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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “FullOfGrace,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1K0PLFoG Gratiae's Elemental DancerAdult (m)2,18373010
Jtv0DFoG Element Of A Golden RidgeAdult (m)2,9435967
n4ea8FoG Royal Little ElementAdult (f)3,7107343
1rQ0PFoG Royal Gold ElementAdult (f)1,9186031
pbXqZFoG Infiniti's Crimson ElementAdult (f)3,8407563
S46lcFoG Crimson's Golden ElementAdult (f)4,1601,2723
1MwfaFoG Element Of A Golden SkyAdult (f)2,8636605
nq8KoFoG Golden Elemental SkyAdult (m)1,9806451
eS8jNFoG Golden Sky ElementalAdult (m)2,0606931
5R86FoG Cherished Elemental DoppiaAdult (f)1,59756112
7FtpZFoG Gratiae's Summer ElementAdult (m)2,5756535
gUVyiFoG 5E Gratiae's Golden SummerAdult (f)3,09872814
9im7bFoG Gratiae's Blinding ElementAdult (f)4,8301,3617
y1OTWFoG 5E Gratiae's Golden SongAdult (m)1,6215081
pNtvGFoG Element Of A Golden SongAdult (m)2,3136362
08r58FoG Kassia's Golden ElementAdult (m)2,7905161
qnRqFoG Golden Elemental SongAdult (m)5,35949216
79joCFoG Element Of A Golden SummerAdult (m)4,4487108
ojsaSFoG Rising Elemental GoldAdult (m)4,0437435
unMZJFoG Gratiae's Gold TangerineAdult (m)1,9486061
NdCJNFoG Gratiae's Golden CapAdult (f)2,8188711
pO1SSFoG Gratiae's Elemental LushAdult (m)2,3746165
epe6zFoG Luscious Gold ElementAdult (m)1,5895992
WcufBFoG 5E Gratiae's Golden LushAdult (m)3,0091,0002
aah1zFoG Gratiae's Lastalda ElementAdult (f)2,9287141
OjMYjFoG 5E Gratiae's Luscious GoldAdult (f)1,7136004
iCRW7FoG Golden Thundering ElementAdult (m)5,8358542
EoQq9FoG AU's Niagra ElementAdult (m)1,8496126
fdvb3FoG Gratiae's Golden OilAdult (f)2,0876024
LiCDOFoG 5E Golden Dragon GrassAdult (m)2,8041,0891
iGNRaFoG 5E Golden EntanglementAdult (f)3,5896838
t4CLFoG Whydah In The Lost ElementsAdult (f)1,1955177
UVuATFoG Element Of A Golden FaerieAdult (m)2,4626575
GYnXfFoG Element Of Walking GoldAdult (f)2,2077004
kDAftFoG 5E Gratiae's Golden PondAdult (m)1,9976801
aWY0jFoG Golden WhipAdult (m)2,4276165
0CWPFoG Element Of A Golden CloudAdult (m)8,08862921
2KGBFoG 5E Full Circle Without EndAdult (f)2,96750014
7WccTFoG Element Of Yellow SnowAdult (f)2,5066357
6IoddFoG Gratiae's Golden CrownAdult (m)2,5255762
pwlmdFoG Gratiae's Libra GoldAdult (m)2,3064435
9uelLIBRA DRAGONSAdult7135002
A2kjb(A2kjb)Adult (f)3,8256307
amnYO(amnYO)Adult (f)3,3233302
dA6Co(dA6Co)Adult (f)4,8405283
M5EAD(M5EAD)Adult (m)5,4255611
