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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “llyoung,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
pn2hZIron ShadesAdult (m)3,8837027
SXN6cMister PurplemanAdult (m)3,5615417
50EhfPurple SmurfAdult (m)2,8777892
gt1o8Purple HalloweenAdult (m)1,8847042
tKdsV4EG PB Purple DragAdult (m)2,8598143
4dWO32EG Purple SongAdult (m)3,5758135
ivaa74EG Purple SmurfetteAdult (f)2,6625822
ML3LVLady Purple SmurfetteAdult (f)3,1185775
jWRVLLady Purple of the LavaAdult (f)2,9588255
NoppSSL Purple SmurfAdult (f)2,7648076
4fRJrPurple Ridged ThuwedAdult (m)2,7207703
4WJ0CLila SmurfetteAdult (f)3,1775774
Vzgq5The Purple KnightAdult (m)2,4086275
TgDZfViolet Tinsel FailAdult (m)2,0614983
ncGUILL1 Purple SmurfAdult (f)2,2594684
VYU3OA Purple LadyAdult (f)1,8836971
vTYwcPurple BaronAdult (m)3,6897504
v0bTcLL2 Purple SmurfAdult (f)3,8039892
owEqjYuled PurpleAdult (m)3,2675094
aBjRnQueen Purple SmurfetteAdult (f)1,9056182
EBjRCFertility SmurfetteAdult (f)2,3545032
ZIzbrZ'Purple SmurfetteAdult (f)3,1319526
njY3jPurple in the DesertAdult (f)2,2578782
BDRVBPurple SpawnAdult (m)5,0008024
UxfhFPurple AkatsukiAdult (m)5,2407873
VvksgPurple in the AlpineAdult (f)4,7421,0463
cvYc0Purple Winter MagiAdult (f)3,9835497
wTXFESir of PurpleAdult (m)2,5156614
4NxfEPurpled SunsongAdult (m)6,9495782
ESdEHPurple is as Purple wasAdult (m)4,7368163
C0m7WAerolenAdult (m)11,1977894
8kJbFrozen Lavender SmurfHatchling (F)7312954
2oU1Frozen Violet SmurfHatchling (f, F)2,69421116
rTTUFrozen Purple SmurfHatchling (m, F)1,45673614
1eHImFrozen Snow UnicornHatchling (F)1,2231366
UVsNhPurple RecruitHatchling (F)1,5771071
r0kPlPurple Recruit 1Hatchling (F)2,1451432
tgaBlPurple Recruit 2Hatchling (F)1,9052312
7P2wvPurple Recruit 3Hatchling (F)2,4481754
9a89Itty-bitty SmurfAdult (m)1,5656375
9KuQTiny-bitty SmurfAdult (f)1,5876456
32baLil'bit SmurfAdult (f)1,5216177
iAukCat-size SmurfAdult (m)2,0577907
a9R1Little Bity SmurfAdult (f)2,0548148
RJrEPygmy SmurfAdult (m)2,1328248
O8GdTeeny SmurfAdult (m)1,84687612
mFm5I like Fuzzy Handcuffs SmurfAdult (f)1,56562711
apeqPetite Little SmurfAdult (m)1,01750726
skKoPygmy Dusk Thuwed SmurfAdult (f)2,3237406
n2eVPixie SmurfAdult (f)4,2953144
XVk2Lil'smurfAdult (f)99231374
aAM0Tiny SmurfAdult (m)2,5365683
4JKoPygmy Lil'footAdult (m)4,15745814
rjfKTiny Toes SmurfAdult (m)1,05752521
evk1Lil'pygmy SmurfAdult (f)2,4885697
7e2fMini CuffsAdult (f)1,50362022
CMbtLittle Foot SmurfAdult (m)1,9675003
nNA3Ima PygmyAdult (f)6,3479407
oQB1King PygmyAdult (m)3,5973305
hZKFErastes SmurfAdult (m)2,1914433
gIaPMicro SmurfAdult (f)5,9201,13110
Sq70Mini Me SmurfAdult (m)1,7403815
S9M0WQueen of the PygmiesAdult (f)3,3695676
l9R8ZLady PygmyAdult (f)4,1915915
2R8I2Merp MimpAdult (f)4,0285037
i3N4pTiny ToesAdult (m)3,7125387
