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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “llyoung,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
U7SeSIndigo Lunar LordAdult (m)4,8017061
GiXMYPure Golden IndigoAdult (m)5,1107291
OlcBJIndigo VolcanoAdult (m)5,6607684
Y0BlEMoonlight's IndigoAdult (m)4,7897251
FH6SLLapis Lazuli SmurfAdult (m)5,4048130
tf9teIndigo Herald KingAdult (m)2,8396381
kiUb7Indigo BruteAdult (f)2,7626381
Y7ho4Brutal IndigoAdult (m)2,8256330
eHlu8Indigo Herald QueenAdult (f)2,6315950
PTQNNSilver is the new IndigoAdult (m)4,2987921
jTTo8Indigo Herald PrincessAdult (f)4,5417690
v32eUIndigo Herald PrinceAdult (m)5,0867331
M5TFRIndigo of a Different ColorAdult (m)5,4197910
Rcw5DVolcano BluesAdult (m)5,7508293
Oetd4Prince Indigo LunarAdult (m)3,3067173
pnD1bMany Different ColorsAdult (f)4,1867520
tQcpMPure of IndigoAdult (m)4,7727932
VzGUEIndigo Lunar KingAdult (m)4,7628315
2bL3YIndigo Lunar QueenAdult (f)5,2117835
WSic4Indigo Lunar BaronessAdult (f)5,2378143
rf1p4Extraorinary LunarAdult (m)5,4127164
GT8pGIndigo Lunar EmperorAdult (m)5,2118415
5ImA8Lunar PalaceAdult (f)5,6717243
lMg5DDouble LunarAdult (m)6,1017564
9p2BZLunartoeAdult (m)5,9227633
Hbv0DHe's a BeefcakeAdult (m)3,6557184
0LN5OMismatched LunarAdult (f)3,6617122
yaClkBarbara LuAdult (f)4,4828572
jZnQCIndigo Lunar ReflectionAdult (f)6,0877372
ti8W0Lunar SmurfetteAdult (f)5,7817773
i9vwXNever Winning at LoveAdult (m)3,2916913
5p7vcIndigo LoonAdult (m)6,7867571
E5YkJTime of the LunarsAdult (m)4,6569384
n6RDgLunar BluAdult (m)2,3525193
gwlPmLuna Herald DragonAdult (f)2,5665564
12bUqLittle IndigoHatchling (F)1,5052831
GAdDGFrozen HeraldHatchling (f, F)5,0708072
dfWZKIndigo RecruitHatchling (F)1,1633422
VD7EMagi SmurfAdult (f)8,1951,29447
0JHmMagius SmurfAdult (m)6,51359028
hgR8WizardessAdult (f)2,6736417
R9ZtWitch SmurfAdult (f)1,74168110
BUeIWizard SmurfAdult (m)2,0227579
69sfMagical Orange SmurfAdult (m)2,3308806
TecgI Love Magic SmurfAdult (m)1,80166018
cjRELovely Magics SmurfAdult (f)2,64559629
WlhZOrange Sorcerer SmurfAdult (m)3,30854811
IS3GTara SmurfAdult (f)70747228
6u3FWillow SmurfAdult (f)4,2552856
QeOaMagic is FunAdult (m)6,6371,4249
Mh53Magic User SmurfAdult (m)1,44443814
MFYuWizardezz SmurfAdult (f)1,28540017
0fkqMuwasuc Ehudwo ThuwedAdult (m)2,73691511
DO6bThe Orange SmurfAdult (f)3,06458116
la6TOrange Mist SmurfAdult (f)2,66573017
qvX3Magi Dorkface SmurfAdult (m)2,7576518
4kT6Gift of the Magi SmurfAdult (m)2,62275115
3f7DMagical Wonder SmurfAdult (m)4,51239212
MWlCKGandalf SmurfAdult (m)2,6946237
uF9UqLL Magi SmurfAdult (m)2,9454997
jQpnPLL 2 Magi SmurfAdult (m)2,5378429
nGnnLDumbledore SmurfAdult (m)3,10861610
eSB8PMagi Tinsel ThuwedAdult (m)3,54554610
CILkKLL2 Magi SmurfAdult (m)3,0005234
