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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “FullOfGrace,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
qdwQBrightside Of Celestial ElementsAdult (f)1,76245414
KgoiFoG Element Of Fiery WindAdult (f)3,5043614
s8QDBrightside Of Being An ElementAdult (m)2,6271,0978
KIpkFoG Seven Monster ElementsAdult (f)3,2473873
h6Y9FoG Element Of A Whimsical RoseAdult (m)2,0555119
ivk7FoG Monster Element IVAdult (f)5,1553524
GYarReigning Peace of the ForbiddenAdult (f)2,14892413
3qMI(3qMI)Adult (f)4,2885855
OB8pLady Katherina of the ForbiddenAdult (f)2,4575997
Hb4H(Hb4H)Adult (m)3,5193355
pcoUFoG Vanagai Dideles ViltysAdult (f)2,36932413
dfdqFoG Element Of KotoAdult (m)4,1703828
I1SaFoG Elemental Monster IVAdult (f)3,6664007
FqnMFoG Kalypso's Artistic ElementAdult (f)2,4512905
M9v4FoG Four Monster ElementsAdult (f)3,9133853
NtLMqFoG Libra's Fourth ElementAdult (f)1,9926812
BhLQFoG Full Circle Roiling ElementAdult (f)3,9573188
9KCfFoG Fifth Elemental LeelooAdult (f)3,49142910
M6qpLFoG 5E Category 3 MonsterAdult (f)1,7086111
HSwo8FoG Libra's True Blue ElementAdult (f)1,9156821
VsjOFoG Fourth Elemental LeelooAdult (f)3,1094588
2khuHFoG Element Of A Fiery MonsterAdult (m)2,2137361
NbncbFoG 5E Fire Monster IVAdult (m)2,2177061
poryFoG Divine ElementAdult (f)2,93928814
JDutFoG 5E Monster Of Fire And WindAdult (m)1,2254581
BM7qFoG Element Of An Amethyst SwanAdult (m)3,1582815
OJ6N(OJ6N)Adult (m)2,10479012
SWfL(SWfL)Adult (f)3,8674044
2ZZmFoG Elemental Heart Of MineAdult (f)2,6963328
mbgNC(mbgNC)Adult (m)1,7266662
Jeme(Jeme)Adult (m)3,6163914
kCVPFoG 5E Apparition Of IncantoAdult (m)3,4173825
FKKG(FKKG)Adult (f)4,0813753
enp3(enp3)Adult (f)2,41341111
H6r6(H6r6)Adult (f)4,1104919
WDiX2FoG 5E Full Circle's Third BlueAdult (f)1,4246382
a4BX(a4BX)Adult (f)2,6408846
e3PlFoG Element Of Sky Fits HeavenAdult (f)2,0913905
bBqj(bBqj)Adult (f)3,29042210
Agp0QFoG 3rd Element Of IndependenceAdult (f)3,6746523
DfZL(DfZL)Adult (f)2,14381111
pw5QXFoG 5E Third Blue LibraAdult (m)1,7696062
0aOF(0aOF)Adult (m)3,4152408
AHEI(AHEI)Adult (m)2,0037231
KvsIFoG Essex ElementalAdult (f)1,24548411
qmOm(qmOm)Adult (f)3,1974937
TaI9(TaI9)Adult (m)2,9584064
cWJG(cWJG)Adult (f)8,1879287
FNc4(FNc4)Adult (m)2,2333381
BGQ9(BGQ9)Adult (f)1,7404771
XuFv(XuFv)Adult (f)2,8093712
ZW9LFoG Sachiel's Elemental LibraAdult (m)2,2157342
JhbQ(JhbQ)Adult (m)3,5474183
CCp5(CCp5)Adult (f)3,5812395
ZsQM(ZsQM)Adult (f)2,9103095
kFe0(kFe0)Adult (m)3,4933535
4uaRGFoG 5E Full Circle RainbowAdult (m)1,6416872
uij3FoG 5E Full Circle Triad CrashAdult (f)3,5832706
0MarFoG Element Of A Peking LilacAdult (m)3,1163614
0iugFoG Full Circle 5E CollisionAdult (m)4,5913127
ADtP(ADtP)Adult (f)1,9046314
4Q8R(4Q8R)Adult (m)5,4858399
2IkIBook Of ShadowsAdult9805664
RYHl9FoG 5E FC Gratiae's Gold SecondAdult (f)6,8884672
GnURgFoG FC Gratiae's ElementalAdult (m)3,6193973
nZunhFoG FC Second Elemental BluesAdult (m)1,4425162
UCTh8FoG 5E Second Full Circle BluesAdult (m)1,9685733
JHrpaFoG FC Element Of Fire And LifeAdult (m)4,1133112
jsrePFoG 5E Icy Full Circle BluesAdult (m)4,0653072
1RsQoFoG FC Element Of Blue FireAdult (f)1,6185182
