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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “FullOfGrace,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
kma6Pink467's Ultimate Fifth ElementAdult (m)6,88476614
niedn(niedn)Adult (f)2,4066426
iNb6Q(iNb6Q)Adult (m)2,2707031
XGUu5(XGUu5)Adult (m)2,1096630
V9VYG(V9VYG)Adult (m)2,1286521
XC5uG(XC5uG)Adult (m)2,0866660
ew8qx(ew8qx)Adult (f)2,2416472
TMm1u(TMm1u)Adult (f)2,1286820
uAGyQ(uAGyQ)Adult (f)2,1776630
UZSiY(UZSiY)Adult (f)1,9866391
CM930(CM930)Adult (f)2,0146490
xAG3z(xAG3z)Adult (m)1,9406261
i6Fyo(i6Fyo)Adult (m)1,9976480
Lf6HR(Lf6HR)Adult (m)2,0356620
YSO8q(YSO8q)Adult (m)2,2316800
hD84L(hD84L)Adult (f)1,9646460
vn7VW(vn7VW)Adult (f)1,8546160
EhNmu(EhNmu)Adult (f)2,0126421
khlah(khlah)Adult (f)1,7434862
E1MkB(E1MkB)Adult (m)1,9205580
B0HnC(B0HnC)Adult (f)1,9295963
B10VU(B10VU)Adult (f)1,9075590
632M9(632M9)Adult (m)1,5784510
o3kim(o3kim)Adult (f)3,2247131
9MahD(9MahD)Adult (m)1,5754401
kWZZr(kWZZr)Adult (m)1,8465561
L0EP3(L0EP3)Adult (m)1,8805533
CfXr8(CfXr8)Adult (f)1,6224652
kybgh(kybgh)Adult (f)1,8245662
U7kgZ(U7kgZ)Adult (f)1,9665370
3rA2O(3rA2O)Adult (f)1,4424421
PHB7g(PHB7g)Adult (m)1,5614402
Q434h(Q434h)Adult (f)1,6915021
YUJXb(YUJXb)Adult (f)2,4066251
v7D6F(v7D6F)Adult (m)2,2907381
c63qc(c63qc)Adult (f)2,5316401
R9zkP(R9zkP)Adult (f)2,3517410
5MSZm(5MSZm)Adult (m)2,4397761
8ycGD(8ycGD)Adult (f)2,3627600
WHYz6(WHYz6)Adult (f)2,3407671
o1hcT(o1hcT)Adult (m)2,3807650
KM4K8(KM4K8)Adult (m)2,3137560
Qz8j7(Qz8j7)Adult (f)2,4637710
xUfpG(xUfpG)Adult (m)2,3887681
WnKmA(WnKmA)Adult (f)1,5204421
nB56S(nB56S)Adult (f)2,3237241
WeCNz(WeCNz)Adult (f)2,3297761
4OdTJ(4OdTJ)Adult (f)2,3067391
x6GnT(x6GnT)Adult (m)5,52676815
kunnB(kunnB)Adult (f)2,3517770
kZtH(kZtH)Egg (F)
lkZ2lFoG Elemental KissAdult (f)10,7807253
y3KzMFoG River's Full Circle ElementAdult (f)6,4988564
Q5se5Valkie's Sick GiftAdult (m)3,13651412
2JZSM(2JZSM)Adult (m)2,1493441
3GfWb(3GfWb)Adult (f)3,4713902
FJYtdFoG Dawn's Gift Of LoveAdult (f)1,38858817
2zElpFoG Smiley's Elemental GiftAdult (f)2,53685712
at18tSysynkinAdult (m)3,1634972
9iq0hTinyTinselTimkinAdult (f)6,4795833
LLHFBFoG Argentum's Found TreasureAdult (f)1,8625334
tjH4DFoG TAE's Gifted NoelAdult (f)1,7866124
ZL5JFoG Alci's Holly NoelAdult (f)4,26936810
pXSKpFoG Element Of A Purple GraveAdult (f)2,0246252
9Mmz3FoG Alternate Grave ElementalAdult (m)1,8406363
3qcnJFoG FC Gifted Elemental AmlugAdult (m)2,1808022
inR4RFoG Amlug's Loving ElementAdult (m)1,8227164
nOJgkFoG Fiona's Alternate ElementAdult (f)2,1816022
jNoTJFoG Fiona's Elemental FavorAdult (f)2,7917817
R0qvEFoG Fiona's Elemental CreationAdult (f)2,3018948
58mv4FoG 5E Amlug's Haunting WaltzAdult (f)5,3161,0982
AT4QEFoG Amlug's Antique ElementAdult (m)3,3117232
cFKr5FoG Amlug's Danube ElementAdult (m)2,4927019
