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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Zeldarax,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
kIGCZelda's 5E Slytherin HamletAdult (m)7,4061,0698
JB6PZelda's Dark Green 5E SlytherinAdult (m)3,5777568
PvYmZelda's Dark 5E Slytherin TeamAdult (m)3,53981014
DJNkZelda's 5E Slytherin Terrae DorpAdult (m)3,99183210
BlevZelda's 5E Slytherin TownAdult (m)4,54798513
gGHDZelda's 5E Slytherin Quake WitchAdult (f)4,8431,08722
Fk4fZZelda's Much Coloured ElementAdult (m)3,93090013
0nqSYZelda's 5E Slytherin TovenaarAdult (m)4,33281011
opI99Zelda's 5E Opi Slytherin WizardAdult (m)3,39689612
Mqh4vZelda's 5E Green Slytherin WizAdult (m)3,9409025
oqvRWZelda's Rochine ElementAdult (f)4,7281,04215
e4HeaZelda's 5E Slytherin LeerlingAdult (m)4,5491,08712
EYXiTZelda's 5E Slytherin Exit WizardAdult (m)4,0079063
FfL0fZelda's 5E Slytherin Lof WizardAdult (m)3,73490613
hl5QUZelda's 5E Slytherin August-WizAdult (m)6,3049458
10LqtZelda's 5E Present from RoekerdAdult (f)4,9881,1389
iEVbPZelda's 5E Slytherin August-JinxAdult (m)5,6491,10414
lcTpUZelda's 5E Slytherin Green TownAdult (f)4,0301,00511
CbhboZelda's Elemental ChaosAdult (f)5,2871,03110
vJtp3Zelda's 5E Slytherin AugustAdult (m)4,6631,08813
77R0CZelda's 5E Slytherin Roc WitchAdult (f)4,32572410
UC420Zelda's 5E Slytherin UC-WitchAdult (f)3,7976587
OkidXZelda's Elemental KoopaAdult (f)2,1227482
3qoP6Zelda's 5E Slytherin Poq-WitchAdult (f)5,16492415
KNAUsZelda's 5E Slytherin KnausAdult (m)7,2301,2458
kdCk6Zelda's 5E Thuwed DraconnaAdult (f)7,4571,5293
nREMaZelda's 5E Slytherin Rema-WitchAdult (m)3,8499733
tWiBRZelda's 5E Slytherin Knaus-TeamAdult (f)4,7399583
TpU4dZelda's 5E Slytherin Pudt WitchAdult (f)5,26995816
1W7dvZelda's 5E Slytherin Nov-WitchAdult (m)6,6611,14610
mPXT6Zelda's 5E Slytherin Pebble-TovAdult (m)6,4211,1142
DMZhGZelda's Elemental Red PebbleAdult (f)6,1431,1735
bL8cHZelda's 5E Slytherin Blach WizAdult (m)3,18587310
dk806Zelda's 5E Slytherin Deense HeksAdult (f)3,6398944
PKSQlZelda's 5E Slytherin Strange WizAdult (m)3,20396710
Ep4tlZelda's 5E Slytherin Pelt WizardAdult (m)3,25894215
4pui5Zelda's Elemental Moss PebbleAdult (f)3,5811,0607
fE0ZUZelda's Elemental Pebble SilverAdult (f)3,8979424
46lBfZelda's 5E Dangerous MetropoleAdult (m)4,5751,03311
ILm2XZelda's 5E Slytherin Geode DorpAdult (f)4,3349734
K3eGEZelda's 5E Silver MetropoleAdult (m)5,6008703
jDJg0Zelda's 5E Full Circle PebbleAdult (m)4,79399118
s6SLXZelda's 5E Full Circle MetropoleAdult (m)4,4539833
VIRGLZelda's 5E Slytherin Virgo WizAdult (m)4,8311,0004
p5Ve3Zelda's 5E Slytherin Earth WitchAdult (f)4,0238816
GVbbOZelda's Gifted 5E SlytherinAdult (m)2,6567482
PIZVKZelda's 5E Slytherin Vik WizardAdult (m)4,1237306
ZOqYgZelda's 5E Green MetropoleAdult (f)3,7228252
