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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2022 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “kiramaru7,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
575iKirakotsu's Scroll Guardian 1Adult (m)4,4551,13022
N0MaLKirakotsu's Green No MalAdult (f)3,0762066
Mr37dKirakotsu's Mr Thirty Seven DAdult (m)3,0612057
zLGRv(zLGRv)Adult (m)7,3005171
rAFEWKirakotsu's Are a FewAdult (m)3,4342297
VCzem(VCzem)Adult (f)12,1208080
B03SyKirakotsu's Mr BossyAdult (m)4,1862808
dNFJwKirakotsu's  Shudda been a SmurfAdult (f)5,17685610
zRqAxKirakotsu's Zee Pretty Pink OneAdult (f)5,6694633
wqr0g(wqr0g)Adult (m)5,9434922
Oyol9(Oyol9)Adult (f)5,8734982
btTuS(btTuS)Adult (m)6,1565062
exb99(exb99)Adult (f)5,5325211
xlUVW(xlUVW)Adult (m)6,7044531
9qfyz(9qfyz)Adult (m)6,6344431
ztnALKirakotsu's Zee lil Green OneAdult (f)5,8394863
KmyxsKirakotsu's Arctic BlastAdult (f)6,9227875
vrCJNKirakotsu's Special SnowflakeAdult (f)6,2644591
WJX9s(WJX9s)Adult (f)7,0014672
EAUif(EAUif)Adult (m)9,6139173
C4cfl(C4cfl)Adult (f)11,3841,1883
ce44n(ce44n)Adult (m)6,5244361
DyhqHKirakotsu's CB MintsAdult (m)6,0334502
g7d4N(g7d4N)Adult (m)7,1194902
GXTm7(GXTm7)Adult (f)6,5664383
cA9kh(cA9kh)Adult (f)8,5345941
zrzGp(zrzGp)Adult (f)6,8854771
Fu0qp(Fu0qp)Adult (m)6,9264731
HPsRg(HPsRg)Adult (f)7,0874742
b6jGe(b6jGe)Adult (f)6,7354491
fvNSD(fvNSD)Adult (f)6,7204481
ohV5L(ohV5L)Adult (m)6,8704593
wG0Tl(wG0Tl)Adult (f)6,7654514
PZAzJ(PZAzJ)Adult (m)6,5254350
B4oxX(B4oxX)Adult (f)6,8724591
hDIq2(hDIq2)Adult (m)6,8404562
MlQH3(MlQH3)Adult (f)6,7804521
MUGWV(MUGWV)Adult (m)6,7954531
VGdXk(VGdXk)Adult (f)10,9877921
W1R16(W1R16)Adult (m)9,5676603
BLoX2(BLoX2)Adult (f)9,5996722
zWHzW(zWHzW)Adult (m)11,0557371
qb3La(qb3La)Adult (m)8,7218110
frMgI(frMgI)Adult (f)7,4875002
dlSJj(dlSJj)Adult (f)6,9124613
CZ5QF(CZ5QF)Adult (m)7,6075082
MmYPT(MmYPT)Adult (m)7,6805121
zLFNM(zLFNM)Adult (m)9,6779203
wrDet(wrDet)Adult (f)9,4129012
W1sVJ(W1sVJ)Adult (m)8,5005673
Cybyf(Cybyf)Adult (m)10,1261,0271
C9ao4(C9ao4)Adult (m)13,0691,0291
0fTYb(0fTYb)Adult (f)9,9108351
vM1orKirakotsu's Garden TimeAdult (m)6,5544761
t2NJX(t2NJX)Adult (m)6,7684522
90BGW(90BGW)Adult (f)10,4001,0271
TQcvk(TQcvk)Adult (f)10,4401,0201
LtW6z(LtW6z)Adult (f)10,4811,0521
x45YQ(x45YQ)Adult (f)10,7028041
VUIE7(VUIE7)Adult (m)9,5299081
TaMqa(TaMqa)Adult (f)9,2451,2112
GswAD(GswAD)Adult (m)14,7911,4725
9xQks(9xQks)Adult (f)12,1431,4424
D023v(D023v)Adult (f)12,1181,4250
h0vfG(h0vfG)Adult (m)12,5841,4357
O5o48(O5o48)Adult (m)12,7281,4002
zazvy(zazvy)Hatchling (m)8,8671,0133
dCB5x(dCB5x)Hatchling (f)8,8121,0072
B0VrP(B0VrP)Hatchling (m)10,6191,44612
FG5GSKirakotsu's Scroll Guardian 2Adult (f)5,6761,42415
lvheRKirakotsu's Scroll Guardian 3Adult (m)6,2721,3341
ZGe1bKirakotsu's lil ZGe1b TreeEgg (F)
LZLXFPrussiakotsu's GilbirdHatchling (f, F)3,2848593
73owX(73owX)Adult (f)11,4971,0010
AR0gx(AR0gx)Adult (f)7,6577512
FGEwW(FGEwW)Adult (m)7,7027603
I3wCQ(I3wCQ)Adult (m)8,1537441
i397n(i397n)Adult (f)7,8457291
