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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “kiramaru7,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
xaAS0Kirakotsu's Crimson ValentinaAdult (f)7,4651,5353
BdNpAKirakotsu's 5th Gen ValentineAdult (f)7,0131,4701
J7QfbJenkotsu's Love of SunsetsAdult (f)7,0341,3404
kdkM1Kirakotsu's Valentine CandyAdult (f)6,8001,3505
TKRzVKirakotsu's Hopes for LoveAdult (f)7,3041,4105
Fnf3cKirakotsu's Silver Heart LocketAdult (f)7,0471,4096
Hdn4vKirakotsu's Valentine PromisesAdult (f)6,1891,3796
ECFiIKirakotsu's Candy HeartsAdult (f)6,2291,1696
mOiS5Kirakotsu's True LoveAdult (f)5,0941,3807
HfwZlKatkotsu's Anti-ValentineAdult (f)6,0261,4986
HAXknKirakotsu's Henry valentineAdult (f)6,3511,6663
WtdQtKirakotsu's Star Crossed LoverAdult (f)6,7611,5452
BDHFCKatkotsu's Christmas LoveAdult (f)7,4511,5894
Nt8oLKirakotsu's Anti-ValentineAdult (f)7,4901,6421
UIFn1Kirakotsu's Sheban ValentineAdult (f)5,6221,6160
KpvA1Kirakotsu's solo valentineAdult (f)6,3091,6973
n17JmKirakotsu's passionate valentineAdult (f)6,3141,6506
ZOO3tPrussiakotsu's lil ValentineAdult (f)6,5881,6315
DckZKirakotsu's dorkface valentineAdult (f)5,1161,24521
73rhKirakotsu's double DF valentineAdult (f)2,1789474
jiz9BPrussiakotsu's CB ValentineAdult (f)3,4855510
JuJx5Kirakotsu's CB ValentineAdult (f)3,8145212
GyKaKGermanykotsu's Magic ArcanaAdult (m)2,7825402
W14lZItalykotsu's Magic ArcanaAdult (f)2,5884951
gbJsQWolfgangkotsu's Magic ArcanaAdult (m)3,3965711
QxXG9Gretakotsu's Magic ArcanaAdult (f)2,8785321
Qo55yPrussiakotsu's Magic ArcanaAdult (m)3,2455381
1r969Amberkotsu's Magic ArcanaAdult (f)2,7525130
49oqeKarlkotsu's Magic ArcanaAdult (m)3,1169660
EJthaJameskotsu's Magic ArcanaAdult (f)3,3881,0240
RskFiSomakotsu's Magic ArcanaAdult (m)3,1029820
rKEWrNurikotsu's Magic ArcanaAdult (f)3,4079870
ZbmxQAgnikotsu's Magic ArcanaAdult (m)3,2029700
yzbOpKatkotsu's Magic ArcanaAdult (f)3,1499950
Z9TNNAwesomekotsu's Magic ArcanaAdult (m)3,2529760
zB3PdKirakotsu's Magic ArcanaAdult (f)3,1759730
1Hci9Beefcakekotsu's Good OmensAdult (m)3,6331,0581
lOiAbBeefcakekotsu's Good Omens 2Adult (f)3,7281,0541
7JRHZHenrykotsu's Good OmensAdult (m)3,5271,0661
WoiNJMinkykotsu's Good OmensAdult (f)3,8891,0920
Ri9vWFritzkotsu's Good OmensAdult (m)3,5791,0392
RT54LMariakotsu's Good OmensAdult (f)3,8001,0941
ZGYi4Germanykotsu's Good OmensAdult (m)3,5191,0551
jSekKItalykotsu's Good OmensAdult (f)3,6291,0811
FYCFAWolfgangkotsu's Good OmensAdult (m)3,8541,0383
MO9kZGretakotsu's Good OmensAdult (f)3,6511,0322
