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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zeldarax,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
aPZo4Zelda's 5E Moonstone Song DorpAdult (f)5,43782313
uFmcvZelda's 5E Full Circle LiedjesAdult (f)4,58297011
oDOr6Zelda's 5E Gryffindor GoldTeamAdult (f)4,3425966
sZkeOZelda's 5E Gryffindor Zoek HeksAdult (f)7,5331,1966
ZkvM4Zelda's 5E Gryffindor Goud TeamAdult (f)6,9051,6015
1nhq7Zelda's 5E Gryffindor GoudenLiedAdult (f)5,6491,4033
vo2FNZelda's 5E Gouden Lied TeamAdult (f)5,5831,6654
L5q8Zelda's Elemental Desert QueenAdult (f)5,6331,29022
gN9LZelda's Elemental Desert DuchessAdult (f)1,9254699
bgpBZelda's Elemental Desert LadyAdult (f)3,6238449
rOn8Zelda's Elemental Desert-kingAdult (m)3,10451110
OV2fZelda's Elemental OasisAdult (m)1,7087136
LY6HZelda's Elemental Desert-dukeAdult (m)4,0215992
JhtXZelda's Elemental Desert-lordAdult (m)4,3468716
s92rZelda's Elemental SpitfirequeenAdult (f)3,02060414
mFkNZelda's 5E Ravenclaw FireAdult (f)2,94175214
QDoUZelda's 5E Ravenclaw BeaterAdult (m)4,5799526
trDrZelda's 5E Ravenclaw DesertwizAdult (m)4,8751,08517
hE8aZelda's 5E Ravenclaw TeamAdult (m)1,9426168
rSOlZelda's Elemental Pure DesertAdult (m)3,9849816
Ai4YZelda's 20 Hard Desertmiles 5EAdult (f)6,5681,3989
BNS8Zelda's 5E Ravenclaw AtacamaAdult (m)3,7799457
lINAZelda's 5E Ravenclaw QuartetAdult (f)6,9321,19711
XbqcZelda's 5E Ravenclaw SaharaAdult (m)3,64788110
9DFDZelda's 5E Full Circle RavenclawAdult (m)4,7031,03515
CvltZelda's 5E Ravenclaw DesertwaveAdult (f)4,4721,0539
HqbbZelda's 5E Ravenclaw DesertbeachAdult (f)4,7841,11911
80YAhZelda's 5E Ravenclaw SandwizardAdult (m)3,8295353
V2Bd5Zelda's Elemental Spitfire QueenAdult (f)5,55276313
AKeHWZelda's 5E Early Ravenclaw WizAdult (m)6,0921,1246
raLAgZelda's 5E Early Ravenclaw WitchAdult (f)5,2011,32817
HdWRWZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Welsh WizAdult (m)5,5781,15612
jEh3KZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Sept-wizAdult (m)2,57985113
9XWq0Zelda's 5E Ravenclaw Glass WitchAdult (f)1,8297028
eVlhaZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Val WizardAdult (m)3,0398965
g3dZ1Zelda's 5E Ravenclaw GlassWizardAdult (m)3,0957023
ehC0OZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Echo-WitchAdult (f)3,8216592
LnLlWZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Lin WitchAdult (f)2,3698369
MOQCXZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Com WizardAdult (m)4,2761,1108
VX0oGZelda's 5E Slytherin Oog HeksAdult (f)4,9251,1198
TdasVZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Das WizardAdult (m)3,9151,0155
JpeIkZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Pek WitchAdult (f)4,9091,11412
ZYHM9Zelda's 5E Ravenclaw Hym WizardAdult (m)3,77366212
hW823Zelda's Old 5E Slytherin WizardAdult (m)2,0758051
GFBgiZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Big WitchAdult (f)3,1185952
jNiN2Zelda's 5E Ravenclaw Nijn WitchAdult (f)3,5256384
WTQcGZelda's 5E Slytherin WelshWizardAdult (m)2,5977636
hnAG0Zelda's 5E Ravenclaw Oct-witchAdult (f)6,9631,0924
