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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “kiramaru7,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
oqKAJakotsu's pet froggyAdult (m)1,9468118
Qs9lBankotsu's pet froggyAdult (f)1,3955299
Icn1QKirakotsu's CB DorsalAdult (f)6,0491,0983
86CNrKirakotsu's Dorsal of SelAdult (m)5,7551,1004
PsGWeGermanykotsu's 2nd GenAdult (m)5,9451,4091
lTbeNItalykotsu's Hillbilly NebulaAdult (m)6,7631,4255
AMs4HKirakotsu's Purple foundlingAdult (f)4,9551,4752
PB032Kirakotsu's Rogue ScreamerAdult (m)3,8541,4843
ZtbidKirakotsu's CB Dorsal of DoomAdult (m)4,8661,2450
LXr6LAgnikotsu's red velvet jacketAdult (m)3,7921,1392
k1JuiSomakotsu's purple eyelinerAdult (f)3,7661,1351
JASDhSomakotsu's Red VestAdult (f)3,6831,1073
eP4JjSomakotsu's purple jammiesAdult (f)3,6641,0723
gaflWAgnikotsu's red jammiesAdult (m)3,7521,1733
liH2ZAgnikotsu's lil CB dorsalAdult (m)3,8961,1393
Yd7AuSomakotsu's long lost DorkfaceAdult (m)3,9161,1402
3BfDVAgnikotsu's purple turbanAdult (f)3,9691,1542
PZYmKirakotsu's Opalescent BladeAdult (m)2,5977929
1JdEJakotsu's spacey tribbleAdult (m)2,3825545
LKOEJakotsu's HomeworkAdult (f)2,80572111
CTYNBankotsu's Bandit's DanceAdult (f)2,9007599
tergJakotsu's Opalescent SleighAdult (f)2,5137262
JgM4Kirakotsu's spaceage sleighAdult (f)3,1626567
u94UgAwesomekotsu's Red Velvet CakeAdult (f)4,1281,3446
jJvONAwesomekotsu's lil foundlingAdult (f)5,1091,3782
YPKA1Kirakotsu's Foundling SniffitAdult (f)9,2041,8907
4PpRWKirakotsu's lil Purple FoundlingAdult (m)4,6171,2464
k297iKirakotsu's lil Red BonesAdult (f)4,4911,0315
LGBbdKirakotsu's Purple FindAdult (m)8,8331,7034
NOaLlKirakotsu's CB RedAdult (m)8,5881,6085
ccUmsKirakotsu's lil HentaiAdult (f)5,7961,2011
fXhxeKirakotsu's Yuletide MakeoverAdult (m)5,7501,5782
zfjajKirakotsu's Purple DrapionAdult (f)5,6561,2771
JesT0Henrykotsu's Scarlet DrapionAdult (m)5,2591,3121
uoaAEGermanykotu's Purple CrayonAdult (m)5,7771,0482
9lcN9Itaykotsu's Red Prisma MarkerAdult (f)6,5701,1873
RWOoQKirakotsu's Grape Jelly SammichAdult (f)6,9331,1352
EeivjKirakotsu's Ruby SlippersAdult (m)7,1111,1664
StQJSKirakotsu's CB Purple QueenieAdult (f)4,5877760
dQ2YhKirakotsu's Red FlagAdult (m)5,9641,0262
CY76RKirakotsu's General CB FrillsAdult (m)6,4258132
8anHWKatkotsu's Major CB FrillsAdult (f)7,8981,1320
TivxcKirakotsu's CB FrillerAdult (m)5,9061,0642
MQkdbKirakotsu's CB Frill RideAdult (f)7,9541,1531
GlOaqJenkotsu's Frills and SpillsAdult (m)7,5871,2342
IbjqBKatkotsu's Frills and SpillsAdult (f)5,7268024
