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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “kiramaru7,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
oNdHtKirakotsu's Golden GirlAdult (f)6,1901,1084
kjBsXSomakotsu's Golden DjinnAdult (m)4,5131,1904
opPnnNurikotsu's Chocolate GoldAdult (f)6,5501,5122
TvbitBerndkotsu's Bucket of CB GoldAdult (m)5,0449103
Y13jPAmberkotsu's Bucket of CB GoldAdult (f)5,6681,0382
cO0xsKevenkotsu's Moon KissAdult (m)4,0601,0780
dDhhxJenkotsu's Moon KissAdult (f)4,3401,0173
mTNSWWolfgangkotsu's Moon KissAdult (m)3,8899543
BxY4OGretakotsu's Moon KissAdult (f)4,1171,0124
fkN7zGilkotsu's Moon KissAdult (m)2,6555505
4Or4aAmberkotsu's Moon KissAdult (f)4,3061,0061
bQnYWNatekotsu's Moon KissAdult (m)5,3981,4401
Bd1UCMaxkotsu's Moon KissAdult (m)4,6731,3461
oLqGVNurikotsu's Moon KissAdult (m)4,4321,3213
kkEV6Somakotsu's Moon KissAdult (m)3,5671,1822
er4fnLukekotsu's Moon KissAdult (m)5,5131,5146
Rf3a0Thumperkotsu's Moon KissAdult (m)4,4201,3303
uQBA5Jameskotsu's Moon KissAdult (m)4,0061,2610
nQ8qZKarlkotsu's Moon KissAdult (m)4,2301,4390
AVejlRickykotsu's Moon KissAdult (m)4,3341,2911
3Rk3qSarahkotsu's Moon KissAdult (f)4,3231,4222
UecpSAgnikotsu's Moon KissAdult (m)5,4441,3148
R39LXBenniekotsu's Moon KissAdult (m)5,6081,4690
djlSWKatkotsu's Moon KissAdult (f)4,3921,4445
D47oeAwesomekotsu's Moon KissAdult (m)3,3921,2310
SIQhFKirakotsu's Moon KissAdult (f)3,4471,3092
R0HWqHenrykotsu's Moon KissAdult (m)6,0861,2522
Wi5LyLunakotsu's Moon KissAdult (f)6,1531,2832
jFSnePrussiakotsu's Moon KissAdult (m)6,3151,1304
Q57kpFritzkotsu's Moon KissAdult (m)4,9311,3181
EIFsXFelikotsu's Moon KissAdult (m)5,2031,2028
HLQihLudwigkotsu's Moon KissAdult (m)2,7233925
4bL4OMishakotsu's Moon KissAdult (m)4,7718393
lVSxDMegkotsu's Moon KissAdult (f)5,8961,1633
G6eOqMishkakotsu's Moon KissAdult (f)5,7051,1087
qOjZ3Kirakotsu's Lucky SmurfetteAdult (f)9,2028951
9PcBKKirakotsu's Epica SmurfetteAdult (f)7,2655782
NriluKirakotsu's Inbred SmurfAdult (m)7,3031,3714
T8lvlKirakotsu's Snape SmurfAdult (m)7,8781,2604
7OfHxKirakotsu's Sinful SmurfAdult (f)8,6221,2816
qdFsLPrussiakotsu's DfT SmurfAdult (m)6,6181,4464
lUJt3Kirakotsu's Guardian SmurfAdult (m)8,1151,19329
3r0JUKirakotsu's Sunset SmurfAdult (m)7,9809369
0tXiTKirakotsu's Luna Epica SmurfetteAdult (f)7,4548104
etrVEKirakotsu's Everett SmurfetteAdult (f)7,7279956
7awC1Kirakotsu's Naughty Roz SmurfAdult (f)7,9431,3062
eUsUXKirakotsu's DfT SmurfAdult (f)9,0321,2197
8NZKlPrussiakotsu's Dorkface SmurfAdult (f)8,7831,1897
Y435LKirakotsu's Smurf FedoraAdult (f)7,7211,3308
Auu3oKirakotsu's Triple SmurfAdult (f)8,0191,5137
