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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “FullOfGrace,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
7Iu3c(7Iu3c)Adult (f)2,1416333
uZmpn(uZmpn)Adult (f)1,5106064
VMr1q(VMr1q)Adult (m)3,5837467
p6nxyFoG Changing Moon ElementalAdult (m)6,14797618
T4aOxFoG Element Of A Rigid ChangeAdult (m)5,3899506
xsETj(xsETj)Adult (m)5,62797013
Tcd3FFoG Iced Elemental ChangeAdult (m)5,0391,0328
EOJJQFoG Loony Elemental ChangeAdult (m)5,3588909
jYeP0FoG Elemental Changing SolsticeAdult (m)6,9177227
kp047FoG Element Of A Changing WinterAdult (m)5,6708608
b5y3A(b5y3A)Adult (m)5,28790912
oi6nd(oi6nd)Adult (f)7,2239322
eb0SYFoG Element Of An Icy ChangeAdult (f)5,8541,2164
ogE9eFoG Maji's Elemental ChangeAdult (f)4,08281913
4F3kpFoG Element Of A Changed MonsterAdult (f)5,7728676
Sy5QP(Sy5QP)Adult (m)3,01762711
whNsMFoG Golden Elemental CreationAdult (m)4,6861,1792
Ac2CWFoG Element Of A Created RainbowAdult (m)4,8419277
v5Qr8FoG Blue Star Elemental CreationAdult (m)4,9108197
hj9K1(hj9K1)Adult (m)5,37083013
QLmi9(QLmi9)Adult (m)4,3141,0384
Rf73w(Rf73w)Adult (m)4,2706295
AxnCbFoG Element's Galaxy CreationAdult (f)4,7968507
WXPmLFoG Creating Golden ElementsAdult (f)5,0191,00313
3auxhFoG Nebulous Elemental CreationAdult (f)6,5938248
roai9FoG Element Of A Creative SongAdult (f)4,9171,05310
hJ98qFoG Creating An Elemental WaveAdult (f)4,6219467
3iuAgFoG Destructive Healing ElementAdult (f)6,0881,4052
LjybF(LjybF)Adult (f)4,4417888
cCXBz(cCXBz)Adult (f)3,9528227
zf8F5FoG 5E Thunderous DestructionAdult (m)4,42746910
dDd2I(dDd2I)Adult (m)6,8466324
T6Dqj(T6Dqj)Adult (m)5,41985914
Y7vuH(Y7vuH)Adult (m)3,9798486
cs1j0FoG Destructive Hellish ElementAdult (m)4,9891,2445
Bs4RK(Bs4RK)Adult (f)7,80559510
7TNkiFoG Destructive Elemental HellAdult (f)5,8598386
O3f8PFoG Destructive Elemental BloodAdult (f)6,27064710
2cISPFoG Element Of Grave DestructionAdult (f)5,3108077
40DN1FoG Destructive Elemental FalconAdult (f)5,0568127
uwGdEFoG Gratiae's Destructive SulfurAdult (f)4,2429315
57bSM(57bSM)Adult (f)5,4728098
tECtmFoG Olaf's Elemental GuardianAdult (f)2,6525924
6EqmUFoG Shy Elemental GuardianAdult (m)2,4995763
xOpZxFoG Flaming Elemental GuardianAdult (f)2,2565636
9wOlRFoG 5E Guardian's Blue FireAdult (f)2,3005224
BNGqcFoG 5E Libra's Second PygmyAdult (f)1,8565793
I5h3oFoG 5E Second Full Circle MystAdult (f)1,7286970
gEdONFoG 5E Little Full CircleAdult (m)2,8294201
66zFjFoG Libra's Elemental PygmyAdult (m)2,4955611
gQ2XAFoG 5E Two Full Circle FiresAdult (m)1,8057021
11nRlFoG 5E Clock's Second LibraAdult (m)3,8517771
HCv0ZFoG Maiblum's Spooky ElementAdult (m)2,2956623
CoLgPFoG Black Bat ElementalAdult (m)2,4165625
rxbOTFoG Spooky Elemental GiftAdult (f)2,9756423
U7YSKFoG Maiblum's Haunted ElementAdult (f)1,8976991
aneZtFoG Element Of A Black CatAdult (f)2,7646204
tJkNFoG Elemental Candy StashAdult (m)2,8165463
sZOSbFoG 5E Bubble Gum VexAdult (m)3,0311,1064
ntVMdFoG Element Of Punkin SoupAdult (m)2,2425265
MtuGBFoG Noey's Elemental PumpkinAdult (m)1,8537745
B5Rb1FoG Element Of A Double PumpkinAdult (m)2,9421,0746
Lgh2YFoG Fourth Elemental DraconisAdult (m)1,9975498
