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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “kiramaru7,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
VxIBeKirakotsu's Lord Derby FreakyAdult (m)9,0737304
GEpsoKirakotsu's Gepso Garland WynAdult (m)9,5787453
H0roUKatkotsu's Blackhole in SpaceAdult (f)8,4166584
kUIj5Kirakotsu's Magical MustikaAdult (f)7,3011,2031
e5vvRKirakotsu's Forbidden LoveAdult (f)7,6161,1535
Bu26lKirakotsu's Miss MoonbeamAdult (f)9,3951,3488
EFvRgKirakotsu's Bronze MetalDaughterAdult (f)8,1931,2844
UrO6aKirakotsu's Song of Diamond GoldAdult (f)7,0331,2243
omV39Kirakotsu's Prince of FoolsAdult (m)6,8851,1353
tEtJMKirakotsu's lil Water DancerAdult (f)7,2049523
lydWMKatkotsu's Lord of the ForestAdult (m)6,8741,1465
mds57Kirakotsu's Copper ImladrisAdult (m)8,0541,19028
kcPS8Kirakotsu's Ocean's 4th GenAdult (m)10,1321,3952
IKXp5Kirakotsu's Lucky Star 3Adult (m)6,4211,0162
7ceWYKirakotsu's Deep Sea Bronze 3GAdult (f)7,4579914
GRK8GKirakotsu's Royal HijinksAdult (f)7,1789704
gHOuRKirakotsu's lil G HourAdult (f)7,0029964
En4wzKirakotsu's Tidal Imladris 4Adult (m)7,0611,1775
111W5Prussiakotsu's Raffish ProphetAdult (f)7,4761,2415
JlCTrKirakotsu's Gift of ImladrisAdult (m)5,6771,03416
1kKMNKirakotsu's Thuban BalloonAdult (f)8,0859192
avkdYKirakotsu's Lady CrowleyAdult (f)6,8788593
wTMaHKirakotsu's Untarnished SkiesAdult (f)6,6221,1202
7Ss5JKirakotsu's Kethid MyshaAdult (f)7,2001,1005
37pobKirakotsu's Blusang DreamAdult (f)8,7269192
w0KBiKirakotsu's Beautiful PrizeAdult (f)8,24883811
waBdzKirakotsu's Christmas AngelAdult (f)7,3861,0055
CnBiCKirakotsu's Souless Shadow 4Adult (f)5,4571,0227
pE1GoKirakotsu's Dream de KalisteAdult (f)10,8607396
NGTnAKirakotsu's Caligene Princess 4Adult (f)7,8839113
DFLEKKirakotsu's Shadow WalkerAdult (f)7,7601,17910
IknrkKirakotsu's Precious lil BabyAdult (m)7,2809624
jYrOHKirakotsu's lil Satan's SpawnAdult (f)9,8891,5053
g3lZYKirakotsu's Eternal DreamAdult (f)8,7161,2806
JhjubKirakotsu's Fools' GoldAdult (m)8,0911,1174
VZdOQKirakotsu's Rocky Mountain HighAdult (m)6,5289543
AedonKirakotsu's lil AedonAdult (f)7,3091,2675
7HCxDKirakotsu's Raffish CompanionAdult (m)6,31396327
br5ZRKirakotsu's Raffish HeartAdult (f)5,83294722
2UaZwKirakotsu's Air Above the GroundAdult (m)8,0011,3012
dTuXmKirakotsu's Fallen AngelAdult (f)6,0371,1128
DWPMRKirakotsu's Bronze ThuwedAdult (f)7,8879667
KVd64Kirakotsu's Bronze MuttAdult (f)8,9588653
TnhCZKirakotsu's Babsang NoonAdult (m)8,8041,1526
5Iy0kGilbeekotsu's Bronze BabyAdult (f)7,6567622
tC2WYKirakotsu's Darisson Mea 4Adult (m)8,1661,3533
25G2cKirakotsu's Shimmery LuckAdult (m)8,7821,3992
