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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “FullOfGrace,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
c6kBFoG Element Of A First SnowAdult (f)3,3565669
6oifFoG Chatnoir's ElementAdult (m)3,0562048
QPYTFoG Element Of A Vexing SeasonAdult (f)1,84742812
8MYIFoG Neverending ElementAdult (m)1,6465074
bCqPFoG Element Of A SnowcrunchAdult (f)2,5983456
cOtT(cOtT)Adult (m)1,5995059
9cKbFoG Element Of Nara's SnowfallAdult (f)2,78431610
fT33(fT33)Adult (m)2,7921,0099
ObNM(ObNM)Adult (f)2,6883239
GsKsFoG Nara's ElementAdult (m)2,6185626
RbJu(RbJu)Adult (f)2,6515758
CS4i(CS4i)Adult (m)3,6433409
nHtQ(nHtQ)Adult (f)4,01633412
FlMVFoG Roshi's Elemental RainAdult (m)7,2871,39312
LYqlFoG Wx's Element Of Pink ShowersAdult (f)3,4524068
095vFoG Amahira's Element Of SeasonsAdult (m)1,8383478
AEKYFoG Loki's Element Of SeasonsAdult (f)1,70075222
Me5gFoG Blooming Snoesiepoes ElementAdult (m)6925184
tAGsFoG 5E Wx's Not Easy Being GreenAdult (f)3,7794977
HkoPFoG Lumineux Element Of SeasonsAdult (m)2,01833211
sr7VFoG Snoesie's Elemental BlossomAdult (f)8086204
W1IUFoG Pixelen's Seasonal ElementAdult (m)1,7603647
J5XGFoG Element Of A Pink SheepAdult (f)1,2246076
R3VBFoG Schnee's Element Of SeasonsAdult (m)8664565
ycxkDracofamilia Seasonal ElementAdult (f)7165445
gBro(gBro)Adult (m)4,2132995
sQBQ(sQBQ)Adult (f)2,42743315
Ka5S(Ka5S)Adult (m)3,4192546
li4h(li4h)Adult (f)5,4153614
MBuJ(MBuJ)Adult (m)3,6642934
EA3u(EA3u)Adult (f)4,6324318
qcQXFoG Roshi's Dancing ElementAdult (m)4,67862712
X0kHFoG 5E Wx's Thunder In The SunAdult (f)3,0594516
dQiM(dQiM)Adult (m)4,1502773
fNf4(fNf4)Adult (f)3,5303405
Wv5d(Wv5d)Adult (m)2,8423135
OI7v(OI7v)Adult (f)4,5653517
WDLjFoG Dauphin's Seasonal ElementAdult (m)1,6768728
j6bh(j6bh)Adult (f)4,7213366
jE6vFoG Seagen's ElementalAdult (m)1,41086515
ZfnP(ZfnP)Adult (f)3,9563507
MNdZJ(MNdZJ)Adult (m)1,9509054
4S37FoG Element di Amore In EstateAdult (m)3,6644403
7taLFoG Hunter's Summer ElementAdult (f)3,5013799
G72NFoG Kat's Seasonal ElementAdult (m)2,20969511
ZeaHFoG Christine's Novel ElementAdult (f)1,3514105
RRjiFoG Philosophy Of The ElementsAdult (m)4,76540813
38iFFoG Element de L'amour En EteAdult (f)1,92037712
CyPYFoG Wimbledon's Seasonal ElementAdult (m)2,06049312
L1A2FoG Summer Breeze ElementalAdult (f)1,8374388
gL0kFoG Gratiae's Hot ElementAdult (m)2,46222910
Oc5PFoG Gratiae's Sweltering ElementAdult (f)9123914
LBVX(LBVX)Adult (m)2,9606997
vlMkFoG Element Of Summer SolsticeAdult (f)1,2883715
OQ9N(OQ9N)Adult (m)3,6694125
QAYc(QAYc)Adult (f)4,0474596
pv39FoG Stewie In The ElementsAdult (m)3,6984324
Qolg(Qolg)Adult (f)2,8534142
EiJKiFoG Gratiae's Myrkari ElementAdult (f)2,1866951
