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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “kiramaru7,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
AUCqwFritzkotsu's Pretty BouquetAdult (m)4,7121,3113
2RMIOMariakotsu's Pretty BouquetAdult (m)3,1981,0292
5AgPxGermanykotsu's Pretty BouquetAdult (m)4,3381,3213
w3L9EItalykotsu's Pretty BouquetAdult (m)4,3161,3240
u6d3eWolfgangkotsu's Pretty BouquetAdult (m)4,2261,3211
aLP6pGretakotsu's Pretty BouquetAdult (m)4,3301,2915
6GsQCPrussiakotsu's Pretty BouquetAdult (m)5,2821,2103
tCMvxAmberkotsu's Pretty BouquetAdult (m)5,1821,1832
kkvLRKarlkotsu's Pretty BouquetAdult (m)5,0741,2134
x8fGGJameskotsu's Pretty BouquetAdult (m)5,2491,1991
rzCzeSomakotsu's Pretty BouquetAdult (m)5,1701,1891
CBTdLNurikotsu's Pretty BouquetAdult (m)5,2841,1872
pXBVmAgnikotsu's Pretty BouquetAdult (m)5,0411,1777
OysSVKatkotsu's Pretty BouquetAdult (m)5,0471,1884
bDfjcAwesomekotsu's Pretty BouquetAdult (m)3,7517132
iigkiKirakotsu's Pretty BouquetAdult (m)3,5877421
1NZEdAmberkotsu's lil Drama LlamaAdult (f)3,9858101
UcvJXBerndkotsu's lil Drama LlamaAdult (f)3,9258401
RW2lOPrismatikakotsu's lil Drama LlamAdult (f)3,9888172
ysNZeVexedkotsu's lil Drama LlamaAdult (f)3,5598191
AOotSJenkotsu's lil Drama LlamaAdult (f)4,0908421
THjcfKatkotsu's lil Drama LlamaAdult (f)3,7638351
WsWGNKirakotsu's lil Drama LlamaAdult (f)3,5708311
BrQhsKevenkotsu's Vday Drama QueenAdult (f)5,8591,2944
gLD6tJenkotsu's Vday Drama QueenAdult (f)7,0291,3462
AT9rrHenrykotsu's Vday Drama QueenAdult (f)4,2976223
kEXmGMinkykotsu's Vday Drama QueenAdult (f)3,5665652
np4AqGermanykotsu's Vday Drama QueenAdult (f)3,5305633
yxvsPItalykotsu's Vday Drama QueenAdult (f)3,7746113
qZVqkFritzkotsu's Vday Drama QueenAdult (f)3,2765322
ve8eEMariakotsu's Vday Drama QueenAdult (f)3,5805664
6qKnVWolfgangkotsu's Vday Drama QueenAdult (f)4,2347264
l5B6KGretakotsu's Vday Drama QueenAdult (f)5,4006603
EwBZYPrussiakotsu's Vday Drama QueenAdult (f)4,0576242
SJwJVAmberkotsu's Vday Drama QueenAdult (f)4,0786392
cUF2rKarlkotsu's Vday Drama QueenAdult (f)3,7615555
XPVdoJameskotsu's Vday Drama QueenAdult (f)3,3735724
0SxI1Somakotsu's Vday Drama QueenAdult (f)3,1945513
CzlEdNurikotsu's Vday Drama QueenAdult (f)2,9655283
mgkRiAgnikotsu's Vday Drama QueenAdult (f)3,0295171
woVriKatkotsu's Vday Drama QueenAdult (f)2,7705263
BkWTEAwesomekotsu's Vday Drama QueenAdult (f)5,4791,3794
tVZ9OKirakotsu's Vday Drama QueenAdult (f)5,6701,3924
29L9nHenrykotsu's CrankypantsAdult (m)4,1269492
sC7Y1Minkykotsu's CrankypantsAdult (m)5,4471,2713
vlFz4Fritzkotsu's CrankypantsAdult (m)5,6871,3971
AJcrDMariakotsu's CrankypantsAdult (m)5,6961,3681
chtslGretakotsu's CrankypantsAdult (m)5,6821,2892
j6Pp5Vexedkotsu's CrankypantsAdult (m)5,0111,2053
ura89Jenkotsu's CrankypantsAdult (m)6,9151,3592
CcJbyKirakotsu's CrankypantsAdult (m)6,7121,3064