Ap1fYMagus StarrAdult (m)3,0882917
nGHdFLady MagicsAdult (f)3,0095746
JWjbH3 Gen Even Gen Magi SmurfAdult (f)3,93052410
5IDBJTonks SmurfAdult (f)3,4525617
KVTeEMarch of the Magi SmurfsAdult (f)2,0896336
eTbUS3EG Magi SmurfAdult (m)2,4785685
I63Q35EG Mystic RibbonsAdult (f)2,4367415
UOH5SLL3 Magi SmufAdult (f)3,44068610
7Xl4vLord of the MagiAdult (m)2,0928076
uGqiPStaired MagiAdult (f)3,3259251
oFf6lSL Magi SmurfAdult (m)4,3375546
aqPNUOrange SmurfetteAdult (f)4,1136204
YqijRLL3 Magi SmurfAdult (m)3,2127483
KBa0YMagical SmurfAdult (f)4,62468910
7ZsgnTranscended MagicAdult (f)3,2385954
ADjcRLL4 Magi SmurfAdult (f)3,8997009
Q25YcI've Got MagicAdult (m)3,5177755
HDKcJBelieve in the MagicAdult (f)4,78079113
j72b9Mister MagicAdult (m)3,6645974
vU2aE3EG Lady MagicAdult (f)5,9527479
nm4OFMr MagicaAdult (m)3,8248897
tTunf2EG PB OrangefieldAdult (m)3,9245532
f9cMAOrange LurkerAdult (f)3,7677723
jnF4MLurker MagiAdult (m)3,8417393
A7gTO3EG Lurker of the Orange MoonAdult (f)3,4297801
XnRKOIma MagiAdult (f)3,0917068
bS8voMagical   MeAdult (m)3,5277656
Mu1i2He's MagicalAdult (m)2,60887510
duZJjIB LL Magical SmurfAdult (f)4,7215162
OlPSrMagical Lava StairedAdult (f)2,3979123
vTlRe2EG Magi SmurfetteAdult (f)3,4259554
bnObJI'm MagicalAdult (m)3,3699918
5qZcxShiny OrangeAdult (m)4,4484274
HBXQs2EG PB Magi SmurfetteAdult (f)5,1454985
EDSnJBaroness MagiAdult (f)3,3533902
zh1i5Lustre SmurfAdult (m)2,8845572
z9dCdMagi CountessAdult (f)2,7384572
rWWx5Magical SurpriseAdult (f)4,3503635
YDA5fMagical SmurfetteAdult (f)1,6126095
77Ks6Magical Orange GoldAdult (f)3,7414032
AvTMBLL1 Magi SmurfAdult (m)2,2415525
yxMUrMagi RoyalAdult (m)2,0226993
bLrMBMagical DuchessAdult (f)3,4387603
IRsjAJungle MagicAdult (m)3,6028022
RLNmHMy Magical MeAdult (m)4,45785210
9aPSQMagical EmperorAdult (m)4,4437404
gk7ZJVolcano MagicAdult (m)3,4417513
K3PPYDesert MagicAdult (m)3,9197573
58GjwMagic of LurkingAdult (f)2,6966636
iXvNSLL2 MagiAdult (f)4,5855056
Xgd8wMagi in the JungleAdult (f)4,5999072
nCZOvIt's Pure MagicAdult (m)3,1435552
y190dUneven MagicAdult (f)6,9115759
6Q6L5Magi Dragon LadyAdult (f)2,4406447
V01JPFate's MagicAdult (f)2,9306238
mGTDQGasping SwimmerkinsAdult (m)6,4596684
AD0BPLL3 MagiAdult (f)1,90460337
qNAqmI'm MagicaAdult (m)6,2547604
LnDo1LL4 MagiAdult (m)6,3298063
nDS2eQueen Magi DragonAdult (f)4,8659112
s0W1ePurely MagicalAdult (m)6,2187001
OTNTmMagi Dragon KingAdult (m)3,4665652
LfmEFrozen Magi SmurfHatchling (F)7721627
LXqhFrozen Wizard SmurfHatchling (m, F)1,9185568
ZMcSMFrozen MagixHatchling (F)2,1031422
Qon6DIB a MagiHatchling (F)2,4311625
3LTYpMagi RecruitHatchling (F)1,9161812
cO5laMagi Recruit 1Hatchling (F)3,2743919
f9LQGMagi Recruit 2Hatchling (F)2,3831642
u9tXmMagi Recruit 3Hatchling (F)2,4171622
