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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zeldarax,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Tg95OZelda's Geboorte FreuleAdult (f)4,8621,2621
5gpATZelda's Fertility DuchessAdult (f)3,9888423
pbXnl(pbXnl)Adult (f)6,4811,3287
dArCYolly Oremix AirwaterzelAdult (f)7,51486216
AeqkZelda's Purplewhite SundayAdult (f)2,5478223
aTTlBlackoremix AirwaterzelAdult (f)1,3245134
NP2xStoneguard Sunday AirwaterzelAdult (f)2,29998315
WIaxFrilore Tuesday ColorskyfogWazelAdult (f)2,02472517
Ve2bOrezel Airwater Stone TuesdayAdult (f)1,8016297
tt2DPurple Altblackore WhitevinezelAdult (f)1,0564692
0S95Colorfrillore FirewaskyfogzelAdult (f)1,87760811
tlnIfZelda's Midwife ErnoAdult (f)3,7518942
cS2DaZelda's Wednesday StarsAdult (f)6,8791,0785
BrVZrZelda's Chaotic Saturday MidwifeAdult (f)7,4821,24610
K6uI4Zelda's Chaotic MidwifeAdult (f)5,8651,20616
qCplEZelda's Chaotic Asmodeus MidwifeAdult (f)5,1751,06218
D0VnWZelda's New Chaotic MidwifeAdult (f)4,3001,0849
vBTUYZelda's Midwife BeedleAdult (f)6,7451,23113
lvnViZelda's Silver Midwife StairAdult (f)5,2861,1178
C9Wdb(C9Wdb)Adult (f)3,2814932
tfPZRZelda's Noodles StairAdult (f)5,3851,12916
1oeHt(1oeHt)Adult (f)4,7401,01314
nLTgHZelda's Purple Shimmer KinAdult (f)5,92196811
M5vIA(M5vIA)Adult (f)2,8656142
SORGC(SORGC)Adult (f)4,0078472
tjWhT(tjWhT)Adult (f)3,4128683
VHxJr(VHxJr)Adult (f)5,8211,1403
JqFCx(JqFCx)Adult (f)3,0266231
x4Uds(x4Uds)Adult (f)2,9506191
r0vSPZelda's Short Shao Shi MidwifeAdult (f)5,8981,0381
xXAsR(xXAsR)Adult (f)6,6201,3343
PONRZelda's Purple Saturday KingAdult (m)3,9881,11118
tQUMvZelda's Saturday KingAdult (m)2,5606372
sEHcbZelda's Saturday EarlAdult (m)3,9559445
kfQbWZelda's Saturday Midwife SunsongAdult (m)5,3921,0871
u35W4Zelda's Saturday LordAdult (m)6,9091,2552
XrXCZZelda's Midwife Tuesday KingAdult (m)2,0407152
VDWbuZelda's Wednesday LordAdult (m)5,8801,0164
WrG3rZelda's Saturday KnightAdult (m)2,7967743
LueDjZelda's Friday LordAdult (m)4,3809923
4Vi3sZelda's Purple DukeAdult (m)5,6191,1168
QiLhtZelda's Rose VroedvrouwAdult (m)4,5451,21715
DaKAtZelda's Purple EarlAdult (m)4,0241,1406
O7gr2Zelda's Flamingo MidwifeAdult (m)6,4661,17510
RphAIZelda's Vroedvrouw JonkheerAdult (m)5,3491,18819
BDnbGZelda's Divine MidwifeAdult (m)4,1341,1154
rSeHzZelda's Midwife DukeAdult (m)4,2791,1675
WuXBFZelda's Geboorte KoningAdult (m)4,6161,0686
QvZ3QZelda's Geboorte HertogAdult (m)4,0791,1713
Fc2NrZelda's Fertility DukeAdult (m)5,4411,1689
sia3LZelda's Singing Midwife TeamAdult (m)4,0301,02413
681hOZelda's Geboorte JonkheerAdult (m)4,0131,00811
h3i60Zelda's Purple WaverunnerAdult (m)3,4861,0256
YlHsQZelda's Golden MidwifeAdult (m)4,3521,0268
M3ckwZelda's Flamingo VroedvrouwAdult (m)3,9301,00518
gFS3DZelda's Royal Blue MidwifeAdult (m)4,8361,12516
uq2cSZelda's Vroedvrouw KoningAdult (m)4,75199911
IQAYgZelda's White Midwife TeamAdult (m)4,7351,02510
xRpfBZelda's Midwife SpitfireAdult (m)6,0989943
rExMTZelda's Midwife KoningAdult (m)3,4837455
iLwLNZelda's Healing MidwifeAdult (m)5,8061,1326
mOU4Y(mOU4Y)Adult (m)5,3341,0386
lLmUPZelda's Dazzling Girl MidwifeAdult (m)7,3101,18212