ZmodIKarlkostu's CrankypantsAdult (m)6,6701,2538
x9HWBAmberkotsu's CrankypantsAdult (m)5,7781,2792
hXHDuJameskostu's CrankypantsAdult (m)6,7231,2343
q2dyNNurikotsu's CrankypantsAdult (m)7,2461,3973
Qzf4VAgnikostu's CrankypantsAdult (m)6,8811,2563
O1c5cKatkotsu's CrankypantsAdult (m)7,1091,4053
yfmN1Somakotsu's CrankypantsAdult (m)7,1061,3953
VwE47Prussiakotsu's CrankypantsAdult (m)5,3171,2361
mDpjxGermanykotsu's CrankypantsAdult (m)5,3851,2224
f6CzLBowiekotsu's Stolen HeartAdult (f)4,2549572
cineXBowiekotsu's Sweet HeartAdult (f)4,1389481
15VaFKirakotsu's Beefcake HeartbeatsAdult (f)6,7321,2144
dt6ukElsakotsu's Frozen HeartAdult (f)6,1041,2053
9lWBDKirakotsu's Nameless HeartAdult (f)5,4981,2821
JhRwMKirakotsu's Heartstealing WrapAdult (f)4,8216791
YVqaRJenkotsu's Stole My HeartAdult (f)4,8396941
0CnE3Kirakotsu's Dying for LoveAdult (f)4,9836311
nSImWKirakotsu's Spring Stole My HearAdult (f)4,6786532
iuf5mAmberkotsu's Stolen My HeartAdult (f)4,9366891
BB9YDBerndkotsu's Stolen My HeartAdult (f)4,5916891
gYi86Kirakotsu's Love of SpringAdult (f)4,3116051
2BsqZKirakotsu's Midnight LoverAdult (f)4,1706101
PkiwGPrussiakotsu's lil SweetheartAdult (f)5,1476452
A2KvMJackFrostkotsu's Entropy's HeartAdult (f)2,2096781
iGU9cElsakotsu's Icy HeartAdult (f)6,7441,3192
WgmSlGermanykotsu's Stolen HeartAdult (f)3,2028433
izIqRBerndkotsu's Stolen HeartAdult (f)5,3771,2013
SgUvyKatkotsu's Stole my HeartAdult (f)6,4881,4470
xgAv5Jenkotsu's Stolen HeartAdult (f)6,4441,4992
A4r5yKirakotsu's Gem von HeartstealinAdult (f)7,1221,5482
aunq8Amberkotsu's Stolen HeartAdult (f)5,1131,1801
ISo3gGretakotsu's Stolen HeartAdult (f)4,9921,1360
1l6TaKirakotsu's Thief of HeartsAdult (f)5,2691,2102
tTalzKirakotsu's Sophia PrismaAdult (f)6,5301,4202
xN4qyKirakotsu's Tatiana PrismaAdult (f)6,5241,4303
6hwbkKatkotsu's Stolen HeartAdult (f)7,0961,4107
HKO1qPrussiakotsu's Stolen HeartAdult (f)6,0031,2301
e7bxGKirakotsu's Stolen HeartAdult (f)5,7431,2302
Rm1EDPikachukotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)3,3468961
9GRaaHenrykotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)7,5151,5924
A0tDoMinkykotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)6,7891,2451
VTaLgWolfgangkotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)7,5341,6063
GcPXyGretakotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)6,9311,2112
m0YZtVexedkotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)2,8077551
H2x2IJenkotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)5,5581,3381
Fj8lUKatkotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)3,1817921
ehWKOKirakotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)3,1367941
MYNgZBerndkotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)8,2711,3223
LD5FBAmberkotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)3,3417930
UEoHPFritzkotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)6,2011,5131
EC1IxMariakotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)3,8738001
XlvKlFrancekotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)6,4081,4223
p3gNFSpainkotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)6,5591,6032
n7s9LRomanokotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)6,0641,4322
M7NEqGermaniakotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)3,3968530
2BWUNRomakotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)5,5111,3621
m98QQKarlkotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)3,8789392
asUPgJameskotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)5,6491,5042
c2XevAgnikotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)7,2081,6133
HStWrSomakotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)7,2541,5771
X1JKcItalykotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)6,5361,5964
8M0ujGermanykotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)5,9211,6213
FsmzoPrussiakotsu's Radiant AngelAdult (m)6,1731,6394
WogvtIsaackotsu's Valentine LoveAdult (f)4,1468881
Z3doqKarenkotsu's Valentine LoveAdult (f)2,8965700
B0dhkMinkykotsu's Arsani LoveAdult (f)5,0621,2572
Wp6QcJameskotsu's Arsani LoveAdult (f)5,4291,3562
Si3sDPrissykotsu's Arsani LoveAdult (f)5,8001,4792
Gj2xRVatikotsu's Arsani LoveAdult (f)6,7191,2492
ULWpLGretakotsu's Arsani LoveAdult (f)5,3781,6233
G8zoZAmberkotsu's Arsani LoveAdult (f)5,4031,6620
uDLMmJenkotsu's Arsani LoveAdult (f)5,9001,7323
up10QKatkotsu's Arsani LoveAdult (f)4,4481,4263
rPDubKirakotsu's Arsani LoveAdult (f)4,4851,3982
yvv3IKirakotsu's Arsani HorseAdult (f)3,3227172
ISHaFKatkotsu's Golden ChocolatesAdult (m)3,3476792
zKhqLKirakotsu's Honest LoveAdult (m)3,7195101
M2KZmKirakotsu's Chocolate MoondustAdult (m)3,4476581
a0AlUKirakotsu's Golden ChocolatesAdult (m)2,9535441
6EEcaBankotsu's Moonlit ChocolatesAdult (m)3,0464571
lQvZiJakotsu's Hearts and ChocolatesAdult (m)3,0864341
olerjKirakotsu's Xhocolate BerryAdult (m)4,6306811
V6NYvKirakotsu's Chocolate StarAdult (m)4,6467013
6rcbaKirakotsu's Heart of DesireAdult (m)5,4541,1863
Bera7Kirakotsy's Tyn KissesAdult (m)5,4991,3266
KxdMxKirakotsu's Chocolate DevotionAdult (m)6,5281,2222
tQoODKirakotsu's Chocolate RepuiaAdult (m)6,4221,2181
xVcvdKirakotsu's Love Potion No 9Adult (m)4,4441,1954
EKDPvKarlkotsu's Chocolate KissesAdult (m)5,9411,5202
wqKpvJameskotsu's Chocolate KissesAdult (m)5,9131,6472
R3v20Agnikotsu's Chocolate KissesAdult (m)5,8161,5920
ZqzcCGermanykotsu's Chocolate KissesAdult (m)6,2121,5402
BaT2zPrussiakotsu's Chocolate KissesAdult (m)5,8121,5741
x8hPQNurikotsu's Chocolate KissesAdult (m)6,3801,6822
uTc31Somakotsu's Chocolate KissesAdult (m)5,0601,5046
DUne1Awesomekotsu's Chocolate KissesAdult (m)5,1261,4883
