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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “llyoung,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
B01pSCountess BloodscaleAdult (f)3,4388184
3QX7gBaroness BloodscaleAdult (f)3,1767574
g2rHNDuke Gilded BloodscaleAdult (m)3,1147343
1ND0gTsar BloodscaleAdult (m)2,7317877
MA0CIMagic BloodscaleAdult (f)3,0679275
DtGUDEvening Star and Morning StarAdult (m)3,6676331
EcuzYPrince Gilded BloodscaleAdult (m)2,1906464
CagxvPrincess Gilded BloodscaleAdult (f)4,9107677
GpkAxSauvage SmurfAdult (f)3,8696541
A8HbBBeelzebub SmurfAdult (m)2,9575791
UH0p8Bloodscale SmurfAdult (m)4,0198063
aLXruDouble the SmurfsAdult (m)3,2096071
npX06Baroness Gilded BloodscaleAdult (f)3,3086141
OraxS2EG PB Gilded BloodscaleAdult (f)3,3776752
2Wj1kShe of Gilded BloodscalesAdult (f)2,7977281
BKjUqCount Gilded BloodscaleAdult (m)3,7266483
NvCWCLady of the BloodscalesAdult (f)2,7376811
jrV5RV'GerAdult (m)2,8878274
EOFjdLord Gilded BloodscalesAdult (m)3,0358461
yVvHeBloodscale LadyAdult (f)3,9307263
do32DBloodscale LordAdult (m)3,9467191
X9tTLChip off the old BloodscaleAdult (m)3,9449103
hZafB3EG PB BloodscaleAdult (f)2,9108992
HACjb3EG Gilded BloodscaleAdult (m)3,1427712
5pBh5Bloodscale CountessAdult (f)4,2036914
c5IXVBloodscale CountAdult (m)3,3925764
5NjEYLady of the Gilded ScaleAdult (f)3,4356413
t4P4wBloodscale GoddessAdult (f)3,1557762
rOiwGGilded Bloodscale GoddessAdult (f)3,4439695
3Ojhy2EG BloodscaleAdult (m)1,9451,0107
3gRMrLL BloodscaleAdult (f)2,2178402
Yfv5OBloodscale BaronAdult (m)8,5718133
lKevl3EG PB Bloodscale SmurfAdult (m)4,2471,1665
ROfzGBloodscale LassAdult (f)3,1881,0315
F5txJGilded Bloodscale EmpressAdult (f)5,3879624
ailnhNyx and PheoAdult (f)4,0919961
kUWg8Volcano BloodAdult (f)5,0281,1803
eTGPrGilded VolcanoAdult (m)5,8281,0992
9l8bA2EG PB BloodscaleAdult (f)4,5397524
ylW03Volcano BloodscaleAdult (f)3,8617512
6k3JLGilded Bloodscale Dragon LordAdult (m)2,44359421
TPzjKGilded Bloodscale Dragon KingAdult (m)4,8869024
IvAy7Gilded Bloodscale Dragon PrinceAdult (m)6,1027033
JdjUdPrincess Gilded BloodscalesAdult (f)5,1049333
vkosDKing Gilded Bloodscale DragonAdult (m)6,0326874
Kxb1CPrince Gilded Bloodscale DragonAdult (m)4,5041,0873
5jRiyGild on the BloodscaleAdult (m)6,0425722
V5eHzGild on the SmurfAdult (f)5,9615793
jOIVj(jOIVj)Adult (m)4,0135133
4kl56Frozen Gilded BloodscaleHatchling (F)1,3522044
yBNCQFrozen Gilded ScalesHatchling (f, F)3,7225112
pgljmBloodscale RecruitHatchling (F)1,9651311
F1XvtBloodscale Recruit 1Hatchling (F)1,7825544
mY3qjBloodscale Recruit 2Hatchling (F)1,1173462
eT1IMBloodscale Recruit 3Hatchling (F)1,6051071
Fpf3aBloodscale Recruit 4Hatchling (F)2,9082040
MeR6cLady Blue-BandedAdult (f)3,5941,0748
YBC3yLord Blue-BandedAdult (m)4,0031,0317
zq9mdPrincess Blue-BandedAdult (f)5,1936655
5IqT8Prince Blue-BandedAdult (m)5,1286962
72pQRKing Blue-BandedAdult (m)3,8849161