3ipf(3ipf)Adult (m)1,75039210
3GU9(3GU9)Adult (f)1,6584743
5p8j(5p8j)Adult (m)3,8482587
86dq(86dq)Adult (f)3,28833612
9XEQ(9XEQ)Adult (m)4,2025146
FOtL(FOtL)Adult (f)3,4133136
sXtaFoG Libra's Autumn ElementAdult (m)2,8573003
9j1f(9j1f)Adult (f)3,2542515
pWas(pWas)Adult (m)2,7892671
Ct9j(Ct9j)Adult (f)2,9852771
rb7G(rb7G)Adult (m)2,6309883
61Oj(61Oj)Adult (f)4,0152694
0fpl(0fpl)Adult (m)2,30446613
3qm7(3qm7)Adult (m)4,1613515
L0EP(L0EP)Adult (f)4,7055973
k7YD(k7YD)Adult (m)1,3545616
vLYI(vLYI)Adult (f)3,6982479
vOcf(vOcf)Adult (m)3,5762424
P65k(P65k)Adult (f)1,83933510
dETW(dETW)Adult (m)4,5543867
QETl(QETl)Adult (f)2,9683315
BVpC(BVpC)Adult (m)3,3633448
njiUFoG Element Of A Vexing ChatnoirAdult (f)1,9967159
cgC6FoG Element Of Pink PollenAdult (m)3,5963905
YQ4JFoG Element Of An Open WindowAdult (f)3,61837410
KRDD(KRDD)Adult (m)3,9713184
mCn7FoG Spring Fancyflight ElementalAdult (f)2,0895727
UsKB(UsKB)Adult (m)3,0033106
TKUAFoG 5E Spring Into A Full CircleAdult (f)5,12134312
aAcKFoG 5E You Are My SunshineAdult (m)3,6414095
MiOIFoG Jolly Green ElementAdult (f)3,9594472
qlOsFoG Jade's Elemental MountainAdult (m)3,3162814
EHHiFoG Hel's Element Of SeasonsAdult (f)1,7994518
SN6AFoG Summer Season ElementAdult (m)2,4421,18728
aO07(aO07)Adult (f)3,85248816
HFeL(HFeL)Adult (m)2,7394748
xs3FFoG Excessive Seasonal ElementAdult (f)3,0226528
WsigFoG Elemental Tilt A WhirlAdult (m)3,9334027
T1jXFoG Element Of Hot TimesAdult (f)4,0954194
Mj5d(Mj5d)Adult (m)3,7024406
iPuu(iPuu)Adult (f)4,0324396
0BolP(0BolP)Adult (m)2,4105655
JYVBj(JYVBj)Adult (f)1,5717062
2X79S(2X79S)Adult (m)2,5356155
HDp6g(HDp6g)Adult (f)2,7028291
3Ir9t(3Ir9t)Adult (m)2,7736762
jrlcq(jrlcq)Adult (m)2,5248201
RKk5k(RKk5k)Adult (m)2,5596984
hmq3V(hmq3V)Adult (m)3,0346984
69RA(69RA)Adult (m)3,3313257
mVaj(mVaj)Adult (f)2,4318709
aNtJ(aNtJ)Adult (m)3,9153667
61Ms(61Ms)Adult (f)4,5214034
hSYCFoG Cane Corso In The ElementsAdult (m)3,6173872
r2pr(r2pr)Adult (f)2,7743464
OqPQ(OqPQ)Adult (m)2,9913573
7Dbc(7Dbc)Adult (f)3,8992605
tDDe(tDDe)Adult (m)2,3013869
3BQIFoG 5E French Vanilla BeanAdult (f)2,6663113
vuA7(vuA7)Adult (m)2,90340011
a4ic(a4ic)Adult (f)3,85434914
PX5mFoG egg shell dorkfaceAdult (m)2,69934211
lhAk(lhAk)Adult (m)2,5955467
3RVa(3RVa)Adult (f)2,0077484
NOa0(NOa0)Adult (m)3,4253599
9f9k(9f9k)Adult (f)4,7813415
jvFA(jvFA)Adult (f)2,29334110
2jUL(2jUL)Adult (m)2,8707325
jCsb(jCsb)Adult (m)1,7454357
UtXG(UtXG)Adult (m)3,69141011
3Ju5(3Ju5)Adult (m)1,0305709
Kahf(Kahf)Adult (f)3,8133115
QjmL(QjmL)Adult (m)10,5377106
gs31(gs31)Adult (f)4,0053387
THVJP(THVJP)Adult (m)3,9439964
GOdOO(GOdOO)Adult (f)1,5046563
qjl0FoG Sprinkler In The ElementsAdult (m)3,3224357
sDKl(sDKl)Adult (m)3,8693926