EbmD1Zelda's 5E Slytherin Rop TeamAdult (f)7,3901,08516
4XNUgZelda's Elemental of the EarthAdult (f)6,26891927
XCvIXZelda's 5E Slytherin Rop VillageAdult (m)5,9991,06111
XKlsKZelda's 5E Slytherin Groene BergAdult (m)4,5529233
Pdc6MZelda's 5E Slytherin Team llAdult (m)3,70293610
P0nSYZelda's 5E Slytherin Pons TovAdult (m)4,6969295
7aRpXZelda's 5E Sparkling PebblesAdult (m)5,07688211
FLAjFZelda's New 5E Green MetropoleAdult (m)4,86788210
k9qBHZelda's Elemental Green MoonAdult (m)4,9291,0089
WOh63Zelda's 5E Slytherin How WitchAdult (f)4,9201,1869
LjUG0Zelda's 5E Slytherin Mooi KadoAdult (m)4,3411,19316
eIhDhZelda's 5E Slytherin Pelt TeamAdult (m)4,8701,26614
snG8Zelda's Stony Queen ElementAdult (f)2,74381816
OB2TZelda's Elemental GreenstoneAdult (f)3,2811,11020
cSAcZelda's Elemental Stony SeasonAdult (f)1,7558027
adr2Zelda's small Leeloo ElementAdult (f)2,5711,05821
mLnpZelda's Leeloo ElementAdult (f)2,9231,17315
CZ6hZelda's Double Elemental StoneAdult (m)1,4315976
XZHBZelda's smal Pebblestone ElementAdult (m)4,5301,0629
6N28Zelda's Galeb Duhr Lord 5EAdult (f)4,68898910
nLZeZelda's Earthquake-duchess  5EAdult (f)4,18495313
951NZelda's Elemental Earth-queenAdult (f)2,5579219
YBWMZelda's Elemental Thuwed StoneAdult (m)3,5461,00114
pLY8Zelda's 5E Slytherin MasterAdult (f)2,6856987
e3dKZelda's 5E Slytherin StoneAdult (m)2,11266410
fm7UZelda's 5E Stone of SlytherinAdult (m)4,8857745
aAvOZelda's 5E Slytherin WitchstoneAdult (f)4,8841,19710
0oujZelda's 5E Slytherin Wizard RockAdult (m)4,5089628
U70VZelda's Elemental BrimstoneAdult (m)5,4121,00610
m3OhZelda's 5E Slytherin Stony WitchAdult (f)6,2741,1037
oX8vZelda's Dark 5E Slytherin WizardAdult (m)5,6671,28813
ieiZZelda's Puimsteen ElementAdult (f)4,13587411
0hCaZelda's 5E Slytherin Galeb DuhrAdult (f)3,59165814
8AbHZelda's Double Montain ElementAdult (m)5,27493310
k0EfZelda's 5E Slytherin Koef WitchAdult (f)6,4831,2598
FlqBiZelda's 5E Slytherin StoneskinAdult (m)4,3551,08912
CYUrlZelda's 5E Slytherin StoneShapeAdult (f)2,7497285
WQqSjZelda's 5E Slytherin Stone TellAdult (f)2,7647693
EA8otZelda's 5E Slytherin RockwizAdult (m)3,37190510
Y1uS1Zelda's New Elemental Prize LineAdult (f)2,5085743
YH3fIZelda's Elementals RocksAdult (f)4,4191,05115
RtVdWZelda's 5E Slytherin Steen TovAdult (m)4,9798094
ZuDu3Zelda's 5E Slytherin Zudu WitchAdult (f)4,8781,0189
nNjQjZelda's 5E Slytherin Welsh WizAdult (m)3,7928908
541uJZelda's 5E Slytherin NumberWitchAdult (f)4,6999568
DCaZeZelda's Stony Silver ElementAdult (m)6,1011,0166
QE2AjZelda's 5E Slytherin WitchQueenAdult (f)4,45297116
GWNkHZelda's IJs-stenen ElementAdult (m)5,1571,10518
0jMrYZelda's 5E Slytherin Sept-WitchAdult (f)6,2791,14015
vC8QuZelda's 5E Slytherin Aug-WizAdult (m)4,3119007
qTj08Zelda's 5E Thuwed from GeodesAdult (m)3,3976033
QkPkXZelda's 5E Slytherin Pax-WitchAdult (f)2,7958938
