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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “kiramaru7,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
DdFISuikotsu's prized hydrangeaAdult (f)2,4356737
DOubRenkotsu's watercolor dreamAdult (m)2,57346819
F5PwMukotsu's deadly fogAdult (f)3,2067265
22630Prussiakotsu's Ghostly WhisperAdult (m)4,8751,3700
wWcuwPrussiakotsu's Skybud BlueAdult (f)5,4991,0191
Sy9UUKirakotsu's Blue Jkhafo ThuwedAdult (m)5,0761,0512
Jx4bZKirakotsu's Kirlaner BlueAdult (f)4,8261,0003
Srm3LKirakotsu's Dorkface BlueAdult (m)5,0819810
7ustmKirakotsu's Hannukah BlueAdult (f)5,7211,1341
b1T9OGermanykotsu's Blue EyesAdult (m)5,3841,4172
E3yQJakotsu's indigo kimonoAdult (f)1,7915216
Al3MBankotsu's beautiful blue eyesAdult (m)2,0676427
33mOBankotsu's Blue DiamondAdult (f)2,53065314
2mpUJakotsu's Blue DiamondAdult (m)1,97969611
BifytKirakotsu's lil BlueAdult (f)3,3791,07611
MHNbSuikotsu's blue armorAdult (m)3,1681,03110
XivAlPrussiakotsu's awesome BlueAdult (f)5,7121,26911
N1jYaFritzkotsu's Prussian BlueAdult (m)4,3651,2852
rQnFnLudwigkotsu's Baby BluesAdult (m)5,7751,3903
QjVvAPrussiakotsu's Blue UniformAdult (f)5,0151,2810
FGuC5Germanykotsu's Shouldn't be BlueAdult (m)3,7681,1702
Gk6L6Prussiakotsu's beloved FritzAdult (f)5,0511,0422
AWxexPrussiakotsu's BluebellsAdult (m)4,1031,0041
c7FS2Fritzkotsu's PrussianAdult (f)4,0641,2162
0WApgBaschkotsu's Blue DragsterAdult (m)5,1881,0311
GnDkcFritzkotsu's Blue FlameAdult (f)4,2498163
V3wb1Kirakotsu's lil Blue MiroAdult (m)5,0611,0771
mFMDXItalykotsu's Italian FlagAdult (f)5,3051,0020
k6KnVKirakotsu's Green Ribbon DancerAdult (m)4,1508931
zbnWEPrussiakotsu's Two White GreenAdult (f)5,2521,0200
5jPLFKirakotsu's Dark Sweetling GreenAdult (m)5,8951,0941
CRSzfKirakotsu's Double White GreenAdult (f)4,7041,0270
8f4f0Kirakotsu's Green SunAdult (m)5,2211,2071
4S9CMRomanokotsu's RiverviewAdult (f)5,1931,2992
f2hPKirakotsu's Jade StaffAdult (m)4,1491,22713
tqKgRenkotsu's green bandanaAdult (f)3,03880010
zSDFSuikotsu's pleasure gardenAdult (m)2,50164611
zjQ2Mukotsu's deadly gardenAdult (f)2,0285979
i5hBJakotsu's emerald fogAdult (m)3,0507527
th2QvSpainkotsu's green EyesAdult (f)6,4041,3514
1vG9KSpainkotsu'sTomate VerdeAdult (m)5,1161,1983
ruSKjRomanokotsu's Tomato PlantsAdult (f)4,5291,3471
pFKo8Romanokotsu's Verde da NoiteAdult (m)4,7451,4130
Y2GU1Kirakotsu's Green Eggs n HamAdult (f)6,0821,3652
14R6GKirakotsu's Green LulurisAdult (m)4,5171,0870
1Y2nZKirakotsu's HawthorneAdult (f)4,8471,2390
F2XReRomanokotsu's Fried Green TomatoAdult (m)3,8471,0960
qMvqwSpainkotsu's Green-StreakedAdult (f)3,6531,1531
GBf2dKirakotsu's Green and GoldAdult (m)3,3181,0531
n1sPWKirakotsu's Dorkface GreenAdult (f)5,9961,0650
bpWhGKirakotsu's lil Green MysteryAdult (m)3,8481,0101
k6dgSKirakotsu's Foxy MarieAdult (f)6,4411,0562