CVVFX(CVVFX)Adult (m)4,6239686
4VURW(4VURW)Adult (m)2,6514184
Sx5C6(Sx5C6)Adult (f)3,2445492
HNfTr(HNfTr)Adult (f)3,4195752
HNVey(HNVey)Adult (f)4,0913244
Cy8ZhFull Circle DragonsAdult1,64363612
7zYEk(7zYEk)Adult (f)2,4425872
Nu2ul(Nu2ul)Adult (f)2,2365724
JMjFo(JMjFo)Adult (f)2,2485642
mXeh3(mXeh3)Adult (f)2,5554972
XblH4(XblH4)Adult (m)2,6334843
2Tmnw(2Tmnw)Adult (m)2,7744772
WTdF3(WTdF3)Adult (m)2,5514611
xXY9W(xXY9W)Adult (f)2,2424491
kL8Fz(kL8Fz)Adult (f)2,4324443
5ox3J(5ox3J)Adult (m)2,4704483
qX8b0(qX8b0)Adult (m)2,0965132
zBvkX(zBvkX)Adult (m)2,3124791
2nA3s(2nA3s)Adult (m)2,2704982
uBMZ9(uBMZ9)Adult (m)1,7334804
8fvEO(8fvEO)Adult (m)1,6785693
F5xSW(F5xSW)Adult (m)1,4875582
T2bsA(T2bsA)Adult (m)1,6605752
KP7BS(KP7BS)Adult (m)3,0865163
P1TTJ(P1TTJ)Adult (f)2,2115662
fj96r(fj96r)Adult (f)4,02062423
I6lwW(I6lwW)Adult (m)2,1365026
C96Dt(C96Dt)Adult (m)2,0284723
yUDkN(yUDkN)Adult (f)2,6834547
AFslS(AFslS)Adult (m)2,1664602
pTNt1(pTNt1)Adult (m)2,0355011
80rWu(80rWu)Adult (m)2,5534974
qe9F0(qe9F0)Adult (m)2,6334626
iLuhj(iLuhj)Adult (m)2,2534975
nQA6h(nQA6h)Adult (m)2,0664933
ukfIf(ukfIf)Adult (f)2,2385234
hEdje(hEdje)Adult (m)2,2875105
A6yjd(A6yjd)Adult (f)2,3024712
4E5yd(4E5yd)Adult (m)2,5244914
8jYMs(8jYMs)Adult (m)2,2204991
a8jY7(a8jY7)Adult (f)2,2105061
0CKww(0CKww)Adult (f)2,1994944
Z5qkFoG Element Of A Spring GameAdult (m)3,8264664
9ryw7(9ryw7)Adult (f)1,7703803
bJv3V(bJv3V)Adult (f)1,8056995
5JMJV(5JMJV)Adult (m)2,0124642
5uNUu(5uNUu)Adult (m)2,5234812
RfJGb(RfJGb)Adult (m)2,4944623
8JSHz(8JSHz)Adult (f)6,2931,5284
GUahA(GUahA)Adult (m)7,9961,6585
MrB3f(MrB3f)Adult (m)2,79267913
J5DBN(J5DBN)Adult (f)1,9747031
FwKtX(FwKtX)Adult (f)2,0397070
jadyU(jadyU)Adult (m)2,0467020
ZVBIG(ZVBIG)Adult (f)2,0126990
7OV4R(7OV4R)Adult (m)2,3596792
jOk9u(jOk9u)Adult (f)2,0457220
BusJY(BusJY)Adult (m)1,9847280
oQABo(oQABo)Adult (m)1,9816991
dEKgf(dEKgf)Adult (m)2,0327331
7NbYK(7NbYK)Adult (f)2,4226653
HiOHJ(HiOHJ)Adult (f)2,0187230
HfawN(HfawN)Adult (m)2,0896891
LOTki(LOTki)Adult (f)2,2857910
JeMWf(JeMWf)Adult (m)2,2177850
Zujyk(Zujyk)Adult (m)2,2678002
vKKFv(vKKFv)Adult (f)2,1677651
diXQ9(diXQ9)Adult (m)2,2277681
DPK6G(DPK6G)Adult (f)2,2887890
ow7g6(ow7g6)Adult (f)2,2807840
WVRkF(WVRkF)Adult (f)2,2737701
Cks5b(Cks5b)Adult (f)3,3357261
uEAKQ(uEAKQ)Adult (m)3,4357551
LGQja(LGQja)Adult (m)2,3967522
3sLfX(3sLfX)Adult (f)3,4936620
JYTKA(JYTKA)Adult (f)3,6256762
lqYvQ(lqYvQ)Adult (f)3,4687542
