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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Halloween Event
  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
  • 2014 Holiday Event
  • 2014 Halloween Event
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zeldarax,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
qGOpa(qGOpa)Adult (f)4,6179954
ji2gm(ji2gm)Adult (m)6,1886512
ybGfM(ybGfM)Adult (m)5,6456492
6EW9e(6EW9e)Adult (m)5,6468995
AGp9DZelda's Pure Black HopeAdult (m)15,2221,51610
TglK2(TglK2)Adult (f)4,9647982
Bd1O0(Bd1O0)Adult (m)5,2871,0543
Sr4m5(Sr4m5)Adult (m)4,7018962
IYxgd(IYxgd)Adult (f)4,4899751
UZCTLZelda's 5E Healing BlackAdult (m)5,0859092
GAK7X(GAK7X)Adult (m)4,8151,4741
gaUZ5Zelda's Silver GuardianAdult (f)5,7951,1344
fRu5lZelda's Orange WaterAdult (f)6,4991,1732
oQTFbZelda's Phoenix GuardianAdult (f)6,2911,2363
G7gCS(G7gCS)Adult (f)4,9191,2811
MtNYsZelda's Pure OliveAdult (m)5,7811,0091
YLEpR(YLEpR)Adult (f)5,0551,1111
sfHRk(sfHRk)Adult (m)2,7534733
UBgT5Zelda's Pink HealerAdult (f)5,1391,0053
c47nXZelda's Golden CassareAdult (f)5,2441,1081
PYROw(PYROw)Adult (m)6,7201,1321
5fGU3Zelda's Orange HarvestAdult (f)6,6861,4731
GGb1TZelda's Ridge BruteAdult (f)6,5741,1141
qjbW1Zelda's Pure Lilieth CassareAdult (m)5,8029993
OWGvlZelda's Fast SunstoneAdult (m)6,4529353
RNgTC(RNgTC)Adult (f)4,7261,4871
ocqT7(ocqT7)Adult (f)7,0961,4613
43DgS(43DgS)Adult (m)7,1171,4264
mBmh4(mBmh4)Adult (f)6,5351,2843
WybLG(WybLG)Adult (m)3,7444831
tGsHM(tGsHM)Adult (m)2,9374991
1RQb2(1RQb2)Adult (f)6,4459712
NHKZlZelda's Cassare Quasar CatchAdult (m)7,2231,0222
PVSgZZelda's Cassare QuasarAdult (m)7,5351,0081
AHpN6(AHpN6)Adult (f)6,9151,0061
oRBDaZelda's Magic FrillAdult (m)4,9241,55012
rbr4ZZelda's Striped BrimstoneAdult (m)3,6357567
Q6W3T(Q6W3T)Adult (f)4,0978234
YffU5(YffU5)Adult (f)4,2118215
NhBRL(NhBRL)Adult (m)4,1608361
U8p7U(U8p7U)Adult (m)4,0208295
YZigxZelda's Golden Blue-BandedAdult (f)5,9471,2543
qGjpv(qGjpv)Adult (m)5,7411,1423
gF7l2(gF7l2)Adult (f)5,4101,1516
OUk5M(OUk5M)Adult (m)5,6681,1512
XBCds(XBCds)Adult (f)5,8131,0851
6jhwcZelda's Silver BlackAdult (m)5,2711,1132
ljpsi(ljpsi)Adult (f)6,8301,14212
syXfW(syXfW)Adult (f)5,31398013
YRRya(YRRya)Adult (f)4,7671,15318
5ToBwZelda's Brute GoldAdult (m)6,9661,22921
E5qHJ(E5qHJ)Adult (m)6,6361,21928
WC3NU(WC3NU)Adult (m)7,3161,52727
HfxVRZelda's Royal GuardianAdult (f)7,0461,29314
LNPnOZelda's Silver Guardian CharmerAdult (f)8,1771,35714
psAU4Zelda's Howler of the NightAdult (f)7,2691,28518
iQ2hOZelda's BlacksilverAdult (f)5,9421,41811
mfnVl(mfnVl)Adult (m)6,0541,40324
5twaPZelda's Despises GarnetAdult (f)6,2141,2725
KufGb(KufGb)Adult (f)6,0161,26515
uae5LZelda's GoudverfAdult (m)8,0371,47828
EnYUz(EnYUz)Adult (m)3,6721,03911
EuLF9(EuLF9)Adult (f)4,8051,24918
8RZpN(8RZpN)Adult (f)5,3041,14210
X2RQY(X2RQY)Adult (m)6,8629946
R9y7a(R9y7a)Adult (m)6,2741,1174
