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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “llyoung,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ng1jdShadow SnifferAdult (f)5,8145532
kAbXQSpiritsteinsAdult (f)5,3158815
R6qoDMoonstone SmurfedAdult (f)5,6657523
NPjgoMoonychanHatchling (F)2,5151693
mRZDlLittle Blue ButtHatchling (m, F)2,2237057
pcvt4Frozen Lil'blueHatchling (f, F)3,1956496
Z5RFHOver the Frozen MoonHatchling (F)1,9842395
3oqFFRocky MoonHatchling (F)1,8351954
WjqjQFrozen Over the MoonHatchling (F)1,397942
zJKtrMoonstone RecruitHatchling (F)1,5253095
GBKibThe Frozen MoonHatchling (F)1,7492844
ky0OyBy the Light of the Full MoonHatchling (F)5331703
dQSJHMoonstone Recruit 1Hatchling (F)2,4791801
tVAHMMoonstone Recruit 2Hatchling (F)1,1932942
LnpL1Moonstone Recruit 3Hatchling (F)8191591
mcDiqMoonstone Recruit 4Hatchling (F)6323773
iIdJnMoonstone Recruit 5Hatchling (F)8082646
S3ZEzMoonstone Recruit 6Hatchling (F)1,159852
vtOLHelix SmurfAdult (f)1,53283916
7mkfLady Nebula SmurfAdult (f)1,87087420
X3DNOrion SmurfAdult (m)1,66788610
PmXQDemon of the UniverseAdult (m)1,77777215
golVAndromeda SmurfAdult (f)1,74690129
KTeMLord Nebula SmurfAdult (m)1,72390721
iNMvCygnus SmurfAdult (m)1,52660618
KLtUKlaatu SmurfAdult (m)2,3836146
cIPECassiopeia SmurfAdult (f)2,20255816
9tqPBellatrix SmurfAdult (f)1,36073614
MIjWVelorum SmurfAdult (f)2,1418157
oakBSirius SmurfAdult (m)3,3093422
vK4KAll the Stars in the SkyAdult (f)3,4031,0815
JDNqDemon Nebula SmurfAdult (m)1,8649193
gafBHyperion SmurfAdult (m)2,80643911
OXQZAre Going OutAdult (f)3,7424718
3ducDuchess NebulaAdult (f)1,7163597
tFt3Starry Night SmurfAdult (m)2,7865584
bbvIUniversal SmurfAdult (f)2,7892854
lnnfRegulus SmurfAdult (m)1,6737288
BKA0Queen of the Stars SmurfAdult (f)1,77334019
9K2qNocturnal  NebulaAdult (f)3,4093085
EX3lBaron Nebula SmurfAdult (m)4,9063285
gWY1Omega Nebula SmurfAdult (m)1,5835593
TVu0pPurple Nebbie SmurfAdult (m)4,3975729
117Q8Roberta HelixAdult (f)2,7005745
VtYSs4EG Beaming Tinsel FailAdult (f)3,0707268
rakWGRakwingAdult (m)3,5866588
R9feJLord of the NebulaAdult (m)1,6237278
kCVFaIma NebulaAdult (f)2,5186756
hNTvuCountess NebulaAdult (f)2,8527886
Ovk64Stairstep Nebula SmurfAdult (m)2,9238158
e4KNXStairstep NebulaAdult (m)4,8451,2015
dDAdNShadow NebulaAdult (m)2,6784917
OTaG22EG Purple NebulaAdult (m)5,7398465
JfCnN2EG Purple NebbieAdult (m)5,5597415
efUl2Colorful ParentsAdult (f)3,1237583
dD5CKDuck NebulaAdult (m)3,30841113
AKkdlBlue Bell NebulaAdult (f)2,92571913
XgFQeIma Blue NebulaAdult (f)2,7488264
KtM3K2EG Nebula SmurfAdult (m)4,3011,0416
Y5mh52EG Nebula SmurfetteAdult (f)5,3201,0698
q2Nbu2EG Violet NebbieAdult (m)3,3828108
UGNEs2EG Purple Nebula SmurfAdult (m)4,5128196
QdpXd3EG Violet NebulaAdult (m)2,1336299
oDLakIB Nebbie SmurfetteAdult (f)3,3897788
CioBjStarwing ThuwedAdult (f)5,2167445
