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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “llyoung,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8Ou1Lord Albino SmurfAdult (m)3,5306636
TZZ7KAlbino Tizzik SmurfAdult (f)2,86857715
gJrICKing Albino SmurfAdult (m)2,23275914
fggSEThe Albino SmurfAdult (f)3,0935084
KP4ufLL AlbinoAdult (m)3,7726414
F3X1CLL Albino SmurfAdult (f)3,6854534
UbS9C2nd Gen AlbinoAdult (m)3,6524494
Ui5YpKing BrokeneckAdult (m)2,6745987
L6bcoCount AlbinoAdult (m)2,9505364
eC0q4Albino SmurfetteAdult (f)2,5206124
l85fMIma AlbinoAdult (f)2,8565962
BXVb6My Neck Hurts SmurfAdult (m)2,6636054
uHfTEQueen AlbinoAdult (f)5,4698392
ffFTkDuke AlbinoAdult (m)8766362
pWPfLAlbino Tinsel FailAdult (f)4,1777763
1JdUf2EG Albino SmurfAdult (f)2,4848173
rS1olLady of the AlbinosAdult (f)3,6385072
hb5Z14EG Albino SmurfetteAdult (f)2,7089284
EP6noMiss AlbinoAdult (f)3,3965903
jP75ePrince AlbinoAdult (m)3,9205286
hhE24SL Albino SmurfAdult (f)2,2266842
N9MHnLady Albino GreyAdult (f)4,0808377
J0fMEMissy AlbinoAdult (f)3,6775713
FgPieStaired AlbinoAdult (m)2,59675415
VIn9VMonarch AlbinoAdult (m)3,5257978
FcjnmKnight AlbinoAdult (m)3,58682113
COQaLAlbino MajestyAdult (f)3,4477749
W4pe9Duchess AlbinoAdult (f)3,41278514
N6j7P2EG Albino SmurfetteAdult (f)2,6435584
QhgjlTsar AlbinoAdult (m)2,8819322
Pp512Albino KingAdult (m)1,8797298
s2o4JCountess AlbinoAdult (f)4,5336875
ZggceZ'Punk SmurfAdult (f)2,68082811
9YCwb5EG Albino ThuwedAdult (m)2,1497316
zWEbGZ'AlbinoAdult (m)4,5917535
Eox2qAlbino ShimmerAdult (f)4,3514083
nfKP1Baroness AlbinoAdult (f)3,8916144
a8AEITsarina AlbinoAdult (f)3,2338578
t2nEI2EG PB AlbinoAdult (m)2,9126433
1PtcESL1 Albino SmurfAdult (m)2,4226672
PMyJLAlbino RoyalAdult (m)1,8855622
hqDbmCoppered AlbinoAdult (f)3,0346684
mXcizStaired Albino SmurfAdult (m)3,5607703
X6an3Albino MonarchAdult (f)1,13744410
pRJKWOh  the  humanityAdult (f)2,6908182
pchSVGod AlbinoAdult (m)3,2095815
8fR6RBaron AlbinoAdult (m)1,8726362
RVrzPAlbino LadAdult (m)2,9057204
QrgaxAlbino LassAdult (f)1,9726864
i9YW3Shrieking SmurfAdult (f)2,2207202
gsLZKAlbino Lady SmurfAdult (f)3,1009856
k7kKl2EG PB Albino SmurfAdult (m)4,0237673
gZNnvMountain AlbinoAdult (m)4,1247601
xnlNOAlbino PrinceAdult (m)2,2508653
CMlyeLL Albino 1Adult (f)1,3615044
RUbyvRuby's VictoryAdult (f)3,0348586
zeZGRJet AlbinoAdult (f)4,2417272
vHdAcForest AlbinoAdult (m)5,1585813
csnJUKing Albino DragonAdult (m)3,7785674
4EYiQAlbino Rose LoveAdult (m)5,9179024
IcuGDGothic SinAdult (m)7,1616658
EnPhlStealing EleganceAdult (m)3,6561,0182
5eDyRSilvered AlbinoAdult (m)4,9308984
byGxDBy  GodAdult (m)2,0533765
5eXG8LL1 AlbinoAdult (m)5,0958297
3YkFdLurking AlbinoAdult (f)5,5207386
