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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zeldarax,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
KeCENZelda's 5E Thuwed Celo GoudAdult (f)4,4921,0536
sPK4TZelda's Own 5E Thuwed Celo OrbAdult (f)3,8521,0107
XHKR6Zelda's Own 5E Thuwed Celo WolkAdult (f)3,1767203
tJo5sZelda's 5E Thuwed Celo CapitalAdult (f)4,8599596
IuoUeZelda's Own 5E Thuwed Celo SeptAdult (f)4,9741,01212
0hn8ZZelda's Own 5E Thuwed Celo NovAdult (f)3,7249946
hpVIjZelda's 5E Thuwed Celo SplashAdult (f)5,8821,25426
TKrDNZelda's 5E Thuwed HoofdstadAdult (f)4,6571,0402
Wv5OrZelda's 5E Thuwed Celo LandAdult (f)3,7531,1069
u9ffXZelda's 5E Full Circle CapitalAdult (f)3,9001,13010
FDxNZelda's King Firebringer 5EAdult (m)6,0671,41015
SxpiFire Skyswimmer Stonezel 5EAdult (f)2,2416332
Sn16Zelda's 5E FirequeenAdult (f)2,74592511
VojDZelda's Elemental ForestfireballAdult (m)3,0111,03511
YX8iZelda's Elemental FiregeodestoneAdult (m)2,1587547
qti9Smaug's  Element ZeldaraxAdult (m)2,51088310
98fCZelda's Healing Fire ElementAdult (m)1,9407568
7ZLqZelda's 5E Full Circle FireAdult (f)2,18090320
7Q3rZelda's Elemental Red ArrowAdult (f)2,4131,0219
TI7vZelda's Elemental FiresAdult (f)2,8561,16110
AKEcZelda's Elemental Red QueenAdult (f)2,33587213
Kr22Zelda's Elemental MagmafireAdult (m)1,8417432
XlBmZelda's Elemental Silver VolcanoAdult (f)5,1641,05112
O9OfZelda's 5E Gryffindor Santa GiftAdult (m)2,0903638
i5dOZelda's 5E Gryffindor ReserveAdult (m)5,7121,0165
QaS9Zelda's Elemental VulkaanvuurAdult (m)3,21582917
dPqnZelda's Own Magmafire ElementAdult (f)3,60186011
T9ktZelda's 5E Helende ZilvermagmaAdult (f)4,9461,0015
2pQtZelda's 5E Gryffindor FirewizardAdult (m)5,2481,14610
VqfrZelda's Red Silver ElementAdult (m)4,0271,03615
OoWtZelda's 5E Gryffindor FiresongAdult (m)5,9561,08716
Lg7nZelda's 5E Gryffindor's FireAdult (f)4,9469448
DjudZelda's Frozen Fire ElementAdult (m)4,0308399
LvP0Zelda's Perfecte Vlam ElementAdult (m)4,76386112
cBdWZelda's 5E Quarter Century FireAdult (f)2,85774910
Eb3sZelda's 5E Gryffindor Sunny FireAdult (m)4,06887211
MZNeoZelda's Elemental SilverfireAdult (f)3,15684310
K8psRZelda's 5E Gryffindor Kaspar WizAdult (m)3,3968955
4qheBZelda's 5E Gryffindor VuurheksAdult (f)4,6981,09712
LbCRpZelda's Double Fire ElementAdult (m)4,0359696
QNUhSZelda's Pure Fire ElementAdult (f)4,62299312
4WYmaZelda's 5E Glaurung's QueenAdult (f)5,8009365
gu49iZelda's 5E Zilveren VulkaanAdult (f)4,2329465
ZudSqZelda's 5E Double Fire CatchAdult (f)4,1739214
UN81uZelda's Elemental Sunny FireAdult (m)3,7887573
pdrX9Zelda's Elemental RagefellAdult (f)3,0468071
g3bCeZelda's 5E Gryffindor Trade-WizAdult (m)10,9981,6327
6PN25Zelda's 5E Gryffindor Fire-WizAdult (m)6,4771,2332
S3MskZelda's Elemental RedsilverAdult (m)5,0619567
