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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “kiramaru7,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
z3Lk7Agnikotsu's Storm-RiderAdult (m)5,3857531
uT4D6Katkotsu's Storm-RiderAdult (f)5,4177462
QyM9XAwesomekotsu's Storm-RiderAdult (m)7,9121,1221
1dAlRKirakotsu's Storm-RiderAdult (f)7,9411,1412
DGwfNHenrykotsu's Magic LighteningAdult (m)7,4861,0992
UlGwPMinkykotsu's Magic LighteningAdult (f)7,5121,1062
oyLfnFritzkotsu's Magic LighteningAdult (m)7,3331,0442
mknH7Mariakotsu's Magic LighteningAdult (f)7,6211,0983
276RwGermanykotsu's Magic LighteningAdult (m)7,0501,1331
lVcqnItalykotsu's Magic LighteningAdult (f)6,9421,1653
oVN4eWolfgangkotsu's Magic LighteningAdult (m)6,5371,0771
SpmsaGretakotsu's Magic LighteningAdult (f)6,6911,1041
qIJyyPrussiakotsu's Magic LighteningAdult (m)6,2311,0442
EX5TjAmberkotsu's Magic LighteningAdult (f)6,6171,1201
LGnkaKarlkotsu's Magic LighteningAdult (m)6,3711,1464
i8MKEJameskotsu's Magic LighteningAdult (f)6,1791,0573
EUczfSomakotsu's Magic LighteningAdult (m)6,2451,1143
0biSHNurikotsu's Magic LighteningAdult (f)6,4811,1532
rlMgjAgnikotsu's Magic LighteningAdult (m)6,1551,1202
1nDNuKatkotsu's Magic LighteningAdult (f)6,4271,1331
GHn0rAwesomekotsu's Magic LighteningAdult (m)6,1941,0990
MSXTMKirakotsu's Magic LighteningAdult (f)6,2351,1193
owYTDHenrykotsu's Golden OrbAdult (m)6,4791,0201
KirNgMinkykotsu's Golden OrbAdult (f)6,6361,0391
3tpzMFritzkotsu's Golden OrbAdult (m)7,1161,0494
ZVRS0Mariakotsu's Golden OrbAdult (f)7,1661,0623
SFj1tGermanykotsu's Golden OrbAdult (m)6,8741,1642
vjgGAItalykotsu's Golden OrbAdult (f)6,9871,1611
IsrxIWolfgangkotsu's Golden OrbAdult (m)6,1891,0982
5bF9wGretakotsu's Golden OrbAdult (f)6,1461,1002
2x4N8Prussiakotsu's Golden OrbAdult (m)6,6881,1251
PMDy9Amberkotsu's Golden OrbAdult (f)6,5161,1482
Cot4PKarlkotsu's Golden OrbAdult (m)6,5521,0833
TtTOkJameskotsu's Golden OrbAdult (f)6,4001,1502
TCxMWSomakotsu's Golden OrbAdult (m)6,0231,1145
yFzbhNurikotsu's Golden OrbAdult (f)6,3021,0134
dfDOQAgnikotsu's Golden OrbAdult (m)5,0341,1194
cnQyxKatkotsu's Golden OrbAdult (f)5,6781,2071
bPWfTAwesomekotsu's Golden OrbAdult (m)7,0991,5085
fljwLKirakotsu's Golden OrbAdult (f)7,2431,4825
kCCeeHenrykotsu's Fire n IceAdult (m)7,7441,0773
8H6kVMinkykotsu's Fire n IceAdult (f)7,7521,0671
FiXi5Fritzkotsu's Fire n IceAdult (m)7,0751,0522
gijE1Mariakotsu's Fire n IceAdult (f)7,3271,0683
IQ6R7Germanykotsu's Fire n IceAdult (m)7,0121,1632
HGzy9Italykotsu's Fire n IceAdult (f)6,9811,1611
S4nXWWolfgangkotsu's Fire n IceAdult (m)6,4951,0520
