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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “llyoung,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YqwHgShimmered RockAdult (m)2,6657762
QA09mA Rock for the AgesAdult (f)1,5785761
WV9mFRock RoyalAdult (m)1,9446526
4Wk1NGoldie's RockAdult (m)3,2351,0792
AbjQKXmas RocksAdult (f)2,4026261
Jbfp5Tridy RocksAdult (f)3,6037812
1SSmsStoned TremorAdult (f)3,9698833
2g1FXStrange RocksAdult (m)2,4257691
pThOPGranite and StoneAdult (f)1,4176093
L0PgiRocky YuleAdult (f)2,3168307
IEBZlLL Stone SmurfAdult (f)3,6139817
zwqwdZ'Stone SmurfAdult (m)5,2398363
qV5udRock SpiritAdult (m)3,9749636
25OozQueen Stone DragonAdult (f)7,1617567
5koiZA Great Stone DragonAdult (f)5,9606422
5bjZFrozen GravelHatchling (f, F)8,1121,10727
mOWSFrozen Stony SmurfHatchling (F)5761669
EsXjRFrozen RockHatchling (F)2,2863081
Kuq8IRock RecruitHatchling (F)2,1301424
1paIJStone RecruitHatchling (F)1,0342925
8Hf2uStone Recruit 1Hatchling (F)1,8334444
21W6Opal SmurfAdult (f)2,03075010
MNmVOpalescent SmurfAdult (f)2,1098468
aSeDWhite Striped SmurfAdult (m)1,5546466
qmO4Ivory Striped SmurfAdult (m)1,9397754
usPROpal Striped SmurfAdult (f)1,53666519
g3d8White Striped AngelAdult (m)1,3726468
bX9UIvory Striped Double DorkfaceAdult (f)3,2167788
LtO8Alabaster Striped SmurfAdult (f)2,04833611
9YRE2EG PB White StripedAdult (m)2,7147329
ZCDMSilky White StripeAdult (f)4,68961919
JZopLady White Stripe SmurfAdult (f)3,83073514
YLPQRadiant White StripeAdult (m)3,12954117
OWAjlWhite Striped Golden WingAdult (m)1,52063314
D7dW9White Striped Curiosity SmurfAdult (f)2,58476110
DUZiN3EG White Striped SmurfAdult (m)1,8996566
cqAYARadiant White Striped SmurfAdult (f)2,8177758
c8D44LL White Striped SmurfAdult (m)1,7435364
OR7Ho4EG White Striped SmurfAdult (f)2,2997349
km2KPIB Ivory Striped SmurfAdult (m)3,8255988
8MSI7CB White StripesAdult (f)2,9657679
pSZku7EG Paranoid White StripeAdult (f)1,8547308
eE5MMCB Lord White StripeAdult (m)2,5966888
jaDNDKing of the WhitestripesAdult (m)1,9067068
oRTUlWhite Striped SmurfetteAdult (f)3,4286686
1aksGIma StripeAdult (f)2,48893819
E1BH7CB Opalescent StripeAdult (m)2,80192711
FLEE0Sir StripeAdult (m)2,1727202
of94RCB Lady StripeAdult (f)2,3046411
bGkKUCB Queen StripeAdult (f)2,6207285
mf4kjPrincess StripeAdult (f)2,9026954
LgK3UCB Duchess White StripeAdult (f)2,1986621
NslkgWhite Stripe SmurfetteAdult (f)2,7336304
XmsKmCB Ivory Striped SmurfAdult (m)3,7157195
4pgkkCB Ivory StripesAdult (f)3,3078314
01jpAWhite Striped StairstepAdult (m)2,7257842
4ujClStriped SmurfAdult (m)2,3077424
ACcTsCB ActsAdult (m)2,5607193
J9NEQOpal Striped SmurfetteAdult (f)2,4497152
MOneiMoney SmurfAdult (m)2,6076886
dmScHCB Ivory Striped SmurfetteAdult (f)3,6627292
3mJXiPrincess White StripeAdult (f)3,3937483
27jnTCB Duke White StripeAdult (m)3,1377243
jf5FHIvory Striped SmurfetteAdult (f)2,9097543
cvaooCavoAdult (f)3,4576972
IKIM6Stripe with Candy Cane WishesAdult (f)2,9896394
