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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “FullOfGrace,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6Oi1FoG Bluey's Wuau ThuwedAdult (f)3,02538810
ea0IFoG BB Elemental Wuau ThuwedAdult (f)1,9575802
kclnFoG Pony's Wuau ThuwedAdult (m)4,28041812
qd7GFoG Rex's Immortal ThuwedAdult (m)4,0476216
n42j(n42j)Adult (f)3,7354188
tPgaFoG Gyps' Wuau ThuwedAdult (m)2,35744817
QDZqFoG Kad's Elemental Wuau ThuwedAdult (m)4,4314378
YohtFoG Lola's Wuau ThuwedAdult (f)4,8923778
7qc8FoG Vexing Elemental ThuwedAdult (m)2,1563848
uqCh(uqCh)Adult (m)3,4773638
tEa7FoG Khafcasuko Element Of ThuwedAdult (m)2,0344196
6HRgFoG Semira Dusk Dorkface ThuwedAdult (f)2,1437236
5kekFoG Libra's Gifted ThuwedAdult (m)2,80435011
0AqWjFoG Gifted Draconis ThuwedAdult (m)1,9458085
N1dlFoG Lord Element Of DorkfaceAdult (m)4,2143738
crLMFoG Snowy Libra DorkfaceAdult (m)2,1753306
F5PSiFoG 5E Zelda's Libra DorkfaceAdult (m)3,1446172
iVh5FoG Valiant DorkfaceAdult (m)1,62343410
7pStMai's Lilla Dorkface LammAdult (f)2,7963568
Z3hGFoG Lailah DorkfaceAdult (f)2,95939514
k0rsFoG Windsor Of DorkfaceAdult (m)1,90434314
qZWePagan's Little Caesar DorkfaceAdult (m)1,6614879
ueQXFoG Surprise Dorkface ElementalAdult (f)2,0305163
h1EkEarl Sinclair of DorkfaceAdult (m)8,61186415
S6Yu5FoG Element Of A Gifted DorkfaceAdult (m)2,28769210
EAlmDorkface's Pink Leading LadyAdult (f)2,18660912
9XfprMG purple fail IIMAdult (m)2,2077105
Q2qYd(Q2qYd)Adult (m)1,7477232
1mPIg(1mPIg)Adult (m)1,8346731
Y8uSiFoG Gratiae's Mantis KreweAdult (m)1,9216483
ANdD(ANdD)Adult (f)2,7324168
sbDd4FoG Gratiae's Lime LibraAdult (m)2,2746482
1fgzZFoG Gratiae's Green TreeSeekersAdult (f)2,0026161
p8lBZFoG Gratiae's Libra GreensAdult (f)2,8584683
uGLjvFoG Gratiae's Shahrizai LibraAdult (f)3,2474704
6984SFoG Green MG IIAdult (f)2,4045234
YwmQxFoG Gratiae's Bright ChristmasAdult (f)1,4255631
VuCLXFoG Gratiae's Quaking FeverAdult (m)6,4641,0391
yFiNOFoG Gratiae's Malachite LibraAdult (f)2,0594942
TsfWKFoG Gratiae's Libra GreeneryAdult (m)1,6726081
4tL0wFoG Gratiae's Green LibraAdult (f)2,3206702
VrqJM(VrqJM)Adult (m)2,4056105
4TxeSFoG Gratiae's Libra In GreenAdult (f)2,8737071
S5ruuFoG Fiona's Libra GratiaeAdult (f)2,2037793
K6idMFoG Gratiae's Third Gold LibraAdult (f)2,1611,1721
WhEunFoG Gratiae's Frilly HarvestAdult (f)4,6505921
djUie(djUie)Adult (f)2,8926862
bXA4nFoG Gratiae's Golden FrillAdult (f)2,1787213
so4ePFoG Gratiae's Golden MoonmewAdult (f)2,42576410
MDViqFoG Gratiae's Second LibraAdult (m)1,6194762
Vz3cFFoG Gratiae's Golden LibraAdult (m)2,8727351
dC6dh(dC6dh)Adult (f)2,1977092
36qRiFoG Gratiae's LilypadAdult (f)2,1276025
aqIYIFoG Gratiae's Matching LibraAdult (f)2,2727251
GlIXA(GlIXA)Adult (m)2,1756701
ye2vP(ye2vP)Adult (m)2,1647141
qZiriFoG Gratiae's Libra CrownAdult (m)1,9227031
D9QlFoG BB Justice For PegasusAdult (m)3,94835611