PmGJQZelda's 5E Slytherin Sept-WizAdult (m)2,5137925
tcXcBZelda's 5E Grijze TovenaarAdult (m)4,0238668
DE0f6Zelda's 5E Slytherin Doef-WizardAdult (m)5,1399265
eItZGZelda's 5E Slytherin Zelt-WizardAdult (m)5,6321,04114
FZSvuZelda's 5E Slytherin Zus-WizardAdult (m)5,6969336
uVPejZelda's 5E Slytherin Vupje-WitchAdult (f)5,5169922
WVUYsZelda's 5E Slytherin Yuw-WizardAdult (m)5,4729843
DkXQXZelda's 5E Slytherin Nov-WizardAdult (m)5,1971,3888
1oVTYZelda's Elemental PuimsteenAdult (m)4,0411,0784
292f5Zelda's 5E Slytherin Number-WizAdult (m)5,5761,1693
PFOMFZelda's 5E Slytherin Pfomf-WitchAdult (f)5,4841,1403
oI8IeZelda's 5E Silvery VillageAdult (f)5,3181,0023
LG6YDZelda's 5E Slytherin Gyld-WitchAdult (f)6,2021,10118
RVUkWZelda's 5E Slytherin DoctorAdult (m)4,8361,0747
vEBITZelda's 5E Slytherin Vebit-WizAdult (m)5,3671,13811
c9NWQZelda's Elemental Komira KomernAdult (m)6,1621,52011
IWq3bZelda's 5E Slytherin Wiq WitchAdult (f)6,3011,0968
dtN2sZelda's 5E Slytherin NS WizardAdult (m)1,8477266
5LVrAZelda's 5E Slytherin Vral WitchAdult (f)2,1296796
VhucYZelda's 5E Slytherin VuchyWizardAdult (m)4,4201,0235
4FZQrZelda's 5E Slytherin Steen HeksAdult (f)3,88093711
RsohbZelda's 5E Slytherin Hors WizardAdult (m)3,4001,0489
AvkMHZelda's 5E Slytherin Lucky CatchAdult (m)4,6321,01310
BcfpXZelda's 5E Slytherin Vreemde TovAdult (m)2,8519033
EWeMmZelda's 5E Slytherin Weem WizardAdult (m)4,5061,20611
Y4HHaZelda's Elemental HailstormAdult (f)4,7651,5297
Cp5aRZelda's 5E Slytherin Crap WitchAdult (f)3,1109125
WoWTMZelda's 5E Full Circle StoneLadyAdult (f)4,6829741
WkQCkZelda's 5E Slytherin SteenTovAdult (m)4,0069188
CiTq8Zelda's 5E Cielatahl StoneAdult (m)2,7366927
vpl67Zelda's 5E Slytherin Virgo StoneAdult (f)3,2557038
lVBPaZelda's 5E Slytherin VIP WizardAdult (m)4,4897896
DRN3WZelda's 5E Slytherin Darn WitchAdult (f)4,1137011
Vik5vZelda's 5E Stenen CielatahlAdult (m)2,1875812
ZkdDmZelda's 5E Gryffindor SunstoneAdult (m)3,5579408
tTMDAZelda's 5E Gryffindor Gem QueenAdult (f)3,3525869
NAgcZZelda's 5E Gryffindor ZonnesteenAdult (m)3,8011,01711
SZHS7Zelda's 5E Gryffindor EdelsteenAdult (m)6,8521,4713
p6OJVZelda's Elemental Ruby KingAdult (m)3,7401,03217
bsn3jZelda's Elemental Ruby QueenAdult (f)3,21292011
ZdJhlZelda's 5E Sun LeprechaunsAdult (f)5,1831,18112
KrFL1Zelda's Elemental Ruby DukeAdult (m)4,2097447
iHj4VZelda's Elemental Ruby DuchessAdult (f)3,84894111
15ffrZelda's Elemental Sun LadyAdult (f)2,5916423
k26GAZelda's Elemental Queen SunstoneAdult (f)5,1531,1185
1PSqHZelda's Elemental Sunstone LadyAdult (f)7,6441,66511
bCaBtZelda's Elemental Sunstone LordAdult (m)7,9241,2946
OcZShZelda's 5E Gryffindor Gem WitchAdult (f)5,0681,1855
qkmUMZelda's 5E Gryffindor GoldstoneAdult (f)5,7201,3576
enk9aZelda's 5E Gryffindor Gem WizardAdult (m)5,8411,0307
gOCR9Zelda's 5E Gryffindor Stone WizAdult (m)3,5419668
