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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “llyoung,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
cSRssDreaming of SkywingsAdult (f)3,3947786
ZprOCLL Skywing SmurfAdult (f)2,4283665
WaqwcSkywing DroneAdult (f)2,50234113
yLUxgSkywing RoyalAdult (m)2,1073734
zqpBWLL Skye SmurfAdult (m)1,9426243
kMkWmWinged SmurfetteAdult (f)1,5786061
jwJrFCerulean SplasherAdult (m)1,1558072
fPB3jLL1 Skywing SmurfAdult (m)4,5311,2015
sjib9Skywing DuchessAdult (f)2,7316795
qHrPaLL2 Skywing SmurfAdult (f)3,2736394
kOvqHFlying Wonder SmurfAdult (m)2,0665752
GtYmIFreimatAdult (f)2,1256957
m1URKSky High SmurfAdult (m)2,2537322
Cu9S2Sir SkywingAdult (m)3,8617558
84cBiLL SkywingAdult (f)2,47157011
mctf9Mister Skywing DragonAdult (m)5,6486702
F0eHCRuby's FoeAdult (f)5,0598764
bF2c1Skywing Dragon LordAdult (m)6,8187246
5Pni5Skywing Tinsel FailsAdult (f)2,2276043
KaikuQueen Skywing DragonAdult (f)2,8305253
oCqdnPrincess Skywing DragonAdult (f)4,5338014
9V12UBlue Skye SeekerAdult (m)5,6526703
K3OTmSkywing Dragon KingAdult (m)4,6977393
O9tPCEmpress Skywing DragonAdult (f)6,0825573
FhhVQSkywing Dragon LadyAdult (f)5,5699899
1R8JzWater in the SkyeAdult (m)5,4328317
l0faFrozen Skye SmurfHatchling (f, F)2,3626554
LgmvFrozen Flier SmurfHatchling (F)1,029799
wTbxHFrozen Bleu WingsHatchling (F)2,5951731
yEjAfFrozen Teal WingsHatchling (F)1,9951341
V2tmLSky RecruitHatchling (F)1,8151215
yZJIVSky Recruit 1Hatchling (F)1,4424064
gRCdYSkywing RecruitHatchling (F)1,2014032
Wb9okSkywing Recruit 1Hatchling (F)1,96420010
pttn1SoulpeaceAdult (f)2,69091110
EcUzoLL SoulpeaceAdult (m)2,4407729
xFrF4Lord SoulpeaceAdult (m)2,7469392
iHQ1YLady Soul peaceAdult (f)2,6669313
8hM3VCount SoulpeaceAdult (m)2,1738201
FmM1GQueen Soul peaceAdult (f)3,0079331
GzYwiCountess SoulpeaceAdult (f)3,1109613
ueDQaSir Soul peaceAdult (m)2,9529181
XEM8xDuke SoulpeaceAdult (m)3,0519691
Cvq8q3EG Lady SoulpeaceAdult (f)2,4358241
UxvOh3EG Lord SoulpeaceAdult (m)2,6838684
5ixw73EG Countess SoulpeaceAdult (f)2,5788244
kNQI15EG Soulpeace AngelAdult (m)2,5247782
dcE5KShadowed SoulAdult (f)3,7498524
BWcc1Duchess SoulpeaceAdult (f)4,4841,2256
AkE9NAkenonAdult (f)2,7638062
yxtRLTsar SoulpeaceAdult (m)2,5467962
wGa1S3EG Soulpeace CountessAdult (f)3,0988254
S4r9m3EG Soulpeace LordAdult (m)3,0168432
G6GN6Baroness SoulpeaceAdult (f)3,2498046
OBjZxKing of SoulAdult (m)2,9398082
y1CUQSky FeathersAdult (f)2,0456023
0hFxxIma FoxxAdult (f)3,6889463
05c6bSoulpeace RosebudAdult (m)2,8838635
ixah73EG Queen SoulpeaceAdult (f)3,4788662
AH7qh3EG Duchess SoulpeaceAdult (f)3,3878794
Js05b3EG Contessa SoulpeaceAdult (f)3,4638852
iTo1OBaron SoulpeaceAdult (m)3,2188052
a4Z1gPeaceful SpiritsoulAdult (f)2,92485712
sB8JTTreasured Heart of PeaceAdult (m)4,3086462
tSBzoSoulpeace GodAdult (m)2,0987642
EX2ycPeacemonAdult (f)3,3286335
9QzXfLost Till MorningAdult (m)4,6671,0304