ZYpNMNurikotsu's Ishryuu SmurfAdult (m)7,5831,4835
XVRrMKirakotsu's Limca Miross SmurfAdult (f)8,6051,3696
lP6lVKirakotsu's Epic Smurf FluffAdult (m)7,4531,4995
c0EdGKirakotsu's Snowstorm SmurfetteAdult (f)7,8531,0295
Wu6YWKirakotu's Golden Arrow SmurfAdult (f)5,5861,3777
PlJCYSomakotsu's Penk SmurfetteAdult (f)6,1441,5421
kXgE6Somakotsu's Dorkface SmurfetteAdult (f)6,1741,5250
4teMRAwesomekotsu's Golden SmurfAdult (m)5,8731,5090
j5fYTSomakotsu's Golden Army SmurfAdult (m)6,1751,5501
4H6HfNurikotsu's Golden SmurfAdult (f)7,1951,2872
Guu4dKirakotsu's Army SmurfAdult (m)5,0621,1693
4LEq2Jenkotsu's Golden Gift SmurfAdult (m)4,2581,2263
E8u3AKirakotsu's Daisy SmurfAdult (f)5,6561,3494
5EdnOKirakotsu's and Kat's Baby SmurfAdult (m)4,9551,3985
B7hXaKarlkotsu's Curried SmurfAdult (f)6,4981,7969
PFoVLJameskotsu's SmurfetteAdult (f)6,1201,4517
0Gc4jThumperkotsu's Smurf MittensAdult (f)6,5101,2776
cjAEXLukekotsu's Smurf CatAdult (m)6,8341,7125
sakFiSomakotsu's Smurf ToastAdult (m)5,4111,5055
3BCHbAwesomekotsu's SmurfetteAdult (f)5,3681,4882
KTCmWGilbirdkotsu's lil SmurfAdult (f)4,4601,3313
FFaGUJakotsu's DfT SmurfAdult (m)5,8641,3741
tPYC7Kirakotsu's Mutt of a SmurfAdult (m)7,9548863
AmeYqGermanykotsu's Rot und GoldAdult (f)5,0521,5437
IH1XeKirakotsu's Christmas Gold SmurfAdult (f)4,4711,3352
OiWeZKatkotsu's Thuwed SmurfAdult (m)4,4091,3240
Hzan9Kirakotsu's Smurfette StripesAdult (f)5,2621,0584
DmzqHKirakotsu's Not a Gold Egg SmurfAdult (m)8,3111,3614
rpVmnThumperkotsu's Star SmurfAdult (f)6,3491,3916
kKDKTKarlkotsu's Smurf ToastAdult (f)7,7671,1714
2f950Jameskotsu's Star SmurfAdult (m)7,0651,1847
mSH2GKirakotsu's Red and Gold SmurfAdult (f)5,0421,3788
X9ddnSomakotsu's SmurfAdult (m)6,1201,2653
fGYI9Agnikotsu's SmurfAdult (m)6,6431,24710
NjfQ1Agnikotsu's Thuwed SmurfAdult (m)7,2821,5138
Jj9TjSomakotsu's Curried SmurfAdult (f)5,4171,4304
2Vci6Kirakotsu's Sniffit SmurfAdult (f)9,1141,46012
csNKLAwesomekotsu's Smurf ToastAdult (f)6,7411,43810
zSDc8Kirakotsu's Nebula SmurfAdult (m)6,4711,2951
r1tZkKirakotsu's Starlit SmurfAdult (f)6,5381,3951
8TvdgKirakotsu's Sinful DarknessAdult (f)6,1909074
LGER4Kirakotsu's Golden Snitch SmurfAdult (m)4,2511,1736
pZHSoKirakotsu's Double Arrow SmurfAdult (m)5,1081,1512
SR8eeKirakotsu's Moonlit SmurfAdult (f)6,3341,2816
F7nnPAwesomekotsu's Star SmurfAdult (f)6,9961,2414
pgGGiKatkotsu's Ghostly SmurfAdult (m)7,0941,4097
aTeceBenniekotsu's lil SmurfAdult (m)6,9651,6814
sOdkBKatkotsu's Icy SmurfAdult (m)8,1528352
fcmuLKirakotsu's Lord Butts SmurfAdult (m)6,7291,2004
n4dreKirakotsu's Holly SmurfetteAdult (f)8,5519113
wQmxFKirakotsu's Golden Sunset SmurfAdult (f)6,3831,2073
