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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “FullOfGrace,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
U5Z2GFoG Gratiae's Elemental AmlugAdult (f)2,4719462
0TM0(0TM0)Adult (f)4,1494236
KOLcFFoG Amlug's Stunning ElementAdult (f)2,1956731
P637FoG Element Of DragosAdult (m)2,54848918
xrdTB(xrdTB)Adult (f)1,8485761
yD4ojFoG Kirkton's Silver ElementAdult (m)2,0696063
ZuUJZFoG Penk's Vexing ElementAdult (m)2,1487424
rvJKFoG DuckyAdult1,3948818
NkTWo(NkTWo)Adult (m)2,8187934
QYOP0FoG Noel's Elemental MagiAdult (m)2,18781215
qGNRdFoG Element Of Pure GoldAdult (m)2,5225905
L7Aj2FoG Gratiae's Pure Gold ElementAdult (m)2,6446132
1oLpe(1oLpe)Adult (f)1,97542711
hHzicFoG Ashkore's Pure ElementAdult (f)5,8311,4375
Vm9cpFoG Pure Gold ElementAdult (f)3,4016675
Xany5FoG Gratiae's Zany Green ElementAdult (f)2,0055782
nCnC1FoG Ray's Oldest ElementAdult (m)1,7047342
uoHPDFoG Gratiae's Elemental RexAdult (m)1,5676902
uaCePFoG Chan's Silver ElementAdult (m)1,9626851
YcWT8FoG Orion's Blue ElementAdult (m)2,3376437
1dCwwFoG Sylver ElementAdult (m)2,1736465
W88XCFoG Blue Hargreaves ElementalAdult (m)1,7525399
GCbN1FoG Julyah's Second ElementAdult (m)3,9559196
S0EQJFoG Element Of A Blue SupernovaAdult (m)1,6156617
xBYLBFoG Lastalda's Pure ElementAdult (f)2,6384575
E9n0KFoG Heaven's Magnetic ElementAdult (f)2,6506615
eF8o0FoG Libra's Treasured ElementAdult (f)2,9534404
5JNsVFoG Varg's TanelementAdult (f)2,5563335
StSS7(StSS7)Adult (f)5,0354043
aBgM4FoG Element Of A Vexing SongAdult (f)2,7166943
UWqSq(UWqSq)Adult (f)2,9397002
4sB4A(4sB4A)Adult (f)1,4315973
Sh41r(Sh41r)Adult (f)1,4403718
Y2sVRFoG Gracy's Pure ElementAdult (f)2,4406237
YkPYR(YkPYR)Adult (f)1,6954037
C9itYFoG Katarina's Lednican ElementAdult (f)4,11472116
d296ZFoG Element Of A Silver MagiAdult (f)3,2721,1605
PotCFoG Saith Elemental Ogofau ArianAdult (f)8175441
t97kFoG 5E Neverending MountainAdult (m)8,1565457
7pnN(7pnN)Adult (m)3,5252456
s3Mtl5E red project IIMAdult (m)1,8765952
LPJk95E red project IIFAdult (f)2,7409001
tEUllFoG Element Of A Red Full CircleAdult (f)1,9073451
BoEDuFoG Libra's Silver ElementAdult (m)2,6015701
OVUD(OVUD)Adult (m)3,3532914
ZutK(ZutK)Adult (f)2,9892605
CSqkFoG Sairys Of The ElementsAdult (m)6,0334039
QNtOFoG Daphne's ElementAdult (f)1,4473746
YBUo(YBUo)Adult (f)3,4742756
RpmL(RpmL)Adult (m)3,1014607
vdaV(vdaV)Adult (m)2,3973095
rmD8eFoG Wrong Colored ElementAdult (f)2,0657743
9jEhXFoG 5E Libra's Vexing WyvernusAdult (f)2,1517662
J5Xe(J5Xe)Adult (f)3,2524619
mwkWD(mwkWD)Adult (m)2,2166505
QGbK(QGbK)Adult (m)2,6943325
7u4B(7u4B)Adult (f)2,6683103
5ljOS(5ljOS)Adult (m)1,4636161
QuPlTFoG Cupid's Mountainous ElementAdult (f)1,5937831
XmrosFoG Sunflair's Libra NW ElementAdult (f)1,9423772
