSSPs)Adult (f)6,6738461
OK2yx(OK2yx)Adult (f)6,5688584
VicaX(VicaX)Adult (f)6,0568372
W7M2w(W7M2w)Adult (f)6,5509110
WpenS(WpenS)Adult (m)5,3769692
as5N3(as5N3)Adult (m)4,6381,0812
EpfCV(EpfCV)Adult (f)4,5617914
oqVbx(oqVbx)Adult (f)4,4737812
zhMEY(zhMEY)Adult (f)4,7908361
qJryE(qJryE)Adult (m)4,2868322
h3N9T(h3N9T)Adult (f)4,6608471
JPRjQ(JPRjQ)Adult (m)4,5218771
AnTVU(AnTVU)Adult (f)3,3665711
BYn6X(BYn6X)Adult (f)3,3024531
AMObO(AMObO)Adult (m)3,1964481
DlHqYZelda's Lonely Project Queen 4Adult (f)5,9359302
jXB2sZelda's 5E Mist GravinAdult (f)3,6636621
kB1MT(kB1MT)Adult (m)2,8037392
41uwY(41uwY)Adult (f)2,9217182
67Va6(67Va6)Adult (f)2,9326782
PtgTG(PtgTG)Adult (f)3,0137164
N1Q4EZelda's Puur 5E Beefcake TeamAdult (f)2,9277042
lyqaO(lyqaO)Adult (m)3,0396844
XJ7GI(XJ7GI)Adult (m)3,6698042
EBVLG(EBVLG)Adult (f)3,8368272
89y4q(89y4q)Adult (m)3,6408102
7eOqvZelda's Lonely Project Queen 3Adult (f)2,9296222
BGvJa(BGvJa)Adult (m)4,0108263
OJwxo(OJwxo)Adult (f)4,0348396
oCCdl(oCCdl)Adult (f)4,5778404
m7TcB(m7TcB)Adult (f)3,9519031
nKoSV(nKoSV)Adult (m)4,9249762
FlDjcZelda's Lonely Red PictAdult (f)3,9239112
j5sv3(j5sv3)Adult (m)3,9889503
TC7vE(TC7vE)Adult (m)5,0969401
dkW40(dkW40)Adult (m)4,0928971
PuN95(PuN95)Adult (f)3,5204154
RNGGp(RNGGp)Adult (f)3,3837670
Hk761(Hk761)Adult (m)4,6578584
cPUCg(cPUCg)Adult (m)4,5908860
lgphw(lgphw)Adult (f)3,5916922
hMg51(hMg51)Adult (f)5,6387413
K4gIj(K4gIj)Adult (f)4,6046972
XGqHz(XGqHz)Adult (f)2,8745311
h5dP9(h5dP9)Adult (m)3,1505571
Wfl6QZelda's 5E Lichtende MagmaAdult (f)3,1986055
xorbX(xorbX)Adult (f)3,8346501
2aQpI(2aQpI)Adult (f)4,0046481
bJAL6(bJAL6)Adult (f)2,8747163
NLIDvZelda's Pure 5E KamillAdult (f)4,3853801
ntLsTZelda's Pure 5E Kamill VillageAdult (m)3,7433412
c8760(c8760)Adult (m)3,8623372
SHD7H(SHD7H)Adult (m)3,0427221
Lu7eS(Lu7eS)Adult (f)5,9019566
ZBhjv(ZBhjv)Adult (f)4,8839466
sEIrp(sEIrp)Adult (m)5,0329195
U2Xs6(U2Xs6)Adult (f)4,1821,0804
WtjU1(WtjU1)Adult (f)4,2801,0542
xPn11(xPn11)Adult (m)4,6551,0472
vlcM2(vlcM2)Adult (m)4,8761,0692
AKcRp(AKcRp)Adult (m)5,7971,0453
8DzKc(8DzKc)Adult (f)5,3971,1083
7bbsJZelda's 5E Herfstgoud DorpAdult (f)5,8238291
xXdJfZelda's 5E Terrae Xeno TeamAdult (f)6,2611,2201
