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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “llyoung,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
b1mlCero SmurfAdult (f)2,80575318
qX6VFire of Valentine SmurfAdult (m)2,34575213
AToPAtop the Red Sun SmurfAdult (m)2,4948229
BoD9Blazing Red SmurfAdult (m)2,5198879
2ZFiFire Red SmurfAdult (f)2,26398512
WHWNRoaring Flames SmurfAdult (f)2,89782213
YK3oRed Sun SmurfAdult (m)2,28884111
V7upCardinal Red SmurfAdult (f)1,71777511
jXUNRed Fire Ribbon SmurfAdult (f)1,9086968
gI8RFire Flame SmurfAdult (m)3,9055789
KF0YVibrant Red Fire SmurfAdult (m)2,2228057
h3sotFire Hot SmurfAdult (m)89040017
rjAe0Ambient Temps SmurfAdult (f)3,45857415
8INPm6 even gen Red Tinsel FailAdult (f)1,9636647
fQ9nS5EG Lord Red Thuwed SmurfAdult (f)3,0167089
4qjApThread Has Been CleanedAdult (m)3,7865147
adm9RRed SmurfetteAdult (f)5,46350110
6jl9GMy Red ValentineAdult (m)4,68855116
BC6E5Red Valentine's ValentinoAdult (m)2,9677237
E872FLL Red SmurfAdult (f)4,4695352
dSfs9CB Red SmurfetteAdult (f)3,9331,0155
hACRg3EG Red is HeAdult (m)3,5747972
Tf2i6Wind in the AshesAdult (f)3,4088325
EVbhZStaired Red SmurfAdult (m)2,3207807
Q48JC5EG Ruby Red SmurfAdult (m)3,3455333
STAUO2EG PB Red SmurfAdult (m)3,20670710
9vMvaCB Crimson SmurfAdult (f)3,1745995
PDkRTLL2 Red SmurfAdult (f)3,4038274
ZEJj3CB Scarlet SmurfAdult (m)3,3712908
EY7ICMister RedmanAdult (m)3,7102663
aCsjDLL3 Red SmurfAdult (m)2,1977702
8VQtcRuby Red SmurfetteAdult (f)3,0967146
ppJPgCrimson SmurfetteAdult (f)3,14074213
p3pV6CB Red LordAdult (m)3,7745626
N7YIERuby's Red D'HennegelAdult (f)3,4367084
4YIN0CB Lady RedAdult (f)4,1715294
05BmH4EG Red StoneAdult (f)3,9977604
eoojRRed Velvet DevilAdult (f)2,5707425
WBEYt3EG Red Velvet CakeAdult (m)3,5368152
FiR7YFinder SeekerAdult (f)3,5269322
aZ1jURed TinselfailAdult (f)3,5196928
Sohc1Crimson TinselfailAdult (f)3,6837005
UGUP2SL Red SmurfAdult (f)2,6848414
ZEB12Z'Zeb the 12thAdult (m)2,4278615
HI0zcPrecious GlompAdult (f)3,0078945
U0oMO2EG PB Crimson SmurfAdult (m)2,4657072
Cb0Zo3EG PB Crimson SmurfAdult (m)1,8597573
hYRldCount Your Trotsky'sAdult (f)1,8416973
lrQIUShimmered SmurfAdult (m)4,7677083
ZakHTRed Bronze Tinsel FailAdult (f)4,0285284
7wopm2EG PB Blood Red SmurfAdult (m)1,9435181
ctYE7SL1 Red SmurfAdult (m)3,3577123
ACd3OFire Storm SmurfAdult (m)4,6051,0812
HBeABLL1 Red SmurfAdult (m)2,7586442
DmkVNI Am The Red QueenAdult (f)3,0297831
XxjaUBaleful LawAdult (f)6,0435854
BYz2sLL4 Red SmurfAdult (m)1,7019072
1IWTKWrapped in Velvet D'HennegelAdult (m)3,13884710
byZmBGod CrimsonAdult (m)2,6076402
o4fqhScarlet GodAdult (m)2,6796422
jfWFJDragonfire SmurfAdult (m)3,8919623
PjnVDLL5 Red SmurfAdult (m)5,8538301
2A05GLL6 Red SmurfAdult (f)3,8051,00612
uIJSNRed LadAdult (m)3,3707821
AK0irRadiant Red AngelAdult (f)4,6541,1861
9ELyvCrazy VeeAdult (f)3,6401,0946
LunR8Mr Blood MarrowAdult (m)3,6611,1436
