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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “kiramaru7,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0SOcxPrussiakotsu's CB WarriorAdult (m)6,2491,3294
o4LCmAmberkotsu's lil Black CorsetAdult (f)6,5861,4673
cPSYYKirakotsu's Midnight OrpheusAdult (m)5,4811,1372
OeevBKirakotsu's Dazzling BlacknessAdult (f)6,2021,2301
pvGK3Kirakotsu's Bronze and BlackAdult (m)5,0071,2031
MvyGPItalykotsu's lil NarwhalAdult (f)4,3143122
HJkNRRomakotsu's GermanicusAdult (m)5,8261,1471
FGgGKKirakotsu's Black and PurpleAdult (f)4,8204386
HnF48Prussiakotsu's Midnight WarriorAdult (m)4,8281,1480
L48IhNurikotsu's ShineeAdult (f)5,6301,1714
8GnRWAwesomekotsu's SafAdult (m)3,4451,0502
X8bINKirakotsu's Morgan le FayAdult (f)3,15760413
85SsAKirakotsu's Shin Black BabyAdult (m)6,9651,4153
tq5ALGilkotsu's lil GravewingAdult (f)6,7251,5132
VRUovPrussiakotsu's CB BlackwingAdult (m)5,3891,4080
nW7VxFelikotsu's River SongAdult (f)3,7371,3162
zLJBsKirakotsu's Swiss ChocolatesAdult (m)5,0601,5230
T7sGZKirakotsu's Hilbilly GirlAdult (f)3,6351,1000
8aDQOKirakotsu's Dark ValentineAdult (m)4,7811,1212
7rbkuPrussiakotsu's Princess ThuwedAdult (f)3,7731,0490
WUBbCGilbertkotsu's X-boxAdult (m)4,6301,2261
jyyHNKirakotsu's Dog of WarAdult (f)3,7817370
Ki4U7Ludwigkotsu's BlackieAdult (m)2,1667853
2IS4BAmberkotsu's CB GirlAdult (f)6,0521,4312
huqsXPrussiakotsu's  lil HugsAdult (m)1,4775823
fHTo7Kirakotsu's Shimmering MuttAdult (f)3,9687700
10Fu0Kirakotsu's CB Stud-muffinAdult (m)3,8497601
eg18tJakotsu's Bangkok DreamAdult (f)3,4199890
jucTkKirakotsu's Elegant AdonisAdult (m)4,6761,0880
kehmHKirakotsu's Twilight SplendourAdult (f)5,0481,0800
bzi1IKirakotsu's Halloween KingAdult (m)4,8761,0681
qFEUnKirakotsu's Halloween QueenAdult (f)4,5121,1690
ltMLzKirakotsu's Halloween PrinceAdult (m)4,4857901
2EOk0Kirakotsu's Halloween LadyAdult (f)3,5287090
bA2y9Kirakotsu's Malicious IntentAdult (m)4,6121,1101
6rdKvKirakotsu's Obsidian GessaiAdult (f)4,5151,0971
8e8g9Kirakotsu's Chaniell ZenAdult (m)4,9951,1264
DxwNTPrussiakotsu's CB LadyAdult (f)5,5361,3871
0NLZVSniffitkotsu's Black ChaosAdult (m)2,7953216
gTNO4Kirakotsu's Marius MonaAdult (f)4,0321,1710
7HYDlKirakotsu's Stripe FailAdult (m)4,2781,0170
oktoHKirakotsu's Slinky lil BlackieAdult (f)4,2418940
4ecb9Kirakotsu's Perfect BlackAdult (m)4,5269981
Lo099Kirakotsu's 2nd Gen SolaceAdult (f)5,9369821
tczorKirakotsu's IB BlackieAdult (m)3,5627512
oUtqGKirakotsu's Happy BdayAdult (f)3,3607097
HwdxsPrussiakotsu's Awesome VargAdult (m)4,5119662