1cWrjZelda's Midwife Spitfire TeamAdult (m)6,6971,05712
8GOkVZelda's UV Failed MidwifeAdult (m)6,4981,12218
Uj1XcZelda's Greenwing MidwifeAdult (m)5,3421,0106
lARSxZelda's Midwife BaronAdult (m)7,5361,22213
FxyTuZelda's Purple ThunderAdult (m)6,1541,0688
Rnn1KZelda's Woestijn KraamhulpAdult (m)6,3671,03410
5U8xMZelda's Thuwed Silver MidwifeAdult (m)6,3351,0046
5R1NAZelda's Thuwed Ridge VillageAdult (m)6,5971,2009
XoZfvZelda's New Silvery MidwifeAdult (m)9,7361,50513
T5FcQZelda's Short Tinsel MidwifeAdult (m)9,1801,55510
wAmsPZelda's Fertility KingAdult (m)5,7411,7306
6Pm7W(6Pm7W)Adult (m)5,3711,51113
YAdSsZelda's Vroedvrouw HertogAdult (m)6,9661,42611
3TXr0Zelda's Metallic TeamAdult (m)6,6841,4174
miBq0Zelda's Purple LordAdult (m)6,25798311
1uFg9Zelda's Pure IshryuuaAdult (m)4,7111,08815
kmWXoZelda's Pure Ashera VillageAdult (m)5,6911,16610
JOVNhZelda's Surprise Silver MidwifeAdult (m)4,0811,00612
J4ubBZelda's Short Purple PrizeAdult (m)5,3099611
rSEb9Zelda's Paarse KoningAdult (m)3,7109578
vHIUZZelda's Paarse HertogAdult (m)2,8416994
3ENAuZelda's Purple Shao ShiAdult (m)4,6231,01820
gE5TYZelda's Friend of IlseAdult (m)5,6831,1092
bmhGwZelda's Long Dazzling GirlAdult (m)4,0057907
39MtQ(39MtQ)Adult (m)5,1241,05916
irsc0(irsc0)Adult (m)3,2737561
mu69e(mu69e)Adult (m)4,9291,08711
GEYp1Zelda's Fertility Ridgewing TeamAdult (m)4,7281,15715
5CWBCZelda's Gravely Marrow TeamAdult (m)3,7391,0192
N6rHlZelda's Cupido KingAdult (m)5,0848011
rzFBUZelda's Rose Purple VillageAdult (m)6,2311,1332
gEtid(gEtid)Adult (m)7,2751,3862
ZOnflZelda's Thuwed SaturdayAdult (m)5,8098383
kbPdMZelda's Birth SongAdult (m)6,6301,1843
oBPiM(oBPiM)Adult (m)7,39288418
d5OY4(d5OY4)Adult (m)4,46098518
uaRen(uaRen)Adult (m)6,3361,55011
nDH9KZelda's Chaotic Friday MidwifeAdult (m)6,1161,27220
jysKcZelda's Tinsel MidwifeAdult (m)4,1621,06411
k2hk8Zelda's Chaotic ProsperityAdult (m)4,6359853
38E1fZelda's Chaotic Prosperity BakerAdult (m)4,3301,03912
mkM1GoldenGREY MagicAg PurplezelAdult (m)2,69179121
0hRPZelda found a double GeodeAdult (f)3,00885215
Ns3X(Ns3X)Adult (f)5,0451,09916
94kkFrillionzelAdult (m)6,1311,07018
PNLGProtector ZeldaraxAdult (f)4,8981,00513
dQynZelda's FrillerAdult (m)4,98444110
6K3fZelda's FrillAdult (m)2,5377329
zbKjZelda's WhiptailAdult (m)1,9378683
0cOEZelda's Speedy GonzalesAdult (m)2,58393921
CWWhZelda's RoadrunnerAdult (f)1,81861716
7OZIZelda's PaarsevinAdult (m)1,5044628
CwNRKoning Paarsevin ZeldaraxAdult (m)1,65255813
191jKoningin Paarsevin ZeldaraxAdult (f)62846959
92vhZelda's Queen WhiptailAdult (f)2,7081,04912
9RxGZelda's Lord PaarsevinAdult (m)2,27891020
8OQSZelda's Duchess PaarsevinAdult (f)1,92877027
1WmaZelda's Lady PaarsevinAdult (f)1,60366021
5LArZelda's GuardianAdult (m)6,0051,11425
MPXlZelda's White Striped HufflepuffAdult (m)90948913
8XjQZelda's Ravenclaw WitchAdult (f)2,91375510
QQT1Zelda's Hufflepuff Witch CatAdult (f)4,1171,47616
lehUZelda's New Year RavenclawAdult (m)2,1406257
cZqIZelda's Hufflepuff Red WitchAdult (f)4,7851,0458
a2vcZelda's Hufflepuff Dorsal WitchAdult (f)3,4479994
Y0ImZelda's Hufflepuff Dorsal WizardAdult (m)4,5031,2418
Xsv0Zelda's Lucky RavenclawAdult (f)2,0397036
