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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “llyoung,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
QJWLeSilvered SpiritAdult (f)3,5107214
qBHHULady Skull CrusherAdult (f)2,9008652
jiiUKMy Parents Are WildAdult (m)2,8049449
aIMaeSparrow BourbonAdult (m)4,0038515
gskS1Dahak's GhostAdult (m)2,33980412
DJ0pfLady Silver RavenAdult (f)4,6847159
gEmGULord Silver WarriorAdult (m)5,1338347
fnmZUCount SilverAdult (m)4,4266288
fTLDE3EG Silver SmurfAdult (m)4,2837155
bEhvC3EG Princess MistletoeAdult (f)2,7687414
0qW40Lord Silver ZephyrAdult (m)4,2466829
Zv368Lucky Silver CatchAdult (m)5,7931,22718
vnMQfSilvered LadyAdult (f)3,58962812
vFn4HLady Silver CrusherAdult (f)2,28380314
MXuSYQueen of the SilversAdult (f)4,9086965
nuvoaKing of the SilversAdult (m)3,8248237
1l63rSilvered SurpriseAdult (f)4,10062515
4UaWwLord in SilverAdult (m)3,2087662
xzHdXQueen Silver SmurfetteAdult (f)2,68181220
Vn5WxLady Silver SmurfetteAdult (f)2,27385718
jp8vXLL Bright Silver SmurfAdult (m)4,1331,2504
9uvXVKnight SilverAdult (m)2,12884720
iWLYPSilver Shadow MajestyAdult (f)4,0158277
iUTwtSilver ShimmerfailAdult (m)3,5228037
mW71mSilvered HolidayAdult (f)3,7131,1916
TcsrgLord Silver SmurfAdult (m)3,6137968
bHhS9Shadowed GlowAdult (f)2,9518583
YDKtNSilver Thuwed GiftAdult (m)4,11472613
O60kpLady Pink SmurfetteAdult (f)3,4837329
9BoaxSilvery BluAdult (f)4,9349344
GNicEDemigoddess SilverAdult (f)2,6789513
pIqGPSilver For MeAdult (m)4,1736754
vcLcbRex VerreAdult (m)3,21286043
J4k7tTsar SilverAdult (m)3,8057482
aXgsxGreat Silver SmurfAdult (m)2,9551,0082
NjWwUSilver GodAdult (m)5,1535845
AjZ9rSilver Double FrilledAdult (f)4,3846113
WzuGlFrill Me SilverAdult (m)5,06147312
Efh3zSilver-n-PinkAdult (f)3,21189413
6xfVQBlack-n-SilverAdult (m)5,9241,0706
KHh4ZEllusive SmurfetteAdult (f)5,0537172
yF5Y4Silver PebblesAdult (m)5,4013614
xjL1YEtheral GemAdult (f)4,1807092
8AKMwShadow of a SpiralAdult (m)4,7067224
FNJk2Bell Tower TollsAdult (m)4,0917294
faE9DLucky Silver SmurfetteAdult (f)4,0628162
R4wL6Sunsonged SilverAdult (f)4,4758231
lHrgnDocaeAdult (f)3,5617833
l8UBnSilvermoon SmurfAdult (m)3,4557065
uWcuCLurking Silver SmurfAdult (m)4,9208523
3Nmig3EG Silvered MarrowAdult (m)3,0417323
VgbSt3EG Ghostly SilverAdult (f)2,9367311
uSfC9Silver Moon MadnessAdult (f)6,0208003
ASPFmSilver BoneyardAdult (m)3,9976357
V5svNLady of the Silvered CopperAdult (f)3,5137467
QD7l7Pervy SilverAdult (f)2,6347803
5Hg96Silvered Rose MoonlightAdult (f)3,3448828
EEnvfSilvered BoneyardAdult (f)3,6738127
KzsJM4EG PB Radiant SilverAdult (f)3,5358364
ib5YPLord Silver StarAdult (m)2,5359533
Ty62CRoyal Blue SilveredAdult (m)3,0417752
HQL8vDistracted SilverAdult (m)4,5711,1433
HGtorLady Silvered StarAdult (f)3,1817904
knvfWForged TearAdult (f)4,1376913
