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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “llyoung,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
7JaYxThunder RoyalAdult (m)3,3248443
YFhkgJulie ThundersAdult (f)3,69293813
RK6YkThunder in the DesertAdult (f)3,5571,0192
rczeeZee ThunderAdult (m)3,5638612
nQWxqPrince Thunder DragonAdult (m)4,98651014
KJv3rMister Thunder DragonAdult (m)5,60691511
BSX0pQueen Thunder DragonAdult (f)3,3798648
J70tmKing Thunder DragonAdult (m)2,5787085
WRwF7Marrow DreamsAdult (m)3,2068327
xy2oyLove's Thunder StormAdult (m)7,1259084
ePZDGBaron Thunder DragonAdult (m)4,4053116
r3MtkRogue's ThunderAdult (m)4,7471,0348
jkYAtThunder  GodAdult (m)6,4047176
8mXrVThunderRoadAdult (m)5,0671,08116
0RhE2Emperor Thunder DragonAdult (m)4,7776524
yhTQ2Lady Thunder DragonAdult (f)4,8547331
wNQnKThundercats-HoAdult (m)7,4305603
3hpMWMister SparksAdult (m)5,4337082
K1wOQThunder Dragon LadyAdult (f)5,1457514
vHCc1ThunderfeetsAdult (f)4,6238233
7oavTThunder Dragon PrinceAdult (m)6,0661,0425
TSb4FThunder Dragon CountAdult (m)8,1971,28211
9VS8wThor Thunder GodAdult (m)5,6171,0174
5NMXFrozen Sparky SmurfHatchling (f, F)1,5295787
RdRNFrozen Lord Thunderbolt SmurfHatchling (F)1,4621489
y528OFrozen ThunderfootHatchling (F)9892323
EgUi2Tidal Red-FinnedAdult (f)4,1299244
VMpg2Lord Red-Finned TidalAdult (m)4,0029444
IU41rLady Red-Finned TidalAdult (f)4,2299673
Go8t4Prince Red-Finned TidalAdult (m)3,3551,0073
lAEX6Princess Red-Finned TidalAdult (f)3,0379703
Ln0lrKing Red-Finned TidalAdult (m)3,0529823
aOWJaQueen Red-Finned TidalAdult (f)3,1069852
je5aVEmperor Red-Finned TidalAdult (m)2,8947762
QnYSBGoddess Red-Finned TidalAdult (f)2,7187842
IgM1gGod Red-Finned TidalAdult (m)2,9358292
pdRPkDuke Red-Finned TidalAdult (m)3,5549612
aN1V0Empress Red-Finned TidalAdult (f)3,9799231
WSAl9Countess Red-Finned TidalAdult (f)2,8187151
G5YU4Duchess Red-Finned TidalAdult (f)2,4967547
Dxz5BBaroness Red-Finned TidalAdult (f)3,0127592
uH8pPMonarch Red-Finned TidalAdult (m)3,5928552
dU6VlRoyal Red-Finned TidalAdult (f)3,7008791
wT59GBaron Red-Finned TidalAdult (m)3,7658871
r9SoKCount Red-Finned TidalAdult (m)2,6458062
54VEtRed-Finned Tidal LadyAdult (f)3,6886581
8mjgNRed-Finned QueenAdult (f)3,1206331
9GczLLady Red-FinnedAdult (f)3,0047013
h4hGLRed-Finned KingAdult (m)3,1909122
gDDy8Ms Red-Finned TidalAdult (f)3,3637412
kIeE9Lord Red-FinnedAdult (m)2,3427482
26AITRed-Finned RoyalAdult (m)3,0907311
QoeSmQueen Red-FinnedAdult (f)3,1829482
k9HhNEmpress Red-FinnedAdult (f)4,1819042
Aluq6Emperor Red-FinnedAdult (m)4,2138822
mPjoBMr Red-FinnedAdult (m)2,9007261
20q0pMister Red-finnedAdult (m)3,4306801
lMNSkMister Tidal Red-FinnedAdult (m)3,0477872
bFoUY2EG PB Lady Red-FinnedAdult (f)3,7347423
v1DmGRed-Finned CountAdult (m)3,9957625
0DsHwBleeding Red-FinnedAdult (f)3,2816722
0FfnsSilvered Red-FinnedAdult (f)5,3346674
