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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “FullOfGrace,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
WJbef(WJbef)Adult (f)2,1438013
jlROa(jlROa)Adult (f)3,9611,0213
GBnRMFoG Element Of A Blue GalaxyAdult (f)1,5917192
tbpKIFoG Techno's Wyvernus ElementAdult (f)2,5695956
03CVXFoG 5E Blue Full Circle WyvernusAdult (f)1,4035476
ggYcFoG Beauty And The Beast ElementAdult (m)3,6623944
5m73JFoG Gratiae's Lyzar ElementAdult (m)2,0658711
QMBZ5(QMBZ5)Adult (m)2,7757544
hlumU(hlumU)Adult (m)2,6467323
KhzMRFoG 5E Mardi Gras Full CircleAdult (m)2,4066564
ILl3tFoG 5E Gratiae's Acrobatic LibraAdult (m)2,2924124
IKjWFoG Libra's Element Of NightwishAdult (f)2,3532643
VH2J5FoG Splendorous Wayfarer ElementAdult (f)2,2142773
TsRuMFoG Thalia's Swanheart ElementAdult (f)1,7977412
ePvhdFoG FC Elemental Hang GliderAdult (f)2,9884493
eulq1FoG FC Flowering ElementalAdult (f)4,0994161
MtogGFoG Libra's Elemental BallerinaAdult (f)1,8823151
rkuRzFoG Dancing Christmas ElementAdult (m)2,0415755
pPKAW(pPKAW)Adult (m)2,6177291
J1fYFoG Walking In The Elemental AirAdult (m)5,9211,51511
8BQ0v(8BQ0v)Adult (m)2,3987001
g0xzrFoG FullCircle's Dancing ElementAdult (m)5,4848130
hK8QO(hK8QO)Adult (f)3,5081,0338
6jXFV(6jXFV)Adult (f)3,0747464
XOO6sFoG Element Of Kisses And HugsAdult (f)2,6327073
9WNfeFoG Full Circle's Elemental SwanAdult (f)3,6796948
jsrvFoG Gyps' Libra Escapist ElementAdult (f)3,37137310
OUi9P(OUi9P)Adult (m)2,4671,0124
g5hQW(g5hQW)Adult (m)1,8428683
ieYXQ(ieYXQ)Adult (m)2,0038352
vm0Fh(vm0Fh)Adult (m)1,9938262
mfX5o(mfX5o)Adult (m)2,1708812
poMPg(poMPg)Adult (m)2,9289725
c6XTZFoG Love's Elemental ShadowAdult (f)2,8701,2162
qP7il(qP7il)Adult (f)2,4941,0023
imP3N(imP3N)Adult (f)2,3909854
fUMfK(fUMfK)Adult (f)2,4441,0042
46LSJ(46LSJ)Adult (f)2,3289523
ZMdWE(ZMdWE)Adult (f)2,8499165
TmGSFoG Elemental Wild Blue YonderAdult (m)2,08672011
m8mNFoG Libra's Confetti ElementAdult (m)2,7733288
uful(uful)Adult (m)2,7582793
iYY5(iYY5)Adult (m)2,8942625
6HqPzFoG FC Element Of A Blue SkyAdult (m)2,1975863
8vk1FoG Roman Candle In The ElementsAdult (f)1,30348311
lPht0FoG 5E Webbed Full CircleAdult (f)3,9224183
sNSmFoG Blue Poeme ElementalAdult (f)3,1042863
P25o(P25o)Adult (f)4,8931,1984
QcPN(QcPN)Adult (f)2,5283246
bQYrn(bQYrn)Adult (f)1,6766462
4q7ed(4q7ed)Adult (m)3,0706763
lDNQZFoG ZapdosAdult (m)1,6176014
Tv8Dm(Tv8Dm)Adult (m)2,6488244
0tn49FoG Element Of A Blue LibraAdult (m)1,7764121
MOXLsFoG FC Element Of A Blue CannonAdult (m)5,4111,4925
gtqnFoG Thunderbird Element In BlueAdult (f)1,8315205
6hAm0(6hAm0)Adult (f)4,9511,2375
t28Ke(t28Ke)Adult (f)2,5188172
LZGw3FoG Dove's Blue ElementAdult (f)2,2396304
ghMxE(ghMxE)Adult (f)1,5887628
Vz7FpFoG Libra's Blue Arced ElementAdult (f)3,1814764
pRwYo(pRwYo)Adult (f)1,7886452
MIKKD(MIKKD)Adult (m)1,7988081