F2LwO(F2LwO)Adult (m)7,3391,1954
rOPvs(rOPvs)Adult (m)3,9189362
NOso5Zelda's Pure WasioaAdult (f)4,2071,0434
bSvRg(bSvRg)Adult (m)4,5991,0842
m1Bwp(m1Bwp)Adult (f)3,3856882
wI4fFZelda's Pure ReneeAdult (f)3,7287162
dkrKkZelda's Bright AnagallisAdult (m)5,0429215
dhUkB(dhUkB)Adult (m)5,4261,0082
ym8nx(ym8nx)Adult (m)5,9227692
AVvBT(AVvBT)Adult (m)3,5587421
C30TXZelda's Black CavernAdult (f)4,1036692
q8Pek(q8Pek)Adult (f)6,2241,2731
ffym4(ffym4)Adult (f)5,4028171
hIdzN(hIdzN)Adult (f)3,3676281
IHsvvZelda's Cavern WaterhorseAdult (m)3,2248503
c1M1F(c1M1F)Adult (f)2,9005892
qj1q0Zelda's LiefdesquasarAdult (m)2,9167113
ED8fH(ED8fH)Adult (f)3,38869211
IpTQa(IpTQa)Adult (m)3,4387551
JBIzC(JBIzC)Adult (m)3,8847642
q9kCY(q9kCY)Adult (m)3,4008951
Qd96Y(Qd96Y)Adult (f)5,1979286
hwjB1(hwjB1)Adult (f)6,8501,0863
U785r(U785r)Adult (f)6,0191,0403
BgpLO(BgpLO)Adult (f)6,2921,0531
gsP5X(gsP5X)Adult (m)3,0015313
tkjq9(tkjq9)Adult (m)4,0237652
9dvb(9dvb)Adult (m)5,6341,16831
2Xh3(2Xh3)Adult (m)7,0151,1776
SDInf(SDInf)Adult (m)7,6681,4603
RGZ02(RGZ02)Adult (m)6,4471,2149
0Cse4(0Cse4)Adult (f)7,3011,15318
ZKJhZZelda's Four Breeded SweetlingAdult (f)3,1918223
am9cB(am9cB)Adult (m)3,8221,1609
KsshXZelda's Frilled Black TeamAdult (m)3,8301,20413
hgsTX(hgsTX)Adult (f)3,4559552
Cj61s(Cj61s)Adult (m)5,69996716
LlT20Zelda's Short Story GrandparentsAdult (f)4,1078387
g33VUZelda's Celestial Stripe TeamAdult (m)5,4921,03412
lZutIZelda's Tri Coloured TeamAdult (f)5,4411,16417
6suHKZelda's Halloween Healing TeamAdult (m)5,1881,21121
C6qcoZelda's Flamingo Team met VinnenAdult (f)6,0761,1239
MVdGiZelda's Black Whiptail TeamAdult (f)6,4429433
CookDZelda's nice Liang Roz TeamAdult (f)5,5371,2185
7JSo2Zelda's Fast Halloween TeamAdult (f)4,4506366
Wk0QdZelda's Zwart Zwiepstaarten TeamAdult (f)4,6981,10413
ddVCgZelda's Pure Blusang TeamAdult (f)5,0171,28417
23M0uZelda's Striped Horse TeamAdult (f)6,9191,15017
R7XJkZelda's Pure Maiblum TeamAdult (f)4,6199206
V1d2MZelda's Wild Hellhorse TeamAdult (f)5,8477963
1eiFAZelda's Silver Striped TeamAdult (f)6,1459166
pMbJVZelda's Azhrei Silver TeamAdult (m)4,8331,1679
dOJlh(dOJlh)Adult (f)3,9581,00013
nd6pfZelda's X-mas Chocolate TeamAdult (f)4,8161,31212
XuDNQZelda's Double 5E Ruan TeamAdult (f)3,9769636
mIXATZelda's Black Cupid Saint TeamAdult (f)3,8991,0889
pD6Hh(pD6Hh)Adult (f)3,9661,2399
PNoI5(PNoI5)Adult (f)4,3931,23013
ZkTspZelda's Santa Raimblior TeamAdult (f)4,0091,11815
56CofZelda's Healing Yulebuck TeamAdult (m)6,1981,2959
yrGRLZelda's Purple Thuwed Ridge TeamAdult (f)5,1971,48215
T4dRNZelda's Zilver Roodborst TeamAdult (m)6,6541,14210
uctBD(uctBD)Adult (f)5,6861,15511
q1bDyZelda's Fast Harvest TeamAdult (m)4,3649903
dTXQ3(dTXQ3)Adult (m)3,3638521
hcGv7(hcGv7)Adult (m)3,1155832
Y98aq(Y98aq)Adult (m)6,1619011
FOzcOZelda's Golden Whiptail TeamAdult (f)5,9721,0211
mFp1N(mFp1N)Adult (f)4,0801,0383
Pj5hl(Pj5hl)Adult (m)5,9471,0705