vqVVsKirakotsu's Cendrillion SmurfAdult (f)7,7631,1994
R8HzVGilkotsu's 7th SmurfAdult (m)6,8291,0886
sr77IKirakotsu's Smurf SubjectAdult (m)7,9511,0723
wOMUTKirakotsu's Sleepy SmurfetteAdult (f)7,6951,1834
18ePMKirakotsu's Epic Tiger SmurfAdult (f)6,6599395
GWCwSKirakotsu's Happy Smurfette 5GAdult (f)5,4049991
xwb9vKirakotsu's Isabella Smurfette 3Adult (f)8,5781,2563
mFsp6Kirakotsu's Silver SmurfetteAdult (f)5,6641,1403
uoi5PKirakotsu's Legend of SmurfgateAdult (m)6,8131,1114
Q2djJKirakotsu's Silver Sky SmurfetteAdult (f)7,3421,0413
r7uDhSomakotsu's Silver Sky SmurfetteAdult (f)7,7031,0671
Kr7PVKirakotsu's Shadow SmurfAdult (m)5,8459852
B9eHFKirakotsu's Freaky SmurfetteAdult (f)7,7501,2023
903E7Prussiakotsu's Deadline SmurfAdult (m)8,4359206
gWZDLKirakotsu's Silver ThuwedAdult (f)7,0119693
PznpxKirakotsu's Smurf of LightAdult (m)5,4631,0252
fRidlJenkotsu's Neon SmurfAdult (m)8,4981,2385
yuLd4Kirakotsu's Cassandra SmurfetteAdult (f)7,3671,3702
BdjH1Kirakotsu's Silver Smurf DeathAdult (f)8,2371,3618
oPMioSomakotsu's Silver SmurfetteAdult (f)8,4731,3786
q2sTTAbbykotsu's Gosland SmurfAdult (m)7,1701,4466
zVLIAPenkkotsu's Grandbaby SmurfAdult (m)5,5071,1710
odQnEKirakotsu's Dead HeadAdult (m)6,7379055
CRnHlKirakotsu's Smurf ThuwedAdult (m)7,4941,2225
sAyHBKirakotsu's 5th Gen Pink SmurfAdult (m)6,4011,1231
5IEbCKatkotsu's Gold-Silver SmurfetteAdult (f)7,4139866
W6GJFKirakotsu's 4th Gen Smurf NebulaAdult (f)6,0411,1400
bTnktKirakotsu's Silver Arrow SmurfAdult (m)5,9871,2232
qr36WGilkotsu's Army SmurfAdult (f)6,7591,1506
jr7F8Kirakotsu's 6th Gen SmurfAdult (f)5,9281,0715
7D3i6Kirakotsu's 10 Gen Penk SmurfAdult (f)5,1721,0977
nsrw3Kirakotsu's Tropical SmurfAdult (m)6,0511,1734
TZaGqKirakotsu's Silver MM SmurfAdult (m)8,5171,1614
NXnYGKirakotsu's Facise SmurfAdult (f)5,8861,2797
f1saoKirakotsu's Dancing SmurfAdult (m)4,7771,1571
tPaRbKirakotsu's Sunsong SmurfAdult (m)5,2331,3749
dNJcrNurikotsu's SterlingSilverSmurfAdult (m)7,0421,4276
avRPEKirakotsu's Nebula SmurfetteAdult (f)9,5116591
A4hXCSomakotsu's MJ SmurfAdult (f)7,3731,4475
JQPReKirakotsu's Penkish SmurfetteAdult (f)9,7031,4162
XQBk2Nurikotsu's Silver SmurfAdult (f)5,2871,30310
Dg2pqSomakotsu's Raindear SmurfAdult (m)6,7411,3986
SZnpQKirakotsu's Deadline SmurfAdult (m)6,6738494
SNB8kNurikotsu's Queen of the SmurfsAdult (m)6,3111,3802
2BVoMKirakotsu's Arrow SmurfAdult (m)8,6911,1958
V7qexKirakotsu's Messy DF SmurfetteAdult (f)6,7361,0856
qjy0qKirakotsu's Icy SmurfAdult (m)7,9661,22022
vtphdKirakotsu's SilverPenk SmurfetteAdult (f)7,7871,1547
g2TVXKirakotsu's lil Kitty SmurfetteAdult (f)7,9381,2093
21Z0qKatkotsu's Silver Lily SmurfetteAdult (f)6,2991,4222