j9odIZelda's Elemental Silver HorseAdult (f)3,1796452
MHTiI(MHTiI)Adult (f)2,9261,0691
KfiZ7Zelda's 5E Pearl Pumpkin TeamAdult (f)3,0711,0781
zhJdsZelda's Pure 5E Pumpkin TownAdult (f)3,1001,0761
QFXmeZelda's 5E Speciaal Ember TeamAdult (f)4,3251,0171
y7VrOZelda's 5E Icy ShadowAdult (f)4,0781,0033
oN9DnZelda's Own Pure 5E Shadow TeamAdult (f)5,2931,1123
Dkup9Zelda's 5E Pure Shadow GiftAdult (m)3,6311,1773
eaSuPZelda's 5E Moonstone StairAdult (m)3,7321,2532
at4hzZelda's Speciale 5E SchaduwAdult (m)4,4581,3791
YMa3FZelda's 5E Ember Shadow StairAdult (m)4,3341,3562
JBim1Zelda's 5E Kerst Schaduw TrapAdult (f)4,3861,2823
rhmAUZelda's 5E Royal Blue HalloweenAdult (f)4,4671,3251
o3KRUZelda's 5E Royal Blue DorpAdult (m)3,5257691
J78dzZelda's 5E Ice Shadow TeamAdult (f)3,6497371
LVk9rZelda's 5E Tsunami StairAdult (f)3,3018481
3oIRhZelda's Lonely 5E ProjectQueen 2Adult (f)5,0891,1393
2jp2dZelda's Pure 5E FirebreathAdult (m)3,1837431
yvluRZelda's 5E  Autumn Gold VillageAdult (m)1,8486312
ehZevZelda's 5E Silver WaterhorseTeamAdult (m)4,8339732
rBRAvZelda's 5E RoyalBlue Silver TeamAdult (m)4,7731,0022
2wjzBZelda's 5E Golden Autumn TownAdult (m)6,5191,1792
csiIDZelda's 5E Puur Herfst VangstAdult (m)5,2007433
CHbOjZelda's 5E Pure Tulipa TownAdult (f)5,6966771
RtA9YZelda's 5E Pure Autumn CatchAdult (f)5,2216772
IG1kzZelda's 5E Pure Buckeye TownAdult (m)5,3707233
JqxBoZelda's 5E Star Ice TeamAdult (m)4,0608293
ftkBB(ftkBB)Adult (m)6,2961,2822
6lRTN(6lRTN)Adult (f)4,8029253
l5zMG(l5zMG)Adult (m)4,8949392
8DGcI(8DGcI)Adult (f)6,1341,0322
yT6R7Zelda's Poor 5E Project King 21Adult (m)2,8847221
JURhyZelda's Poor 5E Project Queen 23Adult (f)2,9357251
GdCkw(GdCkw)Adult (m)3,0227192
6Rbhu(6Rbhu)Adult (m)3,0047083
4tYpL(4tYpL)Adult (m)2,9717132
dZnv8(dZnv8)Adult (m)3,8978044
nNW8x(nNW8x)Adult (m)3,2487161
fsvFj(fsvFj)Adult (f)4,5427512
kbU76(kbU76)Adult (f)3,1707360
ytqbn(ytqbn)Adult (m)3,3336253
vcyaF(vcyaF)Adult (m)3,0116001
Hlv94(Hlv94)Adult (m)3,0475992
JOmit(JOmit)Adult (f)3,0655993
BikM8(BikM8)Adult (m)4,2648126
ztfvi(ztfvi)Adult (f)3,2407140
qGerV(qGerV)Adult (m)3,1607392
9AUel(9AUel)Adult (m)3,5837841
ObFLH(ObFLH)Adult (f)3,3937030
cRL7S(cRL7S)Adult (f)4,2819087
LyfaI(LyfaI)Adult (f)4,7158303