FqMMLava SmurfAdult (f)2,08374612
otHOMagma SmurfAdult (m)1,8917367
POe5Volcano SmurfAdult (m)1,6818049
NVOGDusk Dorkface Thuwed SmurfAdult (m)1,8809177
WW64Too Hot To Touch SmurfAdult (f)1,74683415
F4FWHot Stuff SmurfAdult (m)1,79888214
P3nYVulcan SmurfAdult (m)2,64658422
KsNKMolten Hot Lava SmurfAdult (f)2,30032018
Y8IOVesuvius SmurfAdult (f)1,1885348
6WgRMolten Spirit SmurfAdult (m)3,63055717
JhC0Volcanic MaxblastAdult (m)3,7475889
sSgYKnocked Magma SmurfAdult (f)2,47872318
NvjBMagmanorminous SmurfAdult (m)5,4361,00310
AX74Magnificent LavaAdult (m)2,97832615
lkZcLady Magma SmurfAdult (f)2,78544812
vIF6SCelestial Volcano SmurfAdult (m)2,66367814
ABR3WKing LavaAdult (m)3,1868407
bkHuPLavalicious SmurfAdult (f)2,2535986
f0PckMount IliamnaAdult (f)2,39478110
jbuQDLord MagmaAdult (m)2,8667229
tHvOoLord Magma SmurfAdult (m)3,7439046
f8vamPeppermint LavaAdult (f)3,2726855
qgs7hLady Magma SmurfetteAdult (f)2,5126476
SJWCtSpiraled MagmaAdult (f)3,7427436
c8dNRShadowed MagmaAdult (m)4,80060312
XZN403EG Magma FlamesAdult (m)3,2948035
BZDSSIma BuzzardAdult (f)4,7816114
jM0hPGold'n LavaAdult (f)3,7647024
Rj35a3EG Magical LavaAdult (f)3,5868248
QRAJnGolden Chocolate LavaAdult (f)4,2329966
NKEi7Phantom LizardAdult (f)3,3648605
kUSd9Duchess LavaAdult (f)4,7241,28210
s1ASb2EG PB Magma SmurfAdult (m)2,5556749
wej91Baroness MagmaAdult (f)4,2359125
AQMAJDuchess MagmaAdult (f)2,7057816
bYNvPBaroness LavaAdult (f)3,5668365
Kmj5MKimjiAdult (f)4,3551,5286
bjpEDLavamonAdult (f)4,2681,02710
BRYknMolten GoldenAdult (f)5,1757993
nD5gpBalagogAdult (f)2,5247457
yVMqsKing Magma DragonAdult (m)3,1817767
cgmLiPrince Magma DragonAdult (m)4,0221,0114
wbvn7Emperor Magma DragonAdult (m)3,5169617
BnSoWCount Magma DragonAdult (m)5,1307091
T0IEuMagma Dragon KingAdult (m)5,8387165
q2zKQMagma Dragon LordAdult (m)4,7999442
qxYk4Magma Dragon LadyAdult (f)3,5428042
TxeioMagma Dragon PrinceAdult (m)2,9666911
az2k0Magma Dragon SmurfAdult (m)4,9597635
lXRyVMagma NoeyAdult (m)3,0764515
oEoXFrozen Magma SmurfHatchling (f, F)1,2615127
JSZfFrozen Hot StuffHatchling (F)2,2704039
7X84Minty SmurfAdult (m)7,17080013
vOyPMy First Dorkface SmurfAdult (f)1,71774611
M3r2Minty Fresh SmurfAdult (m)2,95769717
06RUPeppermint SmurfAdult (f)2,86070221
WWhbMinty Chip SmurfAdult (m)3,21175024
kYfEAhhh Minty Fresh SmurfAdult (m)6,69273811
GC8SMinty Cuffed SmurfAdult (f)2,28655326
njaoPeppermint Toothpaste SmurfAdult (f)1,37156241
0vjHPeppermint Tea SmurfAdult (f)2,7322763
ZAbLLagie's Mint FetishAdult (f)1,8016544
ZL7sItty Bitty Minty SmurfAdult (m)2,36574310
h8KoYorks Peppermint PattyAdult (f)2,46669014
X8AgMinty MountainAdult (m)2,0593365
mEO7cMint Peppermint Pattie SmurfAdult (f)1,5596655
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