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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kakaru_of_DOOM,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9cC8NihariaAdult (f)4,4731,285107
5qwwRBanana the BananaAdult (f)3,1067953
lVUnFShould have been a drakeAdult (m)1,9986391
Pg4gFHydrogeninixAdult (m)2,1026652
oSat0oSat0dayAdult (f)1,9986504
WUcOASerious DisappointmentAdult (f)6,8071,10710
zu7W0Sir BananaAdult (f)2,3476613
tMd7fNaturopathologyHatchling (f, F)2,0886022
UBbba(UBbba)Adult (m)2,3036891
pNn8dInvermentheAdult (f)2,3956862
ST8st(ST8st)Adult (m)2,4366964
kF61HHeavenly Time BananaAdult (m)2,6417172
aM2eN(aM2eN)Adult (m)1,9627128
iOtQ4ConfuscelesteAdult (m)2,0637362
3mROO(3mROO)Adult (f)1,8497535
BLnua(BLnua)Adult (m)1,8857611
0VWeY(0VWeY)Adult (f)1,7656881
0Xzoa(0Xzoa)Adult (m)2,0086691
zS3jj(zS3jj)Adult (f)1,9986862
7UUug(7UUug)Adult (f)1,9766932
KNWay(KNWay)Adult (m)1,9826332
jOhhV(jOhhV)Adult (m)2,0956382
HUHbp(HUHbp)Adult (m)2,1676271
2roZiSeragamma-ray radiationAdult (m)4,2671,0312
0JQVABanana 0JQVAAdult (f)2,6396884
DWofW(DWofW)Adult (f)2,0916781
50LoG(50LoG)Adult (f)2,7286420
4YzOyVana Banana SavanaAdult (f)3,4888103
oSo4R(oSo4R)Adult (m)4,5549924
EVGpzBananevangellionAdult (m)4,3419961
51Imy(51Imy)Adult (m)1,9986941
mKVcpMal and BecAdult (f)2,0767641
Qk0VQPseudomagiaxAdult (f)1,9647213
zGUYD(zGUYD)Adult (f)2,2517599
AbBAl(AbBAl)Adult (f)2,4017141
VSip8(VSip8)Adult (f)2,4276633
KoDni(KoDni)Adult (f)2,2496861
IQMUG(IQMUG)Adult (m)2,2747313
CeKoD(CeKoD)Adult (f)2,3016931
CRiHZBanana CRiHZAdult (m)4,3781,0283
Xv5Q4SilkuhanaAdult (f)6,7251,3086
MEBrFArsenai'll Get You For ThisHatchling (f, F)6,3841,3762
nJsLfGravestealerAdult (f)8,4271,6024
GJJ16Gastric GasAdult (f)6,9171,4513
xMO1v(xMO1v)Hatchling (m, F)3,4389892
JYKnbOsteophilliaAdult (f)5,4041,3213
DvEwe(DvEwe)Adult (f)4,0881,2101
jIc0rJ's Fond of Mixed Holiday LinesHatchling (m, F)2,9109511
t8ricTeightricAdult (m)4,1621,2275
OTwjn(OTwjn)Adult (f)4,0481,1812
SYIfe(SYIfe)Adult (f)4,8511,2101
gtnreCiriangellixAdult (m)4,9431,2291
yejjhLunilingAdult (m)4,5201,2346
xWOd0(xWOd0)Adult (f)3,7561,1172
y0GzZ(y0GzZ)Adult (f)4,1311,1082
rczkrNoccusAdult (m)3,0809641
H4cBFCryocalcikleptAdult (f)3,6501,1012
TOG0o(TOG0o)Adult (f)4,0821,2091
BigwM(BigwM)Adult (m)4,1411,1870
A1s0tAisotAdult (f)4,1141,2042
kno0K(kno0K)Adult (m)5,7941,2665
CAT9D(CAT9D)Adult (f)5,1491,3373
PASEE(PASEE)Adult (m)1,9916962
naKixUnsalted KixAdult (f)3,5328834
yetAcRegifting LiquoriceAdult (m)2,5706302
des3ADesea DorkfaceHatchling (f, F)2,6808322
5vZOISnow Way Snow HowHatchling (m, F)2,5048821