aofVmCount WhitestripesAdult (m)2,4577191
l3j6YSL White Stripe SmurfAdult (f)4,0165887
srS44CB Golden StripesAdult (m)2,5137713
dRNVCCB GoldenclawsAdult (m)2,6929503
EF7TVYuled StripeAdult (m)2,40766027
464MXTsar WhitestripesAdult (m)3,5166913
reHQqSilvered StripeAdult (m)2,5659812
4xfjeMister StripesAdult (m)3,7797362
GzDGkMister WhitestripesAdult (m)4,6276883
xihepWhitestar SmurfAdult (f)3,9806975
5rDgaWhitestripe LurkerAdult (f)2,9869485
aIa3dWhiteclaw SmurfetteAdult (f)5,0411,0186
37uHo5EG Golden White StripesAdult (f)3,7528284
V1OKWViokeyAdult (m)3,1407602
nud6MTinsel StripedAdult (f)2,2446383
HjV6PBaroness StripesAdult (f)1,9696782
iYVCRSL WhitestripeAdult (f)3,7643049
z6zQ6Baron WhitestripeAdult (m)2,3497952
ZcEHu2EG PB Striped SmurfAdult (f)3,3444953
l4uiLLL Whitestripe SmurfAdult (f)3,3175221
z7OUKLL1 Whitestripe SmurfAdult (f)3,5414424
nfproWhitestripe GoddessAdult (f)2,0327223
qSQk6Prince RenaissanceAdult (m)2,1515954
eOAU4Tinseled StripeAdult (f)2,8467622
NJGRULL Whitestrip SmurfetteAdult (f)3,2759495
Ie1YbFC SmurfetteAdult (f)4,3436533
xr8k3LL Striped SmurfAdult (m)5,2181,3145
9iphSWhite Striped LadyAdult (f)3,8231,0623
zxsJDZ'White StripeAdult (f)5,6569442
xqdtnForest StripedAdult (m)3,1759714
Hxn1SLord Stripes of the ForestAdult (m)3,1848245
bTlmjRadiant Striped SmurfAdult (m)4,0887072
REfTPFalling StripesAdult (m)5,7576815
damUbLL WhitestripeAdult (m)2,7466695
OfUeZStripes What StripesAdult (f)6,9517262
mrI9Frozen Opal Striped SmurfHatchling (f, F)1,0794561
LO43Frozen Ivory Striped SmurfHatchling (F)1,9051284
AlOdVWhite RacerHatchling (F)1,1564295
Y32rBLil'White StripeHatchling (F)2,7314312
gJkCkWhite Striped RecruitHatchling (F)2,3281721
osTuSapphire Striped SmurfAdult (f)1,6788385
fQdjBlue Striped SmurfAdult (m)1,6376714
uTDXDark Blue Striped SmurfAdult (f)1,6146936
WVuqIndigo Striped SmurfAdult (m)1,7698678
h5dlLapis Striped SmurfAdult (m)1,83130711
D7GMCerulean Striped SmurfAdult (m)2,59760210
2XnFHLady Blue Stripe SmurfAdult (f)3,0975557
DbJPDBrillant Blue Striped SmurfAdult (f)2,5326576
hRtuqLady Blue StripesAdult (f)2,6966639
lGskl4EG PB Blue Striped SmurfAdult (f)2,08571210
pueFQLL Blue Stripe SmurfAdult (f)3,0355867
N4oii3EG Blue StripeAdult (m)2,8227709
C4HOa3EG Sapphire StripesAdult (m)3,0087969
B18GZ5EG Blue Stripe SmurfAdult (m)2,51151510
DGSMe3EG Lady Blue StripesAdult (f)3,9226213
ZDPBB5EG Sapphire Striped SmurfAdult (f)3,8966293
ffHDj2EG Icy Blue StripesAdult (f)3,0179613
2mSeI3EG Stripes of BlueAdult (f)2,4738783
HfG4G2EG PB Blue DawnAdult (f)1,9957632
vZqS34EG PB Blue StripesAdult (f)1,9217407
tTGXg2EG PB Blue StripesAdult (f)2,4567001
qlqDQBlue Striped Curiosity SmurfAdult (f)2,4388102
isuLW4EG Sapphire StripesAdult (m)2,7497343
DXM5dBrownie CuffsAdult (m)3,0787956
imONQ3EG Lord Blue of StripesAdult (m)4,6735587
ORU8YO'RubyAdult (f)4,1277018
wIcjg3EG Blue SmurfAdult (m)3,3628793
5SoSaTikdenAdult (m)7,7936513
v40DGSL BluestripeAdult (f)3,0271,0233
rkq4Frozen Sapphire Striped SmurfHatchling (m, F)1,1705285