kAPm7Gretakotsu's Fire n IceAdult (f)7,0611,1694
ZRLkaPrussiakotsu's Fire n IceAdult (m)6,0429691
bAcQIAmberkotsu's Fire n IceAdult (f)6,1399822
eVXNFKarlkotsu's Fire n IceAdult (m)5,9121,0941
VFpLoJameskotsu's Fire n IceAdult (f)6,4511,0752
nfxoxSomakotsu's Fire n IceAdult (m)6,3891,1444
vTuNNNurikotsu's Fire n IceAdult (f)5,3851,0632
YmDEkAgnikotsu's Fire n IceAdult (m)6,0561,1604
yQJzEKatkotsu's Fire n IceAdult (f)5,6341,1392
8JH99Awesomekotsu's Fire n IceAdult (m)7,0321,4567
c5NdIKirakotsu's Fire n IceAdult (f)7,1971,5245
pMAysFritzkotsu's Spider KingAdult (m)6,7551,0942
yRiY4Mariakostu's Spider QueenAdult (f)6,7911,1305
MP62vMinkykotsu's Spider QueenAdult (f)6,5371,0301
6LD3SHenrykotsu's Spider KingAdult (m)6,1519734
6QQLBItalykotsu's Spider QueenAdult (f)8,1501,0612
QNQSTGermanykotsu's Spider KingAdult (m)7,0991,0871
BKSv4Gretakotsu's Spider QueenAdult (f)7,5511,0673
ObpitWolfgangkotsu's Spider KingAdult (m)5,9179632
pWczEPrussiakotsu's Spider KingAdult (m)6,2161,0652
1w6dxAmberkotsu's Spider QueenAdult (f)6,3171,1192
kff8aKarlkotsu's Spider KingAdult (m)5,9871,1563
issbQJameskotsu's Spider QueenAdult (f)5,8451,1653
sWkyPSomakotsu's Spider KingAdult (m)6,1941,1612
R6R2XNurikotsu's Spider QueenAdult (f)5,9761,1673
NLRs8Agnikotsu's Spider KingAdult (m)5,9471,2970
GZpVNKatkotsu's Spider QueenAdult (f)6,2811,1371
eV1emAwesomekotsu's Spider KingAdult (m)7,1351,5112
1vR4VKirakotsu's Spider QueenAdult (f)7,2541,4985
3oeZeHenrykotsu's Morpheus SlumberAdult (m)6,4271,1091
QEB0cMinkykotsu's Morpheus SlumberAdult (f)6,6221,1534
AodI4Fritzkotsu's Morpheus SlumberAdult (m)7,7411,0083
amiNdMariakotsu's Morpheus SlumberAdult (f)7,0801,0364
pj7llGermanykotsu's Morpheus SlumberAdult (m)6,4301,2042
Wm6bLItalykotsu's Morpheus SlumberAdult (f)6,5261,1752
VKx9AWolfgangkotsu's Morpheus SlumberAdult (m)6,3671,0606
AFfp5Gretakotsu's Morpheus SlumberAdult (f)6,3461,0932
E0en4Prussiakotsu's Morpheus SlumberAdult (m)5,7421,1302
Pu1vJAmberkotsu's Morpheus SlumberAdult (f)5,7231,1513
3fXMxKarlkotsu's  Morpheus SlumberAdult (m)5,4611,0131
3irL0Jameskotsu's Morpheus SlumberAdult (f)6,3111,1422
2SvRcSomakotsu's Morpheus SlumberAdult (m)6,4921,2290
t0AcvNurikotsu's Morpheus SlumberAdult (f)6,2241,2340
y725yAgnikotsu's Morpheus SlumberAdult (m)5,0621,1452
qo5wwKatkotsu's Morpheus SlumberAdult (f)5,5881,2231
oMlZbAwesomekotsu's Morpheus SlumberAdult (m)6,6471,2942
85wMuKirakotsu's Morpheus SlumberAdult (f)4,6721,1102
QZloFHenrykotsu's Star ShineAdult (m)5,8049003
E5VfmMinkykotsu's Star ShineAdult (f)5,4048742
A9WcTFritzkotsu's Star ShineAdult (m)5,3458415
SDig0Mariakotsu's Star ShineAdult (f)4,4047562