yRKKTFoG 5E Amlug's Shadow DancerAdult (f)3,9194596
JcH7zFoG Elemental Soul DreamerAdult (m)2,5637296
1J2joFoG Ehlacco Udt Nacrih ThuwedAdult (m)2,1716625
rpzvCFoG 5E Thuwed's Night DancerAdult (f)3,1773683
7iZztFoG 5E Walking On Air ThuwedAdult (f)2,3016289
11F4iFoG Elemental Whood ThuwedAdult (m)2,18165210
8PqGVFoG View Bombed ThuwedAdult (f)5,0289706
kAPYoFoG Thuwed's Dolly For SueAdult (f)2,2527555
hUWVxFoG EPIC VakzmijiavAdult (m)3,5724993
s8lu(s8lu)Adult (f)3242403
8y4nNFoG Element Of A Double TinselAdult (m)1,7677263
U1FJpFoG 5E Thirty-Ninth Spiral LibraAdult (f)3,9165953
bf2h2AbbikinAdult (m)2,0336902
tOIOYAbbykinAdult (m)2,3177123
13CpRAlcoholickinAdult (f)3,7658741
QZtAKAntihypertensivekinAdult (m)2,7296214
pZIjqAnzukinAdult (f)1,4696272
o8ySpApollokinAdult (f)2,0596324
KexmwArborielkinAdult (m)2,5357484
yi2ZsBeauxrienskinAdult (m)2,6026026
1Z3FzBrazenkinAdult (f)2,3585812
XeYGNBronzeIvykinAdult (m)2,8667039
ipsjiCHA0SkinAdult (f)2,1065964
k1rvOCielatahlkinAdult (m)2,1205952
piaF7DawnkinAdult (f)1,9096801
c2lUvDawnsSilverkinAdult (f)2,3076372
4FCOnDawnskinAdult (f)7,6551,77815
eXc5sErnokinAdult (f)3,1665555
HmBwMGalletiankinAdult (f)3,4121,0472
XIeBHglorykinAdult (m)2,0556077
yRuKZLexykinAdult (m)1,6766334
mPKOTFoG Element Of A Double ShimmerAdult (f)2,2586215
wXgSUAngelightkinAdult (m)2,5086252
AuajfBabsangkinAdult (f)2,5915753
8HEroBilbokinAdult (f)2,5197563
3RRpbBronzeAgekinAdult (f)3,2284674
snxYiConnachtkinAdult (m)2,9657542
CoevPDivakinAdult (m)1,7726363
c71xgDivaZkinAdult (m)2,0646921
L88AwDivaskinAdult (m)2,7706633
mLyOsGratzkinAdult (m)6,1295422
qYhIdIsomanickinAdult (f)3,5377914
j6GFbIvykinAdult (m)2,1916142
WDYsgAshurakinAdult (f)1,7625512
MOPTTIzayakinAdult (f)1,9187121
xitVsJewelkinAdult (m)2,8921,0353
607zWKawakinAdult (f)2,1396064
iL6QYKegluneqkinAdult (f)3,0176158
0jadKCatchkinAdult (m)2,1655082
cRq2KLuckiestCatchkinAdult (m)2,0516825
QuVxBLuckiest CatchkinAdult (m)2,8038634
MRGqcLuckiestkinAdult (m)1,9475495
TkySXLungYingJassithkinAdult (m)2,4176244
F0MciJassithkinAdult (m)2,2316093
ZliOtMenothkinAdult (m)3,9247565
AgUiAMerrykinAdult (m)2,3626825
3pDhqQuantamColorkinAdult (f)2,6026853
mpeMSRequiemkinAdult (m)1,9216702
a3G2pSHADEkinAdult (f)3,8189841
C2fijSeaglorikinAdult (m)1,5055634
qiQxoSeaglorykinAdult (m)2,5331,0952
BhKycSeagloryOfChristmaskinAdult (m)2,5947211
cbJV0SugorokukinAdult (f)2,1795773
ihSe8SugorokuStatrkinAdult (f)2,2375483
YN78cXiaonkinAdult (m)2,2655671
rvHrEXiaonxuankinAdult (m)2,4086353
nP7PQZeldakinAdult (m)2,20254410
o6x1WZevikinAdult (m)2,2405422
G44tzzilverkinAdult (m)2,5196624
eTRLFoG Bluey's Winsome 5E DerpfaceAdult (f)4,2294732
e9vmvFoG Autumn's Gold ElementAdult (m)4,1541,13713
6OJE1FoG Gratiae's Brilliant ElementAdult (f)2,3847557
0O57FoG Saffron's Dazzling ElementAdult (m)4,90852310