m5TO4Prussiakotsu's Silly FrillyAdult (m)7,1041,1438
DXBIsKirakotsu's Frilly UnderwearAdult (f)7,1631,1086
62e7FPrussiakotsu's Firilly OneAdult (m)3,8438743
atNTBKirakotsu's CB FrilligirlAdult (f)4,9017011
XURoiPrussiakotsu's 4 the Frill of ItAdult (m)6,3331,1102
NKyd3Kirakotsu's Frilly PantiesAdult (f)4,4891,0893
CeIu5Berndkotsu's Silly FrillyAdult (m)4,6771,1001
1ppS6Amberkotsu's Frilly PantiesAdult (f)4,1129791
W5bHiPrussiakotsu's Frills and SpillsAdult (m)4,6871,1270
HIUAyAmberkotsu's Frills and SpillsAdult (f)7,1981,2162
wFI9lPrussiakotsu's Golden FrillsAdult (m)6,2609162
G7P0bKirakotsu's DC bday FrillsAdult (f)5,2857791
Li5oBankotsu's Silly FrillinessAdult (m)2,5459698
GkAmJakotsu's Cute lil FrillyAdult (f)3,0581,02212
cfdmLWolfgangkotsu's Frill RideAdult (m)6,0567712
yLJevGretakotsu's Frill RideAdult (f)7,1741,0753
GQgfKDidikotsu's Frill RideAdult (m)4,4307802
UirMdTinokotsu's Frill RideAdult (f)6,2457413
zElY4Berndkotsu's Frill RideAdult (m)4,6097471
9AH0eAmberkotsu's Frill RideAdult (f)5,7838371
E8uB6Jenkotsu's Frill RideAdult (m)5,7898421
EImBJKatkotsu's Frill RideAdult (f)4,6458093
XejwBPrussiakotsu's Frill RideAdult (m)4,9197801
QRVY1Kirakotsu's Frill RideAdult (f)5,1248204
FEZ6MKarlkotsu's Frills and SpillsAdult (m)5,4728151
8u1r2Jameskotsu's Frills and SpillsAdult (f)5,5978082
EhKMNKirakotsu's Freaky FrillsAdult (m)6,3389873
D4lXxKirakotsu's Lt CB FrillyAdult (f)6,1849453
yAvw8Kirakotsu's Major FrillinessAdult (m)5,3359362
wEO2JKirakotsu's Major FrillsAdult (f)6,3909492
dpvGUJenkotsu's Sgt Frilly BritchesAdult (m)5,6048311
OA8rHPrussiakotsu's CB FrillyAdult (f)6,0458634
5GGPxKatkotsu's Sgt Frilly BritchesAdult (m)5,7558490
9Of51Kirakotsu's CB Frilly BritchesAdult (f)6,6041,1041
B6a0nKirakotsu's CB Jungle FrillsAdult (m)6,4331,0412
CMV28Kirakotsu's CB FrillyAdult (f)6,0788802
8gi1YKirakotsu's CB Frills and SpillsAdult (m)6,5391,0501
afhLJWolfgangkotsu's CB FrillyAdult (f)7,7611,0713
9dmaCAwesomekotsu's No FrillsAdult (m)6,2069463
L8QpmKirakotsu's No FrillsAdult (f)4,2451,0032
ds5EKirakotsu's Frills to YouAdult (m)2,2536108
9jxLyJakotsu's No Frills and SpillsAdult (f)6,1149994
w8WxQKirakotsu's Holy FlowersAdult (m)4,7098533
3WJtWKirakotsu's My Granny's an AngelAdult (f)4,6398541
4r5QCKirakotsu's lil FluffscaleAdult (m)4,0166391
xBepFKirakotsu's Frill o' WispAdult (f)4,8326791
jjKbDSomakotsu's Frills and SpillsAdult (m)3,9456373
UMvwzNurikotsu's CB FriillsterAdult (f)3,4885731
Q7tGmKirakotsu's CB Frill of it AllAdult (m)4,8426840
ynbgNKirakost's lil FrillmingoAdult (f)4,5106873