R1BBcOlympekotsu's Shimmery GlompGiftAdult (f)7,2451,4412
VdhO9Kirakotsu's Frostbitten BronzeAdult (f)8,1561,3107
EawHPKirakotsu's Parisian HuntressAdult (f)7,9991,3234
FFGTWKirakotsu's Bronze TenebraeAdult (m)6,0751,31515
TAZ7LKiralotsu's All that JazzAdult (m)7,2111,3496
8k6YWKirakotsu's Copper LeviosaAdult (m)6,4511,1445
zz63lHenrykotsu's Shimmering NebulaAdult (f)7,5641,3191
3vuihKirakotsu's Shimmering FoolAdult (m)6,0911,1472
McAtxDaeneryskotsu's Mom of DragonsAdult (f)5,9157045
RWzbwKirakotsu's Golden ArrowAdult (f)6,8981,3237
klppqHenrykotsu's Hell FireAdult (f)6,6311,1330
fOXRkKirakotsu's Blue and GoldAdult (m)7,9341,1757
U476UKirakotsu's Shimmering ForestAdult (m)7,7861,2487
2uPKLKirakotsu's My Soul RoaredAdult (m)8,2941,2705
5YcaOKirakotsu's My Parents Like FishAdult (m)8,6441,2485
NnXGnKirakotsu's Cry of the HunterAdult (m)6,6711,0406
dNWoFKirakotsu's Shimmering SeagloryAdult (f)7,6961,6585
ODu2MKirakotsu's Shimmery GenderFailAdult (f)5,8521,1333
NN9V2Kirakotsu's Awesome DreamAdult (f)5,6451,1107
M1litKirakotsu's Seaglory 42Adult (f)8,5701,2045
Uo5GwJenkotsu's Bronze Age ShimmerAdult (f)6,2491,5053
rVVibKirakotsu's Leviosa MenothAdult (f)6,0191,2343
0T6vYKatkotsu's Shimmering PassionAdult (f)6,6131,5293
nA0LwPrussiakotsu's Flames of WarAdult (m)6,1791,5073
9rKXnKirakotsu's Menoth LeviosaAdult (m)7,0851,4043
XSSaaFelicianokotsu's lil LeviosaAdult (m)6,9361,4087
seGNRKirakotsu's  little DiamondAdult (f)5,8371,2953
Ai29SKatkotsu's Golden BronzeAdult (f)5,9171,7145
yuC66Kirakotsu's Yuletide BronzeAdult (m)6,5561,2584
r3o9IKatkotsu's Yuletide BronzeAdult (m)6,8551,2943
X3EcsKirakotsu's Twist'd Sista PrismaAdult (f)6,8001,1185
hrRfNJenkotsu's Baby LoveAdult (f)7,0781,7662
epYxdKatkotsu's Bronze ArrowAdult (m)5,4911,3220
366BkKirakotsu's Seaglory AzolorAdult (f)5,9071,4612
uxFu7Kirakotsu's BabsangAdult (m)8,1341,3303
tF8SgKirakotsu's Lightning MusicAdult (m)4,9801,3960
aNhJYKirakotsu's Fiery ShimmerAdult (m)5,6361,4666
l0xekKirakotsu's BloodlustAdult (m)5,4541,4950
OYVrlRomanokotsu's Fiery HeatAdult (m)7,0751,1382
pZyaVFritzkotsu's Golden BronzeAdult (f)5,7401,4442
11DUQKirakotsu's Bronze Thuwed MuttAdult (m)4,7801,1973
jbRNhKirakotsu's Golden BronzeAdult (f)6,1151,2006
EKvpKKirakotsu's Ruby GhostAdult (f)5,0051,2940
fZaSgKirakotsu's Bronze MuggleAdult (m)6,1491,5672
2iqLZThumperkotsu's Golden BronzeAdult (f)5,7031,4272
iwkfPKirakotsu's Shimmering FoundlingAdult (f)7,1101,12310
PtUT3Prussiakotsu's Sakura GlompAdult (f)4,9801,3962
gHw4wKirakotsu's Valentino ArsaniAdult (m)5,1981,5111
qCUeZGilbirdkotsu's Glomping GhostAdult (f)4,9931,3841
