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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “kiramaru7,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
X73wASomakotsu's Emerald SpinelAdult (m)6,1596941
Dm7vdNurikotsu's Emerald SpinelAdult (f)5,9646922
X2MTFAgnikotsu's Emerald SpinelAdult (m)6,1606875
tutxKKatkotsu's Emerald SpinelAdult (f)6,1887310
BzgrVAwesomekotsu's Emerald SpinelAdult (m)5,6976642
oVbidKirakotsu's Emerald SpinelAdult (f)5,5216711
cHyqBHenrykotsu's Ruby SpinelAdult (m)10,3841,2102
GBFjWMinkykotsu's Ruby SpinelAdult (f)10,5271,2093
OmOpcFritzkotsu's Ruby SpinelAdult (m)10,0231,2190
nM1FZMariakotsu's Ruby SpinelAdult (f)9,5711,1804
mS0tsGermanykotsu's Ruby SpinelAdult (m)10,0901,1711
m4fg1Italykotsu's Ruby SpinelAdult (f)10,5331,2053
E9hhzWolfgangkotsu's Ruby SpinelAdult (m)7,3117080
CKrJPGretakotsu's Ruby SpinelAdult (f)7,7566943
3FSXHPrussiakotsu's Ruby SpinelAdult (m)7,4597051
XPB0OAmberkotsu's Ruby SpinelAdult (f)8,2447713
slmuwKarlkotsu's Ruby SpinelAdult (m)8,5691,1841
BNJ3hJameskotsu's Ruby SpinelAdult (f)8,9631,1562
FBUXFSomakotsu's Ruby SpinelAdult (m)8,5901,1352
x5ydKNurikotsu's Ruby SpinelAdult (f)8,5251,1601
O6e8wAgnikotsu's Ruby SpinelAdult (m)9,0261,1951
fXuwlKatkotsu's Ruby SpinelAdult (f)8,7261,1882
tUL2OAwesomekotsu's Ruby SpinelAdult (m)9,0221,2041
tSFqrKirakotsu's Ruby SpinelAdult (f)8,6131,1681
Kc1FvHenrykotsu's Falcon ScreamAdult (m)5,3458860
5DeA2Minkykotsu's Falcon ScreamAdult (f)5,2128872
o3NlLFritzkotsu's Falcon ScreamAdult (m)7,9821,0010
luwCHMariakotsu's Falcon ScreamAdult (f)8,2781,0272
DxDHDGermanykotsu's Falcon ScreamAdult (m)6,6551,2050
mvIXqItalykotsu's Falcon ScreamAdult (f)6,6811,1922
d1300Wolfgangkotsu's Falcon ScreamAdult (m)5,2788900
t1EolGretakotsu's Falcon ScreamAdult (f)5,5208910
86q6gPrussiakotsu's Falcon ScreamAdult (m)6,2711,2110
EUftVAmberkotsu's Falcon ScreamAdult (f)6,5621,1670
2Gwp2Karlkotsu's Falcon ScreamAdult (m)6,5751,2241
w1STOJameskotsu's Falcon ScreamAdult (f)6,1881,1661
7X4FGSomakotsu's Falcon ScreamAdult (m)6,4211,2141
e5R2TNurikotsu's Falcon ScreamAdult (f)6,5981,2120
WGRCLAgnikotsu's Falcon ScreamAdult (m)5,9841,0900
C8D78Katkotsu's Falcon ScreamAdult (f)5,8931,0761
cWeiGAwesomekotsu's Falcon ScreamAdult (m)5,6691,0802
1tLNEKirakotsu's Falcon ScreamAdult (f)6,0351,0931
ygtdvHenrykotsu's Star FlameAdult (m)7,1638370
RDm21Minkykotsu's Star FlameAdult (f)7,0818291
PZcJHFritzkotsu's Star FlameAdult (m)6,3236702
soCZcMariakotsu's Star FlameAdult (f)6,3686721
JJxKTGermanykotsu's Star FlameAdult (m)7,1158223