opRQZelda's Hufflepuff Purple DorsalAdult (f)6,5771,22516
fIclZelda's Hufflepuff Purple WitchAdult (f)2,29345310
aS8ldZelda's Hufflepuff WitchAdult (f)4,1711,0656
vY6hQ(vY6hQ)Adult (m)3,12191610
gLAVfZelda's Ravenclaw Vlag WizardAdult (m)4,1269896
GlZ1tZelda's Ravenclaw Wizard InzichtAdult (m)5,44085514
S5nP5Zelda's 5E Ravenclaw GuardWizAdult (m)3,6681,0754
idngt(idngt)Adult (f)2,4266813
5at2N(5at2N)Adult (f)3,6838438
DF6GuZelda's 5E Ravenclaw GuardWitchAdult (f)4,1024205
DoefGZelda's Ravenclaw Doef WizardAdult (m)4,4901,2088
meE7IZelda's Ravenclaw MeelheksAdult (f)4,2176857
QlvecZelda's 5E Ravenclaw GuardWizardAdult (m)4,6418818
s6P3T(s6P3T)Adult (f)5,04698712
CpU8H(CpU8H)Adult (f)4,3807463
2aLBQ(2aLBQ)Adult (m)4,86886420
qfc93(qfc93)Adult (f)6,8601,49617
rogY1(rogY1)Adult (f)5,2181,2219
uR8KO(uR8KO)Adult (f)4,44392523
UBUZ1(UBUZ1)Adult (m)4,1119331
iZBhT(iZBhT)Adult (m)4,6608768
MmDfo(MmDfo)Adult (f)3,2528234
uBF5B(uBF5B)Adult (f)4,4778819
KsAMaZelda's Hufflepuff BlackWitchAdult (f)5,1458061
Palhg(Palhg)Adult (f)6,4858599
hsnPR(hsnPR)Adult (m)9,1501,3928
0mcAI(0mcAI)Adult (m)9,4001,4487
7fmpbZelda's Hufflepuff Purper HeksAdult (f)5,2781,2273
MJfpnZelda's Hufflepuff Wizard CatAdult (m)5,5551,0313
nr9m9(nr9m9)Adult (m)4,7501,0534
CD5gb(CD5gb)Adult (f)7,05397411
qTg1C(qTg1C)Adult (m)5,8541,0429
Fi7r8(Fi7r8)Adult (m)6,9581,0076
7AXmd(7AXmd)Adult (m)5,4001,0847
dCcGj(dCcGj)Adult (m)6,2159021
22uOo(22uOo)Adult (f)5,2409175
s63kf(s63kf)Adult (m)3,7107346
3hJhWZelda's Hufflepuff Black WizardAdult (m)5,53877011
jqWse(jqWse)Adult (m)4,3437987
FuldV(FuldV)Adult (f)2,60389410
JIF8GZelda's White Hufflepuff WitchAdult (f)4,37991913
0EmTLZelda's New Hufflepuff WitchAdult (f)4,8331,0354
5YvKaZelda's Pikabubba HufflepuffAdult (m)2,18086220
PpQP2(PpQP2)Adult (f)3,8387411
vXAZnZelda's Ravenclaw Zanx WizardAdult (m)3,8987801
VDZ0oZelda's Ravenclaw Zod WizardAdult (m)5,9671,2149
LGWmK(LGWmK)Adult (f)6,6061,13420
s0McDZelda's White Hufflepuff WizardAdult (m)5,35079910
LEOWaZelda's Hufflepuff WizardAdult (m)4,5759393
fsqmR(fsqmR)Adult (f)4,86583812
YYgR8Zelda's 5E Ravenclaw Gyry WitchAdult (f)2,8084979
tkbPpZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Lim WizardAdult (m)5,9458128
gPmArZelda's 5E Hufflepuff Gram HeksAdult (f)2,1616104
1i7XQZelda's Ravenclaw PresentAdult (f)3,5817842
Eui1BZelda's Hufflepuff Red WizardAdult (m)5,80275512
t12R8(t12R8)Adult (m)4,8168188
EltUh(EltUh)Adult (f)5,7151,08110
fiUZpZelda's Ravenclaw Zuip HeksAdult (f)3,7005843
jXptNZelda's 5E Ravenclaw HeksAdult (f)3,8807736
4iDNFZelda's Hufflepuff Rode HeksAdult (f)5,42377719
aPeD7Zelda's Ravenclaw Ped WizardAdult (m)5,6491,23020
kLW6NZelda's Hufflepuff Paarse HeksAdult (f)4,63191615
piUa5Zelda's Hufflepuff Dorsal HeksAdult (f)4,47099711
4NUCZ(4NUCZ)Adult (f)4,3781,03020
d1RALZelda's 5E Ravenclaw Ral HeksAdult (f)5,9781,06111
WeFAfZelda's Ravenclaw Dog WitchAdult (f)4,11790810
PhdmdZelda's Hufflepuff Purple WizardAdult (m)5,9231,39112
Zoe1R(Zoe1R)Adult (f)4,5531,20711
rc1uNZelda's Slow Ravenclaw WizardAdult (m)4,8561,10315
wzoC4Zelda's Hufflepuff Streep HeksAdult (f)4,5771,20311
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