L0sp5Kirakotsu's Meiko no kuroAdult (f)5,1799880
UVQxjJakotsu's Crimson Black SilverAdult (m)2,7424295
Z2TVaKirakotsu's CB BabyAdult (f)4,7699913
4SIaIKirakotsu's Dark WarriorAdult (m)2,5524543
79RAyKirakotsu's  Della'li-saAdult (f)2,8613354
szIdHPrussiakotsu's Shimmer and GoldAdult (m)4,3029960
t7CU4Kirakotsu's Queen of the NightAdult (f)5,4981,1802
bdJaHKirakotsu's lil CeasareAdult (m)5,1931,1430
L4pXsKirakotsu's Angel of GrimhopeAdult (f)5,3421,1662
k4cFnGilkotsu's CB BlackstoneAdult (m)6,6901,4902
1gS66Gilkotsu's CB QueenAdult (f)4,8358930
0EwBRPrussialotsu's Awesome MontanaAdult (m)5,2629804
iqospPrussiakotsu's Lovely CB LadyAdult (f)4,6788031
jqdJIKirakotsu's StormholdAdult (m)5,8251,1432
dIb00Gilbirkotsu's 2nd GenAdult (f)5,7661,0472
vcxHcGilkotsu's Black and GoldAdult (m)1,8865553
dJqs0Kirakotsu's Black DuskAdult (f)5,5141,0950
gd1nTFritzkotsu's 2nd GenAdult (m)2,0713825
HZ9AbFritzkotsu's CB GirlAdult (f)5,9191,1550
Wv25XKirakotsu's Three Seven TenAdult (m)3,4635791
FkGOeKirakotsu's Hillbilly FoundlingAdult (f)2,7715015
cakltKirakotsu's Black and BronzeAdult (m)3,9039170
msxspKirakotsu's CB GirlAdult (f)3,9269262
8kDR7Kirakotsu's Blackened CopperAdult (m)9,1021,5404
O66hzKirakotsu's Night NyxAdult (f)1,69449810
5aY33Wolfgangkotsu's Tinsel FailAdult (m)5,0211,1353
ntrflGilkotsu's lil Black and GoldAdult (f)3,8941,0550
RcOXlGilkotsu's Dark StarAdult (m)2,8384674
ayTHlKirakotsu's lil CB GalAdult (f)4,5511,0131
cGv55Kirakotsu's Black ButterflyAdult (m)2,1794743
Wgsc1Prussiakotsu's CB GirlAdult (f)4,7711,1414
Gv4qvGermanykotsu's lil BlackieAdult (m)4,0349361
K376ZKirakotsu's Sieya SaerosAdult (f)5,0431,1290
Eq5ZIKatkotsu's Bday DraknessAdult (m)3,9131,0213
LByviKirakotsu's Black ThunderAdult (f)4,2531,1061
6iFJMKirakotsu's DragonicoreaAdult (m)2,2045793
7ecZRKatkotsu's CB Bday BoogerAdult (f)3,0021,0333
f5cjQAgnikotsu's Tinsel FailAdult (m)1,7625741
mlDY5Gilkotsu's Midnight RunAdult (m)4,7099911
YmxvQKatkotsu's IB Dusk ThuwedAdult (f)3,0616922
C6HnOKirakotsu's Rambling RoseAdult (f)4,2271,0090
XPwHUGilkotsu's lil FoundlingAdult (m)3,9057302
ZK3RQKirakotsu's lil FreakyAdult (f)3,9819910
A6UY4Kirakotsu's PB 2nd  GenAdult (m)2,9604142
WvPGuKirakotsu's Shimmer FailAdult (f)3,3538815
rBmoJKirakotsu's Mi'Black NightAdult (m)5,8941,3601
VqtFZKirakotsu's lil Black WolfAdult (f)3,0514363
4uOZ0Prussiakotsu's CB NutterAdult (m)6,5771,1033
VRs6ZKirakotsu's lil CB GirlAdult (f)2,3965772
Yx1C2Prussiakotsu's lil RossoAdult (m)4,4111,3384
LHB22Prussiakotsu's LiebschenAdult (f)4,9221,0440
F5IfOAwesomekotu's lil ninjaAdult (m)5,3371,3392