gyEBqFoG 5E Blue Full Circle FireAdult (f)1,7215661
MhpCwFoG 5E Full Circle Of FireAdult (m)3,3944122
4mxSvFoG FC Second Elemental FireAdult (f)4,2434325
YovwUFoG FC Watery Blues ElementalAdult (m)1,6194874
RoVKbFoG 5E FullCircle Of Blue WatersAdult (m)3,2623712
rkhdUFoG FC Gratiae's Green ElementAdult (m)1,5725513
3Y17SFoG 5E FC Gratiae's Second GreenAdult (f)3,9613253
0m3o5FoG FC Gratiae's Elemental GreenAdult (f)3,3054112
Tc7eZFoG 5E FC Gratiae's Second GoldAdult (f)2,3365002
MCcJFoG FC Merry Elemental HarlequinAdult (m)3,9022915
9c7TFoG Lombard's Queen ElementAdult (f)3,1002967
KZJDDFoG 5E Full Circle BluesAdult (m)1,8767522
BVLgSFoG Element Of A Silver ShadowAdult (f)3,1877179
cL3TFoG Jake's Elemental BlasterAdult (m)2,5973973
MBuXwFoG FC Element Of Earth And WindAdult (f)1,9665454
18Q3FoG Element Of DanburyAdult (m)1,9326026
fhdRFoG Arion's Elemental CycloneAdult (m)1,4594606
yBlLFoG Elle's Magick ElementAdult (f)2,4082949
gpC7kFoG 5E Libra's Gratiae WyvernAdult (m)2,4377142
tFc7sFoG 5E Gratiae's Green ColorFailAdult (m)2,1907201
ZIqWFoG Gorham's Crystal ElementAdult (f)4,4013488
pi1MI(pi1MI)Adult (f)2,1247691
Y8JFFoG Infiniment ElementalAdult (f)3,4404126
iMaZFoG Tassajara In His ElementAdult (m)2,7855249
maOhFoG Mural Of The ElementsAdult (f)2,66132611
b6agUFoG 5E Second Blue LibraAdult (f)2,2346593
STaJFoG Blue Patriot In The ElementsAdult (m)2,2203175
4rE7FoG Kingston's Blue ElementAdult (m)2,4192685
UkR02FoG Element Of A Second LibraAdult (f)2,2996512
I1eHFoG 5E Carmine's Sweet HelloAdult (m)4,5364346
Nre11(Nre11)Adult (m)1,5346611
M826EFoG 5E Two Full Circles In HellAdult (f)1,6896610
vimfFoG 5E Full Circle In The SandAdult (m)1,38845216
LWwdHFoG 5E Full Circle's Second FireAdult (m)1,3616312
0ibkFoG Amazing Blazing ElementAdult (f)1,48137215
siUkFoG 5E Jasper CupidAdult (m)2,12933215
iIcT(iIcT)Adult (m)2,5113816
9qaCFoG World's Elemental DreamAdult (f)2,28936711
USgUFoG Chaparral In The ElementsAdult (f)3,4802437
ZCMUFoG Element Of Moody BluesAdult (m)3,5417377
V49AFoG Thrud's Element Of StrengthAdult (f)2,9142665
aNDFFoG Dixie Cups In The ElementsAdult (f)2,4264336
bnOCGFoG 5E Two Blue Full CirclesAdult (f)2,6804172
MKF0FoG Ballyhoo In The ElementsAdult (m)2,9173186
obPSFoG Element Of A Frysian GypsyAdult (m)2,3313696
tJ17FoG Ashima's Blue ElementAdult (f)2,17268612
SieoFoG Kimberlite's Blue ElementAdult (f)4,2423595
BsqOFoG Blue Elemental TreasureAdult (f)3,1493196
O5HBFoG 5E Eve's Double Full CircleAdult (f)3,0102415
6oSsFoG Elemental Patriot's DreamAdult (f)2,48326713
SM8p9FoG Elemental Libra BluesAdult (m)2,2205551
Vd4mVFoG 5E Gratiae's 2nd FullCircleAdult (m)1,4086403
m00dFoG Dublin's ElementAdult (f)2,3216815
1qLa(1qLa)Adult (f)2,6923492
oQZiFoG Choochie's ElementAdult (f)6,8906058
leRq(leRq)Adult (f)2,9915314
l9kq5FoG 5E Gratiae's Libra SeasonAdult (f)1,9436843
ifU9FoG Elemental EeveeAdult (m)4,7703516
TRI5EFoG 5E Gratiae's Golden LibraAdult (f)1,9146842
qfA0jFoG Gratiae's Minty ElementAdult (f)2,1587331
5REEXFoG 5E Gratiae's Emerald LibraAdult (f)2,7236021
OBFcFoG Element Of Congo SquareAdult (m)3,0583387
nhlvcFoG 5E Gratiae's Full CircleAdult (m)2,4514290