n8FvVDesert Red SmurfAdult (m)3,2309945
b3nneBonnie AnneAdult (f)3,1141,0356
3ZsXNLady Desert RedAdult (f)5,0328813
LDDBoEnchanted ScarletAdult (f)3,3761,1453
BgrATTitan SmurfetteAdult (f)5,0667573
QVe3XShiny Red YuleAdult (f)5,7118382
CmmgELord ChihiroAdult (m)2,92482019
K1a5xShimmering Red BellAdult (f)7,1486962
y0SSfKing Red DragonAdult (m)3,7218423
Nr81rFoxy RedstoneAdult (f)3,4111,0853
7nKYtRed Dragon PrinceAdult (m)6,1505192
Q1tqBRed Dragon SmurfAdult (m)4,7217671
IvyaJRed Dragon SmurfetteAdult (f)7,0556982
Tz0WFrozen Puff-Puff SmurfHatchling (F)8511044
FTKtFrozen Fire SmurfHatchling (m, F)1,4876139
mGKpXRed Recruit 1Hatchling (F)2,1861493
JIitRidgewing SmurfAdult (m)2,44868711
8qLYPurple Ridgewing SmurfAdult (f)2,14181514
Im8VPurple Somersault SmurfAdult (m)4,3781,0868
7vYkRainbow Ridgewing SmurfAdult (f)2,26162620
iTvSSomersault SmurfAdult (m)1,8306729
iqL3Wings with Ridges SmurfAdult (f)3,1377537
itpTMountain Ridgewing SmurfAdult (m)1,9686854
HafBBright Purple Ridgewing SmurfAdult (f)3,05157430
cOt7Bright Markings Ridgewing SmurfAdult (f)8,52657320
ef0KLoves to SomersaultAdult (m)3,2555396
YHY3Purple Rainbow Ridgewing SmurfAdult (f)2,31369210
cA7CRub My BellyAdult (m)11,56477727
ZiAvBlue Ridge Mountain SmurfAdult (f)3,04485852
GiXrRidgeview Elwood SmurfAdult (m)3,7661,15611
bp1DSomersaults are Fun SmurfAdult (m)4,3561,04720
pL9DFlying Circles Around YouAdult (m)1,9757275
pJBMLav Lav RidgewingAdult (f)3,2871,35010
C34QFlying is FunAdult (m)3,0322664
RDrMBlue Ridge SmurfAdult (f)1,7804492
QYGHYLady of the Ridge SmurfAdult (f)4,6914178
rhj5cLL Ridgewing SmurfAdult (m)7,3551,3745
qLrUqLook Ma  No HandsAdult (m)2,1877536
X39XH2EG RidgewingAdult (f)4,1714546
p2W6NI'm on a RollAdult (m)3,20253510
iRMLpCount Purple RidgewingAdult (m)2,8941,0143
gERPXGerpexAdult (m)3,5455306
BUL3lKnock of the RidgewingAdult (m)2,5287555
VGi6h2EG Ridgewing SmurfAdult (m)2,7306593
X6p5nArduan's SkyfallAdult (m)3,1129025
e1Gob2EG Lady RidgewingAdult (f)5,3259288
JtACVRidge of YuleAdult (m)3,7335236
jB92J7EG PB Ridgewing SmurfetteAdult (f)3,9625245
0IXqISoothing HysteriaAdult (m)5,91470911
LI8oe3EG Shadowed RidgewingAdult (m)4,1835849
OTC502EG PB RidgewingAdult (m)3,6965634
CWIYWTsar RidgewingAdult (m)3,5585503
mRGETSquishy MargaretAdult (f)2,1096963
86UxHBaroness Purple RidgewingAdult (f)3,9345223
ESyBOBaron RidgewingAdult (m)3,2566243
dR7szMonarch RidgewingAdult (m)3,6125142
zSsR5Z'Shadow RidgeAdult (f)5,1171,2116
JcU1gXerbaAdult (f)2,8917844
H35iCPurple Ridge LadyAdult (f)3,9591,0172
sDtKqBlue Ridge in the MountainsAdult (m)2,6328412
3FjWSFortune in a BirdcageAdult (m)3,5529333
kF1eJFlying End Over EndAdult (m)5,2139913
FqjD2On the RidgeAdult (m)3,4386494
RYXNKMister Purple RidgewingAdult (m)3,1901,0792
SH9GcRidged SmurfAdult (f)2,8016182
9C0cXNaughty RidgeAdult (m)3,0627314
C6MszRidged SmurfetteAdult (f)6,2286862