5PNUmLL Soulpeace SmurfAdult (f)3,4455115
cpVhuLL1 Soulpeace SmurfAdult (f)1,7586523
Sv2GWSL SoulpeaceAdult (f)4,5631,1582
QCuE5Magi Soulpeace ThuwedAdult (f)4,5889066
5fTiaTia SmurfetteAdult (f)5,1508643
zagQHCatching the DreamAdult (f)4,5918724
om2zLMy Frozen SoulHatchling (F)2,1741651
pxCy3A Frozen PeaceHatchling (m, F)3,9295889
LxUa4A Little PeaceHatchling (f, F)4,6415241
H9qrQI Have a Frozen SoulHatchling (F)2,0701422
ZyIrIZ'Speckle-Throat DragonAdult (f)3,9721,1077
axYJdLady Speckle-ThroatAdult (f)2,50784211
WFGdhSpeckle-ThroatAdult (f)2,7888988
AhMJeLord Speckle ThroatAdult (m)2,6189088
JHWL8Speckle-ThroatedAdult (m)2,2538545
zvc1YZ'Speckle-ThroatAdult (m)2,2898695
zuCiWPrincess Speckle-ThroatAdult (f)3,3307322
XeQnKCountess Speckle-ThroatAdult (f)2,5687268
PsBDQQueen Speckle-ThroatAdult (f)3,7797382
qaU55King Speckle-ThroatAdult (m)3,4097244
AcBjlPrince Speckle-ThroatAdult (m)3,3247364
MrH01Speckle ThroatAdult (f)2,7217472
sMegeSmegeAdult (f)2,7716401
tPG0ECount Speckle-ThroatAdult (m)3,3656552
QW4OrGoddess Speckle-ThroatAdult (f)3,4316951
BicyvGod Speckle-ThroatAdult (m)2,4367634
EDngLSilver ThroatAdult (f)2,1117225
QT0iaMonarch Speckle-ThroatAdult (f)2,8157303
Q11GlSilvery ThroatAdult (m)3,2406032
wkm2LWhite SpecklesAdult (f)3,2156519
YmYUBSir Speckle-ThroatAdult (m)3,6617232
5ePoF2EG PB Lady Speckle-ThroatAdult (f)3,5307311
VhwGl2EG PB Lord Speckle-ThroatAdult (m)2,1577072
iK8klBlusang SpecklesAdult (f)3,2526762
zLhhgZ'Speckle Throated FuryAdult (m)3,3467052
QqajkSpeckled TrotskyAdult (f)2,5727341
R90NbSpeckled BlusangAdult (m)2,4916861
vDAQ3VdakAdult (m)3,6986881
LRWgDKnight Speckle-ThroatAdult (m)3,3036682
bbaSuBabasuAdult (f)3,5617173
IS28o3EG Silvered ThroatAdult (f)2,8566632
M8Hy4Golden Speckled ThroatAdult (f)3,6707371
7LtSbIma Speckle-ThroatAdult (f)3,8735641
GJB7pTsarina Speckle-ThroatAdult (f)3,1147711
LjNbJTsar Speckle-ThroatAdult (m)2,6587622
hGyJnDuchess Speckle-ThroatAdult (f)2,4316474
PpG7B3EG PB Lord Speckle-ThroatAdult (m)2,7775865
X1GvNSilvered SpecklesAdult (f)2,4466412
B6Oc83EG Blu SpecklesAdult (m)2,7687513
Xztu9Silver SpeckledAdult (m)2,8965371
YiBIDSilver SpeckleAdult (m)3,4167625
mYa2UMyatuAdult (m)4,2764673
M8l0Z3EG Silvery ThroatAdult (m)3,8597633
dQUgqQueen Silver SpecklesAdult (f)3,5257452
qxNIWLord SpecklesAdult (m)3,9057533
fVj39Helba SpecklesAdult (f)2,9419824
b3ZqESilvered Speckle SpearAdult (m)2,7298953
WTxSfElegant Silver SpecklesAdult (m)2,2997814
aIMYz4EG Lady Silver SpecklesAdult (f)2,1738244
niscMIn Light of Silver SpecklesAdult (f)2,0838162
PY9BC3EG Queen Silver SpecklesAdult (f)2,6309204
48zt0I Speckle Therefore I AmAdult (m)3,8996513
iElNTTreebeard EntAdult (m)4,1539204
5OkM8Arsani Speckles MarinoAdult (f)2,8108414
5mNlhArsani SpeckledAdult (m)3,0578342
mUEqRBaron SpecklesAdult (m)3,7001,0092
4RI53Copper SpeckledAdult (m)2,7938862