K8B80Zelda's 5E Ravenclaw Bok WitchAdult (f)3,8997273
uqCjpZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Cup WitchAdult (f)5,4151,0344
dqRcjZelda's Slow 5E Slytherin WizardAdult (m)5,1168798
SU0pEZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Soupe WitchAdult (f)8,8611,2116
Xg6S2Zelda's Slow 5E Ravenclaw WitchAdult (f)6,2629306
vnMNEZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Ven WitchAdult (f)6,3421,1333
aGlOfZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Gif WitchAdult (f)8,3221,3374
JsEMjZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Mes WitchAdult (f)5,4268432
QuWlSZelda's Pure Elemental SpitfiresAdult (m)6,0691,0969
RI6t6Zelda's 5E Ravenclaw DesertQueenAdult (f)6,2291,3957
bUmESZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Desert-EchoAdult (f)5,4511,1339
JT9hYZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Desert KingAdult (m)5,8111,1776
WvE3aZelda's 5E Slytherin Wave WizardAdult (m)7,5741,44612
Z7uPaZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Pauz WitchAdult (f)5,9339084
dJUPtZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Put WizardAdult (m)8,1701,2265
vNjrIZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Jaar HeksAdult (f)4,0221,00012
XtZNlZelda's 5E Slytherin Zink WizardAdult (m)3,5511,0246
UKPRgZelda's 5E Moon in the DesertAdult (m)4,8558476
cmnIGZelda's 5E Full Circle DesertAdult (f)3,5998443
RHB8bZelda's 5E Slytherin DesertWitchAdult (f)4,04584412
f95uZelda's Crimson Elemental KingAdult (m)2,87171813
sBQsZelda's Crimson Elemental QueenAdult (f)2,65981613
s0hR6Zelda's Crimson Elemental LadyAdult (f)3,4889079
JPPaFZelda's 5E Crimson DuchessAdult (f)3,7575203
elql6Zelda's 5E Crimson PumpkinAdult (m)3,9769068
oILgjZelda's Crimson Elemental DukeAdult (m)3,3971,00213
bKXBHZelda's 5E Crimson LadyAdult (f)3,6671,0888
6GVmuZelda's 5E Crimson KnightAdult (m)4,7019587
MmUprZelda's Elemental Crimson QueenAdult (f)6,9401,0567
qkk8SZelda's 5E Thuwed Pumpkin PictAdult (m)4,3839857
bPXWLZelda's Pure Crimson ElementAdult (m)6,5169077
C7YNGZelda's 5E Crimson Pygmy QueenAdult (f)3,7009287
UYoTcZelda's 5E Crimson Pygmy DuchessAdult (f)5,3071,0154
gmfVNZelda's Elemental Flare QueenAdult (f)5,0171,14018
ZPebdZelda's Elemental Flare KingAdult (m)3,8549045
OWmLbZelda's Elemental Flare DuchessAdult (f)5,6919585
jf2kWZelda's Elemental Crimson LordAdult (m)3,8208829
XDcekZelda's Elemental Flare LadyAdult (f)5,71788111
jv6qkZelda's Elemental Pygmy ComboAdult (f)4,5991,05122
BSOkMZelda's Elemental Flare BaronessAdult (f)5,7461,13114
gKC04Zelda's 5E Crimson Mist TeamAdult (f)5,9391,08212
aP1VtZelda's 5E Crimson Ashera TeamAdult (f)5,7441,19815
o97WMZelda's Pumpkin Loving TeamAdult (m)6,0931,1776
MtfWIZelda's Elemental Flare GravinAdult (f)4,39498415
HzotMZelda's 5E TsukarineAdult (m)4,4661,00110
HiteKZelda's 5E Crimson Flare CountAdult (m)3,4071,0256
NKnksZelda's Elemental Flare LordAdult (m)4,8551,07715
bIGWoZelda's Elemental Flare KoningAdult (m)6,0981,05811
229t2Zelda's 5E Flare DuchessAdult (f)4,8981,03011
RYvKPZelda's Elemental Flare GraafAdult (m)5,4401,01618
Sju2UZelda's 5E Flare QueenAdult (f)5,0001,0085
