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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zeldarax,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
61fPWFLOOD Elemental 11Adult (m)4,9691,26518
poPJPFLOOD Elemental 12Adult (f)4,3171,1367
6vb6KFLOOD Elemental 13Adult (m)4,8751,22714
JssOPFLOOD Elemental 14Adult (f)5,7001,27413
nMRJhFLOOD Elemental 15Adult (f)5,9351,27613
vbM4HFLOOD Elemental 16Adult (f)5,5401,29618
3RPWhFLOOD Elemental 17Adult (f)5,6171,13518
OGbfsFLOOD Elemental 18Adult (f)6,0641,36121
F6QSBFLOOD Elemental 20Adult (f)5,1561,3089
tev8HFLOOD Elemental 19Adult (m)3,7191,16010
kFu2tFLOOD Elemental 100Adult (m)6,4191,08412
refiUFLOOD Elemental 101Adult (f)6,1811,05519
NaY0oFLOOD Elemental 102Adult (m)5,4021,0766
tm9nFFLOOD Elemental 107Adult (m)3,0645283
lqDAYFLOOD Elemental 104Adult (f)4,51593311
Dsv6PFLOOD Elemental 105Adult (m)4,7988915
P3EWsFLOOD Elemental 106Adult (f)4,5218717
KIcNJFLOOD Elemental 103Adult (m)3,4911,2104
BXGm9FLOOD Elemental Golden WalkAdult (f)4,3231,00116
CncdRFLOOD Elemental 21Adult (m)4,8921,02310
LAe3LFLOOD Elemental 22Adult (m)5,4841,1756
4obfWFLOOD Elemental 23Adult (m)5,2531,19712
pUQdFFLOOD Elemental 24Adult (m)5,9478416
Sc4niFLOOD Elemental 25Adult (m)5,6561,00514
3lJCZFLOOD Elemental 26Adult (m)4,4561,22112
sNmFvFLOOD Elemental 28Adult (f)4,1851,2107
4m80IFLOOD Elemental 29Adult (f)4,2351,14814
L8BdJFLOOD Elemental 81Adult (f)6,2601,28623
MAoE6FLOOD Elemental 82Adult (f)5,0811,16216
cj3iiFLOOD Elemental 83Adult (m)5,5921,26211
SkFeTFLOOD Elemental 84Adult (f)6,6691,69616
j2AcuFLOOD Elemental 85Adult (f)5,7351,30911
BPFGKFLOOD Elemental 86Adult (m)7,1641,69413
REheIFLOOD Thuwed Elemental 5Adult (m)4,6641,13711
1gUV3FLOOD Elemental 89Adult (m)3,81099211
SNm4ZFLOOD Elemental Duo 2Adult (f)6,2911,00911
Gc3tVFLOOD Elemental Duo 3Adult (m)4,6701,0326
gekGtFLOOD Crazy Duo ElementAdult (f)4,7399818
AFKQLFLOOD Elemental 93Adult (m)5,1041,07513
BWfttFLOOD Elemental 96Adult (m)5,0001,04712
njlReFLOOD Elemental 90Adult (m)3,8631,2384
gutgdFLOOD Elemental 98Adult (m)3,39699912
2VrX2FLOOD Elemental 97Adult (m)3,7151,1998
D9jMsFLOOD Elemental 94Adult (f)3,1391,08411
i79LpFLOOD Elemental 95Adult (m)3,2331,1109
ZYXdvFLOOD Elemental 31Adult (f)6,2901,02610
QWrHgFLOOD Elemental 32Adult (m)6,2291,01114
fXZpHFLOOD Elemental 33Adult (f)6,8031,2365
IDGiaFLOOD Elemental 34Adult (f)5,7031,12714
0qdhjFLOOD Elemental 37Adult (f)4,9241,21111
UpKuRFLOOD Elemental 38Adult (m)4,5131,15213
7FjRVFLOOD Elemental 39Adult (f)5,1381,46112
fOl7GFLOOD Elemental 40Adult (m)5,8091,2278
fXv7DFLOOD Elemental 41Adult (f)6,7181,3209
ZV2j8FLOOD Elemental 42Adult (m)4,9741,13012
knTLZFLOOD Elemental 43Adult (f)4,1511,05514
dI15VFLOOD Elemental 46Adult (f)6,0941,56716
X0Q9YFLOOD Elemental 47Adult (m)5,3811,29711
d5YWqFLOOD Elemental 51 AsheraAdult (f)5,9751,2184
4UgEBFLOOD Elemental 52Adult (f)6,2491,42119
vPOBpFLOOD Elemental 53Adult (m)4,7381,18511
j3Pc4FLOOD Elemental 66Adult (m)3,2301,16210
UYQtlFLOOD Elemental 54Adult (m)4,4931,08519
CpITuFLOOD Elemental 55Adult (m)3,3501,0249
BBLfqFLOODED Elemental DuoAdult (m)4,81096311