3f2GB(3f2GB)Adult (f)8,2387452
NWOft(NWOft)Adult (f)7,9237187
iLHSPKirakotsu's Paper CutsAdult (m)7,3706422
ySZVPKirakotsu's Star LordAdult (m)9,4837155
uPQvmKirakotsu's Terty WheedAdult (m)6,6846913
k3St3Mukotsu's Poisonous PotionAdult (m)7,0705391
nIhMHKirakotsu's Dusty GreeneAdult (f)6,5724872
CxIU4Kirakotsu's Unicorn Derg FishAdult (f)12,5319971
GjA3SKirakotsu's Mom's on FireAdult (m)3,2344974
OfyrgKirakotsu's Mom's a Space WhaleAdult (m)3,4634853
M62GeAGYKkotsu-sensei is my SenpaiAdult (f)3,34756420
n3lS0Kirakotsu's Thank You MissKAdult (m)4,67043036
6iIZnKirakotsu's Into the UnknownAdult4,31059015
Q5hQ8Kirakotsu's Lord PrismatikaAdult (m)3,1873903
GvaDdKirakotsu's Lady PrismatikaAdult (f)3,3444830
VI9OvKirakotsu's Finally Won OneAdult (f)6,0959261
vHGx5Kirakotsu's Got One of My Own 2Adult (f)7,5958893
kgsxePrismakotsu's Nova Holly SmurfAdult (m)8,5356301
Ns1K4Kirakotsu's Soul of Smurfs 2Adult (m)7,6149179
LHJjWKirakotsu's Special 2G SmurfAdult (m)9,0581,3814
XkvAVKirakotsu's lil Gothic SmurfetteAdult (f)8,1121,2617
2fJoZKirakotsus's Smurfette Truffles2Adult (f)5,9011,13017
8URWaKirakotsu's Sysaria Kirangi 2Adult (f)4,9301,01137
iJaiuKirakotsu's Lucky Smurf 2Adult (m)9,0789093
HXc3sKirakotsu's Aquilla Smurfette 2Adult (f)8,5609644
e2qJ7Kirakotsu's Wonderful LuckAdult (m)7,4897941
s2TlgKirakotsu's Addicted to LoveAdult (f)8,02368312
TYZGgKirakotsu's Pucey Smurf 3GAdult (m)5,5109594
EVJynKirakotsu's Brass Smurf 3Adult (m)7,3058853
V3ySZKirakotsu's Pillow Smurf 3Adult (m)7,1829445
rFowoKirakotsu's Drunken Smurf 3Adult (m)8,2989044
QID7QKirakotsu's Gothic Smurfette 3Adult (f)9,0321,0252
mwDD4Kirakotsu's Imperial Smurfette 3Adult (f)8,7285835
7h9b0Kirakotsu's Frozen Se 7 en SmurfAdult (m)6,1031,04020
jWHCTKirakotsu's Cinnamon Smurf 3Adult (m)9,4057587
FoedPKirakotsu's Bronze 3G SmurfAdult (m)6,5987473
mGKICKirakotsu's Autumn Smurfette 3Adult (f)7,9318935
pIcyNKirakotsu's Christmas Smurfette3Adult (f)8,1438093
pkO9pKirakotsu's Orphaned SmurfetteAdult (f)8,4801,0752
E0qUaKirakotsu's Christmas Smurf 3Adult (m)10,1276763
vpk2vKirakotsu's Lucifer MorningstarAdult (m)7,1689376
2xPJKKirakotsu's Addicted to Smurfs 3Adult (m)7,1848681
tTlwmKirakotsu's Flower Smurf 3Adult (m)9,4576405
efvDoKirakotsu's Midas SmurfetteAdult (f)9,2317844
9bePSKirakotsu's Icarus Cookie SmurfAdult (m)8,4218700
0LoKMKirakotsu's Spiced SmurfAdult (m)9,0717442
SuXmCKirakotsu's Autumn SmurfetteAdult (f)8,8265911
q0nJKKirakotsu's Soundgarden IchysunAdult (f)8,4735654
UXcpqKirakotsu's Flowering SmurfetteAdult (f)6,6648307
pCMXDKirakotsu's Sysaria Kirangi 3Adult (f)12,4898465
578CQVelmakotsu's Silver and BronzeAdult (m)13,0561,11714
TXSCaKirakotsu's Luck be a Lady 2Adult (f)7,71992422
BVxkFKirakotsu's Sakura Aegis 3Adult (m)8,6065743
sHFnEKirakotsu's Silver Cookie Smurf3Adult (m)8,9241,06110
GxGrWKirakotsu's Silver Smurf 3Adult (m)8,9111,2472
qBWRZKirakotsu's Moon Smurfette 3Adult (f)8,5105682
dmQ96Kirakotsu's Freaky Smurfette 3Adult (f)7,6769679
3votzKirakotsu's Zee Penkish 3Adult (f)6,2051,0404