GpI5YLil'gypsyAdult (m)3,3885695
3PqR5A Turtle Dove for ChristmasAdult (f)3,2476197
VEMM5Count PygmyAdult (m)2,3923227
WSZckCountess PygmyAdult (f)3,0265487
smQH8Lady of the PygmiesAdult (f)3,0506345
iLTInIB Tiny SmurfAdult (f)5,7731,1258
EF7HMIma Pygmy PuffAdult (f)2,7187925
QTYhiSir Pygmy of SmurfAdult (m)1,7376914
FQU2CPipsqueak SmurfAdult (m)2,6503855
Rr1ilA Lil'smurfAdult (m)3,3075896
BMbDQLil'girlAdult (f)2,9464962
8I9TjLittle FeetsAdult (f)3,1675922
jKj5NDuke PygmyAdult (m)3,2005802
WfGfhPygmy FeetsAdult (f)3,6067702
UJRXHStaired PygmyAdult (m)3,4625463
7lJNjSmurfy LittleAdult (m)5,0485915
lLrtOPygmy in the Pumpkin PatchAdult (m)3,6676272
d7p4vSummer Pumpkin PygmyAdult (m)2,7697367
RPKJ4Percy's WingAdult (f)3,11856815
7o4hHPygmy 2012 SurvivorAdult (f)2,1205733
jfcG1Smurfling ThuwedAdult (m)2,7988112
t0yKfPygmy ToyAdult (m)2,2786272
JtEYuB-not ThuwedAdult (m)3,4877113
599BsSir PygmyAdult (m)1,8623205
AoAemPygmy SmurfetteAdult (f)1,76644033
SEg22Pygmy Puff SmurfAdult (m)2,1754011
OIsnOCrimsoned PygmyAdult (m)2,6525553
MVE0VIma Pygmy SmurfetteAdult (f)2,0327151
2P9J9Lil'SmurfetteAdult (f)1,7684232
NcUHSPygmy StairsAdult (f)3,0733486
YWmD8Dark Pygmy SmurfetteAdult (f)2,63163910
ihBViSea'd PygmyAdult (m)3,0707652
0aHivSL Pygmy SmurfAdult (m)4,5118394
mk0lxPygmy ImpAdult (f)4,5928733
S3wydWarm FinsAdult (m)2,9617472
EbKekJungle PygmyAdult (m)2,5765211
TfqftPygmy StairstepsAdult (f)5,3591,2191
3Ch8LJungle FeetAdult (m)4,0377962
VMn1lShamurAdult (m)5,5717098
3VnLFFreaky PygmyAdult (f)8,07159212
uOiGFrozen Tiny SmurfHatchling (f, F)1,1944928
OUsvFrozen Little bitty SmurfHatchling (f, F)1,1795164
LYJPFrozen Itty-Bitty SmurfHatchling (m, F)2,2686953
8NBrFrozen Baby SmurfHatchling (F)1,0021285
uD1HEPygmy RecruitHatchling (F)2,1561503
eFhjTiny Crimson FlareAdult (f)2,92167919
BJACA Flare for CrimsonAdult (f)9,4751,2587
W8UoCrimson Flare FireflyAdult (m)3,7715588
olWkFlying Crimson FlareAdult (f)1,88046917
hVt9Crimson Flare PowerAdult (m)2,22367810
3WiJTiny Lord Crimson SmurfAdult (m)1,95665911
IL51Crimson Flare FuryAdult (m)2,6056119
QOB20Lady Crimson BoltAdult (f)2,4147149
6SCeVKing of the Crimson HoardAdult (m)3,3436078
Xq8agDuke Crimson FlareAdult (m)3,16575712
nJreUWith a Little FlareAdult (f)2,84654613
JCSJMBaroness Crimson FlareAdult (f)4,0884646
3LFfsCrimson Flight SmurfAdult (m)5,0341,1923
53MYpKing Crimson SmurfAdult (m)3,2485426
DpXJ8Little Flare of CrimsonAdult (f)3,3474605
lEgjtLil'Flare of Crimson SmurfAdult (m)3,3154416
Yro4hKing Crimson Flare SmurfAdult (m)3,1915334
BmJk8Ima Crimson PygmyAdult (f)3,5705464
lOR0pThe Real Crimson ChinAdult (m)3,9207015
a2rAACrimson Flare SmurfetteAdult (f)2,6344817
0YZgnHere Comes the Crimson ChinAdult (f)2,10945528
gHfhvCrimson Flare SmurfAdult (f)2,4085911
iLtA1Ima Little FlareAdult (f)3,6134842
