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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “llyoung,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
3jxxjBefore The HicoAdult (m)4,28362613
ksQsnRoyal HellhorseAdult (f)2,8717603
nz1D7My Little MutantAdult (m)3,2426463
enihHBlazing SpiritsAdult (f)2,9107163
c7QS2Princess MidnightAdult (f)3,8136252
AJZoRAzoreAdult (m)3,4036071
JcwuIPrince HellhorseAdult (m)3,1285362
nKuIeKing DreadflareAdult (m)4,2236435
ikt68Princess DreadflareAdult (f)7,2757333
7cQfILord DreadflareAdult (m)5,0456783
ySVew4EG DreadFlareAdult (m)4,2847614
AJwiUFrom Noon Till MidnightAdult (f)3,3146202
ac99F3EG DreadflareAdult (m)3,1835242
TcIuKLucky HellhorseAdult (m)3,1556503
8wFZRWellspring of LamentAdult (f)4,2236624
0QgfHHellhorse DuchessAdult (f)3,9997165
ozOTY3EG Lady HellhorseAdult (f)4,5487543
N9VskNavaroneAdult (m)3,4116361
OqHGnAsh'orAdult (f)3,3446493
2653iAt One With FireAdult (f)2,9477442
QzHAi4EG Lady HellhorseAdult (f)4,0006854
PytSmShe's a Burning Ring of FireAdult (f)3,4586573
RxZtCBokhunAdult (f)2,6187324
zvTxQFinnipAdult (m)2,6637301
HHfJsWahamaAdult (f)2,7207784
aknxnYaxtoAdult (f)2,5607743
5VhKFKalvelAdult (f)2,4947602
GYslIZwoyttAdult (m)2,5397363
0pFRtFrosted Sky HellhorseAdult (f)2,8598522
T8AGpLancer HellhorseAdult (f)4,0107461
dAKbbHellhorse GoddessAdult (f)3,7067171
sxeJAHellhorse QueenAdult (f)3,4857671
EFWy4Hellhorse EmpressAdult (f)2,4577757
K8RBRHellhorse ImpAdult (m)4,1778357
dXUT1Fleet FirefootAdult (f)5,1687304
K5oGWSL HellhorseAdult (f)4,7616732
MawvwEhwyAdult (f)5,9496537
lPcctHellhorse DestructionAdult (f)3,35989710
xKdMlUneven Hot WingsAdult (m)3,5064662
exjnQFrozen Lil'HellhorseHatchling (m, F)3,2605801
lrmJKFrozen Hellhorse SmurfHatchling (F)1,6331511
U2luILil'HellhorseHatchling (f, F)3,8826082
1H1cOHell's RecruitHatchling (F)2,0741603
jEDCcLord Hooktalon DragonAdult (m)2,4327481
odw1sLady Hooktalon DragonAdult (f)2,6097482
65Hz3King Hooktalon DragonAdult (m)2,4297272
SXwX7Princess Hooktalon DragonAdult (f)4,4578283
TgtNDHooktalon LordAdult (m)3,7668383
LQO2AHooktalon Dragon PrincessAdult (f)5,2561,1116
JCrYvHooktalon BaronAdult (m)2,9936611
s3f6WHooktalon CountessAdult (f)3,4836091
OLSb4Hooktalon CountAdult (m)3,7466272
yyuxzHooktalon ScalesAdult (m)4,5437913
NquLwHooktalon ScaledAdult (f)4,6517702
02ul1I Growl Therefore I AmAdult (m)5,5975752
7D5EKGrowling as I GoAdult (m)2,9857043
QyQvPTwo in the DesertAdult (f)4,9807182
ein9XHooktalon DukeAdult (m)4,6637872
4lBPnHooktalon DuchessAdult (f)4,8737624
7qvPTGilded GrowlerAdult (f)5,3166911
pBBouHooktalon SmurfetteAdult (f)5,6767291
FGKKMMixed HooksAdult (f)5,8757332
50iigHooktalon EmpressAdult (f)6,1147001
07NR1Hooktalon GoddessAdult (f)6,4006881