gZyxDRed-Finned MiracleAdult (m)2,5237441
cJCSzCee JayAdult (m)4,3197646
mFcl8MacafeeAdult (m)4,5447653
q6uB4Red-Finned DuchessAdult (f)3,9639363
zQk6JZ'Red-FinnedAdult (f)5,0039384
EpLLLTidal Red-Finned LadyAdult (f)1,7136263
KZnHSRed Finned MonarchAdult (m)3,0646165
bGlt7Lady of the Red FinsAdult (f)1,4766594
xwfmvLord of the Red TidesAdult (m)3,4171,0392
sVD8MLady of the Red TidesAdult (f)3,4481,0113
BHQU5Red Finned GodAdult (m)2,2558452
BI01jRed Finned BaronAdult (m)3,1586982
We88GTidal StairsAdult (m)1,5055723
inUzdRed Finned CountAdult (m)4,6189672
dsWDXCoastal Red-finnedAdult (m)2,9556621
ZKTZ7Red-Finned TunaAdult (m)5,0206513
tY6HY2EG PB RedfinnedAdult (f)2,4137216
vsaimVsaimAdult (m)2,96173223
t0AzKRed-Finned DragonAdult (m)4,0625641
RED5GElectrofinAdult (m)6,0818795
N7lVaMallard SmurfAdult (f)2,5256374
drFeGFin FailAdult (f)6,6207414
NRSliKing Red-finned Tidal DragonAdult (m)6,9525418
CWZIhBerry Berry Red-FinnedAdult (f)6,5668174
30x2vFinned Tidal DragonAdult (f)4,3698323
9eatwShe Who Must Not Be FinnedAdult (f)3,0681,0484
yAg3qRed-finned SmurfetteAdult (f)5,4138043
Klz3HFrozen Red TideHatchling (F)1,8271572
xRPZELil'Red-FinnedHatchling (m, F)3,7366051
wvuKmFrozen Red-FinnedHatchling (f, F)3,6825981
iF4v2Red-finned RecruitHatchling (F)1,3251954
EjXFWI Hate Black FridayAdult (f)3,67185111
kQ8iIQueen Tri-Horn WyvernAdult (f)3,6798425
o46rRLady Tri-Horn WyvernAdult (f)3,6558464
M01dAKing Tri-Horn WyvernAdult (m)3,6708156
amNVY3 Horn WyvernAdult (m)3,6648493
q9gI4Lord Tri-Horn WyvernAdult (m)3,7678616
k3kgsTri-Horn Wyvern GoddessAdult (f)4,3887277
B804PTri-Horn Wyvern GodAdult (m)4,2547283
TnBqlTri Horn SmurfAdult (m)3,8307792
SSu0FPrincess Tri-Horn WyvernAdult (f)4,2128286
QElqXTri-Horn SmurfetteAdult (f)3,9238104
d4PIhPrince Tri-Horn WyvernAdult (m)2,9597922
Yk4baDuchess Tri-Horn WyvernAdult (f)3,6568793
purJgTsar Tri-Horn WyvernAdult (m)3,78251316
QqUuSDuke Tri-Horn WyvernAdult (m)3,6677951
RgLLYMissy Tri-Horn WyvernAdult (f)3,5058203
seQSuKnight Tri-Horn WyvernAdult (m)3,4058114
0d9tFIma Tri-Horn WyvernAdult (f)3,4337914
BXhfsMr Tri-Horn WyvernAdult (m)3,3137561
em8msTsarina Tri-Horn WyvernAdult (f)3,8966513
d4AuiLurking WyvernAdult (f)2,6597593
jQnn8Wyvern LurkerAdult (m)2,8347732
WThv2Monarch Tri-Horn WyvernAdult (m)3,0567954
bPvhsBone Cruncher WyvernAdult (f)3,3948251
hbit0Silvery Tri-HornAdult (f)3,0297401
vC3adGoddess Tri-Horn WyvernAdult (f)3,5707273
itkLSSilvered Tri-HornAdult (m)2,8137552
XVD2cSilver Knight Tri-HornAdult (m)3,6217692
9Q0UkGolden Tri-HornAdult (m)2,8677551
XH4nBLurker HornAdult (m)2,7027551
XGbDjPrincess XenaAdult (f)5,9581,2548
MdOB1Tri-Horn MajestyAdult (f)5,8011,2424
MOZGpIma Tri-LurkerAdult (f)4,0357536
ovb3f3EG Tri-Horn WyvernAdult (f)2,4156382
EG6ZKTsarina Tri-LurkerAdult (f)3,2357422
MpLPWMonarch Tri-LurkerAdult (m)3,2847212
T9TLiHe of the Tri-hornsAdult (m)4,1676516
d2oeHBlu Tri-hornAdult (f)2,4677025