gVlLDFoG Element Of Pumpkin PieAdult (m)1,9607397
ZdT1gFoG Zod's Elemental CarvingAdult (m)2,1735693
bJLyEFoG Element Of NutmegAdult (m)1,8565102
utpm6FoG Pepon's Elemental TreatAdult (m)4,6881,3066
g9LvBFoG Wubbo's Elemental Sugar RushAdult (m)1,7786993
d7DccFoG Four Elemental SpicesAdult (m)1,8356141
f31W9FoG Element Of GingerAdult (m)4,9881,5675
KIQusFoG Halloween's Fifth ElementAdult (m)2,2765713
SOv8FoG 5E Something Good To EatAdult (f)3,42854111
ThvPiFoG Element Of ChocolateAdult (f)3,0981,1251
9os3eFoG Element Of CloveAdult (f)2,4815514
2ReCZFoG Elemental Pumpkin Of DoomAdult (f)2,5465824
43ggSFoG Four Degrees Of ElementsAdult (f)1,2535510
QimaVFoG Element Of A SpooklightAdult (f)2,0058107
RVLnmFoG Noey's Celestial ElementAdult (f)1,6635802
Uz70XFoG Elemental Cheesecake Of DoomAdult (f)2,1726083
H9QpSFoG Element Of MaceAdult (f)1,7136056
QLiyJFoG Element Of CinnamonAdult (f)2,0806083
g1HngFoG Element Of Toasted SeedsAdult (f)3,0081,0974
Or81QFoG Element's Celestial PumpkinAdult (f)1,5916522
GGUoeFoG Bewitching ElementAdult (m)3,0011,1026
vE2K9FoG Goren's Spooky ElementAdult (m)3,2011,1711
7nzRSFoG Element Of A Haunted LotusAdult (m)1,6615635
k6vnSFoG Haunted Dark ElementAdult (m)3,8021,4526
iEafcFoG Daar's Spooky ElementAdult (f)2,9205117
K9cNXFoG Element Of A Haunted MystAdult (f)3,1541,1933
QnMejFoG Spooky Elemental PumpkinAdult (f)4,0111,3522
vRGo5FoG Caitriona's Haunted ElementAdult (f)2,4709252
fY0JEFoG Element Of A Haunted HouseAdult (f)1,8917311
Wmrd0FoG Kirkton's Elemental MistAdult (f)1,4925571
GL8VrFoG Maiblum's Frightful ElementAdult (f)2,1545963
FNPGLFoG Element Of A Solid ShadowAdult (m)2,4625767
kLYFEFoG Sa'rra's Pure ElementAdult (m)2,4786783
Q7KtIFoG 5E Double Shadow WalkerAdult (m)2,2145093
zeeBeFoG Ghostly Elemental MirrorAdult (m)2,1985843
avIToFoG Element Of A Pure ShadowAdult (m)2,6089486
f2K9vFoG Element's Third ShadowAdult (m)2,0986192
lid67FoG Element's Solid ShadowAdult (f)2,0976103
PGAODFoG Element Of A Double ShadowAdult (f)2,3558422
Ko3O9FoG Kivuli's Pure ElementAdult (f)1,7885472
aQhK1FoG Double Shadow ElementAdult (f)2,9341,0874
2GyMZFoG Mirrored Elemental QuackerAdult (f)2,3635401
1vWV6FoG 5E Third Time's A VexAdult (f)1,6875122
brK6oFoG Shadow Of A Vexxed ElementAdult (f)2,0958392
Rs41YFoG Element Of A Golden VexAdult (m)1,3535663
hsbT9FoG Shadow Of A Golden ElementAdult (m)1,5256261
dNj5IFoG Noel's Elemental CopperAdult (f)1,4075433
766JZFoG Silver Shadowed ElementAdult (f)1,9676176
ho4Y8FoG Element Of A Shadowed MajiAdult (f)2,0817684
ZrgO9FoG 5E Noel's Shadowed MajiAdult (f)3,0101,1117
gZwvLFoG Noel's Winter ElementAdult (f)2,0185573
EcSaqFoG Love's Arsani WalkerAdult (m)2,0194462
kUgyzFoG Love's Elemental SeekerAdult (f)2,2435751
ubxoGFoG Arsani's Loving ShadowAdult (m)1,6105175
U1sL(U1sL)Adult (f)3,42041615
3uKbFoG Sinopia In His ElementAdult (m)2,3273173
5MLqVFoG 5E Drake's Full CircleAdult (m)1,6446871
QnzqMFoG 5E Full Circle's Third DrakeAdult (m)1,5837004
13A5(13A5)Adult (f)2,2907204
GqCOFoG 5E Spyro's Full Circle FavorAdult (f)4,75034213
tlLvPFoG Second Elemental LibraAdult (f)2,2367401