Yg4KTSinomohpologicalAdult (f)3,7371,0802
hPe8sThe Wintertide Has TurnedAdult (m)3,6451,0771
NDwqzToeniqueraAdult (m)3,5121,0562
9cSdvSolsticestoneHatchling (f, F)2,8558992
phyVT(phyVT)Hatchling (f, F)3,2538641
SffPY(SffPY)Adult (f)4,6531,2192
Wuqg1GugwugAdult (m)3,1478181
ovz0iVivipteryxAdult (f)3,9421,1022
X8k8MAurwyvanceAdult (f)3,9121,1182
M2nNEDance of Jade StarsAdult (f)3,9741,1352
iKvZpCharlie ChristinselHatchling (F)1,5715981
PHYVcPHYVHatchling (f, F)2,9029231
y2BMe(y2BMe)Adult (m)5,1401,0751
ySuTlPhilomortisAdult (m)4,5651,1185
IcPVySpiritalmandaiexAdult (m)2,1374803
7eAZ8White Wings on a Golden ScrollAdult (f)2,3074933
STYOh(STYOh)Hatchling (F)2,2347321
7uDwyCryogeny VeilHatchling (F)1,4915133
8Guit(8Guit)Adult (m)4,0821,1061
FeDt9Festering FeedAdult (m)3,9361,1181
FzHrlPhilaurivivAdult (f)4,4389366
fklLYSomethinglyAdult (m)4,7941,2476
oWynz(oWynz)Hatchling (m, F)3,2091,0342
YottcYotticAdult (f)4,3641,2112
EoJ9tScalpulectorAdult (m)4,3471,1881
8qFlSTomorrow PerfumeAdult (m)4,7891,2471
0Yb2TIs SPARTAAdult (f)7,6001,0753
aqcrfI Prefer Mail InsteadAdult (m)3,7077474
TdlQbPretend I'm a TetraAdult (m)3,17070917
UDNOT(UDNOT)Adult (m)5,5928593
CASPVCASPVian SeaAdult (f)3,3818114
MJaqEPhlebiasHatchling (f, F)2,2266711
0oycUNoteToSelf-Describe end o scrollAdult (m)2,6385334
voZruVozruAdult (m)3,3187721
yf1yYguess who is ignoring herselfAdult (f)6,3776004
CYgXDakariHatchling (f, F)1,27848258
yV5N7YvsAdult (f)4,32082960
7R3JHCard CatalogueAdult4,4851,0444
xI5xlCaptain Queenie- Action HeroAdult (f)5,2276361
203rgSunny-BunnyAdult (f)3,8211,0563
ZsW2ZBrave Brave Brave Sir RobbinAdult (f)5,7427843
uoBPlAnn O'NymousAdult (f)4,1939613
G5QoxCream-Crested CarmanAdult (f)4,9266760
7xrm0Fabio FavAdult (f)2,0028085
WuWuUWuWuU FloraAdult (f)4,5351,1872
3KypHRegiqualinAdult (m)3,6589064
pzdsbKleptololAdult (f)4,5211,0452
z3rgQz3rgQlingAdult (f)3,9428295
T3U4ETuesdrakAdult (f)2,8986881
9Loo0(9Loo0)Egg (F)
ROG5aDendriculeAdult (m)7,9279743
kgekDGekki VerseweaverAdult (f)3,0778701
5xFwWWhen you have a moment's leisureAdult (m)3,1426851
Clp4AAnd are looking for surpriseAdult (f)2,9728451
ZnnSWHead down to the Pit- a treasureAdult (m)2,5387753
QWWuuMay be right before your eyesAdult (f)2,8546682
NYVdjLegends to be read for PleasureAdult (m)2,2556954
QhwqbVerse and Inspiration FliesAdult (f)2,1377073
Bn9dBWords of inspiration flyHatchling (m, F)3,1696963
CgCSPoofaricisAdult (f)3,3959741
dDlMBlossmhornAdult (f)2,25649142
cm1HGJeorgeAdult (m)3,2271,0392
EQGbCoylAdult (f)2,50939010
RrZRVeeolasAdult (f)4,8401,0236
Z3ZDqAuric RemembranceAdult (f)1,8826451
VEWPVWe Did Not Start The FireHatchling (F)9354288