2j0IFoG Unum's Blue ElementAdult (m)4,3244256
GSSS(GSSS)Adult (m)3,4743735
tqigf(tqigf)Adult (f)2,5296250
WIGd0(WIGd0)Adult (m)2,7536360
gmTt(gmTt)Adult (m)3,0373436
eWrt(eWrt)Adult (m)2,9563638
Zp1e(Zp1e)Adult (m)4,1234306
XS5K(XS5K)Adult (m)6,7994615
GD2KFoG 5E Cair CalonAdult (m)3,19951636
eUhA(eUhA)Adult (m)2,8042698
j25E(j25E)Adult (m)3,2023202
8Codm5E blue project IIFAdult (f)1,5896231
MZPv(MZPv)Adult (f)2,8143084
bLd5(bLd5)Adult (f)3,51423811
A4EYFoG Qurius In The Blue ElementsAdult (f)2,7693247
7RiK(7RiK)Adult (f)3,3633896
Smbd(Smbd)Adult (f)2,9323084
nHQC(nHQC)Adult (f)4,0504577
bYLP(bYLP)Adult (f)2,2843424
2fbrBFoG Element Of Blue ThundersnowAdult (f)2,6431,0406
dTLTQ(dTLTQ)Adult (m)1,5566252
mUv75FoG 5E Bloody Blue IceAdult (m)2,1656611
yTFcyFoG FC Blue Elemental DreamAdult (m)1,9135841
qMPsfFoG Elemental Blue BloodAdult (f)2,2426081
2epKwFoG Moony Balloony ElementAdult (m)2,1746530
vZ9jFoG Element In The Blue SkaiAdult (m)4,4183184
EV8YSFoG Blue Elemental LibraAdult (f)1,8303311
V9giFoG Winston's Burning ElementAdult (f)3,79128210
ROER2(ROER2)Adult (m)3,2114533
ju0a3(ju0a3)Adult (m)2,3946111
WUwhi(WUwhi)Adult (f)1,9984985
wu8Ms(wu8Ms)Adult (f)2,3636411
FoT3QFoG Xoco's Element In RedAdult (m)3,2449823
bZqj0FoG Fiona's Red ElementAdult (m)3,3211,0200
KrXiJFoG Twokeen's Elemental RedAdult (m)3,7621,1441
ifE2A(ifE2A)Adult (m)2,2056452
uUcpaFoG Twokeen's Little Red ElementAdult (m)3,8311,1822
GBl7O(GBl7O)Adult (f)5,2999272
lMuc(lMuc)Adult (f)3,57039813
ZPTcvFoG Zelda's Blue ElementAdult (f)3,0348612
CF0q(CF0q)Adult (f)2,2563114
RVcGFoG Element's Avenging FlameAdult (f)2,6503566
A7oFd5E blue project 2FAdult (f)4,8069671
KTLMTFoG Element Of A Red ZeroAdult (m)3,36564318
erRNiFoG Blue Moon's ElementAdult (m)3,4337193
OXu5m(OXu5m)Adult (m)2,1307171
lDIrmFoG Vexing Blue ElementAdult (m)4,3581,0583
2N076FoG Libra's Blue ElementAdult (m)1,7123671
8NKvI(8NKvI)Adult (f)3,4616915
pNy7P(pNy7P)Adult (f)2,6736441
DT2R7FoG 5E Shahrizai's Blue LibraAdult (f)3,2394924
0Q0oFoG Maiblum's ElementAdult (m)2,8412955
DN1WFoG Setia's Elemental PatriotAdult (m)4,31831111
laqLrFoG Element Of Red-n-GreenAdult (m)2,1296272
b0EvFoG Elemental CatharsisAdult (m)6,30278546
VZcY(VZcY)Adult (m)3,20521524
qpYW(qpYW)Adult (f)4,20128113
cHeC(cHeC)Adult (f)3,1442757
S46JFoG Element Of ValenchaAdult (f)1,3644371
xvfbRFoG Libra's Shadowed ElementAdult (f)2,3515532
p1wDmFoG 5E Full Circle SolsticeAdult (m)1,9015201
9YuIFoG Harley's Elemental FortressAdult (f)2,63945613
DSM4FoG Element Of A Blue MoonAdult (m)4,13031410
bD8XFoG Element Of Two Blue LibrasAdult (f)2,3412594
JuGN(JuGN)Adult (f)1,40155211
rSODFoG Element Of A Blue NoodleAdult (f)4,3893086
uRVXFoG 5E Blue Tower Of WestwindAdult (f)2,69736510
fAAGFoG Element Of A Blue FortuneAdult (f)3,1175332