v3DWx(v3DWx)Adult (m)1,6616124
6ofbC(6ofbC)Adult (f)4,1995622
0EOvp(0EOvp)Adult (f)4,1365730
3ejmV(3ejmV)Adult (f)4,6485681
buX4v(buX4v)Adult (f)4,5635693
c5G8C(c5G8C)Adult (f)3,1762562
dZs08(dZs08)Adult (f)3,1832781
rMgNq(rMgNq)Adult (m)4,1934911
E3MEM(E3MEM)Adult (m)2,6765120
xMDpM(xMDpM)Adult (m)2,7045110
zOqqn(zOqqn)Adult (m)5,2896271
MTcRd(MTcRd)Adult (m)5,3228612
aPSi9FoG SharkerAdult (m)2,4266000
yJeYU(yJeYU)Adult (m)2,3745692
pdL9x(pdL9x)Adult (m)2,4069597
qSjMzFoG Element Of A Christmas MoonAdult (m)2,9328474
Ohd0lFoG Toxic Full Circle ElementAdult (m)3,1544432
lkCcLFoG Gliding Full Circle ElementAdult (m)2,2905622
GBaVw(GBaVw)Adult (f)2,2785275
BaXJc(BaXJc)Adult (f)2,4105751
piRqz(piRqz)Adult (f)2,3196011
QwCi2FoG 5E Libra's Blue BloodAdult (f)1,9534784
BCAwLFoG Bleeding Full Circle ElementAdult (f)3,0025194
ZFI2o(ZFI2o)Adult (m)3,7267142
hzOGL(hzOGL)Adult (f)3,5957521
mXfdx(mXfdx)Adult (m)3,5587461
JlATM(JlATM)Adult (f)3,7807561
Ywe7C(Ywe7C)Adult (m)3,6517562
O0f3j(O0f3j)Adult (m)3,6667252
glMsuFoG FullCircle's Elemental SparkAdult (m)2,5835794
vapiFoG Bubble Pop Elemental BluesAdult (m)2,5598972
rrusFoG Full Circle Element In BlueAdult (m)4,01532510
RRreSFoG 5E Libra's Blue PirateAdult (m)2,6668651
YarI3FoG 5E Shocking Blue LibraAdult (m)4,2533776
NgrOC(NgrOC)Adult (m)1,6465952
GdT6bFoG Element Of Blue IndependenceAdult (m)1,7067421
GspFMFoG Valkie's Blue ElementAdult (m)3,93173416
M0F1kFoG Charged Full Circle ElementAdult (f)4,1233780
pCgmFoG Earthgirl's Blue ElementAdult (f)3,5052728
l5rL5FoG 5E Libra's Blue CandleAdult (f)1,3533731
eigc(eigc)Adult (f)2,40230413
Lsnb(Lsnb)Adult (f)3,55626911
hMOAFoG Vintage ElementAdult (m)4,78031912
S50hYFoG Element Of A Midnight RushAdult (m)3,8531,1404
E9DW5FoG Element Of A Backstage PassAdult (m)2,6176352
XOdMf(XOdMf)Adult (m)2,4373046
tPHQqFoG Libra's Dark ElementAdult (m)6,3445051
In3zWFoG Glowing Full Circle ElementAdult (m)5,8247701
1gQiNFoG Element Of A ShowstopperAdult (f)2,8938652
QtAalFoG Kissed By Bronze ElementalAdult (f)2,3915482
kpvQvFoG 5E Libra's Signature WalkAdult (f)2,5654272
HPr6cFoG 5E Vintage Full CircleAdult (f)1,5006472
nl7dE(nl7dE)Adult (m)2,0336741
p9n6V(p9n6V)Adult (m)2,2656193
JrpKZ(JrpKZ)Adult (m)1,9455622
ruEyv(ruEyv)Adult (m)1,2875440
2trQm(2trQm)Adult (f)1,9725722
gw2DY(gw2DY)Adult (f)2,7266523
uK1M2(uK1M2)Adult (f)1,2285450
TNOHN(TNOHN)Adult (m)2,1825343
qMEcI(qMEcI)Adult (m)2,5315873
MevXs(MevXs)Adult (m)2,3306554
z0JBvsprinkled boy dustAdult (m)2,4146415
dcF93(dcF93)Adult (m)1,9225813
gJ1AH(gJ1AH)Adult (m)2,7256332
AhrWn(AhrWn)Adult (m)2,5256633
TEWrS(TEWrS)Adult (m)1,9846231
MyNk0(MyNk0)Adult (m)1,6025762
CpA4h(CpA4h)Adult (m)1,8145456
VIkct(VIkct)Adult (f)1,8115792
gDH78(gDH78)Adult (f)1,4495850
8H8aJ(8H8aJ)Adult (f)2,6766142
lMeVi(lMeVi)Adult (f)1,6715670
syFuZ(syFuZ)Adult (f)1,4717581