mEr5UZelda's 5E Crimson Flare GravinAdult (f)4,4101,1478
bDJn6Zelda's Elemental Flare BaronAdult (m)5,1979527
687FsZelda's 5E Flare KingAdult (m)4,1018091
L8y28Zelda's 5E Crimson Flare GraafAdult (m)5,7261,25010
XyHqvZelda's 5E Queen with no TimeAdult (f)5,1271,01711
sviFYZelda's 5E King with no TimeAdult (m)4,0091,2967
UqNMAZelda's 5E Flare Pict KingAdult (m)6,4269156
HCSSrZelda's 5E Flare Pict DukeAdult (m)6,8359114
RaY9TZelda's 5E Thuwed Pumpkin TeamAdult (m)5,5451,2008
lEF5cZelda's Small 5E Fire QueenAdult (f)5,6891,1369
sMnObZelda's 5E Red Pygmy KingAdult (m)4,3471,17210
rWxU8Zelda's 5E Flare Pict DuchessAdult (f)4,6001,19313
cQY74Zelda's 5E Flare Pict QueenAdult (f)4,8071,07119
JA516Zelda's 5E Red Pygmy QueenAdult (f)4,9251,02416
oLIFJZelda's 5E Rode KasteelheerAdult (m)5,1991,1697
eGVRkZelda's 5E Rode KasteelvrouweAdult (f)3,7258517
AsyPmZelda's 5E Volcanic QueenAdult (f)3,5491,16119
ffZk4Zelda's Elemental Crimson PearlAdult (m)2,20878011
RI9bnZelda's 5E Thuwed Halloween TeamAdult (f)4,3981,1597
3pR7uZelda's 5E Thuwed TeamAdult (m)3,9921,3956
F90tmZelda's 5E Flare Pict CountessAdult (f)5,5731,26421
z2Qo4Zelda's 5E Flare Pict CountAdult (m)4,7081,2623
HDrwSZelda's 5E Thuwed Halloween DorpAdult (f)2,8641,0291
MW3IHZela's 5E Blue Flare from SelAdult (m)2,4555511
l4lULZela's 5E Flare Stair from SelAdult (f)2,5455391
1KTrCZelda's 5E Crimson Pygmy KingAdult (m)2,6455312
FTKNpZelda's Blue Elemental CrimsonAdult (f)5,3501,2231
OaysNZelda's 5E Blue Flare PygmyAdult (m)6,1038114
MQT7Zelda's Elemental WyverndukeAdult (m)2,11272513
mCDTZelda's Elemental WyvernkingAdult (m)2,7611,09837
FZtGZelda's 5E Bronze RavenclawAdult (m)4,9861,1096
Agm3Zelda's 5E Ravenclaw Hell-teamAdult (m)5,1501,01725
eJMhZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Hell-HamletAdult (m)1,7895916
mTu6HZelda's 5E Ravenclaw HellwizardAdult (m)4,9901,0659
3tZGuZelda's 5E Ravenclaw DevilsAdult (m)5,6251,0638
6YZaMZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Devil-teamAdult (m)2,3017489
uTo2MZelda's 5E Prize ArmyAdult (m)4,9311,03914
qCmfVZelda's 5E Volcanic DevilAdult (m)4,0311,0697
YZWm7Zelda's 5E Ravenclaw SparkbreathAdult (m)4,4679878
UfBsJZelda's 5E VesuviusAdult (m)5,3161,24413
OFV4YZelda's Red 5E San VictorusAdult (m)6,1821,1262
SgStCZelda's Red 5E Galletian VictoryAdult (m)5,32193711
CKPrEZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Borno PrilAdult (m)5,0477025
Le5r6Zelda's Elemental Vesuvius-PortAdult (m)3,9959181
t7brTZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Oct-WizardAdult (m)5,9818098
cYaOXZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Borno TownAdult (m)6,4599874
Hv03MZelda's 5E Ravenclaw NantoAdult (m)7,7261,1447
T00d6Zelda's 5E Ravenclaw Nanto-TeamAdult (m)5,4011,0316
eWZtZZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Santa GiftAdult (m)5,6721,1887
vqaJiZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Santa TeamAdult (m)4,6681,1708
gZFZiZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Zig WizardAdult (m)3,9049718
NRcbSZelda's Elemental SuaFlameAdult (m)4,7051,41711
JX00OZelda's 5E Silvery DesertAdult (m)3,1921,0498