0j9DFoG NR's Blue Wave ElementAdult (f)2,5522467
EVqgFoG Saeu's Elemental BluesAdult (f)3,2803896
N89T(N89T)Adult (m)3,49442513
EaCFKFoG Libra's Elemental BluesAdult (m)2,4245992
0A6g(0A6g)Adult (m)3,9002606
WjNZ(WjNZ)Adult (m)3,17824512
KYn4(KYn4)Adult (m)3,7223109
Bnp6FoG 5E Libra's Blue DerpfaceAdult (m)3,58332413
IXJY1(IXJY1)Adult (m)2,0735883
gjUna(gjUna)Adult (m)2,3704993
BK2JM(BK2JM)Adult (m)2,5376321
qEKfb(qEKfb)Adult (f)1,3955981
vkG6(vkG6)Adult (m)2,25550113
UHdHFoG Blue Force Of The ElementsAdult (f)3,73233314
qvq6d(qvq6d)Adult (f)2,4487051
6eih6FoG Element's Blue LibraAdult (m)2,8904804
bdbE7FoG Electrocuted Blue ElementAdult (m)1,9257303
bhwUSFoG Blue Christmas ElementalAdult (f)1,7176292
0Rz0pFoG Element Of Blue CloudsAdult (m)2,2086426
Zg82(Zg82)Adult (m)3,6343947
sd16(sd16)Adult (m)2,5973246
C6r3(C6r3)Adult (m)3,0962666
1fW2(1fW2)Adult (m)3,6883986
AGATFoG Parsnip's Blue ElementAdult (m)3,4123264
96qa(96qa)Adult (m)4,7474141
12oU(12oU)Adult (m)2,5933138
9X4bFoG Element Of A Blue RebelAdult (f)3,0783644
uUII(uUII)Adult (f)2,2113966
lO9MFoG Inasian's Element In BlueAdult (f)2,8734123
je5TFoG Element Of A Blue RippleAdult (f)2,0122968
YPLQ(YPLQ)Adult (f)3,3244995
GiPtFoG Isfel's Blue ElementAdult (f)3,5582685
Gedj(Gedj)Adult (f)3,3943347
9ZXUI5E blue project IIMAdult (m)2,9198174
udAq(udAq)Adult (m)3,7782634
jj3tFoG QO's Blue ElementAdult (m)6,68363513
hmBa(hmBa)Adult (m)5,4903665
SWXO(SWXO)Adult (m)3,0602506
72IFdFoG Pandragon's Blue ElementAdult (m)1,8975952
DaIL(DaIL)Adult (f)3,8512579
9IsB(9IsB)Adult (f)3,4062724
KfIu(KfIu)Adult (f)3,5542477
g884(g884)Adult (f)3,2122858
loY5(loY5)Adult (f)3,4272505
8QRLFoG Blue Elemental PixieAdult (f)3,4173078
aOkJFoG Element Of A Blue RoseAdult (f)3,9482725
veMr(veMr)Adult (m)3,3201,21312
i4n0(i4n0)Adult (m)1,9194178
6Ee1(6Ee1)Adult (m)2,6218093
4scHWFoG Gratiae's Yellow ElementAdult (f)1,57672810
YHvnPFoG Gratiae's Elemental GreensAdult (f)2,7664622
AM1K(AM1K)Adult (f)1,7891,1547
VRiBFoG Libra's Mardi Gras ElementAdult (m)3,0663173
CD2pzFoG Gratiae's Elemental GreenAdult (f)2,0186533
F4XELFoG Leaping Gratiae ElementalAdult (m)2,0958062
jVU4LFoG Ku'Wajah's ElementAdult (f)2,5707591
YW7HFoG Element Of The VinesAdult (m)3,4082577
76vFFoG Ju-Xian of ElementsAdult (m)2,65389718
hbb1(hbb1)Adult (m)3,5842602
DrHYFoG Element Of A Feathered RimeAdult (m)4,4743757
9ObSSEASONAL STARTSAdult2,03289317
N4bdT(N4bdT)Adult (m)2,7851,0331
2RdGD(2RdGD)Adult (m)2,9457966
3PM4k(3PM4k)Adult (m)2,7487675
FjKso(FjKso)Adult (m)2,8828311
t7qSH(t7qSH)Adult (m)2,9336844
N1SYF(N1SYF)Adult (f)2,2117594
so9Zm(so9Zm)Adult (f)2,6971,0731
P9mR0(P9mR0)Adult (f)2,7081,0212
2qnTU(2qnTU)Adult (f)2,4986416
mZb6v(mZb6v)Adult (f)2,9896094
ik4CY(ik4CY)Adult (f)2,9758435
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