jO1nN(jO1nN)Adult (f)2,0596186
FfB5i(FfB5i)Adult (f)1,7425242
hmpF6(hmpF6)Adult (f)2,2545732
rUm9Y(rUm9Y)Adult (f)2,2675114
spyDx(spyDx)Adult (f)2,1416635
HD0Vesprinkled girl dustAdult (f)2,5567712
bLB4(bLB4)Adult (m)3,18647212
08QvmFoG Nurtured Full Circle ElementAdult (m)2,7495842
DW3Eq(DW3Eq)Adult (m)1,6046691
3YUJtFoG JereduLevenin's ElementAdult (m)3,7203748
grm3cFoG Wyvern's Libra ElementAdult (m)2,7474094
VmC3VFoG 5E Libra's Fiery WyvernAdult (m)2,7585582
ISKXFoG Open Your Heart To ElementsAdult (m)2,71445619
70uSYFoG 5E Full Circle In HellAdult (m)1,6596212
aVMNhFoG Leaping Wyvernus ElementAdult (f)2,0707702
Hd7OuFoG FC Element Of AggressionAdult (f)1,8115665
9R19FoG Dressed For Success ElementAdult (f)4,9891,06314
Edlaq(Edlaq)Adult (f)1,9007391
nsiBM(nsiBM)Adult (f)1,8406295
rJeVFoG 5E Libra's Blue WyvernusAdult (f)2,4712692
2KPAGFoG Libra's LavaCake ElementAdult (m)1,4123711
D5LeFoG Dress You Up As An ElementAdult (m)2,9563354
zVc9VFoG Sam WinchesterAdult (m)1,8626451
quIrI(quIrI)Adult (m)1,7177103
7Qc1GFoG Dove's Majestic ElementAdult (f)2,9106242
NeLNFoG Into The Elemental GrooveAdult (f)4,9543313
uzsdS(uzsdS)Adult (f)1,8575951
HwjlC(HwjlC)Adult (f)6,6861,4926
pQciA(pQciA)Adult (f)1,6453504
Nk0UY(Nk0UY)Adult (f)1,1464795
A7stTFoG Lunar Full Circle ElementAdult (m)2,6145613
8xpKwFoG Full Circle's Elemental OrbAdult (m)2,1415082
kTVYCFoG Sky DragonAdult (m)2,4045866
jlrm5FoG Blue Kuraianubis ElementAdult (m)3,4961,02230
WNQ2MFoG 5E Bad Moon Rising BluesAdult (m)1,3587051
hbJTaFoG 5E Airaani's Blue LibraAdult (m)4,4296776
ehPO1FoG Element Of A Blue OrbAdult (m)2,9359181
kgZNcFoG 5E Full Circle's Blue MoonAdult (f)2,1385733
hyQIEFoG 5E Blue Full Circle MoonAdult (f)1,6695385
bakWk(bakWk)Adult (f)1,9676442
ZBvInFoG Libra's Lunar ElementAdult (f)2,3985185
WYZ4O(WYZ4O)Adult (f)2,5078935
jfAtX(jfAtX)Adult (f)2,3438791
tXgH0FoG Blue Wallflower ElementAdult (f)1,4457852
uqc9(uqc9)Adult (m)4,7163396
FI3kTFoG Frozen Full Circle ElementAdult (m)2,6855783
QBYp(QBYp)Adult (m)3,1724306
mG97FoG Corteo's Blue ElementAdult (m)1,9176873
RGlHIFoG Element Of Jayme's LibraAdult (m)3,5788204
Jv7y0FoG 5E Full Circle GargoyleAdult (f)2,5276375
YNqbFoG Borderline ElementalAdult (f)1,2174355
vRVO(vRVO)Adult (f)3,8282626
Bfx0CFoG Libra's Elemental StatueAdult (f)2,2815621
sneAFoG Element Of A Material GirlAdult (f)1,6614958
TEcS(TEcS)Adult (f)3,0584229
3Zc1FoG Elemental Olympic FlameAdult (m)1,9031,0493
aFL0(aFL0)Adult (m)2,9422945
g6K5FoG Elemental Melting PotAdult (m)2,3043026
kahfeFoG FC Horned Elemental DevilAdult (m)2,9876052
XHXG6FoG Libra's Fire ElementAdult (m)2,3325672
dGeivFoG LuciferAdult (m)7,6151,07511
9Tq1bFoG Element Of A Leaping PatriotAdult (m)1,9127320
PURrFoG 5E My Funny ValentineAdult (f)1,85335516
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