OprRUHooktalon SmurfAdult (m)6,2506842
zy4rBZ'HookTalon DragonAdult (m)5,6957301
roQhYSir Hook TalonAdult (m)6,1606102
TYozPHooktalon GodAdult (m)4,1206031
EFgOyCurious HookAdult (m)4,1086001
MN6tKXawcoAdult (m)3,3755182
LpVogBaron HooktalonAdult (m)5,1787673
fNnB8Hooktalon EmperorAdult (m)5,2827182
pm6j5Hawk's TalonAdult (f)6,5161,0713
LCI8xGilded HooksAdult (f)5,7696422
zW9gIHooktalon EarlAdult (m)2,5867008
xoK0LChocolate TalonsAdult (m)3,6547774
5wh0ZShe Has Her Hooks in YouAdult (f)5,2178794
zaFWBHooks and WurmsAdult (m)6,7935922
xqaxFFreaky TalonsAdult (f)6,6595952
TgthCHooktalon BaronessAdult (f)5,6116301
zPdE7Hooktalon LassAdult (f)4,0717531
Z2eEeZ'HookAdult (m)3,3258864
UQLcfHooktalon LadAdult (m)3,3834641
X34PGSecond Head Dead HeadAdult (f)3,8145473
sXu9aHooktalon Dragon LordAdult (m)3,9035272
csvTKHooktalon Dragon PrinceAdult (m)6,0727113
P5ybWHooktalon Dragon DukeAdult (m)3,5056042
9pPK0Bloody StairsAdult (f)5,0029963
AnHCtTalon HookAdult (m)4,1135304
ejlQtHooktalon Dragon CountessAdult (f)6,5156537
vYXrULil'HooksHatchling (F)1,8782012
rA95Say NeighAdult (m)1,92086916
ErVUNeigh Neigh SmurfAdult (f)1,66979610
0OR3Majestic Purple SmurfAdult (m)1,7848369
67OmDragon Horse SmurfAdult (m)1,7377896
LbqoPurple Pegasus SmurfAdult (m)1,7347276
vGHhPurple Equine-like SmurfAdult (m)1,8786565
BLMcThe Real Super SmurfAdult (f)1,7068107
GoJaFreaky SmurfAdult (f)3,1052434
aA3vWhicker SmurfAdult (f)2,0502839
IKsMSuper SupremeAdult (f)1,7102965
pb5uNeigh SayerAdult (m)1,5823956
U46jFlicka SmurfAdult (f)3,3552249
1pKBIron TuushAdult (f)4,3894587
m5uWPurple Prancing SmurfAdult (m)3,3029126
OptcPurple Equine DragonAdult (f)3,38685110
ra7OHorse of a  Different ColorAdult (f)5,5451,20716
df5FkDuke HorseyAdult (m)3,6138823
q5IC5Ima HorseAdult (f)2,44965610
22oHFThe Neighs Have ItAdult (m)2,9366427
7VGJ3Vivid Purple SmurfAdult (m)4,6364636
KJrvtHooves of Venice SmurfAdult (m)3,6085849
HoijUHoiju Dragon Horse SmurfAdult (m)2,6226318
AnRHNArwen Dragon Horse SmurfAdult (f)2,8185665
Gd65ALady Dragon HorseAdult (f)2,9885875
LcqoUI Neigh Therefore I AmAdult (m)2,54953533
jlFp5Lord Horse DragonAdult (m)3,1985584
KgB6cLord of the Horse DragonsAdult (m)2,5355525
A92Wf3EG HorsedragonAdult (m)3,6814971
SHJokStaired Dragon HorseAdult (m)3,9505342
fSjDNHorse Dragon SmurfetteAdult (f)2,7426404
fkXstFriendly FlickaAdult (f)3,2466156
kLluqIma Purple SmurfetteAdult (f)3,8735446
74LeNCrouching HorseAdult (f)3,6057417
tY11RI Say NeighAdult (m)3,9735068
s6AqBShadow HorseAdult (m)3,1097802
ETQmF6EG Doctor WhoAdult (f)2,8247675
ZYSdVMiss Dragon HorseAdult (f)2,9836424
L7eVmShadow RunAdult (f)4,0517114
sZF82Lucky SoftstepAdult (m)4,4677093
cSHYkIma Dragon HorseAdult (f)5,5999656
oUcjlMoonlight CentaurAdult (m)4,5817013
DvbjLShadow's SpectreAdult (f)3,1337573