qu7CQZelda's 5E Gryffindor Nov-WitchAdult (f)5,7058877
pgtHDZelda's 5E Gryffindor Nov-WizardAdult (m)7,58397711
Ze01EZelda's 5E Gryffindor Zee-WitchAdult (f)7,6701,0557
kjC4JZelda I am no 5E SilverAdult (f)6,3621,1405
U2ngWZelda I am a 5E Red tooAdult (m)3,2939962
JWfccZelda's 5E Gryffindor ZeeAdult (f)5,5009953
Bjsk1Zelda I am another 5E RedAdult (m)4,5659688
Nb3nVZelda's 5E Gryffindor Fire WitchAdult (f)4,4879854
7tQfhZelda's Own Fire Silver ElementAdult (m)4,0449904
bpYhaZelda's 5E Gryffindor Pya WizardAdult (m)3,9901,0677
4NXPBZelda's Rood Zilver ElementAdult (f)4,2441,17911
qg58NZelda's 5E Gryffindor Fire TeamAdult (f)5,1388753
q1kEKZelda's 5E Gryffindor Kek WitchAdult (f)3,9071,11513
REjVpZelda's 5E Gryffindor Red WyvernAdult (m)3,9391,0585
olvXlZelda's 5E New SilverfireAdult (f)3,7479183
mjq1QZelda's Graceful Red ElementAdult (f)3,7311,00311
0neSHZelda's Silverwhite 5E MagmafireAdult (m)4,6791,08216
YZIJrZelda's 5E Gryffindor Flute DorpAdult (m)4,7531,07911
3YOASZelda's 5E Full Circle Fire KingAdult (m)5,6539783
cMUVZZelda's Elemental SilverfailAdult (f)4,62493311
4NEsDZelda's Elemental Red AGYI PrizeAdult (m)3,6018204
aaiSGZelda's 5E Gryffindor New TeamAdult (m)1,6935452
nHHSiZelda's 5E Gryffindor Aztec SunAdult (m)7,6401,03514
BjKjiZelda's 5E Gryffindor Telni TeamAdult (f)6,9911,12014
75hSPZelda's Graceful Fire ElementAdult (f)5,9269827
f0hOpZelda's 5E Gryffindor Hoop TovAdult (m)5,0068276
2U6XOZelda's Elemental Fire TeamAdult (f)6,1326937
8JdaLZelda's Elemental MagmavuurAdult (f)6,8961,16121
chLSRZelda's 5E Hot LoveAdult (m)3,9559573
beke7Zelda's 5E Gryffindor MacDubhAdult (f)5,0901,20922
9t5XcZelda's 5E Gryffindor Tin WitchAdult (f)4,0981,02514
dZl7aZelda's 5E Gryffindor Dal HeksAdult (f)6,1891,4738
CTD7DZelda's Elemental RPG KingAdult (m)5,8991,46316
eMa5GZelda's 5E Scarlet FireAdult (f)6,2561,23715
eKJbYZelda's Rode 5E San VictorusAdult (f)3,5521,1195
2N57WZelda's 5E Hypnotizing FireAdult (f)4,1619982
StjUMZelda's 5E Gryffindor GiftAdult (f)5,8091,1277
S4mgyZelda's 5E Full Circle RedAdult (m)1,7767875
xCpFwZelda's 5E Volcanic FireAdult (f)5,3451,0412
CIImsZelda's 5E Gouden VuurAdult (m)6,6351,0458
qkSimZelda's 5E Gryffindor SantaTeamAdult (m)4,9781,16820
DPT0XZelda's 5E Unbelievable FillyAdult (m)5,34993510
Lmz9TZelda's 5E Pure FireAdult (f)5,2821,0624
gc22nZelda's 5E AGYI StairAdult (f)5,0751,14411
2d3scZelda's 5E Jingle Bells VillageAdult (f)3,1011,06712
cjOxEZelda's Pure 5E Ashera CapitalAdult (m)3,4041,2021
RY5RrZelda's 5E Perfect Flame CountryAdult (m)7,4551,38111
o5WUYZelda's 5E Red Silver TeamAdult (f)7,2041,1201
fuFmhZelda's Elemental Red LadyAdult (f)3,4421,0973
6hEjjZelda's 5E Heartseeker TeamAdult (f)5,7579942
syjBEZelda's Double Elemental FireAdult (f)6,2068553
