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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zeldarax,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
QAxhDZelda's 5E Grave Avatar StairAdult (f)6,0561,48529
WI4fuZelda's 5E Magma Gold Trade TeamAdult (m)5,2099416
h1o8DZelda's 5E Golden Tan TeamAdult (m)6,9561,07622
XZRoM(XZRoM)Adult (f)6,5751,38211
0bfLMZelda's Shortest 5E PrizeAdult (f)6,8001,4916
XqDXR(XqDXR)Adult (f)6,2011,37115
4ylfW(4ylfW)Adult (f)7,0561,6058
LPQc7(LPQc7)Adult (m)7,9711,5539
CGlgO(CGlgO)Adult (m)6,1261,46113
ndQwzZelda's Pure 5E Arabesque TeamAdult (m)5,1381,08114
7Kg53Zelda's New 5E Chill ZalvarisAdult (m)6,2701,49115
TMm8F(TMm8F)Adult (f)3,97481510
KrJR3(KrJR3)Adult (m)6,75597410
jvvom(jvvom)Adult (f)6,5201,2185
XilmMZelda's 5E IJzig LichtAdult (m)7,4351,50212
lPbEzZelda's 5E Pure Cute TeamAdult (f)3,1835512
5VFHDZelda's Elemental Gouden LichtAdult (m)5,1031,3199
P4sPH(P4sPH)Adult (m)3,9911,0115
5pRZH(5pRZH)Adult (m)4,6261,1197
CMcXEZelda's 5E Sidonia QuasarAdult (m)4,7271,21823
iTwI0Zelda's Pure 5E ShinyAdult (f)4,8201,29713
MGfoHZelda's 5E Rainbow LenaAdult (f)4,8921,31716
4Jgei(4Jgei)Adult (m)4,2151,22017
R4AJI(R4AJI)Adult (f)4,89088210
rYeLKZelda's Own 5E Pure SilverAdult (m)3,43995217
HMOkS(HMOkS)Adult (m)6,7831,48523
GJ8A6(GJ8A6)Adult (m)7,1331,44916
eYwwKZelda's 5E Golden Autumn VillageAdult (f)6,6441,34112
OUX03(OUX03)Adult (m)6,1249784
r0ivN(r0ivN)Adult (f)6,2789776
qjzmtZelda's Famous Pure 5E TeamAdult (m)5,9589216
tE1PT(tE1PT)Adult (m)5,4119333
cKJm4Zelda's New 5E Icy LichtAdult (m)7,19571912
cOz32(cOz32)Adult (f)5,8637223
Wjqtv(Wjqtv)Adult (f)6,1906983
4260I(4260I)Adult (f)6,2026992
g6v8E(g6v8E)Adult (f)5,8707252
L5q0q(L5q0q)Adult (m)6,0967172
9Iepz(9Iepz)Adult (m)7,3701,2063
NzSpx(NzSpx)Adult (m)7,5701,2128
coJqw(coJqw)Adult (m)8,8221,18812
chjZkZelda's Famous 5E MintAdult (m)8,5421,2167
DvGrcZelda's 5E Balloon Aurora GlitzAdult (f)6,2491,3128
6HGB8(6HGB8)Adult (m)7,7031,0544
2CD83(2CD83)Adult (m)6,7251,00210
SiPy0Zelda's New 5E Sidonia QuasarAdult (m)4,4729506
N26h8(N26h8)Adult (f)5,0931,1462
ISCMU(ISCMU)Adult (m)3,3996784
r6IMU(r6IMU)Adult (f)3,8987055
vMP9R(vMP9R)Adult (f)4,3547912
jXLGt(jXLGt)Adult (m)4,3337843
Gbupf(Gbupf)Adult (f)4,4287852
onGux(onGux)Adult (m)4,4707774
ErNUl(ErNUl)Adult (f)3,2427024
rHP3u(rHP3u)Adult (m)3,0586892
sIsZ7(sIsZ7)Adult (f)3,0777022