r4XG9Germanykotsu's Star ShineAdult (m)4,7827662
16cR3Italykotsu's Star ShineAdult (f)6,3611,0512
WkNvVWolfgangkotsu's Star ShineAdult (m)3,9406192
rKWWoGretakotsu's Star ShineAdult (f)5,5099382
pudSVPrussiakotsu's Star ShineAdult (m)6,6301,0163
IOCkfAmberkotsu's Star ShineAdult (f)5,2551,0051
X6rxFKarlkotsu's Star ShineAdult (m)4,8128511
RY2QKJameskotsu's Star ShineAdult (f)5,3239841
wo4DgSomakotsu's Star ShineAdult (m)4,7748391
rYIqXNurikotsu's Star ShineAdult (f)4,5488071
yU8TYAgnikotsu's Star ShineAdult (m)8,4651,1831
Q5nnrKatkotsu's Star ShineAdult (f)8,0561,1762
B0v30Awesomekotsu's Star ShineAdult (m)6,9309636
lRQ7oKirakotsu's Star ShineAdult (f)8,4461,1601
9LZ2vHenrykotsu's Starship TrooperAdult (m)6,6369802
rwx5cMinkykotsu's Starship TrooperAdult (f)8,6481,1743
v0HPfFritzkotsu's Starship TrooperAdult (m)7,9831,0662
fOAmeMariakotsu's Starship TrooperAdult (f)7,8051,0962
ogSytGermanykotsu's Starship TrooperAdult (m)7,9771,0901
xPVHdItalykotsu's Starship TrooperAdult (f)7,4351,1671
pMPLmWolfgangkotsu's Starship TrooperAdult (m)7,1351,0823
RQMVgGretakotsu's Starship TrooperAdult (f)6,9551,0204
HXhRXPrussiakotsu's Starship TrooperAdult (m)6,5961,0053
oQ9TlAmberkotsu's Starship TrooperAdult (f)7,1181,0412
Zk8fKKarlkotsu's Starship TrooperAdult (m)6,8511,0082
KVtGKJameskotsu's Starship TrooperAdult (f)7,0441,0272
L3HQFSomakotsu's Starship TrooperAdult (m)5,6758861
blO7SNurikotsu's Starship TrooperAdult (f)6,7059973
JwlbfAgnikotsu's Starship TrooperAdult (m)7,1741,1302
2MWn4Katkotsu's Starship TrooperAdult (f)7,2711,1521
d9S5rAwesomekotsu's Starship TrooperAdult (m)7,1251,1412
mP9h6Kirakotsu's Starship TrooperAdult (f)7,1001,1725
jRPUzHenrykotsu's StarbreakerAdult (m)5,8951,0011
iOCEFMinkykotsu's StarbreakerAdult (f)5,7239700
kVi9IGermanykotsu's StarbreakerAdult (m)4,5289452
fD4nUItalykotsu's StarbreakerAdult (f)4,9889463
ZUPMWFritzkotsu's StarbreakerAdult (m)5,2038493
sEaRiMariakotsu's StarbreakerAdult (f)4,9998112
zlaIOWolfgangkotsu's StarbreakerAdult (m)3,9097241
NiY3cGretakotsu's StarbreakerAdult (f)3,9207171
jcRG0Prussiakotsu's StarbreakerAdult (m)4,6807822
8L5O5Amberkotsu's StarbreakerAdult (f)4,7279501
N8INIKarlkotsu's StarbreakerAdult (m)6,2531,0823
Mx1QzJameskotsu's StarbreakerAdult (f)7,2091,2182
SeKJySomakotsu's StarbreakerAdult (m)6,1039985
fAHtqNurikotsu's StarbreakerAdult (f)5,0239713
boWuQAgnikotsu's StarbreakerAdult (m)6,3359892
5sZCwKatkotsu's StarbreakerAdult (f)5,1669272
uwAQjAwesomekotsu's StarbreakerAdult (m)6,1129945
i6GOAKirakotsu's StarbreakerAdult (f)4,9569842
0OUZOHenrykotsu's Star ChildAdult (m)4,0427853
u52oGMinkykotsu's Star ChildAdult (f)5,4301,0025