26to5Italykotsu's Star FlameAdult (f)7,2418381
ialYOWolfgangkotsu's Star FlameAdult (m)5,0276682
iTFHIGretakotsu's Star FlameAdult (f)5,3346372
Ie8WEPrussiakotsu's Star FlameAdult (m)5,5681,0753
PcmBFAmberkotsu's Star FlameAdult (f)5,5961,0605
rIH7sKarlkotsu's Star FlameAdult (m)4,4085873
YFF5jJameskotsu's Star FlameAdult (f)5,0256472
A427vSomakotsu's Star FlameAdult (m)5,4918115
pKhIvNurikotsu's Star FlameAdult (f)4,4885842
9nScbAgnikotsu's Star FlameAdult (m)5,5231,0804
FWiogKatkotsu's Star FlameAdult (f)5,5851,0643
ctJpEAwesomekotsu's Star FlameAdult (m)5,0286462
hj6vUKirakotsu's Star FlameAdult (f)5,1536421
02S5qHenrykotsu's Water Beast GreenAdult (m)7,9921,2690
00sRBMinkykotsu's Water Beast GreenAdult (f)6,6881,2341
gY84ZFritzkotsu's Water Beast GreenAdult (m)8,3511,0202
wIKKvMariakotsu's Water Beast GreenAdult (f)8,6921,0271
L8HSYGermanykotsu's Water Beast GreenAdult (m)7,9561,2662
UaspTItalykotsu's Water Beast GreenAdult (f)6,6751,1432
peydUWolfiekotsu's Water Beast GreenAdult (m)7,1651,2691
cwn1AGretakotsu's Water Beast GreenAdult (f)8,0071,2460
FzkFwPrussiakotsu's Water Beast GreenAdult (m)7,0601,2481
apuv1Amberkotsu's Water Beast GreenAdult (f)7,8391,1991
APwkfKarlkotsu's Water Beast GreenAdult (m)7,9991,1991
vbsYLJameskotsu's Water Beast GreenAdult (f)7,8811,1702
PwJiNSomakotsu's Water Beast GreenAdult (m)8,6291,1242
s8icVNurikotsu's Water Beast GreenAdult (f)7,6721,1240
X2aWeAgnikotsu's Water Beast GreenAdult (m)7,7411,1961
qRkSoKatkotsu's Water Beast GreenAdult (f)7,7821,1691
7Et4fAwesomekotsu's Water Beast GreenAdult (m)7,0291,2232
o1V3yKirakotsu's Water Beast GreenAdult (f)7,2631,2182
2n1YVHenrykotsu's Water Beast BlueAdult (m)6,9811,0911
RfAbbMinkykotsu's Water Beast BlueAdult (f)6,9241,0700
2gCdnFritzkotsu's Water Beast BlueAdult (m)8,3341,0492
FSUTrMariakotsu's Water Beast BlueAdult (f)8,1931,0524
7K7MlGermanykotsu's Water Beast BlueAdult (m)6,8591,0792
687olItalykotsu's Water Beast BlueAdult (f)6,5821,0373
myBpWWolfgangkotsu's Water Beast BlueAdult (m)5,8871,0232
7zVX1Gretakotsu's Water Beast BlueAdult (f)5,8881,0261
Qlu3APrussiakotsu's Water Beast BlueAdult (m)8,4561,3261
n7pCpAmberkotsu's Water Beast BlueAdult (f)7,4901,2560
7DeY5Karlkotsu's Water Beast BlueAdult (m)6,6721,1551
zTjFMJameskotsu's Water Beast BlueAdult (f)6,9781,1620
bZnZtSomakotsu's Water Beast BlueAdult (m)7,6491,1131
BVkC4Nurikotsu's Water Beast BlueAdult (f)7,9921,1512
tZLXdAgnikotsu's Water Beast BlueAdult (m)8,2421,1670
eVrklKatkotsu's Water Beast BlueAdult (f)8,0921,2101
ZUOR2Awesomekotsu's Water Beast BlueAdult (m)7,1261,2322
