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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “llyoung,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
u2fNL3EG Pink -n- Blue BlusangAdult (m)3,7226846
VLFIPQueen of the BlusangsAdult (f)3,4636945
djlmSFrilled BlusangAdult (f)2,6356855
3scZf3EG Icy BlusangAdult (m)3,5327356
AuDKHBlusang MemoryAdult (m)4,5407928
XDIqoXidalgoAdult (m)3,7375603
QDi60Mrs BlusangAdult (f)3,9686901
ZUvPPZuppyAdult (f)2,8986996
0misfMisty BlusangAdult (f)4,0936163
0gV2ZTsar BlusangAdult (m)3,6296964
qHSdD3EG PB Blusang SmurfetteAdult (f)2,8827042
AhlRf4EG BlusangAdult (f)3,7036932
niYtYThe Moon and the StarsAdult (f)4,1526431
qVKFuGoddess BlusangAdult (f)5,1497684
CLaYABlu ClayAdult (f)2,6737073
v59dc4EG Iced BlusangAdult (m)3,6247252
fn5GAKai SmurfAdult (m)3,2226628
fTA1F3EG PB Blusang SmurfAdult (m)2,8126926
6M7M5Secret Agent Ms M7Adult (f)4,0267586
vrRm0Vroom Vroom VroomAdult (f)3,7397144
Ro00u4EG PB BlusangAdult (m)3,2338117
rE94lBlusang GliderAdult (f)4,11355114
6NtfGStaired BlusangAdult (f)4,4187397
YhvJ5Blusang ChristmasAdult (m)3,3775688
V58eUMoon the BlusangAdult (f)2,2456498
kqpWC3EG Lush BlusangAdult (f)3,51666711
jZrYNBlusang AngelAdult (m)3,2677687
1OX4DDark BlusangAdult (f)4,6456559
RRmuhPart of aAdult (f)3,1306997
2s3VQMatched SetAdult (m)3,0987346
kVGeMBlusang GemAdult (m)3,5887367
9ORT3Portal 3Adult (f)4,2477057
nmpcT3EG PB Blusang BeautyAdult (m)4,4473114
7JJSEBrine MajestyAdult (m)3,1997464
sKcBtBriney SeaBiscuitAdult (m)4,2206896
jhpv2Molten AuroraAdult (f)3,4546818
lTRguMiss ScruffyAdult (f)3,8437645
BamJYMr ScruffyAdult (m)3,3047944
GH82QSalty Ice ChipAdult (f)3,9527444
3HbjLPure BluAdult (f)2,5057005
HlVmqShadowed BluAdult (f)2,4466912
pFA6eShadow BluAdult (m)3,4767513
JnMBFBlusang ValentineAdult (m)2,9687458
6Fbp1Lady Blusang ValentineAdult (f)2,9447294
CLsKbTrotsky's Bewitched SmurfAdult (m)2,0256197
bdhq1Silvered BluAdult (f)2,7075481
gbUrNShadowed BlusangAdult (f)1,3625026
SSCsiThe Real CSIAdult (m)3,1338068
V56IDCount Golden BlusangAdult (m)4,4607348
nRLyj3EG Silvered BluAdult (f)4,9937182
d1wJ64EG Silvered BlusangAdult (m)3,4415933
hla68Silvered over the BlusangAdult (m)2,8606212
2vWq9Blusang LordAdult (m)2,6455542
H1dzyBlusang BaronAdult (m)4,8276604
YkaTGBlusang WaveAdult (m)2,35243618
Nqaf02EG PB Blusang LadyAdult (f)2,9287801
yqobNShadow of the BlusangAdult (m)4,4677803
qATEjBlusang ImpAdult (m)4,2124211
rbJzGSL BlusangAdult (m)3,9757803
azyc9Guardian BluAdult (m)3,0748144
dbRPwSilver DryadAdult (f)5,2258535
deC40Blusang Lindwurm LadyAdult (f)3,89087546
cZFw9Blusang Lindwurm SmurfAdult (m)3,71783545
o9YZvBlusang Lindwurm CountAdult (m)2,88782536
LGgmnSir Blusang SmurfAdult (m)3,7968168
