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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “kiramaru7,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
mKBDkKirakotsu's Alpine WheeeAdult (m)6,1971,2522
5di31Kirakotsu's Alpine WhuuuAdult (f)6,5071,3049
BNBsHojokotsu love his RumikoAdult (m)2,7899079
FfZSRumikokotsu loves her HojoAdult (f)3,2529108
T7ViJakotsu's mountain breezeAdult (m)2,85984111
iGphKirakotsu's mountain breezeAdult (f)2,9478245
FvVMxKirakotsu's I can fly in the skyAdult (m)6,1951,2591
P0K7aKirakotsu's lil DorstanAdult (f)3,6285860
4Z60iKirakotsu's CB FlamingoAdult (m)3,9783641
I5WXkKirakotsu's Flamingo GirlAdult (f)3,4264360
LVRDKirakotsu's lawn guardianAdult (m)2,8258347
mLTKKirakotsu's lawn ornamentAdult (f)2,9648696
Vn88Kirakotsu's lawn flamingoAdult (m)2,8217817
1S2YKirakotsu's pink flamingoAdult (f)2,7788725
Z9BZeAwesomekotsu's Pink FlamingoAdult (m)3,4776206
Q89avKatkotsu'sPink FlamingoAdult (f)4,3641,0486
6bd5IKirakotsu's Ninja Zombie JewelsAdult (m)6,4751,2421
1nYktGermanykotsu's JewelsAdult (m)2,79371323
14NRKNurikotsu's turquoise tiarraAdult (f)5,5151,1102
3OAXLMaxkotsu's Jewel'sAdult (f)3,42064225
qiU8VNurikotsu's wedding tiarraAdult (f)6,1291,1445
3aviSomakotsu's JewelsAdult (f)7,1371,4551
dJ1aAgnikotsu's jewelsAdult (m)7,0891,4726
CMFfXKatkotsu's turquoise tiarraAdult (f)4,5151,3485
SNd6rAwesomekotsu's JewelsAdult (f)4,4021,2733
uAePcKarlkotsu's JewelsAdult (m)6,0859925
djkifGilbertkotsu's JewelsAdult (m)4,6721,0722
5KWiJAmberkotsu's turquoise tiarraAdult (f)1,9496755
2PdUMKirakotsu's turquoise tiarraAdult (f)2,8948043
b6JMJameskotsu's JewelsAdult (m)2,3497586
be0MqSarahkotsu's turquoise tiarraAdult (f)2,8891,00014
9g2INJenkotsu's turquoise tiarraAdult (f)4,1918542
tZDeDWolfgangkotsu's JewelsAdult (m)4,1201,0822
jDLi1Gretakotsu's turquoise tiarraAdult (f)4,8341,0071
ss1uuPrussiakotsu's JewelsAdult (m)5,1641,1664
DV8cBankotsu's JewelsAdult (m)2,9648683
2Xn5Jakotsu's JewelsAdult (f)2,7908099
lyN6GHenrykotsu's JewelsAdult (m)6,9881,2375
LI9R3Kirakotsu's inbred throwbackAdult (f)6,8691,3732
StVHSuikotsu's lil moonbeamAdult (f)3,1181,0825
fKqhKirakotsu's lil moonbeamAdult (f)1,3886993
Q4euBankotsu's lil moonbeamAdult (m)1,9439253
eGwPoPrussiakotsu's lil MoonbeamAdult (m)4,0455551
XiGcAGermanykotsu's lil MoonbeamAdult (f)4,8207962
iQ96Jakotsu's lil moonbeamAdult (f)1,8569072
vQGkQSomakotsu's lil moonbeamAdult (f)4,7481,2823
Ii69aAgnikotsu's lil moonbeamAdult (m)4,1811,1995
JubfTKirakotsu's CB MothAdult (m)4,8188875
e6OAWKirakotsu's CB Lady MothAdult (f)6,2801,1412