d1NsUZelda's 5E Gryffindor Luci StoneAdult (f)4,6531,03110
K1nX0Zelda's 5E Gryffindor KnoxWizardAdult (m)5,3981,0835
foSZDZelda's 5E Gryffindor Foz WizardAdult (m)5,1191,1809
d6IJUZelda's 5E Gryffindor Dij WizardAdult (m)2,8117404
19QZHZelda's Elemental HeliosAdult (f)4,3221,25510
q14sFZelda's 5E Gryffindor Quart WizAdult (m)4,6261,05412
hWDCaZelda's 5E Gryffindor Wacht TovAdult (m)3,5748146
9pompZelda's 5E Gryffindor GuldenPompAdult (m)4,16393612
JbU2kZelda's 5E Gryffindor Juk HeksAdult (f)5,7529285
Qqt7YZelda's 5E Gryffindor Ruby GoldAdult (m)3,6748622
jM8PJZelda's 5E Full Circle SunstoneAdult (f)4,9161,02115
EI3vQZelda's 5E Full Circle GoldstoneAdult (f)5,0331,0546
GnvEFZelda's 5E Gryffindor Nefa HeksAdult (f)3,9659122
AcVXXZelda's 5E Gryffindor Vax WitchAdult (f)5,0908486
7u21HZelda's 5E Gryffindor FameAdult (f)3,7069417
k1LiNZelda's 5E Gryffindor Klin WizAdult (m)3,0147777
dhscAZelda's 5E Gryffindor Zinken DijAdult (f)4,9879584
gKapmZelda's 5E Gryffindor ZinkenTeamAdult (m)3,0315852
9dTN4Zelda's 5E Gryffindor DatenWitchAdult (f)4,5277829
u7IQiZelda's Famous 5E SunstoneAdult (f)4,5747333
VKa8FZelda's 5E Gryffindor KringLiedAdult (f)6,2569281
d1HhTZelda's 5E Gryffindor Hihi HeksAdult (f)5,6789387
S8FVVZelda's 5E Gryffindor Quijv RubyAdult (m)7,8851,0711
rsTiVZelda's Elemental Ruby DatenAdult (f)7,8941,0846
5MIr5Zelda's 5E Gryffindor RingAdult (m)6,2591,08015
05ruSZelda's 5E Gryffindor Oct QuartAdult (m)5,90397211
9eko2Zelda's 5E Gryffindor WelshStoneAdult (m)5,91198814
u7A1kZelda's 5E Gryffindor Kau WitchAdult (f)11,2531,24417
9okBVZelda's 5E Gryffindor Welsh TeamAdult (m)4,5508208
JApL3Zelda's 5E Gryffindor FamousVillAdult (f)4,6509517
mqkYcZelda's 5E Gryffindor Welsh TovAdult (m)4,9798731
H8fjQZelda Elemental Stair ComboAdult (m)4,76674515
6vUT2Zelda's 5E Gryffindor Vut HeksAdult (f)5,0431,0429
nXYb8Zelda's 5E Gryffindor Byn WitchAdult (f)6,1911,16919
pfQQEZelda's 5E Gryffindor Puf HeksAdult (f)6,4091,30321
0cWOoZelda's 5E Gryffindor Wok HeksAdult (f)6,3921,23918
sUqshZelda's 5E Gryffindor Sush WitchAdult (f)5,5961,12829
ilVkKZelda's 5E Gryffindor Vilk WitchAdult (f)5,9331,25819
Ze7FhZelda's 5E Gryffindor Hef HeksAdult (f)7,5181,68318
JGn1DZelda's 5E Gryffindor Jonge HeksAdult (f)7,6411,68321
9d0o0Zelda's 5E Gryffindor Dodo HeksAdult (f)6,0011,28920
UVSS1Zelda's 5E Gryffindor Vussi TovAdult (m)2,3607509
1XEddZelda's Bronze Vine ElementAdult (m)9,0018246
eLnd3Zelda's Elemental Silver StarAdult (m)7,2301,01517
5UUdRZelda's Elemental Bronze IvyAdult (m)3,8161,0448
2Gg8tZelda's Elemental Libra-StarAdult (m)8,8907722
dMBRXZelda's New Elemental InextricaAdult (f)7,4201,11813
RqpUZZelda's Hot Elemental Bronze IvyAdult (f)10,3109778
kYSRIZelda's New Bronze Vine ElementAdult (f)5,9769978
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