busriRidgewing SmurfetteAdult (f)6,0647101
9y19qLady Mountain RidgesAdult (f)3,5469602
gsxYlRidge KliffAdult (m)4,3787531
lmqjLSir BlueridgeAdult (m)4,5038414
EdfYRBelly Off LimitsAdult (m)4,0247653
l0hDoEmperor of the RidgeAdult (m)4,4367461
GfpL7Graceful EnergyAdult (f)2,4766372
xsHgkPurple Lady of the RidgeAdult (f)5,9407324
9zp6KPure RidgesAdult (f)5,1388565
LOcaGWhat's a DotAdult (f)6,0007554
1VeOKLL RidgewingAdult (m)1,9506119
1JImDPerpetual AdmirationAdult (m)6,07994812
OAjoVRidgewing Dragon LordAdult (m)6,0126674
vRDb0Ridgewing Dragon PrinceAdult (m)6,7997115
d8zLbPipderaAdult (f)4,4978312
HTQQyRidgewing Dragon CountAdult (m)2,8206105
zVuiMZ'Ridged AlpineAdult (m)4,9981,1094
yKbSyLL1 RidgewingAdult (f)6,5056757
13WybRidgewing Dragon LadyAdult (f)2,5046092
CiDKuRidgewing Dragon DukeAdult (m)7,6726771
kVehlLady Ridgewing DragonAdult (f)6,8917424
6momuBaron Ridgewing DragonAdult (m)7,1687303
jzKrkPure RidgewingsAdult (f)5,6388981
UDMGUQueen Ridgewing DragonAdult (f)6,4737888
5xzJ0Prince Ridgewing DragonAdult (m)7,3137964
Y2esSLL3 RidgewingAdult (f)6,7169493
4oioFCount Ridgewing DragonAdult (m)3,9485666
pLMyAHunting StairsAdult (f)5,98877233
II9PSMagi RidgeAdult (f)5,0121,04022
u4TXZThe Desert SandsAdult (f)2,3637054
eR3VqPB 3EG RidgeAdult (m)5,8076716
oluYrHeart Break RidgeAdult (f)5,9675307
fR9wBKing Ridgewing DragonAdult (m)5,2199832
8L1mNDuke Ridgewing DragonAdult (m)6,5579977
L97NiSir Ridgewing DragonAdult (m)5,5926764
6DUTmRidgewing Dragon PrincessAdult (f)6,4665953
xyJwqRidgewing Dragon DuchessAdult (f)5,6376421
djv88Ridges along the CoastAdult (m)5,4278490
Ma6sPKeswenAdult (m)3,4494073
jNoPoThe Token RidgeAdult (m)6,9576182
SlDBFrozen Ridgewing SmurfHatchling (f, F)8444125
srMgFrozen Ridgewing ValentineHatchling (F)1,130935
WET9Frozen Purple Ridgewing SmurfHatchling (m, F)3,2073038
vdKOFFrozen on the RidgeHatchling (F)9651176
bXOVfFrozen AnahHatchling (F)2,0561731
1im3dLil'RidgeHatchling (F)1,3991441
OlPCvRidge RecruitHatchling (F)2,1951811
oTRfZRidge Recruit 1Hatchling (F)8203782
lRoq5Ridge Recruit 2Hatchling (F)2,0442652
IlCYyRidge Recruit 3Hatchling (F)2,5051691
LxeCwRidge Recruit 4Hatchling (F)2,8252021
wY9OFRidge Recruit 5Hatchling (F)1,3043041
qbOTeRidge Recruit 6Hatchling (F)1,2531862
Qjy3FRidge Recruit 7Hatchling (F)1,8882341
KpRD2Ridge Recruit 8Hatchling (F)2,7922962
cOyRuRidgewing RecruitHatchling (F)2,1471586
agfN3Lil'RidgewingHatchling (f, F)3,40156912
7Ns25Ridgewing Recruit 2Hatchling (F)7883601
GjO57Ridgewing Recruit 3Hatchling (F)1,5465243
Z9lCpRidgewing Recruit 4Hatchling (F)1,0412582
4CiFsRidgewing Recruit 5Hatchling (F)1,0073072
HVCYjRidgewing Recruit 6Hatchling (F)7302483
ilM9ZRidgewing Recruit 7Hatchling (F)1,1513334
4kMf0Ridgewing Recruit 8Hatchling (F)9361891
xdctaRidgewing Recruit 9Hatchling (F)2,3851593
gxEK4Ridgewing Recruit 10Hatchling (F)2,7821882
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