cNa1bFLOOD Elemental 57Adult (m)4,4921,1378
R03IKFLOOD Elemental 58Adult (m)4,0511,12514
8Li5oFLOOD Elemental 56Adult (f)5,1991,05210
AqApeFLOODED Water Aap ElementalAdult (m)4,2551,0644
J92ThFLOOD Elemental Wave 1Adult (m)5,1349125
G3eguFLOOD Stairway 3Adult (m)4,5081,01813
o452cFLOOD 168 ZeldaraxAdult (f)4,4759167
cCVZFFLOOD Elemental Wave 2Adult (m)5,9821,09616
5LQX6FLOOD Elemental Wave 3Adult (f)5,8751,06716
OO5imFLOOD Elemental Wave 6Adult (f)4,3479588
sUU1ZFLOOD Elemental Wave 7Adult (m)4,9861,09713
dHFWLFLOOD Elemental Wave 8Adult (f)5,0791,0957
mWMF5FLOOD Elemental 50Adult (m)4,6191,26112
FfNV0FLOOD Elemental Wave 14Adult (m)3,5741,04111
unHAeFLOOD Elemental Wave 9Adult (f)4,49094113
Zk5bGFLOOD Elemental Wave 13Adult (f)4,6351,01712
XYn3RFLOOD Elemental Wave 10Adult (f)4,52597711
1sUjVFLOOD Elemental Wave 11Adult (f)3,3649607
B4sXHFLOOD Stairway 4Adult (m)3,5849949
2FbKJFLOOD Elemental Wave 12Adult (m)5,5561,04612
hfQXjZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Brown FLOODAdult (f)5,2191,18714
hAPWnZelda's 5E Ravenclaw FLOOD TeamAdult (m)4,9941,28011
sTb0LFLOOD Elemental 44Adult (m)4,4161,21610
g9tspFLOOD Elemental 45Adult (m)4,0271,1519
qDPN6FLOOD Elemental 49Adult (f)5,4891,19618
hAoCRFLOOD Elemental 35Adult (m)7,9151,5899
FgtE3FLOOD Elemental 36 AsheraAdult (m)5,8441,60719
60ZBJFLOOD Metropole Thuwed ZeldaraxAdult (m)5,0751,0178
1Ak6TFLOOD Chaos ZeldaraxAdult (m)3,7208633
U3CkoZelda's Walking FLOOD ChaosAdult (f)4,25290915
rd8U0FLOOD Chaos 55Adult (m)4,5641,20115
lNuCaFLOOD Chaos 61Adult (f)6,4001,32413
AUmetFLOOD Duo 90Adult (f)6,2911,2467
3VdEcFLOOD Chaos 117Adult (m)6,3111,4585
C3rqjFLOOD Chaos 119Adult (m)6,4361,29815
gHN09FLOOD Chaos 60Adult (m)4,69492518
DL35LFLOOD Chaos 59Adult (m)6,9151,24717
1DnqhFLOOD Chaos 58Adult (f)5,9331,54012
hkJZ2FLOODED ZombieAdult (f)5,1561,4979
4WFCcFLOOD Chaos 57Adult (m)4,6431,22713
JFGIWFLOOD Chaos 62Adult (m)5,8891,30016
YHtUKFLOOD Chaos 63Adult (m)5,1221,19313
udrW2FLOOD Thuwed TeamAdult (m)5,4771,07417
Rp3esFLOOD Chaos 120Adult (m)5,5581,23414
jFCv4FLOOD StairwayAdult (f)5,0411,49912
OVo6tFLOOD Quetzal VillageAdult (m)3,9571,0923
OADXTZelda's Horse FLOODAdult (f)5,6111,24416
attLcZelda's Horse Stair FLOODAdult (f)4,70795715
K0J40FLOOD Chaos 56Adult (f)5,8961,3388
c3SnoFLOOD Albino HorseAdult (f)3,8841,0875
m3o7RFLOODED Sprite DuoAdult (m)6,0981,39724
gpUfFFLOODED Guardian DuoAdult (m)4,9671,05017
hjeTMZelda's Chaotic FLOODAdult (m)4,3308347
WuMgKFLOOD Waves Chaotic ZeldaraxAdult (f)5,2921,09012
5gSHkZelda's Tangar FLOODAdult (m)6,8431,17813
30sQLFLOODED Stripe DuoAdult (f)5,4501,33914
Mjh98FLOOD Chaos 54Adult (m)4,3471,15211
aXphIFLOOD Chaos 121Adult (m)5,2721,15622
YjiJgFLOODED Christmas ZeldaraxAdult (f)5,0321,14816
1RsrNFLOOD Chaos 125Adult (m)7,3021,4209
MqcWDZelda's Thuwed FLOOD WomanAdult (f)4,85799613
Ophl6Zelda's Thuwed FLOOD ManAdult (m)6,96098222
c8pLLZelda's Slow Thuwed FLOOD KidAdult (f)5,5391,26721
ebeCDZelda's Fast Thuwed FLOOD KidAdult (m)6,0331,36518
jjGlnFLOOD Thuwed StairwayAdult (f)5,6191,16414
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