SbEEFoG Elemental Heart Of GoldAdult (f)3,3312257
rvDcHFoG Golden Elemental BalloonAdult (f)4,2506775
YKVprFoG Malted Golden TeaAdult (f)2,4306025
HF91tFoG Golden GullAdult (f)4,3095661
JYZ3lFoG Gold Spattered ElementAdult (f)2,4915914
33EiQFoG Gratiae's Bright GoldAdult (m)2,7228352
wLgujFoG 5E Gratiae's Sulfuric GoldAdult (f)4,3308557
UOv6AFoG Gratiae's Elemental KiteAdult (f)2,0376744
pKLF0FoG Element Of A Golden PennyAdult (m)2,2446902
x7BLJFoG 5E Gratiae's Copper LibraAdult (f)3,64372411
PElvhFoG Golden Elemental PennyAdult (m)2,6419402
1JVeaFoG Element Of A Golden RainbowAdult (f)2,5747252
SGKxvFoG Whisper's Dreamy ElementAdult (m)2,2526803
BPn6YFoG Gratiae's Golden PegasusAdult (f)1,9206123
2vFPnFoG Element Of A Golden SparkAdult (f)2,4646666
ctovPFoG Element Of A Gold EmberAdult (m)3,86069015
ZFTAFoG Element Of A Golden EmberAdult (m)2,9472834
U4kEFoG Ember's Golden ElementAdult (f)3,1632593
7VqXSFoG Gold FeverAdult (f)2,1675612
sxnqMFoG Gratiae's Feverish GoldAdult (m)2,5245672
E2YyNFoG Gratiae's Golden GluttonAdult (f)2,1996281
LgD58FoG Guarding The GoldAdult (f)3,7376831
emyXwFoG 5E Gratiae's Harvested GoldAdult (m)2,2817933
8PeFPFoG 5E FC Gratiae's Gold HarvestAdult (f)1,6395853
XuS6QFoG 5E Gratiae's Golden HarvestAdult (f)2,2737803
U38fTFoG Canary Ice ElementalAdult (m)1,9976693
LQDHkFoG Magick Of GoldAdult (m)2,2496632
Fe7NvFoG Masala's Golden MagiAdult (f)1,9924293
9WwODFoG Element Of A Golden VolcanoAdult (m)1,4598345
9eWJFoG Pelias In Dazzling ElementsAdult (m)1,9991,1385
2oHSFoG Neleus In Dazzling ElementsAdult (m)1,9049894
LYE1FoG Golden ElemintalAdult (m)3,4033336
SKap2FoG Element Of A Shiny StarAdult (m)2,8456789
aB7yjFoG 5E FC Gratiae's Gifted StarAdult (f)4,0845969
zb3ZFFoG 5E Gratiae's Golden NebulaAdult (f)3,0377158
fWTgfFoG 5E Aule's Golden LibraAdult (f)2,3086612
mp0OEFoG Golden Elemental StarAdult (f)2,6805356
zmj0BFoG Gratiae's Caribbean ElementAdult (m)3,2109939
4qwLYFoG 5E Gratiae's Tropical GoldAdult (m)2,7654287
XShyRFoG Gratiae's Golden VenusAdult (f)2,9095944
6x91BFoG Golden Element On FireAdult (m)4,5231,4415
xMvDeFoG Entropy's Fiery ElementAdult (m)2,9476806
1K0PLFoG Gratiae's Elemental DancerAdult (m)2,18373010
Jtv0DFoG Element Of A Golden RidgeAdult (m)2,9435967
n4ea8FoG Royal Little ElementAdult (f)3,7107343
1rQ0PFoG Royal Gold ElementAdult (f)1,9186031
pbXqZFoG Infiniti's Crimson ElementAdult (f)3,8407563
S46lcFoG Crimson's Golden ElementAdult (f)4,1601,2723
1MwfaFoG Element Of A Golden SkyAdult (f)2,8636605
nq8KoFoG Golden Elemental SkyAdult (m)1,9806451
eS8jNFoG Golden Sky ElementalAdult (m)2,0606931
5R86FoG Cherished Elemental DoppiaAdult (f)1,59756112
7FtpZFoG Gratiae's Summer ElementAdult (m)2,5756535
gUVyiFoG 5E Gratiae's Golden SummerAdult (f)3,09872814
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