qEopsKirakotsu's 2nd Gen MuttAdult (f)4,7341,0743
rRhB0Prussiakotsu's Shadow StarAdult (m)5,0151,3271
ObFSLKirakotsu's lil StairstepAdult (f)5,5481,1960
hrhfKKirakotsu's Vale of DarknessAdult (m)3,1375242
5JRIxKirakotsu's CB BlacknessAdult (f)5,4811,2861
A2e5NVriskakotsu's MindfangAdult (m)4,9851,0770
nCvFyKirakotsu's Heart of DarknessAdult (f)2,4755586
ZLduHAgnikotsu's Isfel KarenaAdult (m)2,8074468
frT3TSomakotsu's lil JewelAdult (f)5,8821,1040
AzsGlPrussiakotsu's black silk boxersAdult (m)4,3789781
l1KeqPrussiakotsu's 5th GenAdult (f)6,0581,3190
QCHn6Fritzkotsu's glad I'm not an AltAdult (m)3,6521,1141
pKQX7Kirakotsu's Nameless ZAdult (f)4,6841,1241
cEyjuPrussiakotsu's lil FreakyAdult (m)3,7711,0991
Olll8Kirakotsu's Thuban D'HennegelAdult (f)6,0031,3290
fYsCxKirakotsu's Black Silk 3rdAdult (m)3,0271,0311
Lk3kgKirakotsu's Coal DustAdult (f)5,9981,3251
AC44lKirakotsu's CB DarknessAdult (m)5,4821,3081
myDmWPenkkotsu's Tinsel FailAdult (f)6,3811,1272
DcDipPrussiakotsu's CB DudeAdult (m)4,1051,2922
0Qqk6Kirakotsu's Immortal DarknessAdult (f)3,1445562
tdxelKirakotsu's CB ReignAdult (m)4,8461,4250
A6S2nKirakotsu's Dusk DorkfaceAdult (f)7,1707093
8nYxhPrussiakotsu's 4th GenAdult (m)3,9021,0463
EqSmaKirakotsu's Hillbilly LoveAdult (f)3,9541,0351
YlGalKirakotsu's YigalAdult (m)3,5691,0851
Jzw7yKirakotsu's Flaming PeaAdult (f)6,9841,4111
tYluNFritzkotsu's CB ChargerAdult (m)3,8471,0553
cdgKTKugakotsu's Dorkface ThuwedAdult (f)5,4111,1830
QMpwPGermanykotsu's lil MuttAdult (m)15,9321,4439
JvfU4Katkotsu's Lucky FindAdult (f)2,8496093
LakZAKirakotsu's CB LakzaAdult (m)2,8649552
EE8G5Katkotsu's 2nd GenAdult (f)5,7731,3071
Sw2IAGermanykotsu's Ferocious MuttAdult (m)3,6031,1293
oOVZUKatkotsu's Thuwed UrjecikoAdult (f)5,7021,3521
NVN09Fritzkotsu's AlkamunAdult (m)2,9801,0050
bkzakKirakotsu's Thuwed UrjecikoAdult (f)4,6141,0423
LoV1UKirakotsu's Latest 2nd GenAdult (m)4,1831,2840
wct59Kirakotsu's CB QueenAdult (f)3,8291,1652
hHxqIKirakotsu's CB CliqueAdult (m)4,1081,2690
hoVu6Kirakotsu's Lady LuckAdult (f)3,5821,1170
wJEDNGermanykotsu's DarksideAdult (m)3,4451,0330
a2emuKirakotsu's CB CreeperAdult (f)3,8601,1690
BJ7p3Kirakotsu's Black and RedAdult (m)3,3671,0790
lX0wSKirakotsu's Black Bean DipAdult (f)2,8811,0090
ictYUKirakotsu's March MadnessAdult (m)5,2571,4511
DzNZhThubankotsu's D'HennegelAdult (f)3,1071,0671
RUlFeKirakotsu's RufioAdult (m)3,7071,1180
b2loqSomakotsu's Golden JewelAdult (f)3,8171,1400
eJCpDPrussiakotsu's Tasty ShadowsAdult (m)4,1121,1870
0XXJtKirakotsu's mp3 PlayerAdult (f)3,8081,1660
BYklwRomakotsu's ImperiumAdult (m)4,2151,1614