R5hD(R5hD)Adult (f)3,6693623
BkThe(BkThe)Adult (m)1,5937402
HTbA(HTbA)Adult (f)1,85343711
6kTK(6kTK)Adult (m)2,0575983
GKEa(GKEa)Adult (f)4,6743758
aK97(aK97)Adult (m)2,1637709
e64g(e64g)Adult (f)2,55366714
UZhEFoG Element Of Cooling LeavesAdult (m)3,6524752
BiSFFoG Hay Ride In The ElementsAdult (f)3,8583983
SFMcFoG SpikeAdult1,85991311
fAohFoG Element Of A Frost CastleAdult (m)2,8912599
v5jOFoG 5E Draconis Ice RibbonAdult (f)3,8194189
ldXU(ldXU)Adult (m)1,5717044
o4Au(o4Au)Adult (f)1,9214817
OrPbFoG 5E Arriving Full CircleAdult (f)1,34851112
oICS(oICS)Adult (m)2,8923338
ipts7(ipts7)Adult (f)1,7896683
3L85(3L85)Adult (m)3,4355295
YnJu(YnJu)Adult (f)2,8294203
oIHKW(oIHKW)Adult (f)1,4257711
Wh9B(Wh9B)Adult (f)3,1803172
2ICFFoG Draconis ElementalAdult (f)4,7683918
XXBdU(XXBdU)Adult (m)1,9748733
gQBCFoG Hope Floats In The ElementsAdult (f)4,9393337
96eOL(96eOL)Adult (f)2,7577573
14RjQ(14RjQ)Adult (f)2,8837891
ooqQ(ooqQ)Adult (m)3,6703976
A7UF(A7UF)Adult (f)5,7551,0845
qis7(qis7)Adult (m)2,8112698
cWvA(cWvA)Adult (m)3,5923615
m99le(m99le)Adult (f)1,9508320
ISLOM(ISLOM)Adult (m)2,4877164
leGYLa Chicken Del CrispyAdult (f)2,15081710
eI6P(eI6P)Adult (f)2,9917966
QdkqFoG 5E Full Circle Of SeasonsAdult (m)1,4235249
Jf1BFoG Nenya's Seasonal ElementAdult (f)1,7355639
VVoU(VVoU)Adult (f)3,2382834
KgSiFoG Elemental Fourth SpiralAdult (m)4,3413677
kGRqFoG Elemental Fifth SpiralAdult (f)3,5533308
cEgTjFoG Elemental Sixth SpiralAdult (m)1,8067311
JOOAmFoG Elemental Seventh SpiralAdult (f)1,5508422
eEtKZFoG Elemental Eighth SpiralAdult (m)1,6337233
v7dpBFoG Elemental Ninth SpiralAdult (f)2,1837052
0p1mpFoG Elemental Tenth SpiralAdult (m)2,2167631
pNOsUFoG Elemental Eleventh SpiralAdult (f)2,8827591
hokXcFoG Elemental Twelfth SpiralAdult (m)2,5727062
LOp0cFoG Elemental Thirteenth SpiralAdult (f)1,7696401
RqjjiFoG Elemental Fourteenth SpiralAdult (m)1,8936611
sdPmLFoG 5E Libra's Fifteenth SpiralAdult (f)1,7123471
XaW1AFoG Elemental Sixteenth SpiralAdult (m)2,9169843
2vauuFoG Elemental Seventeenth SpiralAdult (f)3,8827605
1NmjVFoG Elemental Eighteenth SpiralAdult (m)3,0999493
ukItnFoG 5E NewYear Nineteenth SpiralAdult (f)2,5787292
mkV4BFoG Elemental Twentieth SpiralAdult (m)1,8807311
ojvI4FoG 5E FC Twenty First SpiralAdult (f)2,5274142
NeZ03FoG 5E Libra's 22nd SpiralAdult (m)2,3576663
QXUweFoG 5E Twenty Fourth SpiralAdult (m)2,2196301
AdqY0FoG 5E Twenty Third SpiralAdult (f)2,4426664
JHnYFFoG 5E New Year 25th SpiralAdult (f)1,9036893
djo34FoG 5E Twenty Sixth SpiralAdult (m)3,0666471
wUleAFoG 5E Twenty Seventh SpiralAdult (f)1,8906421
GD6REFoG 5E Twenty Eighth SpiralAdult (m)3,1288833
xh1mCFoG 5E Twenty Ninth SpiralAdult (f)2,4717366
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