uc4sbGilkotsu's Sakura GlompAdult (f)4,8971,3811
bNh3dGilkotsu's Shimmering MuttAdult (m)6,8201,1966
ejiGEPrussiakotsu's Ruby Glomp GiftAdult (m)7,4561,4311
SoEvJKirakotsu's Evil SweetsAdult (f)7,3528504
caxHTKirakotsu's lil SkywalkerAdult (m)5,5111,4602
lLk96Kirakotsu's Lavender ShimmerAdult (f)6,7461,4862
Rb1Y2Kirakotsu's Shimmer FindAdult (f)5,9451,1525
oIYeqKirakotsu's Sunkist BronzeAdult (m)8,7191,2469
rWIv6Kirakotsu's Heavy Metal TunesAdult (f)6,7131,24341
m2t47Kirakotsu's Samwise GamgeeAdult (m)6,5461,3528
SkhgUGilkotsu's Princess RoyalAdult (f)6,5611,4101
p7nweKirakotsu's Love TokenAdult (m)7,1091,3700
lYjSFBankotsu'sDouble StairAdult (f)6,2701,2131
yB86MJakotsu's Shudda Been a GirlAdult (m)6,5701,2201
qGWYCKirakotsu's Shimmering DreamsAdult (f)5,7911,4140
PFD9JGilbirdkotsu's Ruby Spiral GhostAdult (f)6,5521,3403
GLS4iGilbirdkotsu's Glomping SakuraAdult (f)6,8201,2171
fhgK0Kirakotsu's Glomping SakuraAdult (f)6,3701,2626
WLQ0mHenrykotsu's Sea UnicornAdult (m)3,6347941
Ec9jnMinkykotsu's Sea UnicornAdult (f)3,4437230
CFXN7Fritzkotsu's Sea UnicornAdult (m)3,7866411
mKWhOMariakotsu's Sea UnicornAdult (f)3,7956250
0eCMFGermanykotsu's Sea UnicornAdult (m)3,3497000
TD7YgItalykotsu's Sea UnicornAdult (f)3,4847281
1NANCWolfgangkotsu's Sea UnicornAdult (m)4,1838550
stma1Gretakotsu's Sea UnicornAdult (f)3,9138722
GP0buPrussiakotsu's Sea UnicornAdult (m)3,9238730
cwNIYAmberkotsu's Sea UnicornAdult (f)4,0048750
KNcV7Karlkotsu's Sea UnicornAdult (m)3,8578771
x3DTWJameskotsu's Sea UnicornAdult (f)3,7798681
HfMjkSomakotsu's Sea UnicornAdult (m)5,3641,1613
jBvpPNurikotsu's Sea UnicornAdult (f)5,0561,1751
ETKKNAgnikotsu's Sea UnicornAdult (m)4,8891,1444
fg3KUKatkotsu's Sea UnicornAdult (f)5,0691,1382
yaq5KAwesomekotsu's Sea UnicornAdult (m)4,8111,1763
3PVbWKirakotsu's Sea UnicornAdult (f)5,2011,1522
dKaUXHenrykotsu's Warm GlowAdult (m)6,3011,0751
rDZAVMinkykotsu's Warm GlowAdult (f)6,5321,0544
gztxeFritzkotsu's Warm GlowAdult (m)5,6231,1530
d6u7mMariakotsu's Warm GlowAdult (f)5,6711,1450
1C4DGGermanykotsu's Warm GlowAdult (m)6,3711,0941
fd7BxItalykotsu's Warm GlowAdult (f)6,5311,0903
ujhLUWolfgangkotsu's Warm GlowAdult (m)5,4321,1483
31CwhGretakotsu's Warm GlowAdult (f)5,1001,1081
8sXv8Prussiakotsu's Warm GlowAdult (m)5,1431,1331
wb3jJAmberkotsu's Warm GlowAdult (f)5,5141,1242
WrKMDKarlkotsu's Warm GlowAdult (m)2,5914781
YYmPhJameskotsu's Warm GlowAdult (f)2,8375420
lKY6TSomakotsu's Warm GlowAdult (m)3,2094961
c4g8QNurikotsu's Warm GlowAdult (f)2,8274620
xqK7YAgnikotsu's Warm GlowAdult (m)3,3638801
1piN0Katkotsu's Warm GlowAdult (f)3,5818901