lJZN8Germanykotsu's Star ChildAdult (m)4,5738461
tr3Z5Italykotsu's Star ChildAdult (f)5,3431,0084
CYGfpFritzkotsu's Star ChildAdult (m)4,4988290
HqNbqMariakotsu's Star ChildAdult (f)5,5781,0262
E0k7UWolfgangkotsu's Star ChildAdult (m)3,5076672
MtCC3Gretakotsu's Star ChildAdult (f)3,9727442
h7Qt3Prussiakotsu's Star ChildAdult (m)3,8206135
DiGKvAmberkotsu's Star ChildAdult (f)4,9739203
wZ6QTKarlkotsu's Star ChildAdult (m)6,7741,1821
Ha1bXJameskotsu's Star ChildAdult (f)4,1238336
MZbVMSomakotsu's Star ChildAdult (m)6,7391,1200
BzeZmNurikotsu's Star ChildAdult (f)4,4838403
Ij3StAgnikotsu's Star ChildAdult (m)6,3711,1270
yhVNLKatkotsu's Star ChildAdult (f)5,7157402
DBWjjAwesomekotsu's Star ChildAdult (m)5,9411,0961
KYf1kKirakotsu's Star ChildAdult (f)6,6891,1353
Gpv9RHenrykotsu's Ziggy StardustAdult (m)4,2728473
opVfGMinkykotsu's Lady StardustAdult (f)4,2208782
9ACAdGermanykotsu's Ziggy StardustAdult (m)3,5527570
HacfkItalykotsu's Lady StardustAdult (f)4,1097873
qb5yZFritzkotsu's Ziggy StardustAdult (m)3,8856701
UZlyWMariakotsu's Lady StardustAdult (f)3,8957503
NwfdAWolfgangkotsu's Ziggy StardustAdult (m)3,6206801
ct5adGretakotsu's Lady StardustAdult (f)3,7607321
H5umTPrussiakotsu's Ziggy StardustAdult (m)3,7186931
dpr9tAmberkotsu's Lady StardustAdult (f)4,8639783
OApSBKarlkotsu's Ziggy StardustAdult (m)3,3187633
bIDpbJameskotsu's Lady StardustAdult (f)3,2707742
oShgeSomakotsu's Ziggy StardustAdult (m)3,3447501
jMOwKNurikotsu's Lady StardustAdult (f)3,4637571
6ShI4Agnikotsu's Ziggy StardustAdult (m)3,3447452
j87IwKatkotsu's Lady StardustAdult (f)5,7909892
4kmUCAwesomekotsu's Ziggy StardustAdult (m)5,5781,0013
8cUoeKirakotsu's Lady StardustAdult (f)6,9071,3804
1LDJDHenrykotsu's Starlight WonderAdult (m)5,8111,1793
3ZKEuMinkykotsu's Starlight WonderAdult (f)6,1051,2360
z7oz3Fritzkotsu's Starlight WonderAdult (m)7,4981,3672
uBCJUMariakotsu's Starlight WonderAdult (f)7,1571,3641
6CMuSGermanykotsu's Starlight WonderAdult (m)5,0331,0142
zrUVwItalykotsu's Starlight WonderAdult (f)6,4521,1554
9x1RUWolfgangkotsu's Starlight WonderAdult (m)7,2021,3430
7Bj80Gretakotsu's Starlight WonderAdult (f)7,2801,3292
f4cXdPrussiakotsu's Starlight WonderAdult (m)6,6341,2300
S5k7PAmberkotsu's Starlight WonderAdult (f)7,3661,3020
NoV94Karlkotsu's Starlight WonderAdult (m)5,4391,1584
0qQCTJameskotsu's Starlight WonderAdult (f)6,8311,2404
HIhnESomakotsu's Starlight WonderAdult (m)6,7521,3501
cHypqNurikotsu's Starlight WonderAdult (f)5,8831,1131
ZMsg0Agnikotsu's Starlight WonderAdult (m)6,6811,3453
3T3kmKatkotsu's Starlight WonderAdult (f)6,8691,3302
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