jAF1WQueen Blue-BandedAdult (f)3,7109102
SVEY9Countess Blue-BandedAdult (f)4,0688072
wXLIgCount Blue-BandedAdult (m)4,6007714
Nx90NMountain Blue BloodAdult (m)3,3746982
HW7szBlue-Banded SmurfAdult (m)4,1361,0481
XH4GDBlue-Banded SmurfetteAdult (f)3,4331,0391
WqXWcDuke Blue-BandedAdult (m)3,2541,0291
cUXPFDuchess Blue-BandedAdult (f)4,5361,2515
ECPQDBlue-Banded PrincessAdult (f)4,1087813
LvTC4Blue-Banded BaronessAdult (f)4,8877914
7ljkhPure Blue-BandedAdult (f)4,2728432
vdKbsPurely Blue-BandedAdult (m)4,4537791
rtAdnBaron Blue-BandedAdult (m)4,5947714
URrr2Baroness Blue-BandedAdult (f)4,9567792
P8ecYCass BluesAdult (m)6,3626492
Z8NNVZ'Blue-BandedAdult (f)5,4677296
MQ7F2Imperial Blue-BandAdult (f)2,5766561
7zneCBlue-Banded CountAdult (m)1,8566591
QEOx2Blue-Banded CountessAdult (f)6,5886661
JNeKNMountain PuddlesAdult (f)3,6268331
KNfhOBlue-Banded BaronAdult (m)2,3597382
mqaZVBlue-Banded DuchessAdult (f)5,0118501
nHmQYQuestionable BlueAdult (m)5,6967165
bAiMBEmperor Blue-BandedAdult (m)4,7667641
ULe0zEmpress Blue-BandedAdult (f)5,7597593
BCN6ABlue Bye YouAdult (f)5,3797901
wdoHl2EG PB Blue-BandedAdult (m)4,9067881
yKdehGoddess Blue-BandedAdult (f)4,4997761
HG62rGod Blue-BandedAdult (m)4,6157691
aLLo4Allo BlueAdult (m)2,8067843
R5Z2bBlue-Banded Smurf DragonAdult (m)3,0629841
QkxX8She of the Blue-BandsAdult (f)2,5797633
n3l6PBlue-Banded LadAdult (m)5,6527141
0mZLrSir Blue-BandsAdult (m)4,3649493
tY96kBlue-Band of HappinessAdult (m)3,6487612
dzqgZRoyal BandsAdult (m)4,3738711
bQzSmBlue-Banded EmpressAdult (f)3,1669333
6jdPhSplish Splash in the BathAdult (f)3,5157062
VoH7YBlue-Banded LassAdult (f)4,1997522
FgwrrMountain Blue-BandAdult (m)5,6768136
e6l4QBaron Blue BandedAdult (m)3,3067622
egM7UBlue Banded SmurfetteAdult (f)5,6878001
Aw5bpBlue Bands SmurfAdult (m)4,1406701
8bMH0Band of BluesAdult (m)6,7236566
wFWlRMissy Blue-BandAdult (f)3,50664511
reBWkMister Blue-BandAdult (m)6,8166595
HBcdRGarnet BandsAdult (m)6,16075412
aV2zxBlue-Banded Dragon LordAdult (m)2,9785036
q0APiBlue-Banded Dragon KingAdult (m)7,1136624
IRIt8King Blue-Banded DragonAdult (m)3,7067204
gHo9uBanded SwallowtailAdult (f)7,5717194
VWY1PQueen of the Blue BandsAdult (f)5,7841,3026
59l0SBlue-Banded Dragon LadyAdult (f)4,9339305
s7gxgFrozen Blue-BandedHatchling (F)2,0182201
m2DXEFrozen BandsHatchling (f, F)4,8888301
MD2OFBlue-Banded RecruitHatchling (F)1,7271342
oUh7ZBlue-Banded Recruit 1Hatchling (F)2,0341841
VRWnBluna SmurfAdult (m)1,49981015
Zj8iTwo Finned Bluna SmurfAdult (f)1,5647723
glGtSwims with Dolphins SmurfAdult (f)1,85287812
4Bj6Swims with Whales SmurfAdult (f)1,82285911
9FJDSwims with SmurfsAdult (m)1,3397167
apLVApple Luvin Bluna SmurfAdult (m)1,95288213
ZTtgSwims with Fish SmurfAdult (f)1,71180211
P5MqSmurfy Swimmer SmurfAdult (f)3,86365211
DNpuBluna Pi SmurfAdult (f)1,83184118
42rBSwims with Tuna SmurfAdult (m)2,32599315
HoWlHowl at the Bluna MoonAdult (m)2,0639166