BAk0SLady Blu SangAdult (f)4,3576127
xpT1gBlusang Lindwurm CountessAdult (f)3,86459518
zCuMHZ'Naughty BlusangAdult (m)2,4567302
JwORrBlusang Lindwurm DuchessAdult (f)6,5197377
F6OOrIced AzureAdult (f)2,7505883
ZEfLfMay You Be BrinedAdult (m)2,9696873
orzd6The Blusang GuardianAdult (m)2,5546864
CXGJwBlusang Lindwurm BaronAdult (m)4,4957533
h5gQxPrized BlusangAdult (m)5,1507325
CuovaCuovaAdult (m)5,9657244
lVsZtFrozen Blusang LindwurmHatchling (f, F)2,2445685
5lKCEIce Cold BlusangHatchling (m, F)2,2325866
rPMurFrozen BrineyHatchling (F)1,3734573
7zonkFreezer BluHatchling (F)2,6811941
9HKmDragon Red BreastAdult (f)2,0256638
hHjZPoison Barb SmurfAdult (m)1,54069812
tOgERobin Red Breast SmurfAdult (m)80646649
QDupPoison Foot SmurfAdult (m)2,0476488
lC73Bright-Breasted Wyvern SmurfAdult (f)2,22546421
uYgnBBW SmurfAdult (f)1,62734714
obGFMy Other Dragon is a BBWAdult (f)1,5577419
4SkAWryneck SmurfAdult (f)1,0954097
mN2lRed Marked SmurfAdult (f)2,9003383
SenhRed Breasted SmurfAdult (f)1,3994284
nWCbLoves to Preen SmurfAdult (f)1,9705655
WS0aCrimson Breasted SmurfAdult (m)58741122
kUHsPoison BBW SmurfAdult (f)1,6673224
eoLeRuby Red Breasted SmurfAdult (m)1,8533904
HhHOScarlet Breasted SmurfAdult (f)2,1923427
rhKtRed Heart SmurfAdult (f)2,0872899
4kdFBlood Red Breasted SmurfAdult (m)2,0464997
jE0ACrimson Red Breasted SmurfAdult (m)2,5431,2707
OJQ6Scarlet Red Breasted SmurfAdult (f)5,6133786
qGa0Ruby Breasted SmurfAdult (m)3,3054025
MXgpRuby Heart SmurfAdult (f)3,6655443
kuXgScarlet Heart SmurfAdult (m)2,2964688
kj0mFire Red Breasted SmurfAdult (m)6,1334573
UFWICrimson Heart BBW SmurfAdult (m)6,48477711
inRHrOlive BBW SmurfAdult (f)2,3225947
OEITMRed Heart BBW SmurfAdult (m)2,4325984
g6iIvLL BBW SmurfAdult (f)1,6035557
esmR3BBW TinselAdult (m)2,76857911
WYAuRDouble Tinseled BBWAdult (m)2,3149106
ftoHQBBW Tinsel Fail SmurfAdult (m)2,57676110
jPa11BBW Tinsel FailAdult (f)2,7756728
fD8OBSmurfy BBWAdult (m)2,7615416
iAi2vCB BBW SmurfAdult (m)2,5725518
rMcMKLL2 BBW SmurfAdult (f)3,8839922
Q1qTf5 Gen Tinsel FailAdult (f)3,4576746
KkVniVenomous BBW SmurfAdult (m)4,4264638
1GU0jLord BBWAdult (m)2,1717406
hWb60King BBWAdult (m)3,7417627
i2toOSL BBWAdult (f)2,5398935
4RUQpBaroness BBWAdult (f)2,3366996
2tWMBBaron BBWAdult (m)3,1085692
mPKNYSL2 BBWAdult (m)5,0448555
bV9pEBBW SmurfetteAdult (f)2,7868932
lJJNqBright Breasted Wyvern SmurfetteAdult (f)3,6085084
FVjZE2EG BBW SmurfAdult (m)5,2255493
J6I84Bright Breasted Wyvern SmurfAdult (f)3,3035403
JMnadSL BBW SmurfAdult (m)3,3764703
Pt7LgQueen BBWAdult (f)2,7456855
caS4A3EG Yule BBWAdult (f)4,6175708
8c0AL2EG BBW ParfaitAdult (f)3,2732978
R5h30LL BBWAdult (m)2,8422927
aZSVT2EG PB BBW SmurfetteAdult (f)2,7527574