M3wSDKirakotsu's Chocolate RoseAdult (f)4,9381,3002
sjgwWKirakotsu's Valentine ZekAdult (f)3,5755044
Vf8MQKirakotsu's lil SeablossomsAdult (f)4,8826681
ebpQ1Jenkotsu's Graceful RoseAdult (f)3,2468413
rXHYgLeannakotu's Winter Rose CrownAdult (f)3,7708081
shhNfAaronkotsu's Sniffit RoseAdult (f)3,5384831
oWfPPMariekotsu's Floral WitchAdult (f)3,4508401
fJhnQKirakotsu's Rose of HeartAdult (f)5,4721,3451
GtNJAKirakotsu's Pixie RoseAdult (f)6,2231,1652
OsbNhKirakotsu's Christmas RoseAdult (f)8,9681,1818
kEo8zKirakotsu's Winter RosesAdult (f)2,7176232
wAGQyFritzkotsu's beautiful roseAdult (f)7,0831,6354
Jy8kqWolfgangkotsu's beautiful roseAdult (f)7,1171,5518
UtfBqGretakotsu's beautiful roseAdult (f)5,2481,5841
hNzWUAmberkotsu's beautiful roseAdult (f)5,3791,6950
JXqDlKatkotsu's beautiful roseAdult (f)6,6761,8560
dxz2lKirakotsu's beautiful roseAdult (f)6,4801,8503
CxJLhGilbertkotsu's beautiful roseAdult (f)6,8581,8863
rWdLSomakotsu's beautiful roseAdult (f)3,9651,3672
E0hZAgnikotsu's beautiful roseAdult (f)3,9261,3956
jlRO8Kirakotsu's Blue 'n' Pink SweetsAdult (m)2,4785502
4bYaAKirakotsu's Candied FlowersAdult (m)2,9754971
jCKUbKatkotsu's Dark ChocolatesAdult (m)4,4453891
HXYazKirakotsu's Black Hearted CupidAdult (m)3,9276422
YLKIkKirakotsu's Dark ChocolatesAdult (m)4,6017131
hTV4SKirakotsu's Pink ChocolatesAdult (m)4,0875903
7fxYQKirakotsu's Black Sweetling FailAdult (m)2,7905664
hX0zBKirakotsu's Lover's MoonAdult (m)7,1801,4384
3hnA8Kirakotsu's Valentine LiquoriceAdult (m)6,0071,3925
WPB2CKirakotsu's Love Lost and FoundAdult (m)6,3461,3245
VDlPsKirakotsu's Valentine MoonAdult (m)6,2861,4152
JqTaLPrussiakotsu's Awesome ValentineAdult (m)7,2561,8511
1zp45Fritzkotsu's ValentinsschatzAdult (m)3,9579471
TBBqWFritzkotsu's Lonely ConcertoAdult (m)6,3391,2637
sQ19TKirakotsu's Sweet lil ValentineAdult (m)5,8121,5143
YmmdeSomakotsu's Valentine HeartAdult (m)5,2381,6711
NUs7kNurikotsu's Sheban ValentineAdult (m)7,0011,6211
UBlgUPrussiakotsu's Sugary RaindropsAdult (m)3,3166482
1lykNJameskotsu's Valentine ZeknessAdult (m)6,0381,8625
etrFMKirakotsu's Valentine SweetsAdult (m)7,6321,7203
JVLbXAgnikotsu's Sugary MoondustAdult (m)3,2566481
w6X8VKatkotsu's Valentine CatAdult (m)5,7281,4981
l56fJJenkotsu's Hollyberry ValentineAdult (m)7,1641,8821
U8RVBankotsu's Funny ValentineAdult (m)4,6681,03111
J2oKJakotsu's Sakura ValentineAdult (m)4,3351,03310
09KZiKatkotsu's Golden ValentineAdult (f)3,9877271
UpuwNPrussiakotsu's Valentine MoonAdult (f)6,4101,2697
k3nCmKirakotsu's Love of my LifeAdult (f)3,2854761
NGzvlKatkotsu's Flaming ValentineAdult (f)3,6234771
CLAaiKirakotsu's Valentine CandycaneAdult (f)4,0284871
roqkxKirakotsu's Marrionetta's GemAdult (f)3,1386431
yKPUpKirakotsu's Valentine PupAdult (f)3,6728221
jgjkhKirakotsu's Feint of HeartAdult (f)3,0167270
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