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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “FullOfGrace,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
pg0zsFoG Element Of A Golden CoastAdult (f)4,6134838
4ZoUgFoG Gratiae's Green RobinAdult (m)1,8975386
MAA0HFoG Blue Elemental Water-and-AirAdult (m)2,1006032
zwWPMFoG Cathie's Gratiae ElementAdult (m)2,8425684
qNbjqFoG 5E Thirty Seventh SpiralAdult (f)2,0756161
OoLmlFoG Thirty Fifth Spiral ElementAdult (f)6,2958291
8L7dSFoG 5E Thirty Third SpiralAdult (f)2,9555484
zfZ1uFoG Royal Frosted Blue ElementAdult (m)2,2685682
7gDZaFoG Frosty Blue ZebraAdult (f)2,4435453
HFYoaFoG 5E monster3Adult (m)2,0565733
3f6EeFoG 5E even monster3Adult (f)3,6618155
lPo4FoG Libra's Vex By FourAdult (f)2,1463909
s3VV8FoG Libra's Parallel StripesAdult (m)1,7315151
mg8xlFoG Copper's Autumn WyvernusAdult (m)2,5705153
l5iwKFoG Shepard's Elemental ARMYAdult (f)3,3307014
9FaMoFoG 5E monster4 SSAdult (m)2,2185363
avGm2FoG 5E Thirty Sixth SpiralAdult (m)3,20981518
i1kWCFoG 5E monster even3Adult (f)2,1235451
150icFoG Element Of A Blue FalconAdult (m)2,0385342
WZcl4FoG Element Of Electric BlueAdult (m)2,7685982
pbVU0FoG Element Of Electric AvenueAdult (m)1,9036301
wjtDsFoG Pure Draconis ThuwedAdult (f)2,3024677
dxInDFoG EPIC Turquoise VIIIAdult (f)2,2538012
IHec5FoG Element Of A Luscious WaveAdult (f)2,0237452
2Z5juFoG Libra's Magic Is DeadAdult (m)4,1613091
7vrV7FoG Libra's Party PunchAdult (f)3,0733221
GNRKiFoG Screaming LibraAdult (f)6,0446093
kPMX4FoG Blue Zebra LibraAdult (f)2,7728741
NC9FGFoG Howling LibraAdult (m)4,9721,0575
xtuSrFoG 5E Thirty Eighth SpiralAdult (m)3,0066504
yeVCZFoG Spirited Elemental LibraAdult (m)3,8995031
le5spFoG Libra's Elemental SpiritAdult (f)3,8634941
s2Mg7Libra20131Adult (m)1,5475551
oJ75KLibra20132Adult (f)3,7625824
UIel3Libra201413Adult (f)2,0273752
fmYcKLibra20149Adult (f)2,3453986
pww4pLibra201411Adult (m)3,2363274
LqfCZLibra20142Adult (m)5,2044495
HjLrqLibra20145Adult (m)4,3522995
Bor6TLibra201412Adult (f)6,6864632
6CESGLibra20146Adult (m)4,4723082
9l155Libra20141Adult (f)3,5471,0461
KvvSl(KvvSl)Adult (m)5,2135981
K5QFrLibra20144Adult (m)2,1068462
PFabwLibra201416Adult (m)3,1027811
SRIOWLibra20147Adult (f)3,6897693
ooYF3Libra201417Adult (f)4,1277043
84VH1Libra201414Adult (f)2,6314925
nX4BvLibra20143Adult (m)2,4524785
rldIFLibra201410Adult (f)3,5434409
KxOZwLibra20148Adult (m)4,9571,0634
nDoBKLibra201415Adult (f)4,7421,0191
LjoKcLibraGold2Adult (f)2,9135433
3gH4RLibra20151Adult (m)4,1155150
xwmqVLibra20152Adult (f)3,8254911
mKSGvLibra20153Adult (m)2,3733906
P73cfLibra20154Adult (m)2,2344233
a0rfBLibra20155Adult (f)2,6694870
uaiKKLibra20156Adult (f)2,6304044
uGuaYLibra20157Adult (m)2,5314074
AVAwtLibra20158Adult (f)2,9204575
LsxewLibra20159Adult (f)2,7674182
OpM16Libra201510Adult (m)6,7687474
FyWleLibra201511Adult (f)3,5845922
l6VX4Libra201512Adult (m)3,5096153
DjOrMLibra201513Adult (f)3,8456053