q793R(q793R)Adult (f)4,4398182
iUF19(iUF19)Adult (f)4,7778252
R1IqO(R1IqO)Adult (f)2,6086521
2w9F2(2w9F2)Adult (f)2,8266811
2Gg5v(2Gg5v)Adult (m)2,8006621
kFIJI(kFIJI)Adult (f)2,9336852
xT60p(xT60p)Adult (m)2,7607201
P1gRH(P1gRH)Adult (f)2,9777211
xoQXT(xoQXT)Adult (m)3,1305003
5X7Xe(5X7Xe)Adult (f)3,4065990
TcvOp(TcvOp)Adult (m)3,2466090
bohUm(bohUm)Adult (f)3,2766330
xlfFW(xlfFW)Adult (m)2,4215500
iuwHa(iuwHa)Adult (f)2,7045571
w1Wcc(w1Wcc)Adult (m)2,9315571
rzvcZ(rzvcZ)Adult (m)2,4735680
u63uR(u63uR)Adult (f)3,1157320
GkYkW(GkYkW)Adult (m)3,2257320
Xioyj(Xioyj)Adult (m)5,5958861
S0mp8(S0mp8)Adult (f)5,9218851
QTDAO(QTDAO)Adult (f)6,0638772
oIYWy(oIYWy)Adult (m)5,7738302
mXAvb(mXAvb)Adult (f)5,9111,0035
sJfFU(sJfFU)Adult (m)3,9927431
vdmzL(vdmzL)Adult (f)4,0087402
IEeNb(IEeNb)Adult (m)4,1716951
ZEx0I(ZEx0I)Adult (f)5,3496983
H91wW(H91wW)Adult (f)3,8196342
C0Mhm(C0Mhm)Adult (m)3,4796052
LOyVv(LOyVv)Adult (f)3,4546000
HmXIH(HmXIH)Adult (f)3,4935921
Z2voE(Z2voE)Adult (m)3,3885952
A2sAf(A2sAf)Adult (m)2,7807570
UNGPgZelda's 5E GoudHerfst HandeldorpAdult (f)4,0978321
gF8Ni(gF8Ni)Adult (f)4,4219842
hlAva(hlAva)Adult (f)3,9211,0551
LiUkD(LiUkD)Adult (f)3,9661,0331
vlpSk(vlpSk)Adult (f)4,0778633
PCVV6(PCVV6)Adult (f)4,3498915
OWijIZelda's Pure 5E Fog TeamAdult (f)3,8879121
vZ6exZelda's Pure 5E Fog VillageAdult (m)3,7989043
azxaQ(azxaQ)Adult (m)2,4215341
Uhs8G(Uhs8G)Adult (m)2,4015721
z6j9m(z6j9m)Adult (m)3,4675382
YK2hR(YK2hR)Adult (m)2,4757921
9OJw8(9OJw8)Adult (f)2,5907961
ZpNSJZelda's Nieuw 5E IJzig LichtAdult (m)4,7279445
qr58G(qr58G)Adult (f)2,5077662
pmX6q(pmX6q)Adult (m)2,6677761
hzYvb(hzYvb)Adult (f)2,6857660
QA0Yl(QA0Yl)Adult (f)3,0727042
EF7p9Zelda's 5E Thunder ZukoAdult (m)5,7291,3356
S4kzp(S4kzp)Adult (m)3,7097901
uubVD(uubVD)Adult (f)4,1688262
ZBF8c(ZBF8c)Adult (f)3,6937983
1hRQZ(1hRQZ)Adult (m)3,6348182
xAAiW(xAAiW)Adult (f)3,4254412
h90GZ(h90GZ)Adult (f)3,7064231
u5MfM(u5MfM)Adult (m)3,3114112
qa077(qa077)Adult (f)3,2384172
m8KA2(m8KA2)Adult (m)3,8064192
wjyNM(wjyNM)Adult (m)3,4013983
Q8LUP(Q8LUP)Adult (m)3,3687890
1ujln(1ujln)Adult (f)3,5167770
m4Suo(m4Suo)Adult (m)3,3516071
Z0nns(Z0nns)Adult (f)6,4438424
e3X6l(e3X6l)Adult (f)4,0106614
HFqES(HFqES)Adult (f)2,9507253
DxfOT(DxfOT)Adult (f)2,8637144
VSUNd(VSUNd)Adult (m)4,4784182
vqUzi(vqUzi)Adult (f)2,6487301
zkOTa(zkOTa)Adult (m)3,7388223
KzR3c(KzR3c)Adult (f)4,8669163