PHRLD2EG PB Dragon Horse SmurfetteAdult (f)4,7467693
PdvAELurking HorseAdult (f)3,9248834
LF4DbWish I had an AttitudeAdult (f)2,9307591
G0e1S7EG PB Horse DragonAdult (m)2,9138161
TWU5Y3EG Purple SunsetAdult (f)4,4157282
huDFJ3EG Purple RosebudAdult (m)1,9437142
S4vSrMr Horse DragonAdult (m)3,9156933
qN6LSPrince Dragon HorseAdult (m)2,3438027
KjSVmCall Me Mr HorseAdult (m)4,0877502
hJQLlIcy RideAdult (m)4,2736344
CQnRFDesert Runner SpiralAdult (f)3,2007554
RrrgrRoargrrAdult (m)4,4945224
lD4SECount Dragon HorseAdult (m)4,4186143
drEqmDr EquineAdult (m)3,5017958
tkl4k6EG Pure ThuwedAdult (f)2,7487543
gBEd8My Lovely Purple ValentineAdult (f)3,0067374
6XVqkTreasured DaggerAdult (m)5,3146374
2UlmlChocolate Neigh NeighAdult (m)3,9386781
S2o9hSuper HeartAdult (f)3,9817126
1vSEG4EG PB Horse DragonAdult (f)2,4087815
EY5rkFrill of the RideAdult (m)3,4108355
Jl5BGSuper Chocolate Neigh NeighAdult (m)2,7448104
iVIeKLil'BrimAdult (f)3,5018901
Y598O3EG Purple Sunset ThuwedAdult (f)3,3597304
UbB4ICountess Dragon HorseAdult (f)3,6165341
kEKks6EG Horse Dragon ThuwedAdult (f)2,3147336
U60vBBoiling HoofAdult (f)2,9276875
1b2N2Valentine PonyAdult (m)2,7716672
Pz0E1Duchess Horse DragonAdult (f)2,2758242
ibAsUDiva ShimmerfailAdult (f)2,8107167
NySfkWar WindAdult (m)3,7866393
nBYa2Princess Horse DragonAdult (f)3,3751,0195
WWD0GWar DogAdult (m)3,5156902
BO0G9Royal NeighAdult (m)3,4338243
fUEQ2Supreme NeighAdult (m)3,2638792
kmY0dDiva ShimmerkinAdult (m)2,6918691
pjNgESilvered Moonlit PegasusAdult (m)5,0347244
btJOyBit of JoyAdult (m)3,1748516
OqA2DIB a Horse DragonAdult (f)2,5548058
k7DLDPony DivaAdult (m)2,3176953
fcsLISilvered HorseAdult (f)3,2324796
dCq2kCountess HorseAdult (f)3,4386141
KqzfLCount Horse DragonAdult (m)3,8067923
CeuRSCeurosAdult (m)4,3624922
4Fo1ZDiva FailAdult (m)3,7046152
eMNtzGolden PonyAdult (f)3,8535072
4qXQUSatan's HorsedragonAdult (m)3,3204686
Gq5BYDivaGAdult (m)2,8044693
2qDSaDragon Horse BaronAdult (m)2,6464271
mlUIbDonkey SunshineAdult (f)3,6283372
ATcGkViolet PonyAdult (f)2,0444522
EnJuVPinked PurpleAdult (m)4,5784005
PX9leDragon Horse Shimmer FailAdult (f)4,8405014
qqigdLL Dragon HorseAdult (m)1,8503843
T885PLL1 Dragon HorseAdult (f)1,7285695
iWwF0Ruby's Purple RoseAdult (f)3,1138101
itF9TLL2 Dragon HorseAdult (m)3,4127531
IAVsRLavsorAdult (f)2,00790012
HTHcMDragon Horse LordAdult (m)3,1187012
6zjNWDragon Horse KingAdult (m)3,7987561
Ue821Pony HollyAdult (m)3,8527552
Vc3oIDragon Horse PrinceAdult (m)3,5967212
y8dSdPony MasterAdult (m)4,0477252
E7Rw4Silvered Dragon HorseAdult (f)4,0757362
1kBL2Bluemane SmurfAdult (m)3,2038532
M6XDRCrouching Tinsel FailAdult (m)2,5758472
BCgO0Purple SoulchaserAdult (m)3,8027822
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