M2QP5(M2QP5)Adult (f)4,6971,1392
Wk75PZelda's Pure Turpentine TeamAdult (m)4,5649872
dUUcgZelda's Red Marrow TeamAdult (f)5,7381,1941
YYGY8Zelda's Heftige Halloween TeamAdult (m)5,9741,3031
ukPQxZelda's Copper Fever TeamAdult (f)6,7799882
LJ9xyZelda's Striped Moon TeamAdult (m)4,8817101
HpL1B(HpL1B)Adult (m)6,5401,3183
cISRyZelda's Pure Brute TeamAdult (m)5,1028282
xwVbU(xwVbU)Adult (m)5,7011,0644
CN9EK(CN9EK)Adult (f)5,4821,1588
5qavO(5qavO)Adult (f)6,7211,14710
L7gKJZelda's Crimson Yule TeamAdult (f)5,77999013
3ShZfZelda's Crimson Rose TeamAdult (m)5,71697314
Q1ih7(Q1ih7)Adult (f)5,0328921
VEcZEZelda's Spotted Pyralspite TeamAdult (f)6,1221,56918
32XuyZelda's Black Valentine TeamAdult (m)6,8341,35716
YpuVh(YpuVh)Adult (m)3,2995983
IfRcbZelda's Radiant Angel TeamAdult (f)7,1811,43023
uGVYOZelda's Golden Olive TeamAdult (f)6,8421,0031
oNpgP(oNpgP)Adult (f)4,7926352
xJ44e(xJ44e)Adult (m)6,4381,0481
FIPyfZelda's Rosewalker TeamAdult (m)3,0455645
VXb3S(VXb3S)Adult (m)4,9447952
DIqvJ(DIqvJ)Adult (m)5,0018713
OkaH9Zelda's Silver Stripe TeamAdult (f)3,1847383
PkGb1(PkGb1)Adult (m)3,4617403
ZW1EEZelda's Cavern Waterhorse TeamAdult (m)3,1528332
buT8V(buT8V)Adult (m)2,4836522
W5Dds(W5Dds)Adult (m)3,3487123
XpZXGZelda's Kerst Teimarr TeamAdult (m)5,5941,0052
NIUBNZelda's Brine Tsunami TeamAdult (f)5,4048985
5641Zelda's Black and White GoldAdult (m)5,3477064
FPSUZelda's Lakedaimon PebbleAdult (f)3,3256337
pFYIOZelda's Red Corvus VillageAdult (m)5,5901,00712
bAsqoZelda's Thuwed Vroeg Kerst DorpAdult (f)5,4021,22614
CDgc7Zelda's Pure Black VillageAdult (f)4,4296156
Tkp5nZelda's Zwart Zilver Botten DorpAdult (f)4,3551,1445
Qi41PZelda's Holiday VillageAdult (f)5,1941,0009
y56OvZelda's Silver Shadow Stripe VilAdult (m)6,2859755
hLmY3Zelda's Nice VillageAdult (f)4,0348223
D3GILZelda's Frilled Schilder DorpAdult (f)4,3711,0947
2YrUfZelda's Gestreepte Oogst DorpAdult (f)4,1401,80911
q1LMO(q1LMO)Adult (f)4,6761,2467
e0Jl1Zelda's Holly Santa VillageAdult (f)3,2641,11011
TtcTdZelda's Guarded Echoes DorpAdult (f)6,5801,2883
LVN7GZelda's Thuwed VillageAdult (m)4,5551,31116
HHV3HZelda's Silver Striped VillageAdult (m)2,7255811
0WcZAZelda's Doctor Blusang VillageAdult (m)4,3611,1824
NTZXeZelda's Teimarr PinkGold VillageAdult (f)5,9839761
4NDLrZelda's Mixed VillageAdult (m)5,3201,1572
iyjqN(iyjqN)Adult (f)5,8619754
oQg8PZelda's Witte Kerst DorpAdult (m)6,2929361
tU56w(tU56w)Adult (m)5,9288093
87yuN(87yuN)Adult (m)5,9047932
2YIPY(2YIPY)Adult (f)5,9471,1674
yYNYk(yYNYk)Adult (m)6,6891,26419
836U5(836U5)Adult (f)7,4501,28211
8PXLcZelda's Helend Yulebuck DorpAdult (f)6,2761,2729
cuDGX(cuDGX)Adult (m)5,0601,14014
bsL1s(bsL1s)Adult (f)2,9657164
23eCW(23eCW)Adult (f)2,0785792
ayRIa(ayRIa)Adult (m)3,5388073
jWnCUZelda's Silver Stripe VillageAdult (m)6,6881,0742
I2eRbZelda's Cavern Tea VillageAdult (f)4,2406602
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