tmNt5Jenkotsu's lil SunshineAdult (f)4,5148271
Q5KMxKirakotsu's CB DayTime FluffAdult (m)5,2308402
J7dnqKirakotsu's CB ButterflyAdult (f)5,2878540
a2lQdKatkotsu's lil SunshineAdult (m)4,0548372
FrM5DPrismakotsu's Glorious DayAdult (m)4,6078112
vqiwRKirakotsu's CB DaylightAdult (m)4,7998654
Z5GIKKirakotsu's Sunshine DaydreamsAdult (m)4,7348951
g4PRNKirakotsu's Butterfly DreamsAdult (f)4,6588485
DagYNAgnikotsu's lil ButterfyAdult (f)4,0471,1912
HrF4DSomakotsu's lil ButterfyAdult (m)3,9921,1762
U5VJBankotsu's lil ray of sunshineAdult (f)3,3171,0438
178mJakotsu's lil ray of sunshineAdult (m)2,0829294
S5XhKirakotsu's lil ray of sunshineAdult (m)2,5581,1154
c9cDSuikotsu's lil ray of sunshineAdult (f)3,3261,0365
Xe2eiKirakotsu's Summer Shores CBAdult (f)5,6839324
L6q4MPrussiakotsu's Tidal WavesAdult (f)5,5687823
8OdRjKirakotsu's WaverunnerAdult (m)4,9418784
WpqdOPrussiakotsu's SurfboardAdult (m)3,9577302
j6BCNKirakotsu's Boogie BoardAdult (f)5,4591,12210
IDeDuAgnikotsu's WaverunnerAdult (m)5,5891,4261
A8CNnSomakotsu's WaverunnerAdult (f)5,6701,4423
hBgQBankotsu's WaverunnerAdult (m)2,7958155
3LcvJakotsu's WaverunnerAdult (f)2,9918674
8oFqBankotsu's Boogie BoardAdult (m)3,1408661
JirZJakotsu's Boogie BoardAdult (f)3,1578785
0BhPBankotsu's SeafoamAdult (m)2,3617592
8P6hJakotsu's SeafoamAdult (f)2,3897753
9U7DBankotsu's Gentle WavesAdult (m)3,3271,0197
MXRhJakotsu's Gentle WavesAdult (f)2,9809486
E88v9Kirakotsu's Waves at the ShoreAdult (m)5,8561,1502
T7iItPrussiakotsu's BoogieboardAdult (m)5,9708901
AmMTuPrussiakotsu's Calm B4 de StormAdult (m)7,4021,0161
6HChUKirakotsu's Calm B4 the StormAdult (f)6,9549613
hF110Agnikotsu's Gentle WavesAdult (m)6,7289074
pinuLSomakotsu's Gentle WavesAdult (m)7,4429121
IEBniVexedkotsu's WaverunnerAdult (f)7,1391,0671
0XgYbKirakotsu's Surfing MuttsAdult (f)4,2828886
V9XBrGilbertkotsu's lil FishieAdult (m)9,2931,4098
IBiosGilbirdkotsu's lil FishieAdult (f)9,1271,3837
c9K7Jakotsu's Dorkface fishieAdult (m)3,0479683
G6eUKirakotsu's otaku fish chiliAdult (f)3,0079535
UYt1Kirakotsu's Dorkface JawzAdult (m)1,7968693
usImKirakotsu's Tasty YummiesAdult (f)1,6967803
n5dYKirakotsu's lil Chloe FishieAdult (m)2,1389554
fCK7Kirakotsu's Baby FishieAdult (f)1,8829545
vXuSKirakotsu's Dorkface goldfishieAdult (m)1,7068673
foo5Kirakotsu's Otaku FishieAdult (f)2,1258975
FoWuKirakotsu's lil Chloe DorkfaceAdult (m)1,6357733
4B90Kirakotsu's lil Chloe fishiepieAdult (f)1,6447775
s1KbKirakotsu's lil FishieAdult (m)2,0317918
U2YvJakotsu's lil FishieAdult (f)1,4196943
bknAJakotsu's tasty yummiesAdult (m)1,9358376