Xjq71Romanokotsu's Moribine SweetsAdult (m)4,9021,0083
LT5meSpainkotsu's Gossamer WhisperAdult (f)4,3751,2531
XRqxnRomanokotsu's CHIGIAdult (m)3,8801,1430
uOMuqSpainkotsu's Red SapphireAdult (f)5,2131,3290
7mitKyokotsu's red lacquer bowlAdult (m)2,49667510
pEH1Renkotsu's flamesAdult (f)2,66089312
bf3tJakotsu's lip paintAdult (m)2,8761,08914
KtqTBankotsu's love tokenAdult (f)2,76480612
5HTvJakotsu's lucky red pantiesAdult (m)3,46889516
NoDiARomanokotsu's lil red TomatoAdult (f)6,2561,3324
qDedbSpainkotsu's Red and GoldAdult (m)5,3661,3690
jQfn9Antoniokotsu's Pequeno TomateAdult (f)5,2051,3761
mfmNPSpainkotsu's Tomato DreamsAdult (m)3,7841,1202
86bFsGermanykotsu's rotes BlutAdult (f)3,3511,0470
NNvUMItalykotsu's Pot of Red GravyAdult (m)5,2131,2742
XloTBRomanokotsu's Galletian VictoryAdult (f)4,9861,0660
A9spnGilkotsu's lil 2nd GenAdult (m)4,4781,0622
T5HPZFritzkotsu's Black FluteAdult (f)5,1021,4201
TlASfKirakotsu's Inky StripesAdult (m)5,3181,2911
gMYRZPrussiakotsu's Dark KnightAdult (f)5,0731,3653
LFde9Germanykotsu's black GlovesAdult (m)5,7541,2504
jHZEKirakotsu's Shinigami ZortchAdult (f)6,1051,68510
tBLfJenkotsu's Shinigami ZortchAdult (m)7,6801,7545
BrrnKirakotsu's ebony silksAdult (f)3,4361,0203
p2akKirakotsu's obsidian DT staffAdult (m)7,4251,6697
W10GJenkotsu's Obsidian DorkfaceAdult (f)5,2241,3696
GA0W5Ludwigkotsu's KubelwagenAdult (m)5,4671,2954
O9gWyPrussiakotsu's Black RubyAdult (f)5,2421,3030
3LfnoFritzkotsu's Magic FluteAdult (m)4,5661,2243
AJQTkBankotsu's Black Tie AffairAdult (f)4,7631,2251
ZRRiyPrussiakotsu's Black BootlacesAdult (f)3,4671,0471
zKvQXSpainkotsu's Iberian OnyxAdult (m)3,5671,1141
v1ChOGermanykotsu's BlackieAdult (f)4,6031,1810
MZDQ7Prussiakotsu's Dark IlluminaAdult (m)5,0691,0212
dtWOUSpainkotsu's lil black SpeedoAdult (f)4,6291,1230
uzjVJKirakotsu's Dorkface BlackAdult (m)6,0281,0202
lCMTpKirakotsu's KirlanerAdult (f)4,6541,0080
17CDyKirakotsu's Black KnightAdult (m)5,3078472
8AeTcKirakotsu's Dark ShadowAdult (f)6,1821,2321
NVtWIBernkotsu's Majestic SunsetAdult (m)3,7294973
EangTAmberkotsu's Beautiful SunsetAdult (f)7,4421,1590
dI1rJakotsu's fiery sunsetAdult (m)1,7738313
JEKLSuikotsu's Dr Jekl SunsetAdult (f)2,30769823
706CcKirakotsu's Delicate SunsetAdult (m)7,9121,1953
XLNVBankotsu's Sake SunsetAdult (f)2,81681823
q4AAeKirakotsu's Penk SunsetAdult (m)4,2561,5620
a3HTRenkotsu's fiery sunsetAdult (f)3,04698124
iFAiRKirakotsu's iFair SunsetAdult (m)7,7421,1460
p4kfUKirakotsu's Beautiful SunsetAdult (f)8,4241,2201
cLcZmGermanykotsu's Flaming SunsetAdult (m)8,2481,2691
2lFaNItalykotsu's Pretty SunsetAdult (f)8,3561,2711
QcM0mAmberkotsu's Fiery SunssetAdult (f)10,3781,3334
iVfCvPrussiakotsu's Fiery SunssetAdult (m)10,3551,3693
VzbHJBerndkotsu's Beautiful SunriseAdult (m)3,3564775
VUekYAmberkotsu's Beautiful SunriseAdult (f)8,6531,1861
KwMwfPrussiakotsu's Summer SunriseAdult (m)7,3511,0752