GWtdZKirakotsu's Sorry Smurfette 3Adult (f)8,6878221
eLDEmKirakotsu's Eldem Smurf 3Adult (m)7,3001,0558
KYWEwKirakotsu's Kywe SmurfAdult (m)8,6848192
TxoXRKirakotsu's Sea Smurf 3Adult (m)9,4928654
NgWWcKirakotsu's Falcon SmurfAdult (m)8,7538773
xwb9vKirakotsu's Isabella Smurfette 3Adult (f)8,5781,2563
lkXqYKirakotsu's Scary Smurf 3Adult (m)7,7409656
MitdaKirakotsu's Mitda SmurfetteAdult (f)7,81982712
LmmwPKirakotsu's Emo Smurf 3Adult (m)7,9798502
SzjBUKirakotsu's Angry Smurfette 3Adult (f)8,0588634
xO6dwKirakotsu's Moonlit Princess 3Adult (f)8,0158284
50wTBKirakotsu's Sweet Smurfette 3Adult (f)7,8611,0165
OpyDIKirakotsu's White Gold Smurf 3Adult (m)8,38598816
QlcQBKirakotsu's 3 Odd Color SmurfsAdult (f)8,1536103
dY6oaKirakotsu's Midas Despised 3Adult (m)7,1118035
p6R4sKirakotsu's lil Wolf's Bane 2Adult (f)7,9341,0473
KNVU4Kirakotsu's Golden Garland 3Adult (m)8,9398529
zsqPVKirakotsu's Zee Soul of Death 3Adult (f)8,9048652
rGpHAKirakotsu's Stardust Love 3Adult (f)7,5127764
uxs5IKirakotsu's Royal Queen 2Adult (f)7,4149282
vqGeLKirakotsu's Mother of Calamity 2Adult (f)8,5548562
gR4AlKirakotsu's Silver Mage 2Adult (m)8,00492410
gOcVTKirakotsu's Princess Silver LucyAdult (f)9,3756256
pczrqJenkotsu's Shimmering AscendanceAdult (m)10,0677927
mZ2IYKirakotsu's Luckiest of DucksAdult (f)7,3919315
VhW7mKirakotsu's Daughter of CalamityAdult (f)12,8158884
H16GMKirakotsu's Silver Garland 3Adult (f)8,4858164
ZwqyRKirakotsu's Zee Shiny One 3Adult (m)6,5967429
KNRKEKirakotsu's Lucky Mother 3Adult (f)8,0381,0491
oVA2UKirakotsu's Lady Silver Omen 3Adult (f)8,0356754
HFU3aKirakotsu's Good Mother 3Adult (f)7,7088436
zmD3OKirakotsu's Zee Christmas ShimmyAdult (f)9,4781,0705
VcRZTKirakotsu's Silver TempestAdult (f)7,4557495
7SVAPKirakotsu's Christmas Garland 3Adult (m)8,2796204
J9K4HKirakotsu's Queen of Spiders 3Adult (f)8,1371,0425
lJiCMKirakotsu's 3G Silvery ShimmerAdult (m)7,5756644
I0ikSKirakotsu's Shimmering Silver 3Adult (m)7,2541,11910
X3tKoKirakotsu's Daughter of Calmity3Adult (f)8,8955934
7CMgVKirakotsu's Luckiest Winter 3GAdult (f)8,1011,0843
MNZTBKirakotsu's Silver Angel IIIAdult (f)8,5705722
eNDhkKirakotsu's Reflecting Ice 3Adult (f)8,5975745
4NJbsJenkotsu's Silver PrinceAdult (m)8,1327163
wsbz6Kirakotsu's Omega Angel 3Adult (f)8,3541,34012
6j2j4Kirakotsu's Winterfest in JulyAdult (f)8,2117399
xeJzpKirakotsu's Pitfire LoveAdult (f)6,6851,0384
pyOsPKirakotsu's Lucky Wyne Jones 2Adult (m)7,8348198
avJIIKirakotsu's Bronze Cookie 2Adult (m)8,8835935
nq1uqKirakotsu's Bronze Imladris 3Adult (m)6,65880113
A6zxUKirakotsu's Gingerbread Spice 3Adult (m)12,2541,2343
FRuuVKirakotsu's Lucky Duck 3Adult (f)6,6338623
9W656Kirakotsu's Bronze and SatinAdult (f)9,3947469
Klw1lKirakotsu's Peachy Bronze Star 3Adult (m)7,6249864
ndyeSKirakotsu's Valentine KirktonAdult (m)7,7047322
70axRKirakotsu's Shadow Knight 3Adult (m)8,9608623
57NmiKirakotsu's Love Song 3Adult (m)8,79165010
teZg5Kirakotsu's Bronze Space Mink 3Adult (f)8,9428577
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