T19QKirakotsu's lil ChloeAdult (f)1,9757907
pSLCKAwesomekotsu's lil GoldfishAdult (m)3,3521,0563
DBCXQKirakotsu's lil GoldfishAdult (f)4,6741,2406
EfDEuAgnikotsu's lil GoldfishAdult (m)5,2771,2794
QFEP0Katkotsu's lil GoldfishAdult (f)6,3371,2996
AdZrKirakotsu's King of the TreesAdult (m)1,90591510
Z6BHKirakotsu's Queen of the TreesAdult (f)1,9259046
1mR5Kirakotsu's Lord of the ForestAdult (m)2,6298333
Vv6DKirakotsu's Lady of the ForestAdult (f)1,7398066
2magKirakotsu's Prince of the leafAdult (m)1,7327253
ntGHKirakotsu's Princess of the leafAdult (f)2,3001,0393
ZsbodKirakotsu's Mate4 Zombiefodder 1Adult (m)5,4201,3862
FmWg4Kirakotsu's Zombie fodder1Adult (f)7,9081,7187
bPYG7Jenkotsu's CB FoundlingAdult (m)5,5501,4492
LZkABKirakotsu's ER FoundlingAdult (f)5,48378640
6Oq81Prussiakotsu's Leaf KingAdult (m)7,7421,46610
I5KCVPrussiakotsu's Leaf QueenAdult (f)6,3751,5188
eBSSXPrussiakotsu's Sunshine MelodyAdult (m)4,9201,0690
ZjbksKirakotsu's Sunshine MelodyAdult (f)3,1436602
Sb4rsPrussiakotsu's CB WurmAdult (m)5,1631,0590
fwnivKirakotsu's CB WurmAdult (f)4,6491,0420
xzUFDGilkotsu's CB WurmAdult (m)3,9718750
drlEXAmberkotsu's CB WurmAdult (f)5,3881,2172
WRYuLHenrykotsu's CB WurmAdult (m)1,7125942
2TRV1Kirakotsu's Thunder WurmAdult (f)9,7381,5261
vpUwfAyakotsu's Beautiful ButterflyAdult (m)3,39884019
iacOiMinekotsu's Beautiful ButterflyAdult (f)3,1894783
2Az8zAgnikotsu's Pretty CobraAdult (m)9,2621,3523
FyWEISomakotsu's Pretty CobraAdult (f)9,2541,3474
vWu5JPrussiakotsu's Golden DraekonAdult (m)6,2911,4152
veJFOGilbirdkotsu's Pretty SnakeAdult (f)6,1291,3867
cEqLeKirakotsu's Lozanov SnakeAdult (m)8,1871,2534
tmVGEKatkotsu's Dorkface SnakeAdult (f)6,8211,1923
lsWbUAwesomekotsu's Dorkface SnakeAdult (m)6,3181,2533
n2uPaKirakotsu's Lucky HeartAdult (f)5,9331,3164
lqAgYKirakotsu's Shiny SnakeAdult (m)5,0241,5693
EUiIXKirakotsu's Tinsel Snake FailAdult (f)6,1391,8268
jnpInKirakotsu's Royal SnakeAdult (m)5,7971,4455
FITv1Kirakotsu's Royal d'HanraAdult (f)5,3141,4312
dp3QpThumperkotsu's Golden CobraAdult (m)8,1251,8893
ZJsHaLukekotsu's Golden CobraAdult (f)8,9961,9016
6uriiKarlkotsu's Golden CobraAdult (m)7,3031,6845
eHgvHJameskotsu's Golden CobraAdult (f)7,9841,7915
MCETsKatkotsu's Shimmery SnakeAdult (m)5,5231,3805
sOjIjKirakotsu's Shimmery SnakeAdult (f)3,8381,1444
oqNBtAwesomekotsu's Shimmery SnakeAdult (m)4,6091,0149
9E0eKirakotsu's golden snakieAdult (f)2,2879768
SCZsDAgnikotsu's Golden SnakeAdult (m)3,0761,0716
FuneASomakotsu's Golden SnakeAdult (f)3,2981,0661
Jn4rUAwesomekotsu's Golden SnakeAdult (m)3,2511,0312