6B9bFrozen Blue Honey SmurfHatchling (F)75014111
7kXyScarlet Striped SmurfAdult (m)2,1658108
p8e4Red Striped SmurfAdult (m)1,7487214
tnmoRuby Striped SmurfAdult (f)1,7186617
12I0Crimson Striped SmurfAdult (m)1,9008809
b7j0Fire Red Striped SmurfAdult (m)1,79966110
nFD5Lady Red Stripe SmurfAdult (f)3,8643887
X96VPLady Red Striped SmurfAdult (f)2,8395777
7aP0t4EG Crimson Striped SmurfAdult (f)4,2721,14711
DZig83EG Crimson Striped SmurfAdult (f)2,3817087
j1gpcIB Red StripeAdult (m)1,6936029
tYb7e2EG PB Red StripesAdult (f)2,2494988
fdG0TRed Stripe Curiosity SmurfAdult (f)2,7627465
CUefpRuby's StripesAdult (f)3,9797315
UHWoU3EG Fire Red StripesAdult (f)3,8926343
OYfYgStriped RosebudAdult (m)3,4937327
oeWdI2EG PB Crimson ChristmasAdult (m)1,41732012
fCkIgNaughty Red StripeAdult (f)4,0577402
d6lemRed Striped Magi of WinterAdult (m)2,0827533
giSNnDazzling Red StripeAdult (f)4,0421,2495
PJPeKCrimson Striped LordAdult (m)2,9589286
uvwY0Scarlett Striped SmurfAdult (m)3,4986092
1sBloRed Striped SmurfetteAdult (f)3,0527511
xlpvQRed Striped LordAdult (m)3,6869329
VY5YFrozen Ruby Striped SmurfHatchling (f, F)1,2655453
IoHDFrozen Blood Red Anubais SmurfHatchling (F)1,35522012
All2QRed Striped RecruitHatchling (F)7393046
LNc1Emerald Striped SmurfAdult (f)1,9657896
MUnZJade Striped SmurfAdult (f)1,6586478
2V9LGreen Striped SmurfAdult (m)1,9687006
i50fDark Green Striped SmurfAdult (f)1,4177344
TKZaGreen Striped Beauty SmurfAdult (f)3,06645715
bgFqGreen Jade Striped SmurfAdult (m)2,58259015
sgDVDark Jade Striped SmurfAdult (m)2,24463218
YkLtpLord Green Stripes SmurfAdult (m)2,2657079
7YoInSir Stripes of GreenAdult (m)2,7516077
o43Jr3EG PB Emerald StripeAdult (m)2,4789888
N1YXs3EG PB Green StripesAdult (f)2,26484310
ZXLtV5EG Emerald StripesAdult (m)2,7157818
cgu5tSphinx SmurfAdult (f)2,1267257
WOn6NDuchess GreenstripesAdult (f)2,4226428
AnQVm2EG Green Striped SmurfAdult (f)1,9215207
3V4WN4EG PB Green StripesAdult (f)2,3686932
aapse2EG PB Green StripesAdult (m)2,6656807
vdkpBLL Green Striped SmurfAdult (m)3,6451,1075
u9t74LL2 Green Striped SmurfAdult (f)3,2847964
WM0oJ3EG Emerald StripesAdult (f)2,3697225
I89M75EG Green StripesAdult (m)2,1778281
ifcvU3EG Green StripesAdult (f)2,7148712
PRPIS3EG Frilled Green StripesAdult (f)3,9084548
HW3e34EG Frilled Green StripesAdult (m)3,8226894
523PY3EG Jade Green StripesAdult (m)3,1726294
A3Nc63EG Jade StripesAdult (m)3,4577593
A6VE12EG PB Emerald StripesAdult (f)3,6507735
UgNGC2EG PB Emerald SmurfAdult (f)2,6086276
Yb2kQ2EG PB Nephrite Jade StripeAdult (f)2,6876127
8pnmU3EG Green Striped FrillAdult (f)3,2798114
ha3P63EG PB Emerald StripesAdult (f)3,8477279
6OFTFrozen Emerald Striped SmurfHatchling (f, F)1,1745426
AoI8Frozen Greenleaf SmurfHatchling (F)1,0111445
rika1Frozen PouncerHatchling (F)1,5152602
1nHFQGreen WolfeHatchling (F)2,8801922
3XXu1Frozen Green WolfHatchling (F)1,9492765
ribZuWolf RecruitHatchling (F)2,0891572
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