du6gFoG Holiday In The ElementsAdult (m)1,5035962
UcVgFoG Sacred ElementAdult (m)1,66955510
Msk2FoG Presley's Sunshine ElementAdult (f)1,57639814
ZdogFoG Element Of JuniperAdult (m)3,3262785
C7R8FoG Painted Violet ElementAdult (f)2,4012688
4b1FFoG Element Of A Rosy CherubAdult (f)7,80556012
eTPiAP BRED ELEMENTSAdult2,0283414
eJLIX(eJLIX)Adult (f)5,26662612
i6HxVFoG Element Of A Shiny GiftAdult (f)2,3376663
SDD7FoG Zyrustana's Starry ElementAdult (m)3,2682808
Yuyx8FoG Element Of Half And HalfAdult (m)2,14473111
qhc5lFoG Blazing ElementAdult (m)5,5351,2536
fKzjHFoG Valkie's Elemental DreamerAdult (m)1,3825174
A0RdNFoG Element Of A Shadowed FogAdult (m)4,3894756
paEzI(paEzI)Adult (f)1,5244907
VZoFkFoG D'Alsea's Elemental ThirdAdult (f)1,8887802
CNeY9(CNeY9)Adult (f)2,4346646
qQGdaFoG 5E Valkie's Silver-n-GoldAdult (f)3,1447135
gKYgUFoG Ten'yo's 4K ElementAdult (f)2,8747412
sINIXFoG Gifted Elemental HuzAdult (f)2,2088555
p7V28FoG Bria'o'v's Metal ElementAdult (f)3,0537275
P0DB(P0DB)Adult (f)2,17277026
dSRxbFoG Roekerd's Elemental GiftAdult (f)2,8439167
Zp8cSFoG Roekerd's Gifted ElementAdult (f)3,2058533
P1MLbFoG Seventh Elemental MonsterAdult (m)2,2615761
TvjBFoG Element Of A Beautiful GiftAdult (f)2,9667308
t5FZCFoG Khazad's Shadowed ElementAdult (m)4,60544516
jSRj3FoG Confused Elemental IllusionAdult (m)1,8767108
UOTV1FoG Element Of A Blue OceanAdult (m)2,1354048
wlnjaFoG 5E Full Circle NinjaAdult (m)1,9918018
eCO7o(eCO7o)Adult (m)3,8001,05610
k2B7FoG Zagreus' Rebellious ElementAdult (m)1,3828739
XeuF0FoG Cayvyn's Gifted ElementAdult (f)1,4503907
ML9qqFoG Shadow's Elemental StarAdult (f)3,18948213
X8C6A(X8C6A)Adult (f)2,5717694
6aPTRFoG Ghostly Elemental ShadowAdult (f)1,72961410
aVTjq(aVTjq)Adult (f)2,0555065
gLlXk(gLlXk)Adult (f)3,1437152
RPlFVFoG Element Of A Green OtisAdult (f)3,1949887
12CHWFoG Holly's Elemental MoonbeamAdult (f)6,03868212
VLecP(VLecP)Adult (f)1,1133897
LRcUb(LRcUb)Adult (f)2,9975128
Dh4qk(Dh4qk)Adult (f)3,1876252
PR2T6(PR2T6)Adult (f)2,3217132
6oXm9(6oXm9)Adult (m)2,8708521
uoJrNFoG Apollo's Treasured ElementAdult (m)5,3331,15810
rCIPsFoG Licht's Elemental GiftAdult (m)5,3668934
ZkLLc(ZkLLc)Adult (m)3,06894610
H2IJgFoG 5E Amlug's Nebular SinAdult (f)4,6931,1807
3JQSDFoG Sin's Treasured ElementAdult (f)6,4821,14810
HPXE1FoG D'Orisaar's Epic ElementAdult (f)3,2021,03922
E0tEmFoG Lexy's Golden ElementAdult (f)3,78783114
qGkreFoG 5E Libra's Treasured VexAdult (f)3,7161,02415
QRQgIFoG Element Of A Sinful StarAdult (f)5,7429328
skWytFoG Epica's Elemental MoonAdult (f)3,9731,07815
3FPnmFoG Limca's Golden ElementAdult (f)3,79586213
grevNFoG Annie's Elemental FireAdult (f)3,9851,0364
ip1kJFoG Lati0s' Lunar ElementAdult (m)4,2281,5877
HL12W(HL12W)Adult (m)4,6401,1773
lsB7PFoG 5E Penk's Vexing LibraAdult (m)5,1396615
zuhZlFoG Dawn's Elemental MedalAdult (m)4,51698311
I4n87FoG Patxaran's Elemental CloudAdult (m)3,9058467
QwOvVFoG Patxaran's Elemental DreamAdult (m)6,02080512
RCtbBFoG Patxaran's Healing ElementAdult (m)3,7321,2539
09dn0FoG Element Of InextricaAdult (m)5,2511,09210
b3LZv(b3LZv)Adult (m)4,6909937
6pnOeFoG Inextrica's Starry ElementAdult (m)4,85396613
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