FCaQgKirakotsu's Golden SnakeAdult (f)3,3111,0293
FCe8Kirakotsu's Dusk Dorkface ThuwedAdult (m)3,2851,0615
jhJrKirakotsu's Dorkface cobraAdult (f)2,9838998
YrnpJakotsu's Dorkface cobraAdult (m)2,7488585
qVguKirakotsu's Lyrical HeartAdult (f)2,2248435
4t0nBankotsu's flying snakeAdult (m)2,1438156
S1jAJakotsu's Lyrical SnakeAdult (f)3,0279683
q9J4Kirakotsu's serpentine giftAdult (m)2,3031,0868
fi8iBankotsu's golden snakeAdult (f)2,5508955
1b95Kirakotsu's dorkface snakeAdult (m)2,1719956
lrVBJakotsu's cobra pounceAdult (f)2,0539435
bALoJakotsu's  heartfelt luckAdult (m)2,0899507
O1knIBankotsu's Shimmery Tinsel FailAdult (f)9,0111,8746
ADLksGilkotsu's Golden SunsongAdult (m)3,1781,0891
E3p2uAmberkotsu's Harvest SongAdult (f)2,0776214
WX9euKirakotsu's Golden LightAdult (m)5,1119640
GLrxOKirakotsu's Duck SongAdult (f)4,2499744
UHBWwPrussiakotsu's Golden SnakeAdult (m)8,9601,2272
Ea91LKirakotsu's Jedi Mind TricksAdult (f)3,7484344
exxXMKirakotsu's I'm No Zee IIAdult (m)3,8774352
rp58SKirakotsu's I'm No ZeeAdult (f)3,7243761
9ePjyPrussiakotsu's lil HellfireAdult (m)5,5611,0970
39QI1Kirakotsu's lil Hellfire LadyAdult (f)5,5291,0750
SUSkOPrussiakotsu's Fiery ShimmerAdult (m)4,9601,1721
lLiXmKirakotsu's Dazzling FiregemAdult (f)5,2511,2230
XVnGKPrussiakotsu's Flaming DesireAdult (m)5,6691,2224
MsvLbGilbirdkotsu's Flaming DesireAdult (f)5,8091,2333
ovpuJakotsu's flames of desireAdult (m)2,6137494
Pq3aJakotsu's passionate oneAdult (f)2,1428235
4o9HBankotsu's fiery passionAdult (m)2,18983610
Ed7XJakotsu's fiery passionAdult (f)1,9228818
a7CGJakotsu's got passionate frillsAdult (m)2,6841,1835
Xr7vKirakotsu's frilly passionAdult (f)2,7369693
df9BKirakotsu's fireballsAdult (m)2,4538643
J2XCJakotsu's lil spitfire cutieAdult (f)2,1009685
eipXuPrussiakotsu's FirebreatherAdult (m)5,4001,3868
XTBfYGilbirdkotsu's FirebreatherAdult (f)5,4641,4016
NV48iGilkotsu's Shimmering HellfireAdult (m)4,3998936
7mGXWAmberkotsu's Shimmering HellfireAdult (f)4,3141,2012
n9HcSHenrykotsu's A FabulaAdult (m)4,0827274
gL97lKirakotsu's Blue Flame BabeAdult (f)3,7137537
QCDfRAwesomekotsu's lil green thingAdult (m)3,0721,0063
C6cJiKirakotsu's lil green thingAdult (f)3,6288071
DoEQBankotsu's precious SweetnessAdult (m)2,0397009
kWTKJakotsu's precious Aniki-chanAdult (f)2,5851,0338
6o4vKirakotsu's Green Yummy ThingAdult (m)2,2008145
imdbKirakotsu's lil Green WingsAdult (f)2,7081,2026
K2qdKirakotsu's Yummy DorkfaceAdult (m)1,9258546
ki07Kirakotsu's lil preciousAdult (f)2,8348015
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