53wWGFritzkotsu's KoniginAdult (f)5,0791,3562
nqWXMFritzkotsu's Black EagleAdult (m)3,4419731
A20twPrussiakotsu's NuitiaAdult (f)4,3811,2818
V5WZ6Kirakotsu's MadisonAdult (m)2,3889211
XX9KQKirakotsu's Draco SeraphAdult (f)5,8171,4491
n8oA2Kirakotsu's CB Bad BoyAdult (m)4,5121,2931
oylxvKirakotsu's Scream Bloody MurderAdult (f)3,7531,1022
7JbsFPrussiakotsu's Burnt ToastAdult (m)6,0111,4482
eyWVWFritzkotsu's lil CB BlackAdult (f)5,1821,1931
jQE30Kirakotsu's Golden BlackAdult (m)4,8941,3971
v69CpKirakotsu's Obsidian SmurfAdult (f)5,0301,1670
JqJWRKirakotsu's 3rd Gen ThuwedAdult (m)4,7961,3471
3S88sKirakotsu's Inky CalaAdult (f)2,9181,0112
RJ72wPrussiakotsu's lil DorkfaceAdult (m)5,6881,3411
Ol6TNKirakotsu da NoiteAdult (f)5,3761,1370
5xBBDFritzkotsu's Dark EmberAdult (m)3,8851,1464
ZXxG1Prussiakotsu's lil CB BlackAdult (f)5,1931,3300
AvM0IPrussiakotsu's MitternachtAdult (m)4,5121,11010
LCARDKirakotsu's LCARDAdult (f)3,2548923
YusKTKirakotsu's Black FinsternisAdult (m)4,0931,2782
fucOGKirakotsu's Film NoirAdult (f)4,5281,3691
J8GtPKirakotsu's Obsidian BlackAdult (m)4,0501,2732
AmtjTKirakotsu's Slinky Black NumberAdult (f)4,5531,3230
J31AaAwesomekotsu's lil 3rd GenAdult (m)5,2151,2582
eh0fYKirakotsu's Lady SpamAdult (f)5,2911,5018
9H3FIPrussiakotsu's Black LightAdult (m)4,7981,2434
r8ak8Kirakotsu's Kuro no AiAdult (f)4,2811,3031
2PjWcFritzkotsu's Ghostly BoogerAdult (m)5,2511,4602
dP5NgPrussiakotsu's Ebony GoldAdult (f)5,2231,2441
GDtbuGermanykotsu's Black and GoldAdult (m)4,9251,2753
g2PNvItalykotsu's Dusk MuttAdult (f)5,2761,3181
MBVtfPrussiakotsu's Nameless OneAdult (m)5,4471,3342
Q2htnKirakotsu's Thuwed FoundlingAdult (f)4,9641,3160
DFJ8iPrussiakotsu's Black and GoldAdult (m)4,9601,1881
puG5TKirakotsu's Lotus BlossomAdult (f)5,3881,2722
epcgrKirakotsu's Inextrica SoliticaAdult (m)4,9431,2223
tBoXaPrussiakotsu's Golden KarmaAdult (f)5,0861,2761
eIad3Kirakotsu's Prince PenkAdult (m)3,7071,0294
dEtCjKirakotsu's Black Silk StockingsAdult (f)4,9751,2533
THASuPrussiakotu's Punk RockerAdult (m)5,1261,2022
1GlCCKirakotsu's Ebony MorchaintAdult (f)4,5371,2172
v8esiPrussiakotsu's Ups and DownsAdult (m)4,9341,1827
WhlYQKirakotsu's lil Gold and BlackAdult (f)6,1731,0925
XWYfCPrussiakotsu's KissesAdult (m)5,7171,3982
FRuQPGilbertkotsu's alt FailAdult (f)5,1471,3523
PDiDuKirakotsu's Ebony ThuwedAdult (m)5,1771,4015
PnJESKirakotsu's lil PrincessAdult (f)4,8001,3113
77052Prussiakotsu's alt FailAdult (m)5,5641,3754
JITMhKirakotsu's Baby KissesAdult (f)5,7551,3577
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