11IbgSunny NebulaAdult (f)3,1838177
l8To74EG BoneCruncher NebulaAdult (f)3,3691,0128
nc5Ka3EG Blue Eire NebulaAdult (f)2,5329713
njOL4Handsome Purple NebulaAdult (m)1,86963310
qGjlh3EG Silvered NebulaAdult (f)2,6198395
7XewiIma BluestarAdult (f)2,3296575
Io9nwSato SparkAdult (f)3,0787432
6oIAUPrecious JayaAdult (f)3,7893486
jwqhhFluffy Celestial SingerAdult (f)2,8448437
i12byCelestial FluffyAdult (f)3,5781,0626
74h6BA Golden NebulaAdult (m)2,7707138
epfWQCoffee and BrowniesAdult (m)4,3026165
fneGYLord NebulaAdult (m)5,3911,3406
ZgBGqLL Nebula SmurfAdult (m)5,6078684
IPod4Nebula WubboAdult (m)8,1081,39510
YsTjAWicked Night WishAdult (f)2,4298346
1FTGlNebula MonarchAdult (m)2,4288803
POAe3Curator of the Under GalleryAdult (m)3,3787702
gAzBUCoran SmurfAdult (m)4,5251,0215
0h8kxJolly AdventAdult (m)4,1997662
haBrsNebula of the MountainsAdult (m)4,6166743
x2dQdMister Purple NebulaAdult (m)3,12887011
om2pRI'm Still PrettyAdult (f)5,8198544
bz5MYSweet Blue NebbieAdult (f)4,0031,1223
pWY9kRaff NebulaAdult (m)4,8579615
WkjUzA Tinseled NebulaAdult (m)3,8197097
Gz9CjGuard the NebbiesAdult (m)5,9041,0027
aSBUJLL2 NebulaAdult (m)4,3958951
7FKLyMoonfrost NebulaAdult (m)3,9976532
ZHBdLZ'Star ChildAdult (f)4,0291,09420
B3Ot5Aurora SmurfAdult (f)5,9471,0005
mcKcFBlue is the New RedAdult (f)5,5239468
sIsdaEmperor Nebula DragonAdult (m)2,6715792
vifCXUneven NebulaAdult (m)6,7968736
0nog7Nog Not SnogAdult (m)5,5499969
vxiNsNebula Dragon PrinceAdult (m)6,2966111
KPpS0Violet is the new GreenAdult (m)5,5138223
56VFaBlue Bubble NebAdult (f)5,5908395
RhaNpNebula Dragon SmurfetteAdult (f)5,1216485
yIoXTLady of the NebulaAdult (f)5,4196703
LfDT8May the Ferb Be With YouAdult (m)6,0098402
mnijFrozen Lady Nebula SmurfHatchling (f, F)1,09451211
fSSWFrozen Lord Nebula SmurfHatchling (m, F)75844013
a3ImFrozen Neby SmurfHatchling (F)8421236
TqbaIIce Cold NebulaHatchling (F)3,0008794
dcIsPFrozen Nebbie StarHatchling (F)6242754
K7ZeINebula Recruit 5Hatchling (F)1,5962035
TPEtStarscream SmurfAdult (m)4,16171917
CRUYKiss of the DemonAdult (f)4,22874114
WA3QStars of Orion SmurfAdult (m)4,38665715
V6EESeeing Stars SmurfAdult (f)3,29372214
eNdYHorse Head Nebula SmurfAdult (m)2,39573610
7q9kDragon Nebula SmurfAdult (m)3,68770211
UrV2Lord Demon NebulaAdult (m)2,9298828
BLtDQueen Nebula SmurfAdult (f)2,9238957
6kf6Flaming Nebula SmurfAdult (f)2,4728269
DseDFire Flame NebulaAdult (f)3,81277910
tHiZGreen Ribbon Nebula SmurfAdult (m)6,9676049
GmqcSirius Fluffy Nebula SmurfAdult (m)2,99575110
aREqBaroness NebulaAdult (f)6,07059911
5OFQFire Spirit Nebula SmurfAdult (f)3,46167615
dOjYLady Fire Nebula SmurfAdult (f)3,46467415
oNSnVelorum Fire SmurfAdult (f)4,76261313
YsOsTime -n- SpaceAdult (m)2,8728286
CCc0Lord Green Nebula SmurfAdult (m)2,01670514
hdjJRed Demon Nebula's KissAdult (f)2,4524477
ekcLDark Green Nebula SmurfAdult (m)2,46561713