BOZSELibra201514Adult (m)3,5815981
hZMMnLibra201515Adult (f)3,3484633
D4Z99Libra201516Adult (f)1,9344626
GfrBhLibra201517Adult (f)2,7244253
uXYMfLibra201518Adult (f)1,6854002
tFXeALibra201519Adult (m)2,7953833
0inxsLibra201520Adult (f)2,3503544
0oaeILibra201521Adult (f)3,0033883
8YyQwLibraGratiae1Adult (m)5,4216884
dJZguLibra5E1Adult (f)3,7946114
QkZOtLibra5E2Adult (f)4,5416123
xka8ELibra5E3Adult (m)3,2765840
L7J83LibraGratiae2Adult (m)3,7745943
e0SY6LibraWyvern1Adult (f)3,6805962
zgQV3LibraBlue1Adult (f)3,5076063
smK1XLibraPygmy1Adult (m)3,7735962
EV80NLibraPygmy2Adult (m)3,8025994
9EWmlFoG EPIC Turquoise IXAdult (m)3,3596502
10M5jLibra201522Adult (m)1,8923391
V7213Libra20161Adult (f)2,5813471
xQvpALibra20171Adult (m)5,5845660
reabLLibra20172Adult (m)6,7935451
iRc3ALibra20173Adult (f)6,8595491
RuFx4Libra20174Adult (f)6,4825501
YQ8RoLibra20175Adult (f)7,1926452
vKDWFLibra20176Adult (m)7,1695441
TNPZULibra20177Adult (f)7,3915570
HqSFWLibra201819Adult (f)2,4914703
7iFODLibra201820Adult (m)2,2854561
lqkuhLibra201821Adult (m)2,3654761
eS53pLibra201822Adult (f)2,1514131
ueYiULibra201823Adult (m)2,5015013
sEnUgLibra201824Adult (m)2,4824803
rpe7NLibra201825Adult (m)2,5924672
lvgLMLibra201826Adult (f)2,4944223
leQtNLibra201827Adult (f)2,8624811
QirXHLibra201828Adult (f)2,5244101
NzAwhLibra201829Adult (m)2,5154021
lxE1bLibra201830Adult (f)2,5664331
Anjl8Libra201831Adult (f)2,6434241
vMn8ALibra201832Adult (m)2,4184181
X76bNLibra201833Adult (f)3,3943933
GzNQiLibra201834Adult (m)4,8425218
wZx9SLibra201835Adult (f)3,5153912
ICKJyLibra201836Adult (f)5,7258184
2EgwdLibra201816Adult (f)3,2468012
NMicnLibra20185Adult (m)1,8234647
HKEVcLibra201818Adult (m)1,7734693
9jqx2Libra20184Adult (m)1,6604482
JDRtyLibra201810Adult (f)1,8284492
h9NBeLibra201811Adult (f)1,6744511
OpJiuLibra201817Adult (f)2,7406981
mFUUaLibra201812Adult (f)2,8246720
ALZa2Libra201814Adult (f)2,7736710
r3tayLibra20189Adult (m)2,7656851
B8Rk3Libra20187Adult (m)2,8526930
PMSd7Libra20188Adult (m)2,7566691
3QfomLibra201813Adult (f)2,8026900
GlZamLibra201815Adult (f)2,9817221
CNlfVLibra20182Adult (m)2,8636790
Shd4OLibra20183Adult (m)2,8926921
xdOgALibra20186Adult (f)3,0226970
ZWgmeLibra20181Adult (m)2,7937021
1vkP0BalmungkinAdult (f)4,5945532
pPOS3FoG Libra's Dancing DiamondAdult (m)3,1403591
Ae1BEFoG Libra's Faceted DiamondAdult (m)2,5693591
7yQSrFoG Libra's ShineBright DiamondAdult (f)2,1223371
KNzLDJokerkinAdult (f)4,9205252
5Gz9xSpirkkinAdult (f)4,8315312
gdkDzFoG Libra's Mysterious ElementAdult (m)5,3105511
ERVITFoG Elizabeth's Fourth HalloweenAdult (f)9,1306603
XyyMwFoG 6Shot's Elemental WyrmAdult (m)8,5696592
o8637FoG Snowwall's Elemental GiftAdult (m)6,6524923
740bpFoG Winning Red ElementAdult (m)8,5695813
6adIyFoG Element Acting BadlyAdult (f)2,5234626
CQb8tFoG Monster EWF ElementAdult (m)2,6714736
cfLQRFoG Lastalda's Elemental LushAdult (f)2,0866681
Y5kh3FoG Lavi's Grave ElementAdult (f)2,5011,0526