phcj7Prussiakotsu's Good OmensAdult (m)3,6401,0851
ysyRmAmberkotsu's Good OmensAdult (f)3,5821,0615
syQa5Karlkotsu's Good OmensAdult (m)3,8981,1080
euSYWJameskotsu's Good OmensAdult (f)3,8001,0702
aqgsqSomakotsu's Good OmensAdult (m)3,8651,0682
gkERpNurikotsu's Good OmensAdult (f)3,7951,0861
4GNl0Agnikotsu's Good OmensAdult (m)3,8511,1170
BpTWkKatkotsu's Good OmensAdult (f)4,0861,1170
WcNvPAwesomekotsu's Good OmensAdult (m)3,7911,0630
Cz1fbKirakotsu's Good OmensAdult (f)3,9711,1330
PBaTPCrowleykotsu's Bewitching HourAdult (m)3,7221,0672
g2BTDRowenakotsu's Bewitching HourAdult (f)4,4881,1632
HZX9YHenrykotsu's Bewitching HourAdult (m)5,0681,1081
lDiVKMinkykotsu's Bewitching HourAdult (f)7,8201,4043
6qcBRFritzkotsu's Bewitching HourAdult (m)4,0181,0833
7jljVMariakotsu's Bewitching HourAdult (f)3,4961,0292
R7zb8Germanykotsu's Bewitching HourAdult (m)7,8841,4083
BDwrQItalykotsu's Bewitching HourAdult (f)7,7521,3985
9zoQbWolfgangkotsu's Bewitching HourAdult (m)8,0371,5680
Z8SulGretakotsu's Bewitching HourAdult (f)7,9761,5843
7HZ7MPrussiakotsu's Bewitching HourAdult (m)3,6861,1391
MQSkrAmberkotsu's Bewitching HourAdult (f)7,9131,5641
HNaJMKarlkotsu's Bewitching HourAdult (m)7,8121,4092
cob7LJameskotsu's Bewitching HourAdult (f)5,1951,0870
ivtYPSomakotsu's Bewitching HourAdult (m)3,7891,1571
E1mrbNurikotsu's Bewitching HourAdult (f)3,7201,0650
QGazoAgnikotsu's Bewitching HourAdult (m)3,6551,1090
2mlksKatkotsu's Bewitching HourAdult (f)3,6131,0590
073TCAwesomekotsu's Bewitching HourAdult (m)3,5581,0980
gsoZUKirakotsu's Bewitching HourAdult (f)3,5721,1050
Mgf7QPrismakotsu's lil DarklingAdult (m)6,1421,2003
DDQlKEmpresskotsu's lil DarklingAdult (f)6,0041,1822
p76F8Prezziekotsu's lil DarklingAdult (m)6,0831,2108
QHUwQDeathkotsu's lil DarklingAdult (f)5,9671,1765
kGvqOHowlkotsu's lil DarklingAdult (m)3,1729311
RScL9Sophiekotsu's lil DarklingAdult (f)3,1429120
mqLXTCrowleykotsu's lil DarklingAdult (m)3,0869481
jrAvARowenakotsu's lil DarklingAdult (f)3,0529001
4kOybCaskotsu's lil DarklingAdult (m)3,1799041
km3p8Megkotsu's lil DarklingAdult (f)3,0869051
Ii5u0Henrykotsu's lil DarklingAdult (m)4,1841,1283
6fGQQMinkykotsu's lil DarklingAdult (f)4,4671,1781
dRtlOFritzkotsu's lil DarklingAdult (m)4,5701,2152
uMVSaMariakotsu's lil DarklingAdult (f)3,1499122
2VqrBWolfgangkotsu's lil DarklingAdult (m)4,2971,1173
sIQGeGretakotsu's lil DarklingAdult (f)4,4221,1224
Snu1WGermanykotsu's lil DarklingAdult (m)4,1761,1122
TU8ywItalykotsu's lil DarklingAdult (f)4,2531,1152
VVXbuPrussiakotsu's lil DarklingAdult (m)6,1751,2064