bDRx5Albino Dragon LadyAdult (f)5,7296202
1FRoFrozen Translucent SmurfHatchling (f, F)9934366
3Va4Frozen Albino SmurfHatchling (F)8651147
iaR2TFrozen ShriekerHatchling (F)1,0411041
GDN0uFrozen Pale SmurfHatchling (F)4721971
yEEDXFrozen Albino SmurflingHatchling (F)2,4391641
PaeJuFreezer PopHatchling (F)2,6561782
ltR37Frozen Lil'AlbinoHatchling (F)2,0401362
1TpNsAlbino RecruitHatchling (F)1,3422270
GbJqhAlbino Recruit 1Hatchling (F)1,4032123
PdPFOAlbino Recruit 2Hatchling (F)1,9362302
mCW4qAlbino Recruit 3Hatchling (F)2,2231702
KTm69Albino Recruit 4Hatchling (F)1,0581013
vkN9KAlbino Recruit 5Hatchling (F)2,0491723
xwRPQAlbino Recruit 6Hatchling (F)2,4901707
NTg3IDuke AnagallisAdult (m)4,0058693
wCll7Duchess AnagallisAdult (f)4,3998491
aAWXiBaroness AnagallisAdult (f)4,2528841
LbuEgGoddess AnagallisAdult (f)4,1508711
90RGWLord AnagallisAdult (m)2,5388046
1pcwELady AnagallisAdult (f)2,5927905
xTwIHQueen AnagallisAdult (f)2,4978061
b9XhZKing AnagallisAdult (m)2,5578175
eF3j8Princess AnagallisAdult (f)2,5998403
ph5e1Anagallis LadyAdult (f)2,5838043
qM629Prince AnagallisAdult (m)2,5728304
anVvgEmperor AnagallisAdult (m)3,9498623
Z5G20Z'Anagallis DragonAdult (m)4,4959153
fliWDIma AnagallisAdult (f)3,8119151
1VPJ7Empress AnagallisAdult (f)2,3067541
ruV94Countess AnagallisAdult (f)2,3117092
fXvzlAnagallis GodAdult (m)2,5337831
EcYcFCount AnagallisAdult (m)2,6037631
S6rAbAnagallis FlowerAdult (f)4,1349112
zlHW5Anagallis LadAdult (m)4,7058883
tJ24TAnagallis LassAdult (f)4,4448662
Xp4JgAnagallis CountAdult (m)4,5628381
aODqDAnagallis CountessAdult (f)4,6048181
c1sc4God AnagallisAdult (m)4,5778591
gJr7aPure AnagallisAdult (f)5,2827333
r14bhAna's GemAdult (f)5,6737681
obC90Ana GemAdult (m)6,0117481
Enya1Ana'GallisAdult (f)3,8411,0684
iyTvDAnagallis DukeAdult (m)2,8687901
qv4NDAnagallis GoddessAdult (f)2,9077962
ILYfdAnagallis EmpressAdult (f)2,9267631
UHFsWAnagallis BaronAdult (m)2,8037732
k1OQiBaron AnagallisAdult (m)2,8268041
N2n2PGhost of a GemAdult (m)3,6317533
nSOgdSunny AnaAdult (f)5,6838471
XZdfJI'm so red facedAdult (m)3,34428230
7mOCwRed Socks are all the RageAdult (m)2,5468722
ZX4j4They Aren't SocksAdult (m)4,9071,0195
ThthpDorsaled AnagallisAdult (m)6,1927109
C36ICQueen TulipAdult (f)6,9017433
5bpBEBlue Socks are all the RageAdult (f)5,7048969
M3cpVCrassidonAdult (m)5,9637204
zLxiuBenosaurusAdult (m)6,1087442
aOWnXWith Red SocksAdult (m)7,0107362
9meSfCaimurrAdult (m)6,1477283
vqrOIAna'SmurfetteAdult (f)7,1716972
O4zoTSilvered AnaAdult (f)7,0407112
x4v3IAnagallis RedsAdult (m)7,9177011
L6uwvPure AnaAdult (f)7,1036894
NcbJPI'm so blue facedAdult (f)4,0526111
CqSPIAnagallis GemAdult (m)4,0066052
zSKfJDesert Anagallis FlowerAdult (f)4,0646433
wZXvUFullmoon SmurfAdult (f)3,5766422