gt5SEZelda's 5E Red Gold SnakeAdult (m)6,1911,0691
DBh2EZelda's Pure 5E St ClaireAdult (f)5,3529737
8loayZelda's Fiery 5E RidgewingAdult (f)5,1279816
NHq6Zelda's Elemental EmberkingAdult (m)4,8949533
T1e9Zelda's Elemental Duke of EmbersAdult (m)6,0921,1875
212KZelda's Elemental Black LavaAdult (m)6,7921,4857
uAl2Zelda's 5E New Year HufflepuffAdult (m)1,9887179
JlN5Zelda's 5E Hufflepuff FirewizardAdult (m)3,3324989
gRdaZelda's 5E Hufflepuff FoxkidAdult (m)5,3569976
ONpNZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Fox-wizardAdult (m)3,9471,05518
BhpKZelda's 5E Hufflepuff CircleteamAdult (m)4,5526908
cH9GZelda's 5E Hufflepuff EmberwizAdult (m)4,24989014
M5mrZelda's Elemental MeteorAdult (m)1,8575895
BHRtZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Gele EmberAdult (m)1,9265041
c2b0KZelda's 5E Hufflepuff CoalwizardAdult (m)5,5601,52212
mWY1BZelda's 5E Ember CayvynAdult (m)3,92193310
EkudQZelda I am not a Bronze ElementAdult (m)3,0438603
LiEOuZelda's 5E Bronze Ivy AshesAdult (m)5,4639994
j2AGrZelda's 5E Ghostly CayvynAdult (m)5,6741,2096
jd17mZelda's 5E Ember Bronze IvyAdult (m)3,2839183
5pnfRZelda's Elemental Chaotic FireAdult (m)4,6891,28311
tBSgbZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Ember WizAdult (m)5,6189554
MlQqfZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Kolen TovAdult (m)6,68099211
Y1gvFZelda's 5E Fyreborne StairAdult (m)5,6931,17316
W2tuhZelda's 5E Short Bronze IvyAdult (m)3,5148137
llInZelda's 5E Hufflepuff KeeperAdult (f)5,7298867
qaDXZelda's Elemental CollectionAdult (f)2,2965876
8NCUZelda's Elemental EmberquartetAdult (f)5,9161,17613
4Wk5Zelda's 5E Hufflepuff FoxAdult (f)4,8091,02018
TLAVZelda's 5E Hufflepuff FirewitchAdult (f)5,2899114
bl55Zelda's 5E Hufflepuff FoxfireAdult (f)5,3186709
7UKhZelda's 5E Hufflepuff FoxteamAdult (f)6,4151,1819
aTpIZelda's 5E Hufflepuff VillageAdult (f)4,74690915
hZQ0Zelda's 5E Hufflepuff Fox-witchAdult (f)3,50886713
laU3Zelda's Own Elemental CollectionAdult (f)3,1029388
lohqOZelda's Golden Ember ElementAdult (f)2,2176098
cZImTZelda's 5E Ivy EmberAdult (f)6,3991,0618
OdLcmZelda's 5E Bronze Ivy EmberAdult (f)6,0831,1998
9etgkZelda's Elemental Ivy EmberAdult (f)5,9098592
448cvZelda's Elemental Red EmbersAdult (f)5,0391,1103
XrSvvZelda's 5E Hufflepuff SRV HeksAdult (f)4,2511,0505
rpSUXZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Rups HeksAdult (f)3,7191,0329
ILAaeZelda's 5E Chaotic EmberAdult (f)3,13757012
SfWg6Zelda's 5E Hufflepuff EmberheksAdult (f)4,1187118
UWklaZelda's 5E Hufflepuff AprilCombiAdult (f)5,4315781
0TTIJZelda's Elemental Knaus TownAdult (f)5,7709906
4Mm47Zelda's 5E Hufflepuff Coal WitchAdult (f)4,8279116
qoUXHZelda's 5E Hufflepuff June CoalAdult (f)2,8195971
kUmsHZelda's Elemental Knaus StadAdult (f)7,0001,15119