3FnfH(3FnfH)Adult (f)2,7608822
rCUJgMG purple project IIIFAdult (f)3,7441,1781
MV5opFoG Xoco's Purple GratiaeAdult (f)3,0029601
Ug4h3(Ug4h3)Adult (m)3,7807464
FXRQjFoG Gratiae's Lilac LibraAdult (f)3,2236312
Xbs6g(Xbs6g)Adult (m)2,2625622
FXLu5FoG Gratiae's Violet LibraAdult (m)2,7695623
AJTs7(AJTs7)Adult (m)2,4335793
dqBv3FoG Gratiae's Amethyst LibraAdult (m)4,1817842
PkEQe(PkEQe)Adult (m)3,2676644
ZDBdOFoG Airaani's Libra CarnivalAdult (m)2,9204302
FXs6T(FXs6T)Adult (f)3,9077135
tNc6cFoG MG Stripe 3 You're OutAdult (f)1,8485602
f2sNtFoG Gratiae's Frilled CavernAdult (m)1,6144371
0C2iAFoG Gratiae's Horned LurkerAdult (m)2,3095952
ElzlZFoG Libra's Second WyvernAdult (m)2,3906014
t3qZ0FoG Golden WyvernusAdult (f)1,8377073
LEHELFoG Wyvern's Second LibraAdult (f)2,0356891
9eUZEFoG Liver WyvernusAdult (m)2,5606545
ESMowFoG Rainbow WyvernusAdult (m)2,1317451
NGDAsFoG Libra's Second WyvernusAdult (m)3,1776361
uCz5IFoG Surfing Blue LibraAdult (m)2,3286194
18JTZFoG Libra BluesAdult (f)1,9816431
9hKeALL YOU NEED IS LOVE lineageAdult (f)2,74429614
IusOFoG Pink Candy HeartAdult (f)2,44437119
ddA3FoG Zysa's Love Of Pink HeartsAdult (f)2,28235918
tfGaFoG Marmalade's Love Of PinkAdult (m)3,3003228
UtuJlFoG Love's Sweet FertilityAdult (m)1,8156054
AbV4FoG Love Of Pink RosesAdult (f)4,6133995
ucIJVFoG Love's Shadowed RoseAdult (f)2,3759763
hiUiZFoG Element Of A Shadowed HeartAdult (m)1,6315923
F8FOgFoG Pink Love SpellsAdult (f)1,9516053
Raf3aFoG Love's Pink CasterAdult (f)1,7286412
IIwnt(IIwnt)Adult (m)1,9716083
09Tez(09Tez)Adult (m)2,1826272
gpHPd(gpHPd)Adult (m)3,8397010
UKD1pFoG Shadow's Bright LoveAdult (m)1,2415544
t45EDFoG Love's Bright ShadowAdult (m)2,0926303
qJ5lhFoG Saint Valentine Of LoveAdult (m)2,1337984
oTtn0FoG Shadow Of A Bright LoveAdult (m)1,5286102
lgLL0FoG Bright Love Of ShadowsAdult (f)2,2865346
KprHCFoG Valentine's Shadowed LoveAdult (f)1,6976204
TQ60lFoG Shadow's Sweet LoveAdult (f)1,5326455
V8hBB(V8hBB)Adult (m)2,8068864
DLWLI(DLWLI)Adult (m)2,4478063
7lA7FoG Love's Frosted Sugar CookieAdult (f)2,2834088
XDKGFoG Chaucer's Unfeigned LoveAdult (f)3,4866154
l6rHFoG Lily's Blushing LoveAdult (m)2,6754418
3snm(3snm)Adult (m)1,4723884
sbtGFoG Love Of SabotageAdult (m)3,9102697
rqu7FoG Melli's Pink LoverboyAdult (m)3,37186216
el3CFoG Piaget's Wings Of LoveAdult (m)2,1027399
PtfRFoG Prince Charming In LoveAdult (m)3,5812406
R1pIFoG Archangel's Love Of CandyAdult (m)2,7963246
QlBCFoG Troubadour's Love PoemAdult (m)2,0595426
vqmXFoG Crazy In LoveAdult (m)2,8283546
oN2FFoG Pink's Libra In LoveAdult (m)3,5412476
9pMA8(9pMA8)Adult (f)1,7666500
nA00Q(nA00Q)Adult (f)1,7296371
CkgL(CkgL)Adult (f)3,5682595
uYmb(uYmb)Adult (f)3,5082514
nQ1u(nQ1u)Adult (f)3,9522645
JLUYFoG Mudita's Love Of PinkAdult (f)2,04345111
5cQjFoG Linnea's Pink LoveAdult (f)2,71850111
cQogFoG Pink's Glorious LoveAdult (f)3,6372695