ooXGBlue Finned Tuna SmurfAdult (f)1,69094224
MIXXSwims with Pods SmurfAdult (m)1,65191214
LJRCTwinkie SmurfAdult (f)1,74194110
SOcWBluna Not TunaAdult (m)3,88299411
cSceSwimmy Dusk Dorkface ThuwedAdult (f)2,2325294
rVSEDeep Ocean WatersAdult (m)2,4404705
AAYlBluna Sea SmurfAdult (f)3,1104965
DOGABluna of the TitanicAdult (m)2,3307548
PKWEBlue Bluna SmurfAdult (m)6,1398628
6DvHMLord Bluna SmurfAdult (m)3,7084645
Il8mULady BlunaAdult (f)3,3247256
vdkJKSL Bluna SmurfAdult (m)4,3535297
hV6XDLL BlunaAdult (f)3,2825414
mXKQaLL Bluna SmurfAdult (m)2,3367012
Ga7mv5EG BlunaAdult (m)2,4706291
ggolrLL2 Bluna SmurfAdult (f)4,4068937
0WIhO6EG Bluna not TunaAdult (m)4,0595982
7PaMJSL2 Bluna SmurfAdult (f)3,7866472
JAN7oJantoAdult (f)4,0536056
mSVRjLL3 Bluna SmurfAdult (m)4,3796173
4VdIsLL4 Bluna SmurfAdult (m)3,7217175
AVK9uLL Bluna SmurfetteAdult (f)2,4397105
vlCNHFishy Fishy FishyAdult (m)1,6938974
4yxFfLL1 Bluna SmurfAdult (m)2,62545910
8wS7oLL5 Bluna SmurfAdult (f)2,2304186
gWYZtLL6 Bluna SmurfAdult (m)3,6931,2544
2POUIBluna StairsAdult (m)2,1746471
egC4mBluna EmpressAdult (f)3,7787723
w6iy4Bluna EmperorAdult (m)4,1887592
hzYgeGlowy DoomAdult (f)5,6987644
I37qFrozen Two Finned Bluna SmurfHatchling (f, F)8735124
WUb0Frozen Swims with Smurfs SmurfHatchling (F)1,1061523
t3TjPlease Feed Me NowHatchling (F)1,1201393
QPoYGFeeeeeed MeHatchling (F)3,3177143
MGU2bLil' HungryHatchling (F)1,64013018
FsNzXBluna RecruitHatchling (F)2,5721894
hpSioBlusang StarsAdult (f)3,21580614
65jl9Mr BlusangAdult (m)3,2267969
C1cQhMiss BlusangAdult (f)3,4118025
a0vD2Ima BlusangAdult (m)2,6837363
78991King Blusang LindwurmAdult (m)3,3337365
ntIZSQueen Blusang LindwurmAdult (f)3,2797497
Is5hKDuke BlusangAdult (m)2,9908015
EMBQmDuchess BlusangAdult (f)3,5478156
CT8OlPrincess BlusangAdult (f)3,3148224
3mVa3Prince BlusangAdult (m)3,2708432
kCWn9Knight BlusangAdult (m)2,8877864
sXDj6Mister BlusangAdult (m)1,8897365
IT9otBlusang SmurfetteAdult (f)3,2877922
iFta7Lady of the BlusangsAdult (f)3,1267175
MSGp4Sir BlusangAdult (m)2,9327454
IKrkuBlusang Lindwurm SmurfetteAdult (f)2,5737185
3gVjQ3EG Blue and Pink BlusangAdult (m)2,5107852
bkMgPBlack Magic BlusangAdult (f)2,9507646
g2Lj2Silvered BlusangAdult (m)3,8567653
qihsILady Blusang SmurfetteAdult (f)2,9187873
49K2cLord Blusang SmurfAdult (m)3,0267915
H9nRQCaptain BlusangAdult (f)3,4386773
Jm7EPPB Blusang SmurfAdult (m)3,4986893
q6RPjDraco Faberge SmurfAdult (m)3,5407587
VcF5CSakura BluAdult (f)2,9716403
o0rvSIced BlusangAdult (f)2,9626422
tOo5XBlusang on IceAdult (m)3,1406643
2RRZoBlusang MagicAdult (m)3,7946886
pc7mpMonarch BlusangAdult (m)2,6126834
shEc8Wavy BlusangAdult (f)3,3917266
2egqELindwurm of the SeaAdult (f)4,0973656
hiXd8Winter Magi BlusangAdult (m)3,2636645
eS4HVPrince Blusang LindwurmAdult (m)3,6566477
uXdTGBlusang StarAdult (f)3,2416857
VTgBqDuchess Blusang LindwurmAdult (f)3,9136945
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