UqDtcFoG Melia's Lucky CatchAdult (m)1,7956611
LUm8WFoG Alexandria's Thuwed ElementAdult (m)2,6518406
5FKoPFoG Gratiae's Elemental ThuwedAdult (m)2,4066454
5ZoOLFoG Five Elemental ShiniesAdult (f)2,0436353
sDhs6FoG Libra's Third GaiaAdult (m)1,9507431
xxKqEFoG Libra's Second VioletAdult (m)1,9316921
8vMt9FoG Element Of Red LavaAdult (m)1,6925812
DdhOKFoG Libra's Third AltAdult (m)2,1475081
bWySdFoG Amlug's Vexing LibraAdult (f)2,0106803
MBKHkFoG FC Element Of Moon And SunAdult (f)2,0695071
9sOkrFoG 5E Libra's Checkered EmberAdult (m)3,9494716
dPqnRFoG Libra's Third AlternateAdult (f)3,3236841
qgmLeFoG Libra's Fiery ElementAdult (m)1,4917211
xWm63FoG FC Element Of A ThundersongAdult (m)1,6025972
Ef56KFoG 5E Cathie's Gifted ThuwedAdult (f)2,0166794
3ep1vFoG 5E Libra's Summer MiracleAdult (f)2,1753424
RV0U4FoG Libra's Glowing ElementAdult (f)2,6283922
TCNdCFoG Libra's Peaceful ElementAdult (m)3,2563390
qO6LqFoG Tikigurl's Gratiae LibraAdult (m)3,6963371
MwlY3FoG Libra's Newest ElementAdult (m)3,0733803
JcCeDFoG Pa Tone's Elemental LibraAdult (m)1,8584023
PgTCCFoG Mieronna's Elemental LibraAdult (m)7,0045512
MvokHFoG Libra's Elemental ProcessAdult (f)4,5735133
hcGLeFoG TCA's Libra ElementAdult (m)4,0981,4492
vKRzMFoG Libra's Pink ElementAdult (m)5,8067361
U5g4QFoG Gratiae's Lavender LibraAdult (f)3,2566931
TNhz9FoG Gratiae's Tangy LibraAdult (m)3,3126801
SCpK1FoG Element Of A Loyal LibraAdult (m)4,05451511
QhbLpFoG Element Of A Golden LibraAdult (f)4,68151811
9AON5FoG Libra's Lumbering ElementAdult (f)3,2276565
by5ExFoG Gratiae's Third LibraAdult (m)4,0747412
0VAnxFoG Gratiae's Loving LibraAdult (f)5,0341,0333
F1IWeFoG Hibernating Libra ElementAdult (f)4,7211,0723
xBd7lFoG Lovely Pink RoseAdult (f)2,2266455
tGXf9FoG 5E Full Circle's Mixed DrakeAdult (m)6,5025141
SrdjqFoG Noel's Elemental MajiAdult (f)2,3037992
6uMqWhen in the Course of humanAdult (m)2,7243796
THsiEvents it becomes necessaryAdult (f)2,2163395
UC0AFor one people to dissolve theAdult (m)2,8524894
Ao1SPolitical bands which haveAdult (f)2,6323794
buBvConnected them with another andAdult (f)2,6194885
UGKkTo assume among the powers ofAdult (m)3,1025095
FENsSeparationAdult (m)2,2823332
2fX2CB ELEMENTSAdult (f)4772335
ERvXnFoG Paradise Spice ElementAdult (m)3,1728384
lqE7WFoG Element Of Golden SandsAdult (m)2,5148743
O37KiFoG Bahama Breeze ElementAdult (m)3,0974034
WLfSNFoG Gratiae's Libra ElementAdult (m)4,4587875
kppHqFoG Elemental Full CircleAdult (m)6,2378850
djR00FoG Element Of An Early SunriseAdult (m)4,3957037
Vn5ICFoG Buttercream ElementalAdult (f)3,3867945
frLMiFoG Gratiae's Fireside ElementAdult (f)3,4198586
ceTYFFoG Element Of Tahitian TiareAdult (f)4,3847264
lbTaAFoG Libra's Charcoal ElementAdult (f)4,1397468
KXlNhFoG Gratiae's Elemental LibraAdult (f)3,8545966
lfnlWFoG Sweet Honeysuckle's ElementAdult (f)4,4127265
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