zqWvkKirakotsu's Water Beast BlueAdult (f)7,3521,1952
Rb0YhHenrykotsu's lil PrettyAdult (m)8,3101,1391
WZelBMinkykotsu's lil PrettyAdult (f)8,0531,2280
G1JlqFritzkotsu's lil PrettyAdult (m)5,2138981
ByO5KMariakotsu's lil PrettyAdult (f)5,3108752
VPTlDGermanykotsu's lil PrettyAdult (m)6,9851,0942
aZeCzItalykotsu's lil PrettyAdult (f)8,2651,1201
gGlQfWolfgangkotsu's lil PrettyAdult (m)7,3801,0692
KCa6jGretakotsu's lil PrettyAdult (f)7,2961,0304
aMOzVPrussiakotsu's lil PrettyAdult (m)6,5551,1201
WUvnOAmberkotsu's lil PrettyAdult (f)6,7551,1660
50AwmKarlkotsu's lil PrettyAdult (m)8,0101,1561
gKMdSJameskotsu's lil PrettyAdult (f)7,7811,1830
0Wb0MSomakotsu's lil PrettyAdult (m)8,0591,1713
smWDdNurikotsu's lil PrettyAdult (f)8,0491,1860
XJuZcAgnikotsu's lil PrettyAdult (m)8,1061,1971
z0FxLKatkotsu's lil PrettyAdult (f)8,0621,1961
ev6k5Awesomekotsu's lil PrettyAdult (m)7,3491,2512
zMBHEKirakotsu's lil PrettyAdult (f)6,8291,2231
rVeewHenrykotsu's Song of DawnAdult (m)9,4891,1685
ubPDWMinkykotsu's Song of DawnAdult (f)9,4571,1714
1qkynFritzkotsu's Song of DawnAdult (m)5,3437592
lYU5hMariakotsu's Song of DawnAdult (f)5,3237652
Jgt5sGermanykotsu's Song of DawnAdult (m)6,5808663
G1rFdItalykotsu's Song of DawnAdult (f)6,4998650
c2XfuWolfgangkotsu's Song of DawnAdult (m)6,7581,0142
rWKqnGretakotsu's Song of DawnAdult (f)6,7881,0021
EJCyaPrussiakotsu's Song of DawnAdult (m)7,4908425
eCMg2Amberkotsu's Song of DawnAdult (f)7,3168572
pBlJgKarlkotsu's Song of DawnAdult (m)5,5188901
e40tjJameskotsu's Song of DawnAdult (f)5,5118670
pn1LOSomakotsu's Song of DawnAdult (m)6,8991,1101
TIsC5Nurikotsu's Song of DawnAdult (f)4,2918461
Q7vJ0Agnikotsu's Song of DawnAdult (m)7,7931,2232
xDCT5Katkotsu's Song of DawnAdult (f)7,6101,2282
Ex45BAwesomekotsu's Song of DawnAdult (m)2,9904434
crhBBKirakotsu's Song of DawnAdult (f)5,8479503
ph1pyHenrykotsu's Song of the SunAdult (m)9,7171,2224
ZYJRzMinkykotsu's Song of the SunAdult (f)8,4561,0590
RdTmbFritzkotsu's Song of the SunAdult (m)5,3237521
bzocFMariakotsu's Song of the SunAdult (f)5,4427521
w4BIxGermanykotsu's Song of the SunAdult (m)7,5098354
Rva8YItalykotsu's Song of the SunAdult (f)7,4968525
4c85yWolfgangkotsu's Song of the SunAdult (m)6,8089562
2kOknGretakotsu's Song of the SunAdult (f)6,8379991
FpUY7Prussiakotsu's Song of the SunAdult (m)6,4908674
33xwMAmberkotsu's Song of the SunAdult (f)6,4328712
oXXxRKarlkotsu's Song of the SunAdult (m)5,4528780
AANSUJameskotsu's Song of the SunAdult (f)5,6358800
3F2BuSomakotsu's Song of the SunAdult (m)6,1241,1310