U7b6I(U7b6I)Adult (f)2,8499542
vWEm(vWEm)Adult (f)2,6554135
MiM8FoG Rose's Love Of WolvesAdult (f)1,92040910
NbeJFoG Pink Lokelani 'OhanaAdult (f)2,93596411
QvqLFoG Toccara's Love Of PinkAdult (f)3,6463367
5uRiFoG Fuchsia Stargazer In LoveAdult (f)3,5224398
NcdMFoG Pink's Sylvia In LoveAdult (f)3,1513408
Q63aFoG Adriana Wishing For LoveAdult (f)1,12644429
8TUjFoG Pony's Loving AmethystAdult (m)3,5514129
k22l(k22l)Adult (f)2,76250611
5w0fWFoG Pink's Second LoveAdult (f)1,6966795
LHbsQFoG Sweet's Love Of PinkAdult (f)1,3355131
FXESjFoG YulentineAdult (f)3,5716497
DUhvA(DUhvA)Adult (m)2,5065989
s5V6KFoG Noel's Elemental SolsticeAdult (m)1,8417282
4uENtFoG Elemental Grave SeekerAdult (m)1,5226562
xl2BgFoG Noel's Heartseeking AngelAdult (m)3,4166239
9Ljc2FoG Element Of A Lovely ShadowAdult (m)2,1565623
xs89OFoG Rose's Sweet LoveAdult (f)3,1426867
U2XTNFoG Pink's Love Of SweetsAdult (f)1,7816784
OTTfR(OTTfR)Adult (m)3,4469797
7y3vj(7y3vj)Adult (m)5,4747404
U0HSV(U0HSV)Adult (m)2,3146743
St1FL(St1FL)Adult (m)2,0616368
XptYB(XptYB)Adult (f)1,6936321
2836f(2836f)Adult (f)1,6716251
MBasx(MBasx)Adult (m)1,5345286
tiizY(tiizY)Adult (f)1,6305339
xIxrk(xIxrk)Adult (m)1,5025904
9PjYS(9PjYS)Adult (m)1,2864802
nIoLI(nIoLI)Adult (f)2,8227313
8pET2(8pET2)Adult (f)2,8387381
Q9Zh1(Q9Zh1)Adult (f)5,4817560
gcJZq(gcJZq)Adult (m)3,7897575
oq9Ml(oq9Ml)Adult (f)3,9492805
ivZz7(ivZz7)Adult (f)5,1406464
ihROG(ihROG)Adult (f)3,8355472
Ig7Vs(Ig7Vs)Adult (m)3,8795362
aCnTO(aCnTO)Adult (m)4,9979084
tGHe5(tGHe5)Adult (f)4,8013593
gq55F(gq55F)Adult (f)2,1664362
JlhfK(JlhfK)Adult (f)6,5681,0034
ks8ED(ks8ED)Adult (m)4,8561,0444
4kok3(4kok3)Adult (m)3,2703591
VQdMc(VQdMc)Adult (f)3,4783621
7ok4S(7ok4S)Adult (f)4,1602871
N74Lh(N74Lh)Adult (m)3,4056222
Oyiin(Oyiin)Adult (f)5,0855181
82X3a(82X3a)Adult (f)4,0642793
dAuoFoG Molten Element D'HennegelAdult (f)3,2383694
rZZ2sFoG D'Hennegel's Elemental CodeAdult (m)5,2034413
ZihMFoG Element Of D'HennegelAdult (m)4,0032686
2YhuNOEL lineageAdult (f)3,7552726
ectsFoG Joyeux Noel AngelAdult (f)1,6418136
aU4mFoG Noel's Shiny RibbonAdult (f)1,8756213
jeTeFoG Noel's Little Miracle GiftAdult (m)2,70438835
knR6D(knR6D)Adult (f)2,1224591
Y2u6d(Y2u6d)Adult (f)2,0514811
RqOaP(RqOaP)Adult (m)2,0204660
IMvQWwill be maleAdult (m)2,9725182
gMQOI(gMQOI)Adult (m)1,8815710
G4VDY(G4VDY)Adult (m)2,7037420
LjR6Z(LjR6Z)Adult (m)3,2234201
9RMSo(9RMSo)Adult (m)1,08237710
dx0LI(dx0LI)Adult (f)9723957
cIkUB(cIkUB)Adult (m)1,0823885
b49Fu(b49Fu)Adult (m)2,49268610
9o0bo(9o0bo)Adult (m)1,7365955
RidGE(RidGE)Adult (m)2,5319093
TDZEJ(TDZEJ)Adult (m)1,7916751
yo4qz(yo4qz)Adult (m)1,1796191
GCNiv(GCNiv)Adult (m)2,3671,0211
FQ9oD(FQ9oD)Adult (m)1,7127552
DQSlj(DQSlj)Adult (m)1,4025734
gKJ6s(gKJ6s)Adult (m)4,6037183
836J1(836J1)Adult (m)2,8089255
n8M0V(n8M0V)Adult (m)3,4717122
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