H9gMSDuchess Crimson FlareAdult (f)3,8915902
dgqAaMs Crimson FlareAdult (f)3,6755513
tL2JGA Flare of CrimsonAdult (f)5,1986852
80n4NI've Got FlareAdult (m)3,3645566
X6eAoIma Crimson FlareAdult (f)2,8679112
qIJj0Mr Crimson Flare PygmyAdult (m)3,2187302
s3fosMrs Crimson Flare PygmyAdult (f)3,2267782
TppRiTipperAdult (f)3,4225714
mPnca2EG PB Crimson FlareAdult (m)5,4558712
Urj6PUropaAdult (f)4,76167910
gU1bZLady of the Crimson FlameAdult (f)4,6577514
a4JJVA Lady With FlareAdult (f)2,3037013
wpG1CThere Goes the Crimson ChinAdult (f)5,0253351
ndVT2MIssy Crimson FlareAdult (f)3,7938673
pVEj0Mr FlareAdult (m)2,5656544
vtAUACrimson Flare GoddessAdult (f)1,4646940
rZNyzThe Crimson StareAdult (f)2,0976433
sjRnECrimson Flare EmperorAdult (m)3,1109572
rEEm2Crimson Flare RedwingAdult (m)2,3117145
g08CpLady of the Crimson FlareAdult (f)3,4197001
botvoHerk's FlareAdult (m)6,2007608
vwsySCrimson Flare Pygmy KingAdult (m)7,4096872
ClHAaCrimson Flare Pygmy QueenAdult (f)7,1226663
qPejFrozen Crimson FlareHatchling (m, F)2,6055872
KTlsFrozen Mini-FlareHatchling (F)2,7433158
EhVlCA Little FlareHatchling (F)6713653
RBwkJA Recruit with FlareHatchling (F)2,4261712
CtkRLord Dark MystAdult (m)7,2609729
bTEODarkness MystAdult (m)2,89067920
h2CFNight Fury SmurfAdult (m)2,4165446
egPSNight Mare MoonAdult (f)2,60480110
sZR7King Dark MystAdult (m)2,1983793
QPcJDark Swamp MystAdult (m)1,9676066
r9WpMisty Darkness SmurfAdult (f)3,22575210
GYLMLady of the Black MystAdult (f)1,34233212
U1X1Lady Dark Myst SmurfAdult (f)3,06075310
8OJVLady of the MistAdult (f)2,8354039
0TggLil'Black MystAdult (f)3,7616939
fGc5King of the MystAdult (m)2,55073810
cPutMysty LadyAdult (f)3,0468853
OVOOMysty VoodooAdult (f)3,89041511
kQcBShadow BoltAdult (m)2,19765210
32VS2Lord of the MystsAdult (m)2,5707727
O3fpOQueen of the MystsAdult (f)2,0688093
lrEMuBaroness of the MystAdult (f)3,4935556
aNoTGNightmare MystAdult (m)2,63976212
4oKqWBaroness Dark MystAdult (f)1,76949418
2N34TBaron Dark MystAdult (m)3,4885645
cvYNoDuchess of the MystAdult (f)3,4266478
VMOFNVeemonAdult (f)3,4695417
5J9UfDuke of the MystAdult (m)2,9995385
lYTM3Myst QueenAdult (f)3,0714848
Mmc1SQueen Dark Myst SmurfAdult (f)3,4395218
USE2PDark Lady of the MystsAdult (f)4,1566485
8voijDarkmyst PygmyAdult (f)4,6365788
OI9JFDarkest Myst SmurfAdult (f)2,8086235
9Q84AMy Ancestors are CarrotsAdult (m)3,2751,0101
A39NpDark Myst SmurfetteAdult (f)2,44664911
piFbbSir Dark MystAdult (m)2,99865210
JsatnIma Dark MystAdult (f)3,1256001
3X3g5She of the Dark MystsAdult (f)3,6775637
f9R9cDuke Dark MystAdult (m)2,7337693
GqWOgMiss DarkAdult (f)6,0001,2065
It4qR2EG PB Dark MystAdult (f)2,7376896
dSK963EG Dark Pumpkin MystAdult (m)2,8216453
h8UecI Survived the 2012 ApocalypseAdult (f)3,4766174
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