QMAJbSilver BriarAdult (f)4,9678656
Yyw81Ghost ForceAdult (f)1,94674842
1KF4DSilvered TanAdult (f)4,5618282
FcA2Y3EG Silver of Golden WyvernAdult (m)3,7596152
waBS0Lucky Seven GhostAdult (m)3,8546252
aTpqZHeart of the Silver RoseAdult (m)2,8419047
AVAk9Queen ToshAdult (f)2,6348774
9YIKuGlowy HawkAdult (f)2,3428815
fKFH2PolveAdult (f)3,8891,0012
u2aPfPrecious Silver AngelAdult (f)5,8168625
zUu3tThe Best SilverAdult (f)1,9267392
goAjRGo ArrAdult (m)4,8059078
viDHOAbsolute RadianceAdult (m)4,4239166
tKnGSSilvermoon DanceAdult (m)3,2578244
qvBF2Pink Frills EnvyAdult (m)9,59282711
8LHHTSilver Blu'sAdult (m)3,8967672
iRQXRDark Moon StalkerAdult (m)3,7947733
FhxTGLegacy of SubterfugeAdult (f)2,8288704
EXYYVSilver CountAdult (m)3,7349073
QKaUqLady Silver BoneyardAdult (f)2,7637418
dC1t5Silvered Super PinkAdult (m)3,9918962
UKodeAbsolute 42Adult (m)7,5266846
48Fk8Silvered in the AlpinesAdult (f)3,3367774
JLiZTFoolish SmurfetteAdult (f)7,1857626
xFELYSilvered Ice BabyAdult (m)3,2312356
1241WSilver Shadow WalkAdult (m)2,8976976
r7xZVPure AgonyAdult (m)7,0276139
domfeDomfeAdult (f)6,07783511
YafdgPrecious RadianceAdult (f)5,1978285
c8oMMDarker than SilverAdult (f)6,1537705
ikgXVIB Silver SplendorAdult (f)5,3469744
76nloBlack X Silver 3GAdult (m)2,6917545
sMl05Silvered Arsani VAdult (m)3,1138109
PfaI5Lady Silver YuleAdult (f)4,4336805
S68q6The Frill has GoneAdult (f)5,42691010
OqgLnSilver Moon StalkerAdult (m)2,7007855
UrmcBSir KirktonAdult (m)6,1098555
R3NQhSilver Angel LadyAdult (f)5,2958336
Agm8LQueen Silver HeartAdult (f)5,5468215
gFYDYSilver Shades of ChaosAdult (m)2,11871213
ecidyLucky Silver SolsticeAdult (m)5,7457956
twOcJDark Silver KnightAdult (m)2,6836673
5goOcGhostly FrillsAdult (f)6,0467968
zIwsCSilver DesipisAdult (m)6,4817556
LTnDEDesiSilAdult (m)6,4148505
0zGsVAlpine GhostAdult (f)6,1218885
eLg01Silver Lunar GlowAdult (f)5,4898484
Vzs3eGhostly Silver BluesAdult (m)5,02294122
g04IKSilvered KissAdult (m)4,9738169
3dbxtSilvered MistletoeAdult (m)6,12684311
ClFuACountess SurpriseAdult (f)6,31686411
NRtIjKali'ArAdult (f)7,5187663
7t1uKSilver ChordsAdult (m)5,49787310
jpi3JTiamat's GhostAdult (f)7,5526515
jBlegPretty MistakeAdult (f)5,26590710
N5j2fEllusive SilverAdult (f)4,4247136
vDFiuSilver Sings the BluAdult (f)6,08967510
Bwot3Silver Sands ThuwedAdult (m)3,2447512
kNAbRSilver He4rtAdult (m)2,6816204
aJb6zSilvery LagmonsterAdult (m)3,3328147
YAN7rSparkling MercuryAdult (f)6,7927292
svAwLSweet Heaven StarlightAdult (f)4,4137394
ODt7fMinty SinsAdult (m)5,1596473
TI5vlRiddle me SilverAdult (m)4,1388702
PLXICSilver BoogalooAdult (m)5,3077855
xt34kAngel's Silver PassionAdult (f)4,83173310
fgu4GCan silver dreams compareAdult (f)4,0729285
XSGZFKnockturne SilverAdult (m)6,5686942
AYXdkSilver in the BoneyardAdult (f)4,5145701