qqqqlZelda's Hufflepuff QQ WitchAdult (f)5,7141,37122
lqFLZZelda's 5E Hufflepuff QQ BadgerAdult (f)5,6391,20920
pdqG1Zelda's 5E Thuwed Ember SurpriseAdult (f)6,1821,28015
aImhnZelda's 5E Vulcanic EmberAdult (f)3,7481,0048
VPd2Zelda's Elemental Electric KingAdult (m)2,99687614
hMZ0Zelda's 3 Sparkling ElementsAdult (m)2,1006347
ULdQZelda's Lightning Metal ElementAdult (m)2,6421,12318
HBFrZelda's High Voltage ElementAdult (m)2,40490319
ffNoZelda's Elemental Electric DukeAdult (m)3,2141,26512
1YSqZelda's own Elemental SneezerAdult (m)1,83751012
AvQD9Zelda's Elemental Spark KingAdult (m)4,03196518
meE6ZZelda's pure Electric ElementAdult (m)2,2337141
19RbdZelda's Elemental Spark LordAdult (m)7,0311,22911
R9ULYZelda's Elemental Spark DukeAdult (m)4,8101,0047
WsIk1Zelda's Elemental Spark KnightAdult (m)4,2141,0489
239h2Zelda's Elemental Spark EarlAdult (m)5,0031,2576
dnUdmZelda's Elemental Spark CountAdult (m)5,1609659
p8LJvZelda's Vonk Koning ElementAdult (m)3,6251,0537
Rs3OfZelda's 5E Full Circle ElectricAdult (m)4,1427531
L8qMKZelda's Elemental Vonken HertogAdult (m)6,1968618
6naaJZelda's 5E Vonken KoningAdult (m)5,9301,11119
BXeoQZelda's 5E Dr Who TeamAdult (m)5,5991,19018
IRvjZelda's Elemental ThunderboltAdult (f)2,54874213
UYBmZelda's Elemental Electric QueenAdult (f)2,94595916
0sdoZelda's many ElementsAdult (f)2,2601,09114
BfmkZelda's Long Sparkling ElementAdult (f)2,37592812
VD6gZelda's Elemental SparkAdult (f)1,6566609
7U38Zelda's Long Volta ElementAdult (f)4,5121,55224
YrTTZelda's Eternal Sneezing ElementAdult (f)2,9501,16011
d0VCZelda's 5E Fast Electric QueenAdult (f)2,3634579
BIHLkZelda's Elemental Spark DuchessAdult (f)4,1298916
O4jd6Zelda's 5E Electric ThunderAdult (f)4,2399735
gLWgSZelda's Elemental Spark QueenAdult (f)3,4068074
53OXlZelda's Elemental LektrikAdult (f)4,2549683
MFMEqZelda's Elemental Spark LadyAdult (f)5,2351,1099
2bfa0Zelda's 5E Electric QueenAdult (f)6,3881,1178
Rk2kkZelda's Elemental Spark CountessAdult (f)4,7328444
EIgFNZelda's Vonk Koningin ElementAdult (f)3,9829236
WKTVfZelda's Elemental Spark BaronessAdult (f)6,4431,2229
vPmheZelda's 5E Electric LadyAdult (f)4,1048478
Z52qGargoyle Thrice ElementzelAdult (m)2,92597913
LumKZelda's Elemental Gargoyle KingAdult (m)3,29163315
27cBZelda's 5E Full Circle CatchAdult (m)5,96488712
JM0dVZelda's Elemental Gargoyle DukeAdult (m)4,4871,04010
8d7VUZelda's 5E Gargoyle DukeAdult (m)3,7778715
Hu8GfZelda's 5E Gargoyle LordAdult (m)3,8429539
vBfsuZelda's Fast Elemental GargoyleAdult (m)2,5766535
4mhkQZelda's 5E Gargoyle KnightAdult (m)3,8671,00812
iINJ9Zelda's 5E Gargoyle KingAdult (m)4,7278946
gXL76Zelda's Common Elemental KingAdult (m)5,4951,20711
QtSKOZelda's Common Elemental DukeAdult (m)3,2901,08811
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