RVqd9Speckled CountessAdult (f)2,4604254
MhQrJI'm a Silvered SpeckleAdult (f)3,6627175
Kfjk4Wrap StarsAdult (m)2,2207267
1MiwmSpeckled Throated LadAdult (m)2,2039563
tErnXSir Speckle ThroatedAdult (m)4,1901,1322
dmc9LSpeckle Throated LassAdult (f)3,1001,3073
jgtuoSpeckle Throated LadAdult (m)6,3551,0901
eMnBwSpeckled MountainAdult (f)3,3447425
WSzgEA Dire Speckled Shimmer FailAdult (f)4,6496845
eAWw7Speckled LassAdult (f)3,3351,0503
cXS28Speckle Throated EmperorAdult (m)3,7218501
H1MpBMountain Speckle ThroatAdult (m)4,1927114
L1MA2Mixed SpeckledsAdult (f)5,8437291
VbMwJSpeckled StellaAdult (f)3,2768193
GhfK6Mister SpeckledAdult (m)6,2337746
R80pYSilvery SpeckledAdult (m)4,5319004
DWhECSpeckled Lurking BonesAdult (f)4,4628085
zljKiZ'SpecksAdult (f)4,4348015
TW7mvQueen Speckle-Throated DragonAdult (f)7,4216175
cuebGSterling Silver SpecklesAdult (m)7,2506464
6AhmvThe Celestial MistletoeAdult (m)6,2667789
RqquWSTDs are FunAdult (m)6,1576263
0nwJhSpeckle Throated Dragon LadyAdult (f)5,3097245
Rksw0A IonAdult (f)5,4857924
dq4ShSeaside BorgAdult (f)4,6898275
8IxyoMutaspeckAdult (f)5,8136371
LVlNCFrozen Lil'SpeckHatchling (F)1,3682793
GfRZlFrozen Lil'SpecklesHatchling (F)1,4202416
8f9GDFrozen Speckled SmurfHatchling (m, F)1,9986573
eyHhSWonder PlasticHatchling (F)1,8111412
fDBLlFrozen Speckled SmurfetteHatchling (f, F)3,9666853
JaBItSpeckled RecruitHatchling (F)4951882
yDiEcSpeckled Recruit 1Hatchling (F)1,1521111
LBR4QSpeckled Recruit 2Hatchling (F)1,4021051
7bM8SSpeckled Recruit 3Hatchling (F)2,0854614
8ZPZRSpeckled Recruit 4Hatchling (F)1,0124052
BpjMsLady Spirit WardAdult (f)3,0138471
J9cesThe Spirit Ward DragonAdult (f)3,1018441
JuXtvQueen Spirit WardAdult (f)3,0078072
RtALLPrincess Spirit WardAdult (f)3,1328461
YOfT4Lord Spirit WardAdult (m)3,2118282
j1CafKing Spirit WardAdult (m)3,1168442
XNoVYPrince Spirit WardAdult (m)3,2488651
ensTgSpirit Ward EmperorAdult (m)5,9131,0695
euHBIDuke Spirit WardAdult (m)4,3621,0853
5Pn55Sir Spirit WardAdult (m)4,3291,0892
DpXl3Spirits of the ForestAdult (m)4,3531,0911
fcecYBaron Spirit WardAdult (m)2,6377262
5D42YGoddess Spirit WardAdult (f)4,6167572
1EG29Empress Spirit WardAdult (f)4,5957751
NGIb9Count Spirit WardAdult (m)2,5677842
0GfXHCountess Spirit WardAdult (f)2,9888452
rh56MEmperor Spirit WardAdult (m)2,5127483
uNZnuGod Spirit WardAdult (m)2,5628034
eEsy9Duchess Spirit WardAdult (f)2,5568241
o4aIoSpirit Ward KingAdult (m)3,5578773
WY4KsBaroness Spirit WardAdult (f)3,1278811
zmkWkZ'Spirit WardenAdult (f)5,0917919
X53N3We've Got SpiritAdult (f)4,9636473
a3nRtSpirit Ward BaronAdult (m)3,2967173
yXkQfSpirit Ward CountessAdult (f)3,4037253
4VV71Spirit Ward QueenAdult (f)2,7537572
lbjDxSpirit Ward CountAdult (m)5,2898476
XWLi1Spirit Ward BaronessAdult (f)4,3817912
WR10bSpirit Ward EmpressAdult (f)5,7325956
JMFgGShiny Silvered SpiritAdult (f)4,9218481
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