KAeaxNurikotsu's Song of the SunAdult (f)6,8081,0973
lOQsUAgnikotsu's Song of the SunAdult (m)7,7171,2040
X1T1kKatkotsu's Song of the SunAdult (f)7,7031,2131
XfRQNAwesomekotsu's Song of the SunAdult (m)5,2758652
kapzXKirakotsu's Song of the SunAdult (f)5,9199120
sS6fuJenkotsu's MegazordAdult (f)
679cBHenrykotsu's MegazordAdult (m)
lfEjjMinkykotsu's MegazordAdult (f)
LDMe0Fritzkotsu's MegazordAdult (m)
AWVFFMariakotsu's MegazordAdult (f)
Nw7KUGermanykotsu's MegazordAdult (m)
o1tGlItalykotsu's MegazordAdult (m)
JZqdlWolfgangkotsu's MegazordAdult (m)
9pPIZGretakotsu's MegazordAdult (f)
5VsXWPrussiakotsu's MegazordAdult (m)
br7QZAmberkotsu's MegazordAdult (f)
SBmzgKarlkotsu's MegazordAdult (m)
sNrUHJameskotsu's MegazordAdult (m)
uZY7hSomakotsu's MegazordAdult (m)
b1az9Nurikotsu's MegazordAdult (m)
lKGLvAgnikotsu's MegazordAdult (m)
0DJ9BKatkotsu's MegazordAdult (f)
h0FS6Awesomekotsu's MegazordAdult (m)
SqZN2Kirakotsu's MegazordAdult (f)
DwOgHHenrykotsu's Yellow RangerAdult (m)7,5431,1392
4p2naMinkykotsu's Yellow RangerAdult (f)6,6968440
xmsI9Fritzkotsu's Yellow RangerAdult (m)6,2189453
mjXOsMariakotsu's Yellow RangerAdult (f)8,1261,2172
9nPYcGermanykotsu's Yellow RangerAdult (m)6,7921,1551
onwQNItalykotsu's Yellow RangerAdult (f)6,8241,1431
tBEIxWolfgangkotsu's Yellow RangerAdult (m)8,1341,2293
MhnfBGretakotsu's Yellow RangerAdult (f)6,5869061
pdSpLPrussiakotsu's Yellow RangerAdult (m)9,5041,3826
uWgOqAmberkotsu's Yellow RangerAdult (f)8,8201,3490
N76CkKarlkotsu's Yellow RangerAdult (m)9,0651,4106
yiZMAJameskotsu's Yellow RangerAdult (f)7,1541,1402
DECGMSomakotsu's Yellow RangerAdult (m)8,7201,3643
1TSK3Nurikotsu's Yellow RangerAdult (f)6,7661,1231
h5ctuAgnikotsu's Yellow RangerAdult (m)10,9461,4201
hDWA3Katkotsu's Yellow RangerAdult (f)10,2341,4596
dbH3GAwesomekotsu's Yellow RangerAdult (m)10,6081,3933
UtlMcKirakotsu's Yellow RangerAdult (f)9,9601,4223
uaKU7Henrykotsu's Red RangerAdult (m)10,1331,2912
sBsQtMinkykotsu's Red RangerAdult (f)9,1316511
LhjhkFritzkotsu's Red RangerAdult (m)7,9631,2122
nuuT9Mariakotsu's Red RangerAdult (f)7,8371,1913
SF0WMItalykotsu's Red RangerAdult (m)7,9921,0002
dACY0Germanykotsu's Red RangerAdult (m)8,4891,3283
7MAYKWolfgangkotsu's Red RangerAdult (m)7,5241,0071
qDxpcGretakotsu's Red RangerAdult (f)7,8371,0162
fXXxiPrussiakotsu's Red RangerAdult (m)7,9711,3101
EJQ3oAmberkotsu's Red RangerAdult (f)7,6919412
DeEbVKarlkotsu's Red RangerAdult (m)10,1531,1515
Z5cdDJameskotsu's Red RangerAdult (f)8,1199427
baqPSSomakotsu's Red RangerAdult (m)8,9711,4084
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