Wi4oFAmberkotsu's Summer SunriseAdult (f)7,5561,0824
3ZZ27Katkotsu's Dorkface SunriseAdult (m)4,4931,3484
c2rFSuikotsu's beautiful sunriseAdult (f)1,46149413
NsC9kKirakotsu's Dorkface SunriseAdult (m)4,9411,5710
0xmzJakotsu's peaceful sunriseAdult (f)3,21264729
aPt1Bankotsu's tequila sunriseAdult (m)4,02464113
B76EuKirakotsu's Romantic SunriseAdult (f)3,5151,0852
cgfcJGermanykotsu's Majestic SunriseAdult (m)5,5759012
RSCgKItalykotsu's Beachy SunriseAdult (f)6,2459251
3WJG0Kirakotsu's Golden BulletAdult (m)6,4249285
N4SEiKirakotsu's Double PinksAdult (f)6,2369022
pfknmHiraikotsu's Master BerndAdult (m)6,3341,1251
9l0b2Hiraikotsu's Miss AmberAdult (f)6,4731,1244
gVgduHiraikotsu's Master SomaAdult (m)5,5281,0922
PuiNyHiraikotsu's Miss KimmyAdult (f)6,4211,2280
nh2cKHiraikotsu's Master AgniAdult (m)5,3461,0440
zVJMOHiraikotsu's Miss KatAdult (f)5,2861,0350
JsJDSHiraikotsu's Master AwesomeAdult (m)6,2581,2061
cMwZlHiraikotsu's Miss KiraAdult (f)5,6181,2251
jIQnwHiraikotsu's Master KevenAdult (m)4,0969892
H7bxHiraikotsu's Miss Jennie DawnAdult (f)2,7741,08610
w6x3KHiraikotsu's Master KyleAdult (m)5,6081,2461
ZH1IHiraikotsu's Miss LivvieAdult (f)3,10454319
Aon8OKevenkotsu's Pink Ribbon of HopeAdult (m)5,3671,0391
S5F5XJenkotsu's Pink Ribbon of HopeAdult (f)5,0971,0091
2xVOkCaskotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (m)5,6451,0840
jkGb4Megkotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (f)5,1958662
jYIycMishakotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (m)5,2231,2372
wuJ84Vickykotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (f)5,5081,1034
TOczpHenrykotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (m)9,9921,83432
Rf34QMishkakotsu'spink ribbon of HopeAdult (f)4,9861,22610
IRanUDieterkotsu'spinkribbonofHopeAdult (m)4,0431,1533
1yNo8Valentinokotsu'spinkribbonofHopeAdult (f)5,4051,2253
pxPilBerndkotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (m)3,7431,2190
FaPDGAmberkotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (f)3,6957700
dg4YEFritzkotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (m)4,57192310
LupjKMariakotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (f)5,3971,4054
nRjgCPrussiakotsu's pinkribbonofHopeAdult (m)6,5851,3747
6HtpJGilbirdkotsu'spinkribbonofHopeAdult (f)5,5661,2474
s6TgZWolfiekotsu'spinkribbonofHopeAdult (m)5,2761,2547
Pvs08Gretakotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (f)5,2911,2624
DgL3SMaxkotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (m)5,6291,4392
SDQUQNurikotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (f)4,4261,3353
Vu48SThumperkotsu's pinkiribbonofHopeAdult (m)4,7001,5240
sZB6cLukekotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (f)4,1281,2615
GkXX3Karlkotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (m)3,9951,2420
qE1mSJamekotsu's pinkribbon of HopeAdult (f)3,9101,2364