rvTzXLady Ana of the DesertAdult (f)2,9858363
FQXPGKnight AnagallisAdult (m)6,4485643
DbG0IDame BarbaraAdult (f)6,6676182
6sk07JahjeAdult (f)6,3356522
K2YFjSummer's AnaAdult (f)6,6086621
4iLIoDevon SmurfAdult (m)6,5475851
9qphjPurely AnagallisAdult (f)4,2977406
beIKuMidzaAdult (f)5,5757431
NxJXmPure of AnagallisAdult (m)5,6267353
lGvCbAnagallis BBAdult (f)5,7586002
o4uM8Ana Gallis BAdult (f)5,9135962
1vdIHAnagallis BAdult (m)5,8386001
XPKteAnagallis SmurfetteAdult (f)5,8566331
hxZJWSilvered AnagallisAdult (m)5,5706511
R3ONdPurely of AnagallisAdult (m)5,4696332
H3nMCAnagallis Dragon QueenAdult (f)3,2714651
64142Ana Gallis DragonAdult (f)4,6387672
JTlOZZ'Ana GallisAdult (f)3,5761,0058
tfssaAnagallis Dragon KingAdult (m)6,2406293
lBSMrAnagallis Dragon LordAdult (m)4,2798624
Z6eU1Z'Anagallis SmurfAdult (m)6,7719972
K6V4XSir Anagallis DragonAdult (m)6,1815240
ANe9bProfessor AnaAdult (f)6,0625764
YH1VC(YH1VC)Adult (m)4,3175051
yFAbsFrozen GallisHatchling (m, F)3,2196282
hjr8tFrozen AnaHatchling (f, F)3,0686063
c5EUFLil'AnaHatchling (F)1,2333925
EicueAnagallis RecruitHatchling (F)2,3461711
NU0UKAnagallis Recruit 1Hatchling (F)7102485
PW4GqAnagallis Recruit 2Hatchling (F)1,8581421
0qB6Pinkette SmurfAdult (f)6,23862931
oL3YPinky Girl SmurfAdult (f)2,1218689
1g1uFuschia SmurfAdult (f)2,2848257
Wo4HMajestic Pink SmurfAdult (f)2,2781,0087
piRgI am a Pink SmurfAdult (f)2,47399110
bNfmHot Pink SmurfAdult (f)1,5777677
qeJ7Neon Pink SmurfAdult (f)1,6796833
wUJRFrozen Pinkette SmurfHatchling (f, F)2,85798320
0NmZHelium SmurfAdult (m)2,2307485
HbMmHydrogen SmurfAdult (f)2,2327379
2x9lGassy SmurfAdult (m)1,88250327
9LcJBouncy SmurfAdult (m)4,0226359
tFXQBalloon SmurfAdult (f)1,37934525
Nm9fDusk Red Sox Dorkface SmurfAdult (f)1,81530916
p8XuPuffer SmurfAdult (f)2,18225412
NoVV99 Red BalloonsAdult (f)1,7897164
TS8gDon't Pop the BalloonAdult (f)2,4114515
nRBfBounce Bounce SmurfAdult (m)3,6446689
pNRKPop the BalloonAdult (f)3,6749506
6U70Poppity Poppity PopAdult (f)5,1583449
W6vPPop MeAdult (m)2,1717756
2KCJBlow Me UpAdult (f)3,8288766
MCnoNight of the Living PharmacistAdult (m)1,9662957
KhXRFloaty SmurfAdult (m)7,5531,09413
OOYfI Float Therefore I AmAdult (f)2,4424255
EpN5Lord of the BounceAdult (m)4,05051013
skZ3PoofimousAdult (f)3,0834502
IF0fjI Bounce Therefore I AmAdult (m)2,7436729
RtQFKBounce SmurfAdult (m)3,97844812
k9fspBalloon in Flight SmurfAdult (m)2,0513129
kVZpTBalloon Tinsel FailAdult (f)2,19854810
F50cXThe Balloon PoppedAdult (m)2,8716247
WgH0ALady of the BalloonsAdult (f)2,5487496
24qiWQueen of the BalloonsAdult (f)3,3576507
8AfVjCount the BalloonsAdult (f)2,5596604
4dPX4Balloon SmurfetteAdult (f)3,1836456
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