ee5EBAmberkotsu's lil DarklingAdult (f)6,0901,1723
J8rvPKarlkotsu's lil DarklingAdult (m)4,6931,3332
2hUlaJameskotsu's lil DarklingAdult (f)5,6241,1234
oswytSomakotsu's lil DarklingAdult (m)4,7021,3400
PvD6kNurikotsu's lil DarklingAdult (f)4,5631,2970
YEQOUAgnikotsu's lil DarklingAdult (m)4,8761,3702
Pb4YqKatkotsu's lil DarklingAdult (f)4,6261,3281
TgMGIAwesomekotsu's lil DarklingAdult (m)4,7531,3142
1RwB7Kirakotsu's lil DarklingAdult (f)4,3831,3021
O2zNMLukekotsu's DesipisAdult (m)3,3328242
daLR9Marakotsu's DesipisAdult (f)2,9755853
zkXN2Kevenkotsu's DesipisAdult (m)3,2107891
ip6oEJenkotsu's DesipisAdult (f)3,1817740
vuEL0Crowleykotsu's DesipisAdult (m)6,0341,1429
gqyTDRowenakotsu's DesipisAdult (f)2,9597372
AksleHenrykotsu's DesipisAdult (m)5,7301,3942
OoZoSMinkykotsu's DesipisAdult (f)5,2511,3695
ZXHV7Caskotsu's DesipisAdult (m)5,8811,3972
3y3zgMegkotsu's DesipisAdult (f)5,4191,3593
SFKZLGermanykotsu's DesipisAdult (m)6,1711,3823
DsX5lItalykotsu's DesipisAdult (f)6,4241,4062
LMgWcWolfgangkotsu's DesipisAdult (m)6,4451,4251
74NbkGretakotsu's DesipisAdult (f)6,4771,4082
5plDVFritzkotsu's DesipisAdult (m)5,6531,3981
d7CuWMariakotsu's DesipisAdult (f)5,7231,3962
hwU0TPrussiakotsu's DesipisAdult (m)6,3351,3735
EseasAmberkotsu's DesipisAdult (f)6,3411,3874
cQldOKarlkotsu's DesipisAdult (m)6,2431,3892
dJsEHJameskotsu's DesipisAdult (f)5,0721,3374
rFfwnSomakotsu's DesipisAdult (m)4,8201,3283
zfub7Nurikotsu's DesipisAdult (f)5,0931,3271
aw8MCAgnikotsu's DesipisAdult (m)4,9171,2823
4VDSvKatkotsu's DesipisAdult (f)4,7921,3152
XWWqSAwesomekotsu's DesipisAdult (m)5,1351,2963
RTmrUKirakotsu's Desipis FindAdult (f)3,0651,0603
FZ5oJKevenkotsu's lil GravieAdult (m)3,3627731
BJtnIJenkotsu's lil GravieAdult (f)3,1657651
mIHCMHenrykotsu's lil GravieAdult (m)5,0301,1662
FDx48Mishkakotsu's lil GravieAdult (f)4,9061,1642
FME0TGermanykotsu's lil GravieAdult (m)4,6311,1035
zVIJOItalykotsu's lil GravieAdult (f)4,9141,1502
EXam8Fritzkotsu's lil GravieAdult (m)5,9409138
CbewJMariakotsu's lil GravieAdult (f)3,7757338
59rtLWolfgangkotsu's lil GravieAdult (m)6,1369859
isTfdGretakotsu's lil GravieAdult (f)6,3749685
aezYTPrussiakotsu's lil GravieAdult (m)6,4579625
IN6m4Amberkotsu's lil GravieAdult (f)6,0489687
e6nLoKarlkotsu's lil GravieAdult (m)4,0721,2791
6PHgXJameskotsu's lil GravieAdult (f)6,3149977
UfKmWSomakotsu's lil GravieAdult (m)4,2131,2690
aD6uCNurikotsu's lil GravieAdult (f)3,9701,2623
Rk5UsAgnikotsu's lil GravieAdult (m)4,6871,2620
7txvUKatkotsu's lil GravieAdult (f)4,1561,3033
xLXk0Awesomekotsu's lil GravieAdult (m)4,2261,3000