e4BfAKirakostu's Bollywood SmurfAdult (m)7,2021,4697
azNrZKirakotsu's Double Z SmurfetteAdult (f)8,8451,2454
rKNnvAwesomekotsu's pet SmurfetteAdult (f)5,4791,4406
UdYLFKirakotsu's Orphan SmurfAdult (f)4,3681,2291
2YMf8Kirakotsu's Silver SmurfAdult (f)6,4751,4712
lUuALKatkotsu's Moonlit SmurfAdult (m)8,5761,0344
YFHyKKirakostu's Penk Arrow SmurfAdult (m)7,0571,0632
pPiKfGilkotsu's Christmas SmurfAdult (f)7,6101,1122
HIDVdKeshetLeekotsu'slil SmurfAdult (f)6,6631,6723
Nx10PPrussiakotsu's Silver SmurfAdult (f)4,4191,1690
k79pZKirakotsu IB Dorkface SmurfAdult (f)7,3181,3293
pqE9BSomakotsu's Foundling SmurfAdult (m)6,2521,5264
G5HivKirakotsu's Tesla SmurfetteAdult (f)8,0411,2573
xdOFOPrussiakotsu's Soul SmurfAdult (m)7,6547928
KoAcWKarlkotsu's Foundling SmurfAdult (m)6,4641,79312
OqlZGJameskotsu's lil Penk SmurfAdult (f)5,9301,5362
nJ0XWPrusiakotsu's Silver Wurst SmurfAdult (f)4,7591,2752
i20HDKirakotsu's Penk  Sakura SmurfAdult (m)4,5681,4003
NVEK6Kirakotsu's Silver Thuwed SmurfAdult (m)4,5181,3171
85J2KJakotsu's lil Penk SmurfAdult (f)4,8401,4081
i3WlWKirakotsu's Aegis SmurfAdult (m)9,1631,1633
SCc4JSomakotsu's Dorkface SmurfAdult (f)4,9661,4594
v46CrNurikotsu's Penk SmurfAdult (f)6,7571,4775
SbCfgSakurakotsu's lil Penk SmurfAdult (f)6,5101,2571
BsiNcKirakotsu's Silvery Penk SmurfAdult (f)5,9921,5857
Ln1rjKirakotsu Silver-Bronze SmurfAdult (f)5,7751,1663
OMolRKirakotsu's Penk Shadow SmurfAdult (m)10,1527405
GmTsQMirkotsu's lil SmurfAdult (f)5,4421,5238
Q3ps1Awesomekotsu's Silver SmurfAdult (m)5,2931,4044
ff4p6Kirakotsu's Twinkling SmurfAdult (m)5,6251,4743
UFDB3Lukekotsu's lil SmurfAdult (m)6,4951,48510
SasRrThumperkotsu's Angelic SmurfAdult (m)5,7801,47515
M1RPHKirakotsu's Mirph SmurfAdult (m)6,1141,1381
Fiy9jKirakotsu's Alphabet SmurfAdult (f)3,7561,2100
fTCPRPrussiakotsu's Capraia SmurfAdult (m)6,5679510
fHCehKatkotsu's Angelic SmurfAdult (f)5,6721,6344
RWURIKirakotsu's DT SmurfAdult (f)7,7561,8645
WQ2QdKirakotsu's Silver Flame SmurfAdult (f)9,0571,3616
uIUt8Kirakotsu's Foundling SmurfAdult (m)5,7461,3189
KQi6IKirakotsu's Evil Booger SmurfAdult (f)7,0721,3824
vCY1qKirakotsu's shudda been a SmurfAdult (f)6,2881,15112
u5c0wKirakotsu's Hellfire SmurfAdult (f)8,0759000
ejApJJenkotsu's Firestorm SmurfAdult (m)7,0551,1055
FBsGJSomakotsu's lil SmurfAdult (f)6,6781,4087
S33rCKatkotsu's White Hot SmurfAdult (f)9,3061,8392
oni94Kirakotsu's lil Penk SmurfAdult (f)6,0751,5135
AZ04jKirakotsu's Smurf BritchesAdult (m)9,1231,3301
mjBpvJameskotsu's Angelic SmurfAdult (m)5,7741,6560
toH6KKirakotsu's 4th Gen Silver SmurfAdult (m)7,2751,2403
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