w0xLuAwesomekotsu's Warm GlowAdult (m)3,3198631
0M85pKirakotsu's Warm GlowAdult (f)3,3308720
VipBlHenrykotsu's Dimensional RiftAdult (m)5,3021,1292
XEmjtMinkykotsu's Dimensional RiftAdult (f)5,6551,1351
iEUG4Fritzkotsu's Dimensional RiftAdult (m)5,1021,0090
ZSRdOMariakotsu's Dimensional RiftAdult (f)4,9519680
EUiFhGermanykotsu's Dimensional RiftAdult (m)5,6221,1413
CoA2DItatlykotsu's Dimensional RiftAdult (f)5,8351,1641
u0RxTWolfgangkotsu's Dimensional RiftAdult (m)4,9131,1402
a9e56Gretakotsu's Dimensional RiftAdult (f)5,1991,1274
F0grqPrussiakotsu's Dimensional RiftAdult (m)4,6961,0692
8DOSXAmberkotsu's Dimensional RiftAdult (f)4,7271,0942
QfryKKarlkotsu's Dimensional RiftAdult (m)4,1767474
fii9GJameskotsu's Dimensional RiftAdult (f)4,1057381
Lx3tzSomakotsu's Dimensional RiftAdult (m)4,3227912
ZFrzJNurikotsu's Dimensional RiftAdult (f)4,1907864
2Ky5OAgnikotsu's Dimensional RiftAdult (m)6,8751,2212
Too77Katkotsu's Dimensional RiftAdult (f)6,3311,2031
yo1XWAwesomekotsu's Dimensional RiftAdult (m)5,7921,1693
6M3EtKirakotsu's Dimensional RiftAdult (f)6,3441,2193
M9zJUHenrykotsu's Power GemAdult (m)4,8641,1210
JCKJqMinkykotsu's Power GemAdult (f)3,6168840
HNiH1Fritzkotsu's Power GemAdult (m)5,0809591
Oc0uNMariakotsu's Power GemAdult (f)4,9949700
SmN2yGermanykotsu's Power GemAdult (m)4,0019160
jmj18Italykotsu's Power GemAdult (f)5,6521,1700
lq2bOWolfgangkotsu's Power GemAdult (m)4,2909210
GejTbGretakotsu's Power GemAdult (f)5,4981,1620
csqebKarlkotsu's Power GemAdult (m)4,7599111
u1gNdJameskotsu's Power GemAdult (f)4,3379011
ZVIBiPrussiakotsu's Power GemAdult (m)5,1231,2290
m0sgqAmberkotsu's Power GemAdult (f)4,5909460
v9ZtjSomakotsu's Power GemAdult (m)5,4291,2480
0apm3Nurikotsu's Power GemAdult (f)5,7841,2741
YcTBRAgnikotsu's Power GemAdult (m)4,8411,0331
6A1zFKatkotsu's Power GemAdult (f)4,3911,1150
oOpklAwesomekotsu's Power GemAdult (m)5,6361,2291
KqBC2Kirakotsu's Power GemAdult (f)5,2991,2081
UvYNaHenrykotsu's Soul GemAdult (m)3,9168890
aVbV6Minkykotsu's Soul GemAdult (f)4,7701,1390
BUKSqFritzkotsu's Soul GemAdult (m)4,8578390
B9wslMariakotsu's Soul GemAdult (f)4,6448650
eIZPYGermanykotsu's Soul GemAdult (m)4,2509020
zl7NzItalykotsu's Soul GemAdult (f)3,5248751
0M8HbWolfgangkotsu's Soul GemAdult (m)4,1589210
DaoZKGretakotsu's Soul GemAdult (f)4,2189280
TWZCHPrussiakotsu's Soul GemAdult (m)4,3678933
1W8RaAmberkotsu's Soul GemAdult (f)4,5429111
ytn5tKarlkotsu's Soul GemAdult (m)5,4161,2230
3LFi2Jameskotsu's Soul GemAdult (f)4,9731,2560
MWFR7Somakotsu's Soul GemAdult (f)5,8661,2781
zB4AWNurikotsu's Soul GemAdult (f)5,4251,2340
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