7GegkIma GeekAdult (f)2,8287764
fffVb2EG PB BBW SmurfAdult (m)3,8557585
DqHdSLL BBW the secondAdult (m)3,5385535
hhDzeSilvered BBWAdult (m)3,3906552
AFhEXTsarina BBWAdult (f)2,7107772
rvpm4BBW Tinsel KinAdult (m)2,1725312
NFgQXBBW CountessAdult (f)4,8883542
9ApJJBBW LordAdult (m)3,7043623
69eaWBBW ShimmerfailAdult (f)3,5705734
xbeMYBBW RoyalAdult (f)3,3924704
WqJxSLL1 BBWAdult (m)2,0543773
a3Z13SL1 BBWAdult (m)2,5696243
szk1URoyal BBWAdult (m)1,22838024
8pqCZDuchess BBWAdult (f)2,5139162
LOupOChristmas Eve BBWAdult (m)1,4696174
2VoCBBBW DuchessAdult (f)5,8689553
5DQqCLL1 BBW SmurfAdult (f)1,69474710
zxQELUltra BBW FailAdult (f)2,3457512
zRRL6Z'BBWAdult (m)3,3679795
rhjDnBBW EmperorAdult (m)5,0361,0553
WpP6MMinty BBWAdult (f)4,4571,0987
Vb5VALL2 BBWAdult (m)3,0909572
Ty0fPLL3 BBW SmurfAdult (f)2,0987981
ZGpn8Z'BBW SmurfAdult (m)1,7547294
9U1LELL4 BBWAdult (m)4,0139162
gUOE3Poisoned WrathAdult (f)4,6316824
Xq3HaSL3 BBWAdult (f)4,7766054
9YUoxPoisoned YouAdult (f)5,2248502
HUgxBFree  HugsAdult (f)5,2837624
DybRNAxel's AnswersAdult (m)6,1248825
xmxxEDon't Touch Me I'm a BBWAdult (f)5,4768071
BZBs4Radiant PoisonAdult (f)4,6406755
YrcweShimmer Failed BBWAdult (f)5,0926686
b0WTkUnplanned BBWAdult (m)5,6805923
kzKSK(kzKSK)Adult (f)4,8905112
cjkmFrozen Red Breasted SmurfHatchling (m, F)1,5304365
mrj3Frozen Dragon Red BreastHatchling (f, F)1,0584654
nGLhFrozen Robin Red Breast SmurfHatchling (F)1,16116912
LHVPoFrozen BarbsHatchling (F)1,223973
4CGQKFrozen BBWHatchling (F)2,1901461
ceIG4BBW RecruitHatchling (F)2,4301725
lwW8RBBW Recruit 1Hatchling (F)6093344
xQ0F5BBW Recruit 2Hatchling (F)1,7111311
jTiL7BBW Recruit 3Hatchling (F)2,6361814
PCpOABBW Recruit 4Hatchling (F)2,4601770
UQcufBrim of StoneAdult (m)5,9848177
44g1KBrimstone SmurfAdult (f)5,32884810
G4Km2I'm a BrimstoneAdult (m)3,1479092
NiHAKBrimstone ThugAdult (m)4,9838664
ei02rIma ThugAdult (f)5,6778137
gMBFJAshes and BrimstoneAdult (f)6,0648554
ENK1NAshes and CharcoalAdult (m)6,0958483
MAUCcCharcoal EaterAdult (f)6,1957004
Yob3LWhere's My YobAdult (f)5,6808132
rvXGWThe Golden BrimstoneAdult (f)5,8497472
VBhIbGold and BrimstoneAdult (m)5,2768225
4SmdNCranky SmurfAdult (f)5,3598573
QrZVDMighty SmurfAdult (f)6,2027612
5UiUHGold and AshesAdult (f)6,0767643
PHiYm3EG PB BrimstoneAdult (m)6,5237622
EiC6MLady AshesAdult (f)4,7157228
GQCFWGold AshesAdult (m)5,7487881
MsH03Brimstone DelightAdult (m)4,26184125
l8P7JBrimstone GodAdult (m)4,8987126
vjpUnX equals YAdult (f)7,0397537
hgn79King of the BrimstonesAdult (m)6,5547323
RQ9vl2EG BrimstoneAdult (m)3,3797627
ppiKeCaptain PikeAdult (m)7,8976074
HTlfQSmurf of the ValeAdult (m)5,7307364
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