utKgG(utKgG)Adult (m)4,9288081
32eXg(32eXg)Adult (m)4,4301,0701
E8guT(E8guT)Adult (f)4,2909692
RdV33Zelda's 5E Icy SojunghanAdult (f)5,9911,2201
aYSHj(aYSHj)Adult (f)4,2451,0191
jy1ZfZelda's 5E Herfst IronburgAdult (f)6,0967027
e3CQs(e3CQs)Adult (f)5,8071,0654
VxzCO(VxzCO)Adult (m)6,3141,1644
MbWIk(MbWIk)Adult (f)5,3511,0642
g27KJ(g27KJ)Adult (m)5,3059865
lSFRg(lSFRg)Adult (m)6,6209381
uqvrT(uqvrT)Adult (f)6,2667453
9dxKQ(9dxKQ)Adult (f)6,1037652
OSE3V(OSE3V)Adult (f)6,3607702
kYDUX(kYDUX)Adult (f)6,4657724
4WbNy(4WbNy)Adult (m)5,4251,0634
AfCdb(AfCdb)Adult (f)5,9599377
6GxGX(6GxGX)Adult (m)6,0358543
hZsAN(hZsAN)Adult (f)6,2119497
nJeuD(nJeuD)Adult (m)5,0041,0242
nPOV2(nPOV2)Adult (f)4,9391,0621
OLHRW(OLHRW)Adult (m)4,8811,0321
Uzxu6(Uzxu6)Adult (m)4,8281,0823
nCr7u(nCr7u)Adult (f)4,8411,0742
aX5IR(aX5IR)Adult (m)5,8408743
9kJsEZelda's Puur 5E Kado DorpAdult (m)4,3087744
UlELc(UlELc)Adult (f)6,6861,0372
XehKd(XehKd)Adult (m)4,8219682
rZ0da(rZ0da)Adult (m)4,9639013
EhKFb(EhKFb)Adult (m)7,16284711
fjkUj(fjkUj)Adult (f)7,0911,2923
inix9(inix9)Adult (f)2,8415765
jaHNV(jaHNV)Adult (f)3,3256031
ncZ7u(ncZ7u)Adult (f)3,4735822
Gdond(Gdond)Adult (m)4,2007082
GOZZX(GOZZX)Adult (m)4,6717371
VvUAs(VvUAs)Adult (f)3,2005250
k6Hx7(k6Hx7)Adult (m)3,2615300
hXSSm(hXSSm)Adult (f)5,2571,1324
Q9823(Q9823)Adult (m)2,5268213
5zQDm(5zQDm)Adult (f)2,4918163
91Vua(91Vua)Adult (f)3,4498052
5xjlQ(5xjlQ)Adult (m)3,1618332
R3Z7u(R3Z7u)Adult (m)3,4739084
lE7Rd(lE7Rd)Adult (m)3,9634818
djJFd(djJFd)Adult (m)3,6468631
j0x1N(j0x1N)Adult (m)3,6698782
TYgmL(TYgmL)Adult (f)3,2748761
vOlWm(vOlWm)Adult (m)4,5207335
LzotO(LzotO)Adult (m)4,2547234
XjE13(XjE13)Adult (f)4,4147454
Ebn4e(Ebn4e)Adult (m)4,3997473
JxwZ5(JxwZ5)Adult (m)4,2747343
GwuFJ(GwuFJ)Adult (f)4,2777373
Kgngt(Kgngt)Adult (f)3,6869082
hJ9aP(hJ9aP)Adult (f)3,6839211
8gvME(8gvME)Adult (m)3,6059171
Hq8m8(Hq8m8)Adult (f)3,7869013
2IW2p(2IW2p)Adult (m)3,6079152
jOT4Y(jOT4Y)Adult (f)3,7289062
S3S0kZelda's 5E Royal Tinsel TeamAdult (m)5,6361,0398
P8lzS(P8lzS)Adult (m)3,1187523
3K2f9(3K2f9)Adult (m)3,2367412
97jDo(97jDo)Adult (f)3,8649132
AmANR(AmANR)Adult (m)4,2245765
7B3I9(7B3I9)Adult (f)1,9206131
po3ty(po3ty)Adult (f)2,0936461
oUcmP(oUcmP)Adult (f)2,0706432
kRx3C(kRx3C)Adult (f)2,1876642
RyCgM(RyCgM)Adult (m)2,8756190
5h2AM(5h2AM)Adult (m)4,1917423
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