PxNo6Kirakotsu's Lil GravieAdult (f)4,0581,2990
sWiiEGermanykotsu's lil LurkerAdult (m)4,9351,0871
y6bULItalykotsu's lil LurkerAdult (f)5,4831,4849
Fhgv2Natekotsu's lil LurkerAdult (m)2,7625472
bjyglLambiekotsu's lil LurkerAdult (f)4,8501,4014
MrLtkAaronkotsu's lil LurkerAdult (m)2,9655901
CbG5DPinkiekotsu's lil LurkerAdult (f)6,1391,4450
LdA3XBerndkotsu's lil LurkerAdult (m)3,0255913
buE7aAmberkotsu's lil LurkerAdult (f)5,1401,3422
8mIdJBankotsu's lil LurkerAdult (m)4,4861,0481
L1G2LJakotsu's lil LurkerAdult (f)5,5561,4772
4rkmQRoddykotsu's lil LurkerAdult (m)4,6741,1000
FtkbiLizziekotsu's lil LurkerAdult (f)5,5281,4291
Xrn4nKevenkotsu's lil LurkerAdult (m)4,7291,1141
3RN0bJenkotsu's lil LurkerAdult (f)5,6581,4815
zojcNMishakotsu's lil LurkerAdult (m)4,0981,1281
ZF5nVMegkotsu's lil LurkerAdult (f)4,0061,1411
0zkfdHenrykotsu's lil LurkerAdult (m)4,1431,0994
51mqNMinkykotsu's lil LurkerAdult (f)4,2021,0783
81ZhpFritzkotsu's lil LurkerAdult (m)4,4061,3501
kMvU6Mariakotsu's lil LurkerAdult (f)5,1101,4911
CCtyMAntoniokotsu's lil LurkerAdult (m)4,7981,3381
NcmHJRomanokotsu's lil LurkerAdult (f)4,2541,2920
EK0MtLudwigkotsu's lil LurkerAdult (m)2,6419730
mVDftFelikotsu's lil LurkerAdult (f)7,2921,4900
vBLTGWolfgangkotsu's lil LurkerAdult (m)2,6879600
HjV7pGretakotsu's lil LurkerAdult (f)7,8591,5531
i1ObJGilbertkotsu's lil LurkerAdult (m)2,7541,0131
iEVYsGilbeekotsu's lil LurkerAdult (f)7,5881,5433
uF5f6Somakotsu's lil LurkerAdult (m)2,6439604
ZwfYXNurikotsu's lil LurkerAdult (f)7,5541,5642
V5JkLKarlkotsu's lil LurkerAdult (m)2,7111,0031
k65LVJameskotsu's lil LurkerAdult (f)8,0731,4143
Y2MvvAgnikotsu's lil LurkerAdult (m)2,7131,0171
uMDjjKatkotsu's lil LurkerAdult (f)7,9311,4031
9qiX2Awesomekotsu's lil LurkerAdult (m)2,7119561
yDGxoKirakotsu's lil LurkerAdult (f)8,0321,4802
BLFZBViktorkotsu's lil GhostAdult (m)3,0134733
28licYurikotsu's lil GhostAdult (f)4,0311,0645
2VbTFDidikotsu's lil GhostAdult (m)2,8709403
5VZQQTinokotsu's lil GhostAdult (f)2,9119044
rYgO7Wolfgangkotsu's lil GhostAdult (m)3,0229081
DGpcuGretakotsu's lil GhostAdult (f)3,0209533
H7ORuPrussiakotsu's lil GhostAdult (m)2,9719443
KsSf8Amberkotsu's lil GhostAdult (f)2,9289461
qaLpdHenrykotsu's lil GhostAdult (m)4,1651,1523
HkEFHMishkakotsu's lil GhostAdult (f)4,1411,0661
2acMuGilbertkotsu's lil GhostAdult (m)7,0781,5892
EPtBLJenkotsu's lil GhostAdult (m)4,3041,4621
TqKh4Natekotsu's lil GhostAdult (f)5,7171,4620
YgfaLMaxkotsu's lil GhostAdult (m)5,3661,4062
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