nTGCRKirakotsu's CB FrillibusterAdult (m)4,5536572
KktnUKirakotsu's CB FrillsAdult (f)4,4691,0442
0DeJuKatkotsu's CB FoundlingAdult (f)4,4541,0267
YllGEKirakotsu's CB BalloonkinsAdult (f)7,2551,0666
JBjRrKatkotsu's CB BalloonkinsAdult (f)5,1928205
TqekcKirakotsu's Silver Balloon 2Adult (m)6,2371,0961
XYB2jKirakotsu's Floating FoundlingAdult (m)6,1071,0975
gxs45Kirakotsu's Led ZeppelinAdult (f)5,9581,2040
StPHAwesomekotsu'sDuskDorkfaceThuwedAdult (m)2,5227794
LSvNuJakotsu's flying SweetheartAdult (m)3,6006276
3emVJakotsu's DuskDorkfaceThuwedAdult (m)2,6299129
tMvkBankotsu's DuskDorkfaceThuwedAdult (m)3,99088510
8t7GKirakotsu's Mega ThuwedAdult (f)2,4928412
pto0Somakotsu's DuskDorkfaceThuwedAdult (m)2,3038596
PQKGAgnikotsu's Dusk Dorkface ThuwedAdult (f)1,9818014
PB1XSuikotsu's red balloonAdult (f)4,5001,1037
pc9QARenkotsu's red balloon IIAdult (m)5,2791,4243
8Ve93Kirakotsu's CB GasbagAdult (f)4,5581,0034
mOrCjKirakotsu's Luft BalloonAdult (f)5,3121,2063
wJsjeKirakotsu's Mint BallonAdult (m)5,9941,2903
g8g4OWolfgangkotsu's MoppelchenAdult (f)5,5629912
omUYcKirakotsu's  CB Balloon GuyAdult (m)3,4135660
hBkTmKirakotsu's CB Floaty GuyAdult (m)3,2295742
UUSHHRomanokotsu's UUSHHAdult (m)2,9056062
tAmWMRomanokotsu's Italian BreadAdult (m)6,6321,7025
FSQ5FPrussiakotsu's CB CinnabunAdult (m)7,1001,2587
1i1guHenrykotsu's lil CinnabonAdult (m)6,9781,3742
GBAPRGilbirdkotsu's CB CinnabunAdult (m)7,0111,2316
W0xNSPrussiakotsu's Muddy BootsAdult (f)6,3268342
MdrGBKirakotsu's CB Christmas DrakAdult (f)4,0121,5402
FLl6CKirakotsu's CB foundlingAdult (m)3,9441,3354
DUaSQAwesomekotsu's CB foundlingAdult (f)3,5648023
LT6fAgnikotsu's handsomeAdult (m)4,4331,0754
OmXobSomakotsu's foundlingAdult (f)3,3481,0723
VuHFSomakotsu's cuteAdult (f)4,6121,0373
BYo7Kirakotsu no ShichinintaiAdult (f)2,28485010
ltZBJSomakotsu's and Agni's babyAdult (f)3,1461,0433
cSabJakotsu' and kira's babyAdult (f)2,22170512
9FZeBankotsu's good looksAdult (m)3,17095813
I8A9Jakotsu's feminine allureAdult (m)3,13089013
5OaHRenkotsu's Drake's cakesAdult (f)2,91891410
OKfqSuikotsu's lil darlingAdult (f)2,9579299
PWBvGinkotsu's rust bucketAdult (m)2,20064212
RVQ5Kyokotsu's slice of garlic breadAdult (m)4,1871,1129
D3Q5Mukotsu's mud piesAdult (m)3,03991810
YJQPBankotsu-chanAdult (m)2,8691,08815
m212Jakotsu-chanAdult (f)2,8841,09514
s7NXSuikotsu-chanAdult (f)2,33571413
Gn5VRenkotsu-chanAdult (f)2,7528097
EkjHGinkotsu-chanAdult (f)2,78387314
R1N7Mukotsu-chanAdult (f)2,04965010
oN6mKyokotsu-chanAdult (m)1,3746528