e8hFqZelda's 5E Dangerous TownAdult (m)4,0241,01612
XWjsrZelda's 5E Ravenclaw CatchAdult (m)5,4679389
aMsQlZelda's 5E Ravenclaw HellsingAdult (m)2,4026583
NY0W9Zelda's 5E Ravenclaw MopperaarAdult (m)3,8608871
pAj1WZelda's 5E Ravenclaw KievitAdult (m)3,7558662
tklHvZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Nanto DorpAdult (m)6,3631,25211
cT5baZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Bact WizardAdult (m)7,22395417
QtNggZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Kievit TeamAdult (m)3,0097195
VcXfRZelda's New 5E Ravenclaw WizardAdult (m)6,0211,0589
Z4ODMZelda's 5E Metallic Devil TownAdult (m)4,98487211
RJoTcZelda's New 5E RavenclawAdult (m)5,6841,2279
l2ilNZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Lin WizardAdult (m)5,8841,15528
N150RZelda's 5E Ravenclaw GiftAdult (m)4,6251,27612
AKH9vZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Old GiftAdult (m)4,0611,1459
EesGtZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Gifted TeamAdult (m)5,3691,22516
CZWuaZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Lin KerstAdult (m)5,1971,10410
58KsIZelda's 5E Raven Cramdnia TeamAdult (m)5,2711,09611
UGTPsZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Arenee DorpAdult (m)5,6651,16311
L7wcIZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Hell WizardAdult (m)3,9441,0347
rd8GGZelda's 5E Bellatrix TeamAdult (m)2,9798775
fC7dYZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Ormr NadrAdult (m)5,6451,14014
MvbMaZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Vam WizardAdult (m)5,0099777
di2PHZelda's 5E ArtemisAdult (m)5,0251,0512
Lq8ZZelda's Elemental WyvernAdult (f)4,1959633
dlLMZelda's 5E Dark RavenclawAdult (f)5,5778857
T4jPZelda's 5E Full Circle HellRavenAdult (f)3,8601,02618
sJgBoZelda's 5E Ravenclaw War-witchAdult (f)4,1259199
BNoe3Zelda's 5E Ravenclaw Lucky CatchAdult (f)3,9881,1079
1HPhrZelda's 5E Fiery LuvionAdult (f)2,1076403
YEs9tZelda's Japanese Fire ElementAdult (f)4,9178759
TK2CpZelda's 5E San Victorus HellfireAdult (f)3,9421,05411
sVOlAZelda's Strange Elemental TinselAdult (f)6,7131,31618
UaEjVZelda's Short 5E San VictorusAdult (f)4,24998110
Q4IGPZelda's New Short 5E VictorusAdult (f)5,8551,08416
VT6jNZelda's 5E Short Melia's VictoryAdult (f)5,4791,09816
k8VItZelda's 5E Ravenclaw KievitWitchAdult (f)5,1081,10211
fkFICZelda's 5E Ravenclaw EmbrozAdult (f)5,2169826
VtZsbZelda's 5E Cia's VictorusAdult (f)4,61198810
s2HshZelda's 5E Thundering EverettAdult (f)4,8751,1329
FlCe5Zelda's Elemental Penk-FireAdult (f)2,9439336
Kau1GZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Borno TeamAdult (f)4,9896331
9bHmMZelda's Elemental PompejiAdult (f)6,9181,0468
EVGbMZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Borno DorpAdult (f)3,6498207
71Jr4Zelda's 5E Fiery CauldronAdult (f)4,2827783
Sn75QZelda's Elemental Lonet DanAdult (f)6,0191,20318
rv2s3Zelda's Japanese 5E RavenclawAdult (f)4,4251,00918
oEGo4Zelda's 5E Ravenclaw CramdniaAdult (f)5,9561,0703
9MXXjZelda's Short 5E HypnotizingAdult (f)7,3981,0783
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