N38V5(N38V5)Adult (m)4,4449044
51jug(51jug)Adult (f)4,4099373
woxSj(woxSj)Adult (m)4,5029273
iLUJX(iLUJX)Adult (m)4,5419272
GfnTn(GfnTn)Adult (f)4,5949165
Li3VA(Li3VA)Adult (f)3,5627412
g0Jxt(g0Jxt)Adult (f)3,4787392
kl4py(kl4py)Adult (f)3,5407271
XWBXGZelda's 5E Herfstig Goud DorpAdult (m)3,4987432
mNIES(mNIES)Adult (f)3,4049807
EiyAT(EiyAT)Adult (m)4,1529934
KJOQv(KJOQv)Adult (m)3,0838533
hx4s6Zelda's Poor 5E Project Queen 22Adult (f)2,3896564
Dk6za(Dk6za)Adult (f)2,9976013
6eL2B(6eL2B)Adult (f)2,8685202
PVLHX(PVLHX)Adult (m)2,3276312
6EXDXZelda's Poor 5E Project Queen 20Adult (f)3,6776861
OtG79Zelda's Poor 5E Project Queen 21Adult (f)3,0637451
8UyBQZelda's Poor 5E Project King 20Adult (m)3,1177371
XuXv7Zelda's 5E Lichtende EtnaAdult (f)3,0307719
0GTJR(0GTJR)Adult (m)3,1176321
uJqCb(uJqCb)Adult (m)3,2186342
xcwjE(xcwjE)Adult (m)3,0306141
llATf(llATf)Adult (m)3,7778041
cuBym(cuBym)Adult (m)3,7238144
Z7k5T(Z7k5T)Adult (m)3,6868173
RDQ9S(RDQ9S)Adult (f)3,6748561
QslhQ(QslhQ)Adult (f)3,5288022
jjWgu(jjWgu)Adult (m)3,6088034
IzXeUZelda's 5E Terrae KingAdult (m)3,6298855
Csjr8(Csjr8)Adult (m)3,5348523
dRh4S(dRh4S)Adult (f)3,7998713
jb13S(jb13S)Adult (m)3,2077062
x4Ru1Zelda's 5E Mageiae KingAdult (m)4,1738075
XWp6O(XWp6O)Adult (f)2,8406153
P68NA(P68NA)Adult (f)2,6625702
6w3RT(6w3RT)Adult (f)2,8346113
tKizM(tKizM)Adult (f)3,3057031
u1FevZelda's Pure 5E Riell OrchidAdult (m)4,9549054
8gVjpZelda's Short 5E KittyAdult (m)4,7281,0151
9hyzcZelda's 5E Wisselende SeizoenenAdult (f)5,8041,1422
92Wm3Zelda's 5E Zilveren Magie TeamAdult (m)6,4271,1451
BXlfZZelda's Pure 5E Thriving TeamAdult (f)5,9571,0912
th0jMZelda's Lonely 5E ProjectQueen 3Adult (f)5,2011,0531
xmfUO(xmfUO)Adult (f)6,6797261
A08oR(A08oR)Adult (f)6,7197301
DAU5T(DAU5T)Adult (m)4,5956921
cYklF(cYklF)Adult (f)4,3436761
9O1gI(9O1gI)Adult (m)4,1166482
fq9Hw(fq9Hw)Adult (m)5,2819634
R4sM3(R4sM3)Adult (m)4,3499942
g4Ge3Zelda's 5E Shadowy Frost TeamAdult (f)7,4026412
xk4KDZelda's 5E Pumpkin Flare TeamAdult (m)7,4776552
u6wViZelda's 5E Goud Beauxriens DorpAdult (m)4,5648852
jALTg(jALTg)Adult (m)4,9129082
ucJHd(ucJHd)Adult (m)4,1838152
hiOZs(hiOZs)Adult (m)4,1257962
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