7cJW0FoG Libra's Split PersonalityAdult (m)1,8756521
20x4V(20x4V)Adult (m)3,1506754
xnXhh(xnXhh)Adult (m)2,2934319
9qgqh(9qgqh)Adult (f)3,5107058
TxBbh(TxBbh)Adult (f)2,3364166
T0Wfe(T0Wfe)Adult (f)1,8675083
XsE8cFoG Dagnir's Pure ElementAdult (m)4,3248262
TUZTfFoG Kuerbisdrache's Pure ElementAdult (f)2,4749503
pLnEvFoG Element Of Pure LoveAdult (f)4,2138153
uWhmS(uWhmS)Adult (m)4,0548321
gwevxFoG Element Of Pure SquashAdult (f)3,5828381
qxSHG(qxSHG)Adult (f)3,6118751
tE7nk(tE7nk)Adult (f)1,9806689
yNO7H(yNO7H)Adult (f)4,8357712
YQu37FoG Lid's Pure ElementAdult (m)1,7095893
hizX9(hizX9)Adult (f)2,5507274
nZE9D(nZE9D)Adult (f)2,5594935
4h96p(4h96p)Adult (f)2,6315491
ViEBZ(ViEBZ)Adult (f)2,34745518
0aXH7(0aXH7)Adult (f)2,9749334
qCrYP(qCrYP)Adult (m)1,6076212
eVk8w(eVk8w)Adult (f)2,2815013
NUEWd(NUEWd)Adult (m)2,2855035
fHOgA(fHOgA)Adult (f)2,0604722
siTOV(siTOV)Adult (m)2,0354923
FH0LPFoG Zod's Pure ElementAdult (f)2,0534714
UJeVXFoG Pepon's Pure ElementAdult (m)2,3415202
wwZeZFoG Wubbo's Pure ElementAdult (f)2,5706895
oQ7WK(oQ7WK)Adult (m)2,2425672
xWLVXFoG Element Of A Pure PureeAdult (f)2,0594231
75OUUFoG Perfectly ElementalAdult (f)2,3445025
pJJU5FoG Element Of A Haunted GeckoAdult (m)2,2455523
pto6a(pto6a)Adult (f)2,3165264
y82A9(y82A9)Adult (f)2,5196632
rNpBhFoG Tonrar's Pure ElementAdult (f)2,1955044
6GiCB(6GiCB)Adult (m)2,2605224
oOOZnFoG Guardian's Shadowed ElementAdult (f)2,8044765
e1KQiFoG Element Of A Shadowed RoseAdult (m)2,0696413
VR66W(VR66W)Adult (m)2,7855403
tNVAo(tNVAo)Adult (f)1,6235713
JS0zqFoG Element Of A Shadowed GraveAdult (f)2,1026235
zDhfFFoG Shadowed Elemental GuardianAdult (m)2,7915342
zBVBqFoG Grave Elemental ShadowAdult (m)2,2485776
vcuWEFoG Shadow Of An Elemental MajiAdult (m)2,2104652
VOipS(VOipS)Adult (m)1,0845015
MoZOi(MoZOi)Adult (f)3,6214533
QxsFMFoG Element Of A Radiant ShadowAdult (f)1,3087082
G2ydH(G2ydH)Adult (m)2,6615761
GOU9xFoG Element Of A Vexing GraveAdult (m)1,2865732
ZL02X(ZL02X)Adult (m)1,8703136
ZOrOU(ZOrOU)Adult (m)3,1974525
YIY1E(YIY1E)Adult (f)2,6434963
ZB17d(ZB17d)Adult (f)2,9504844
2E9DW(2E9DW)Adult (f)1,6722985
vr2rc(vr2rc)Adult (f)2,0876032
azSc0FoG Fae's Haunted ElementAdult (f)5,0626741
Skb04(Skb04)Adult (m)4,6626942
OAStJ(OAStJ)Adult (m)2,3294572
bsFAr(bsFAr)Adult (m)3,0516801
sPWbv(sPWbv)Adult (m)3,0016741
eD7GgFoG Hakie's Haunted ElementAdult (f)3,2327041
3gzmQ(3gzmQ)Adult (m)3,1687012
ew614(ew614)Adult (m)3,2506611
DJgvFoG Elemental Solitaire FilleAdult (f)9106694
hIK70FoG Libra's Elemental PebblesAdult (f)3,1896223
PjmZFoG Benjamin's Elemental CrownAdult (m)1,9804248
jD70FoG Lulach's Element Of KyanosAdult (m)2,6503537
mT0vFoG Taso's Quartz ElementAdult (m)2,38569515
YHDLFoG Libra's Sparkling ElementAdult (m)4,8545123
wHnhPFoG 5E Full Circle Rocking AltAdult (m)3,3353742
Xo4Jg(Xo4Jg)Adult (m)2,8146411
iOWOEFoG Pelouse's FullCircle ElementAdult (m)1,9885655
JXVURFoG FC Element Of A Blue AltAdult (m)3,6003973
s3KtFoG Element In The Deep Blue SeaAdult (m)1,94335411
H0MFDFoG Libra's Second Blue ElementAdult (m)2,3316912
xnS9NFoG Earthgirl's Elemental SoulAdult (f)3,8217764
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