3W7keAwesomekotsu'spinkribbonofHopeAdult (m)4,7111,3393
kCoZKirakotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (f)1,9408615
2K51kBenniekotsu'spinkribbonofHopeAdult (m)4,0181,2143
FbNRoKatkotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (f)4,6041,3124
GTGcAgnikotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (m)5,1401,3133
pYYRSarakotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (f)4,8951,3208
p9h3Somakotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (m)2,14561910
ajp8TVexedkotsu's pink ribon of HopeAdult (f)4,3991,2197
qI8jBankotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (m)2,0839415
tCTvJakotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (f)3,3711,1575
dhdtSuikotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (m)1,6345785
ZQOrRenkotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (f)2,6629147
oaVGGinkotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (m)3,1199724
KgD0Mukotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (f)2,5128585
4rX0Kyokotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (m)2,8359325
jsEc0Hiraikotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (f)4,4561,2876
29Uc2Germanykotsu'spinkribbonofHopeAdult (m)4,5821,0661
OvFoYItalykotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (f)6,2631,3263
UqlbGNatekotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (m)4,5431,0083
0aIh4Liviekotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (f)6,4051,3113
Lqh5UGermaniakotsu'spinkribbonof HopeAdult (m)5,3001,1882
2Gdi9Romakotsu's pink ribbon of HopeAdult (f)5,5401,2163
tIw25Prussiakotsu's pink CB hairAdult (m)3,8755132
6SB85Amberkotsu's lil pink rocketAdult (f)4,9088302
JFLtTFreddiekotsu's pink MercuryAdult (m)5,6291,0984
rvtl8Kirakotsu's pink silverwareAdult (f)7,4051,5012
kCBEwHenrykotsu's pink socksAdult (m)4,4489514
rsqvyMishkakotsu's pink boxersAdult (f)6,0021,17114
7hcRwGermania's pink cheeksAdult (m)5,8751,2033
Wr3hNRomakotsu's pink togaAdult (f)5,6571,1423
wLFGBDieterkotsu's pink cheeksAdult (m)5,3701,5973
HSrQwValentinokotsu's pink paintAdult (f)4,4661,0122
LTY9QBerndkotsu's Pink HairAdult (m)3,2696603
dTXhdAmberkotsu's pink corsetAdult (f)4,8861,0310
rOVvJFritzkotsu's lil pink fluteAdult (m)5,1611,3630
VTnyQPrussiakotsu's pink CB girlAdult (f)4,7381,3002
LF7OpGilbertkotsu's pink t-shirtAdult (m)5,6901,2675
6IoY2Gilbirdkotsu's pink hatAdult (f)5,1641,2642
dPvhtAntoniokotsu's pink heartAdult (m)5,8051,2698
n6cNRRomanokotsu's pink cheeksAdult (f)5,2891,2778
Zvr2ELudwigkotsu's pink KirschtorteAdult (m)7,5821,4232
NH79DFelicianokotsu's pinkgravyAdult (f)7,6741,3984
5ZHfnNatekotsu's lil pinkieAdult (m)6,0171,3324
j93epKirakotsu's lil Pinkie PieAdult (f)4,2988271
MN4I6Maxkotsu's pink band tee shirtAdult (m)4,8461,3781
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