uLjBm(uLjBm)Adult (f)3,3237540
n0ITA(n0ITA)Adult (m)3,0847121
sk3Zv(sk3Zv)Adult (m)2,9247650
EGxGx(EGxGx)Adult (f)2,8077660
80fwT(80fwT)Adult (m)2,7327780
u4mll(u4mll)Adult (f)2,8147890
Iqt0Q(Iqt0Q)Adult (f)2,7437243
2VzBR(2VzBR)Adult (m)2,8187603
sWJRz(sWJRz)Adult (f)3,4266784
iECu6(iECu6)Adult (f)3,1998081
atxQD(atxQD)Adult (f)2,9027682
eTUX8(eTUX8)Adult (f)2,1676951
eqLme(eqLme)Adult (f)2,1316610
peJC0(peJC0)Adult (m)2,1406260
R3Hvm(R3Hvm)Adult (m)2,0496430
ss3G7(ss3G7)Adult (f)2,1096831
Gpb40(Gpb40)Adult (f)2,0724911
day5i(day5i)Adult (m)1,9894903
j01OQ(j01OQ)Adult (f)1,5824912
EUeLc(EUeLc)Adult (m)2,0135221
a69YN(a69YN)Adult (f)2,5466930
IRcmA(IRcmA)Adult (m)2,5226932
KW3jk(KW3jk)Adult (m)2,4306590
1Q6NH(1Q6NH)Adult (m)2,9346211
d91VO(d91VO)Adult (m)2,42966122
yfHx6(yfHx6)Adult (f)2,2633554
iIwJq(iIwJq)Adult (m)2,4944202
ijtEO(ijtEO)Adult (f)2,8803181
tQsV6(tQsV6)Adult (m)2,4553131
DTvSB(DTvSB)Adult (m)5,4575604
UvbdO(UvbdO)Adult (f)2,9383732
ZRfhh(ZRfhh)Adult (f)3,6984033
sQPML(sQPML)Adult (f)3,3865702
oBudb(oBudb)Adult (f)3,1214471
4fy4R(4fy4R)Adult (m)7,1681,3214
wmsdq(wmsdq)Adult (m)2,4636622
cyl0Q(cyl0Q)Adult (m)1,49630411
TNQa5(TNQa5)Adult (m)5,3336311
ynQ4Z(ynQ4Z)Adult (f)5,2166430
K9kgh(K9kgh)Adult (f)5,2106350
P2Z0g(P2Z0g)Adult (m)5,2586290
WqlRL(WqlRL)Adult (f)5,1836381
5BiaO(5BiaO)Adult (m)3,0965432
9gZq1(9gZq1)Adult (m)2,7446171
nj87e(nj87e)Adult (f)2,2105054
OZFKM(OZFKM)Adult (f)3,2626504
RklnF(RklnF)Adult (f)5,9235633
RVc8G(RVc8G)Adult (m)3,0704301
iM3H8(iM3H8)Adult (f)5,3666052
tbLVF(tbLVF)Adult (f)2,5227371
t9Wpn(t9Wpn)Adult (m)1,9622607
CC2cx(CC2cx)Adult (m)1,6933753
9XxKM(9XxKM)Adult (f)2,7254372
G8bDR(G8bDR)Adult (m)2,3142733
LMF0H(LMF0H)Adult (m)2,1884281
jvwmB(jvwmB)Adult (f)2,3904134
wPGG1(wPGG1)Adult (m)2,5434833
f81nY(f81nY)Adult (m)2,4193236
SrruG(SrruG)Adult (m)2,07937315
B1EJY(B1EJY)Adult (f)3,0836306
OTRVS(OTRVS)Adult (f)1,6124507
ahQo0(ahQo0)Adult (f)3,3726539
oWHgp(oWHgp)Adult (f)4,0276501
UN9BJ(UN9BJ)Adult (f)4,3227751
exgje(exgje)Adult (f)4,1897471
xpkko(xpkko)Adult (f)4,2747380
hr13p(hr13p)Adult (m)4,2367701
HiIEZ(HiIEZ)Adult (m)3,4776810
Bz2S6(Bz2S6)Adult (f)3,7607020
1Yjh8(1Yjh8)Adult (m)3,7557021
eFCdD(eFCdD)Adult (m)3,7927344
e0eH0(e0eH0)Adult (f)3,7527021
iWlh4(iWlh4)Adult (m)4,1367191
EV55k(EV55k)Adult (f)3,7806700
wSW89(wSW89)Adult (m)3,4336951
MmT2r(MmT2r)Adult (f)4,2958362
RJkoo(RJkoo)Adult (m)4,3068680
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