ASSSNearly Naughty NebbieAdult (m)2,80078022
OFNRMolten Green Nebbie SmurfAdult (m)3,19072711
Z5XJLady NebulaAdult (f)2,81070514
jsqJQueen MeissaAdult (f)5,13056218
029anNebbie Ki Qays SmurfAdult (m)2,9457408
rmEuqLady of the Red NebulaAdult (f)3,8145526
vO8q8Nebula TinselAdult (f)2,55770411
b5j2uSoring Star SmurfAdult (m)2,0557243
6GsWI2 gen Orion SmurfAdult (m)4,9126316
j5BE26EG Nebula Tinsel FailAdult (f)2,7287009
8tWP5Count NebulaAdult (m)2,92275810
nDJYsDouble Tinsel Fail NebulaAdult (m)3,4407753
ehfggLL NebulaAdult (f)3,7725864
gmOtcNebula SmurfAdult (m)3,0407157
hKTUCNebula SmurfetteAdult (f)6,7891,26317
RHZQQRed Nebula SmurfetteAdult (f)2,6578594
eEUMnGreen Nebula SmurfAdult (m)5,3015447
mfZ5l2EG Green NebbieAdult (m)4,4486468
P5iDnDouble the Fail - Double the FunAdult (f)3,3405446
khsl4Doubled FailedAdult (f)3,9491,00423
jKsErLL2 Nebula SmurfAdult (m)4,60296721
iBk1sMayhem SmurfAdult (f)3,9969605
gFZA7LL Green NebulaAdult (m)3,30793013
OG3Vl2EG Silvered NebulaAdult (m)2,8397775
eKWYvKender SmurfAdult (f)4,7479424
gofPp4EG Nebula SmurfAdult (m)2,65150112
ar4f62EG Green NebulaAdult (m)4,7278867
4Y3iP3EG PB Red NebulaAdult (f)5,1226607
dChQmI Like Kicking LasersAdult (f)5,0637399
g7oX63EG PB Toasted SmurfAdult (f)3,7627606
Mr2LDRed Moon LightAdult (f)2,2576135
UKKbOPlay a SparkAdult (f)2,3086327
0k6EFWish Upon a Shooting StarAdult (m)4,9927233
ptT3rGreen Nebbie SmurfAdult (m)5,6727197
3EXuO4EG Green Fire NebulaAdult (m)2,5699703
XnjgpLL Nebula Smurf ThuwedAdult (m)3,6747638
ijjC0Frosted StarsongAdult (f)2,97587110
pIV4nQueen GoslanderAdult (f)2,46295511
Q0LcxSurvival of the SpeciesAdult (f)2,9718204
ZkO9kZ'NebulaAdult (f)1,9947021
BlRgTIB Green NebbieAdult (m)4,2309525
xPZpuRed Nebbie of SmurfAdult (f)4,3901,0325
WtFGd3EG Silver NebulaAdult (m)3,0398804
IyijRBaron NebulaAdult (m)5,9511,2275
NMV6fLL Green Nebula SmurfAdult (m)3,2006453
awU6uEmpress Red NebulaAdult (f)3,3057083
Hkg8IWalking the Nebula StairsAdult (f)3,2128543
iEK1bAll Nebbies All The TimeAdult (f)3,03581915
N2USHSelf-Assured by AprilAdult (f)2,5125713
40bIjA Nebula StargazerAdult (m)3,3989494
7ntTz2EG PB Red NebulaAdult (f)2,0286844
fqhdxOops I'm greenAdult (m)2,0545595
gIQsnBut I Am PurpleAdult (m)4,5199741
3jX54Lurking NebulaAdult (m)4,19997019
KJyqaNebula RoyalAdult (f)2,5246893
sEADsKrehaAdult (m)2,1944629
SgTVdEmperor Green NebulaAdult (m)3,2238534
Q2i5BRed Nebula SmurfAdult (f)4,1418393
hAupASazirAdult (m)3,6228995
NvbC9ShiblerAdult (m)3,2401,1245
eaT2PStomping AviationAdult (m)5,1658848
5UUYcGreen Nebula EmpressAdult (m)3,3651,2094
zZyqFZ'NebAdult (f)5,4527245
fhZTmBlustar NebulaAdult (m)5,2619293
2Q0uHDance Nebula DanceAdult (f)3,7261,2154
L0zgpNebbie Smurf ThuwedAdult (f)3,45385910
ioh67Queen Nebula DragonAdult (f)4,91390611
uW31oKing Nebula DragonAdult (m)4,5639068
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