5sb7ThyrasAdult (f)1,3707783
Jzoh0Thyras's little petAdult (m)4,5141,1586
qKpCPsyasaireAdult (f)1,8595513
dCJpuMaybe a zombie one dayAdult (m)5,5216083
Cp3cmSecond HandAdult (m)4,3168794
ElmoZ(ElmoZ)Adult (f)2,5977441
nOKoDNo KoDAdult (f)5,4877992
007TJ(007TJ)Adult (f)4,6908372
TjZ7zSylnahAdult (m)4,8461,0151
2bqYGTubiqygaAdult (f)1,9314464
W3eUjCyriexAdult (m)6,1965262
BiNVsBiNVsAdult (f)3,9559120
v3elaV3elaAdult (f)4,1396721
8D0PURek-a-tekAdult (m)7,1004882
Ap47bAurintinaAdult (f)5,4466643
MMwpIVeeltuAdult (m)4,9379881
t9jvHTek-a-velAdult (m)5,2126291
BYJtsReekuAdult (m)6,3487232
no0K7(no0K7)Adult (f)4,4161,1372
rjaPpHit and MistraAdult (f)4,1179444
LUin4Turpish DelightAdult (m)4,2688614
hwuKwDissipated DestinyAdult (m)6,5981,2483
j7B6VethreniaAdult (f)1,92093115
iUT1SkeikAdult (f)4,06035713
0hMEu(0hMEu)Adult (f)6,2981,6534
xRFDtCereborneAdult (m)4,7558782
gnuVKStories 4 your reading pleasureAdult (m)2,8927641
sSmUDFrom which inspiration fliesAdult (f)3,3878131
hCBSYFairy-ThunderAdult (f)4,0277333
jHasp(jHasp)Adult (m)3,9126485
gJo1Dissipated MemoryAdult (f)2,9979153
5sF6Dissipated HopeAdult (m)4,5451,0574
U9VLVitrialiasHatchling (f, F)4,9721,4175
e4tcRocwyngAdult (m)8,4761,0444
zUUhLZuuhlAdult (m)2,8058164
FU2jbMinted Spray of PepperAdult (f)2,4207902
KZcALDreaming of Fishy ClownsAdult (f)3,6526954
FH2VHXephreAdult (f)4,4311,0645
5FYaaHorationixAdult (m)3,9031,2502
MlfQUAs I was walking up the stairAdult (f)3,2547836
jzeNgI met a man who wasn't thereAdult (m)4,7521,3683
3NQ2KHe wasn't there again todayAdult (f)4,2579853
8q7YmI wish that he would go awayAdult (m)6,6951,1314
ozuJ2When I came home last night at 3Adult (f)4,2571,0153
yjqztThe man was waiting there for meAdult (m)3,2787881
UkOkABut when I looked around the halAdult (f)5,4001,0052
AwoMMI couldn't see him there at allAdult (m)2,9517430
OOYSsLast night I saw upon the stairAdult (f)3,6229133
6DV8oA little man who wasn't thereAdult (m)4,0249141
UK8DwHe was not there again todayAdult (f)2,7477223
6dZB9Oh- how I wish he'd go awayAdult (m)2,7997713
Y5EXCHughes MearnsAdult (f)4,1259072
76USFNor was he there again todayAdult (f)5,1701,0241
Fe8eVFe'aitevAdult (f)3,5036626
7342vAkiri SiloukAdult (m)3,9708154
I2EIaIeiaAdult (m)5,7285781
u3QVIThriqui VerseweaverAdult (f)5,6266558
FnekcFnekc VerseweaverAdult (m)5,0981,0913
kPgH4Stanza VerseweaverHatchling (m, F)7,9858260
9GCfPArgent RefrainAdult (f)5,6551,1082
hrP50Silver StanzasAdult (m)4,2481,0565
SsING(SsING)Adult (m)4,0468684
ryme3(ryme3)Adult (m)1,7926800
RxCwWUmber and EspAdult (m)4,5491,0421
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