vmPk4Shade of the SilverAdult (m)7,9426857
46QCsSilver Mist GodAdult (m)5,3607598
DQjjgTsar Misty SilverAdult (m)5,3807696
NcTlJGhost of the Silver MistAdult (m)6,8708807
z6QKoIma Blusanged SilverAdult (f)5,9757174
dnNOBSilver Roses in the StairsAdult (m)3,9387123
3e21WShe is Pretty in PinkAdult (f)5,5284943
iOzQDKnight of the Golden TableAdult (m)6,8251,02017
h4r5Frozen Lumos SmurfHatchling (f, F)1,2595649
IvqHFrozen Silver Oak SmurfHatchling (m, F)1,83271617
aOKdFrozen Silver MistHatchling (F)1,5921675
x48EFFrozen Silver WhispersHatchling (F)7393279
8gLsBlue Skye SmurfAdult (f)9,2791,11028
QvezFlier SmurfAdult (f)6,54276922
H7tqSkywing SmurfAdult (f)2,22757514
F5NMLord Skywing SmurfAdult (m)2,07396110
AmVWSkywing Dorkface SmurfAdult (m)1,87271018
TUfKSweet Skywing SmurfAdult (m)1,4167227
fFkBLord Blue Skye SmurfAdult (m)1,60278214
8VS3Lord of Skies SmurfAdult (m)1,7418588
LNOiSky King SmurfAdult (m)1,91992110
LbP3Sky Lord SmurfAdult (m)1,50280825
ctmVCloud Heart SmurfAdult (f)6,31043519
OrBpLady Skywing SmurfAdult (f)2,1476424
dWdYBlue SkyDragon SmurfAdult (m)2,36720724
B8UEAwesome Blue Flyer SmurfAdult (f)5,1223478
WUhDMystikal Blue FlierAdult (m)2,8474618
Nt7XSky Spirit SmurfAdult (m)2,8815845
UmZfI Believe I Can Fly SmurfAdult (f)9934768
CBDmVTeal Blue Skye SmurfAdult (f)2,40762510
ObGaSBaron SkyeAdult (m)3,0815727
od6fKLord of the Skyes SmurfAdult (m)2,7896759
uVP11Skywing Tinsel FailAdult (m)2,1526816
Hta1l3EG Tinsel FailAdult (m)2,8017408
Z4iR2My Grandparents were killedAdult (m)3,4005768
JE8OOSky from a Geode ThuwedAdult (m)3,8325129
t7VpMBluewing SmurfAdult (f)3,5235654
DefBjBlue Skies SmurfAdult (m)4,0365414
XNmorXanmorAdult (m)2,0756572
98kKLMaster SkywingAdult (m)3,6766402
cCOKnMr SkyeAdult (m)3,59775215
rVOp4Mrs SkywingAdult (f)2,84296722
Wkdd9SL Skywing SmurfAdult (m)5,2396573
7SAESFluffy SkywingAdult (f)4,5296826
zi8dZZ'SkywingAdult (m)4,0806455
RqywLCountess SkywingAdult (f)2,4936451
jZWlNSkywing For the WinAdult (m)3,5605421
ZS2pjZ'Skywing SmurfAdult (f)2,5289061
8z2D5Duke SkywingAdult (m)4,6333106
BoTezBaroness SkywingAdult (f)5,3853604
ckeGDDuchess SkywingAdult (f)4,8913296
QdAvKBaron SkywingAdult (m)4,9273295
FbzvTLL Sky SmurfAdult (m)4,3355486
A8MO94EG SkywingAdult (f)4,2934934
h21RqCount SkywingAdult (m)2,8334833
iKnDeRoyal SkywingAdult (m)2,1825254
eJ5wyMonarch SkywingAdult (f)3,0484571
QmXzsSkywing SmurfetteAdult (f)2,1975332
DaIOwDaiowAdult (m)2,9683807
QYmUsThe Silvered SkyAdult (m)4,1894275
nShb2Goddess SkywingAdult (f)4,4954044
ulEuuWatery SkywingAdult (f)3,9823311
Xy4pYThundered SkiesAdult (f)2,1386011
EjiHXGolden SkyflierAdult (m)2,9484826
HlRqDDoubled ShimmerkinAdult (m)3,2107604
paXhcStairway to the SkyAdult (m)2,6222107
mH5LRSL1 Skywing SmurfAdult (m)3,5947993
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