BilHSAmberkotsu-chanAdult (f)1,8445583
zDm9mGilkotsu-kunAdult (m)5,1729872
rWPvMKarlkotsu-kunAdult (m)5,6511,3586
8h5u3Jameskotsu-kunAdult (m)4,7251,2595
BkAiWKatkotsu-chanAdult (f)4,9171,4184
KYYXJBenniekotsu-chanAdult (m)4,0691,3034
a2mPmAgnikotsu-kunAdult (m)4,1231,2384
KOhuRAwesomekotsu-kunAdult (m)4,3031,2600
ZXrhiKirakotsu-chanAdult (f)5,2241,4752
5A9WnPrussiakotsu-kunAdult (m)7,3001,2277
d7bIaSomakotsu-kunAdult (m)5,0141,4293
tLOkKNurikotsu-kunAdult (m)4,8589750
nSJ2JLukekotsu-kunAdult (m)4,0711,3842
0XtgsThumperkotsu-kunAdult (m)4,8361,3734
WgDqQHenrykotsu-kunAdult (m)5,2909033
oldwZMishkakotsu-chanAdult (f)6,6011,1364
U2rUmMishakotsu-kunAdult (m)6,4791,0953
E6G24Kirakotsu's lil Green BugAdult (m)4,0294772
8A6BqNepeta's Minty SplendorAdult (f)5,6868203
RMoayKirakotsu's Snow MintAdult (m)3,6744390
JVvv0Kirakotsu's Awesome MintAdult (m)3,2474821
tjDymKirakotsu's Smol Baby BeanAdult (f)3,2794661
9YRyeKirakotsu's Battle Beast MintAdult (f)2,9644761
nmrHaKirakotsu's lil Green FairyAdult (f)4,3644421
4TAigKirakotsu's Green Sno-ConeAdult (m)3,3164271
gia6sKirakotsu's Silvery Wild MintAdult (m)3,8844241
uzZXXJenkotsu's Green SeerAdult (m)3,9194290
rY90bKirakotsu's Green and SilverAdult (m)4,5014191
lwKkgKirakotsu's Freaky Mutamint IIIAdult (m)3,9934081
YmeS7Kirakotsu's Moon CheeseAdult (m)6,4916244
tIPOkKirakotsu's Silvery MintsAdult (f)3,5464173
nIi2VKirakotsu's lil Green ThuwedAdult (m)6,6591,0213
s9KKFKirakotsu's Old Fashioned MintAdult (m)7,4991,1474
Nmo3jKirakotsu's 42 Freaky MintsAdult (m)4,4537722
86JpiKirakotsu's lil 42 Lurking MintyAdult (f)7,2111,0664
GvzV1Kirakotsu's lil 42 Mint GravyAdult (m)6,9631,0261
CSKJ8Kirakotsu's lil Green Mint ChipsAdult (m)4,0431,1394
rvTNvKirakotsu's lil Green DayAdult (m)6,9341,0153
3tsn0Katkotu's Cup of Green TeaAdult (m)5,2869081
ix6tsKirakotsu's CB Packet of MintsAdult (f)4,5647042
Y7uRNKatkotsu's Mint TeaAdult (f)4,0496441
gXxqJJameskotsu's Mint Green T-shirtAdult (m)5,6061,1192
rljafNepetakotsu's lil Cat MintAdult (m)5,5821,0920
LOmGnJenkotsu's Golden MintAdult (m)5,7471,1191
3JQrpKatkotsu's Cup of Mint TeaAdult (m)5,5641,0891
A7RLVPrussiakotsu's PfefferminzAdult (f)5,7481,1030
OvTAeKirakotsu's Gold Medal MintAdult (f)5,6771,1370
4N53OKirakotsu's Minty MorchaintAdult (m)5,4609305
WxCDDKatkotsu's lil Green FreakyAdult (f)4,1404043
GaE90Kirakotsu's Charming MintAdult (f)4,0568451
NOMfrPrussiakotsu's Spring MintsAdult (m)4,6109301
a2dgxKirakotsu's CB Mint PuddingAdult (m)5,9761,2194
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