K7Z4DIma Gold Tri-HornAdult (f)2,9336974
K8BdNGold Tri-HornAdult (m)2,5157246
19bZNMs Tri-Horn WyvernAdult (f)2,5237754
oKFCXKFC Tri-HornAdult (m)3,5956883
ZI4UXZ'iuxAdult (m)3,5217511
PKJUdHer Majesty of the Tri-HornsAdult (f)4,1536741
OrD49OreidaAdult (f)2,4458262
1JcZRJazzarAdult (m)2,3717985
5XTY3Knight Tri-HornAdult (m)2,9527339
oSODP4EG PB Tri-Horn SmurfetteAdult (f)2,5388477
NDoGEThe DogeAdult (f)3,2117006
r9LovSilver Smurfer Tri-hornAdult (f)3,7348244
9FApbCount Tri-Horn WyvernAdult (m)2,5457272
sh27qKung Fu Panda 1Adult (m)3,8607717
GLA1SKung Fu Panda 2Adult (m)4,7787142
UkERSUkersAdult (f)5,22764710
1AUbBSilver Knight SmurferAdult (f)4,5287063
9LGZISilver Tri-HornAdult (m)4,3697121
BUvbmBuvbiemAdult (f)4,4677464
stlvlKnight of the Silvered Tri-hornsAdult (m)3,9818242
qRXZMSterling Tri-hornAdult (m)3,3176613
7mXiXTri-horn Shimmer FailAdult (m)5,3903715
ycPtJTri-hornAdult (m)2,2025849
44PccTri-horn GoddessAdult (f)1,6465900
Cg5KUTri-Horn EmpressAdult (f)2,4004144
26C0VHighborn StairAdult (m)2,1727374
FhQunStaired Tri-hornAdult (m)2,3068122
qEz5ZTri-Horn DukeAdult (m)2,5226621
4uqCJTri-Horn EmperorAdult (m)3,1088834
bu5IoTri-Horn GloryAdult (f)4,4761,2713
xmsZVRocky Mountain Tri-HornAdult (f)4,4227452
bLDTRIma Tri-HornAdult (f)1,5966774
WHqTSTri-Horn Wyvern LadyAdult (f)3,4028082
O2QiBTri-Horn LadAdult (m)2,3268425
mtS6SMounting StormAdult (m)4,6591,1092
H2sKxTri-Horn Wyvern BaronessAdult (f)4,3958771
mnuveBaron Tri-horn WyvernAdult (m)4,6687251
eYMytTriple MountainAdult (f)6,0496712
kQbpALL Tri-Horn ThuwedAdult (f)6,7477208
vFckRCoppered HornAdult (m)3,8121,16110
gHRa3Tri-Horn Wyvern DuchessAdult (f)2,1986164
KsdKNTri-Horn CakesAdult (f)6,8255453
gzVJUTri-Horn StripesAdult (f)6,2177146
rmuayTri-Horn Wyvern PrinceAdult (m)3,08970112
7JmBJTri-Horn of the SkiesAdult (f)4,8488146
s0idtTri-Horn Wyvern PrincessAdult (f)6,7307314
5ElnoTri-Horn Wyvern CountAdult (m)6,8577201
zLW1jZ'Tri-horned WyvernAdult (f)6,8879951
aP6gGLL Tri-HornAdult (f)3,8927032
3acRVHe of the Tri-hornAdult (m)5,1055481
D7upuTri-horned Wyvern SmurfetteAdult (f)4,51596426
dPECAD'pecaAdult (m)6,3198652
MqrPUFrozen FighterHatchling (F)2,0663271
EWJsrFrozen Tri-horn WyvernHatchling (f, F)3,0766982
5g4rkTri-Horn RecruitHatchling (F)1,4541376
9tiHbTri-Horn Recruit 1Hatchling (F)2,0661892
4fn5bTri-Horn Recruit 2Hatchling (F)1,7031232
XoZftTri-Horn Recruit 3Hatchling (F)1,5047012
SFlTeTri-Horn Recruit 4Hatchling (F)2,1161643
evxUbTri-Horn Recruit 5Hatchling (F)1,1832811
s1MeKWavy SealsAdult (m)3,5148678
PuD87Lady Tsunami WyvernAdult (f)3,0868488
o1GjHLord Tsunami WyvernAdult (m)2,8518104
Bk9pvKing TsunamiAdult (m)2,6517891
H1234Queen TsunamiAdult (f)2,9677841
edFipTsunami SmurfAdult (m)2,7697652
oU6RSTsunami SmurfetteAdult (f)3,2287862
1IGPhPrince TsunamiAdult (m)3,0327041
p0qJODuke TsunamiAdult (m)3,2097755
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