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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “FullOfGrace,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TDZEJ(TDZEJ)Adult (m)1,7916751
yo4qz(yo4qz)Adult (m)1,1796191
GCNiv(GCNiv)Adult (m)2,3671,0211
FQ9oD(FQ9oD)Adult (m)1,7127552
DQSlj(DQSlj)Adult (m)1,4025734
gKJ6s(gKJ6s)Adult (m)4,6037183
836J1(836J1)Adult (m)2,8089255
n8M0V(n8M0V)Adult (m)3,4717122
Cbxfm(Cbxfm)Adult (m)3,2317151
8EWhL(8EWhL)Adult (m)3,3556784
agllx(agllx)Adult (m)3,2899621
f9pR6(f9pR6)Adult (f)4,2189261
oFvEv(oFvEv)Adult (f)4,3931,1081
yUgr0(yUgr0)Adult (f)1,0485741
ZFgkU(ZFgkU)Adult (f)1,2686543
BzJEO(BzJEO)Adult (f)1,7876583
d1Cbb(d1Cbb)Adult (f)1,6196692
z6ajG(z6ajG)Adult (f)1,0605201
DCMGn(DCMGn)Adult (f)2,4851,0371
F7Lr7(F7Lr7)Adult (f)1,9023601
QI0Ir(QI0Ir)Adult (f)1,39748410
aDSiG(aDSiG)Adult (f)2,4167492
YDAMo(YDAMo)Adult (f)4,2179141
fiLMV(fiLMV)Adult (f)4,2461,1861
Enljs(Enljs)Adult (f)2,0036363
E8Z6J(E8Z6J)Adult (f)3,4938851
ZAclZFoG Gratiae's Golden NoelAdult (f)2,3199943
pcERR(pcERR)Adult (f)1,3456661
XawK7(XawK7)Adult (f)1,2786322
LyfLx(LyfLx)Adult (f)1,3645393
0kSihFoG 5E Noel's Golden MajiAdult (m)8664163
7goon(7goon)Adult (m)1,3056361
QnAOb(QnAOb)Adult (m)1,9726725
LZNjz(LZNjz)Adult (m)2,0956794
00vVY(00vVY)Adult (m)2,0736791
pRLE6(pRLE6)Adult (m)1,3315281
8BBL7(8BBL7)Adult (m)1,2425414
7awko(7awko)Adult (m)1,049483124
XVGe4(XVGe4)Adult (m)1,5526181
lb07q(lb07q)Adult (m)3,7599942
Wd9Ki(Wd9Ki)Adult (m)1,5946113
3gdoX(3gdoX)Adult (m)5,2019062
1ztu9(1ztu9)Adult (m)2,1188342
TlGyn(TlGyn)Adult (m)1,6456862
BOCKb(BOCKb)Adult (m)2,8335084
IfauQFoG Noel's Golden YuleAdult (m)3,07473617
eZM7JFoG Valkie's Noel GiftAdult (m)4,2361,30519
1hgeEFoG Noel's Golden AngelAdult (m)2,35255710
ETmqJFoG Noel's Shiny AngelAdult (m)2,9397398
hIhd4FoG Noel's Ribbon Of LightAdult (m)2,9121,0016
EsQOhFoG Noel's Angel On TopAdult (f)2,8504849
UW9vGFoG Noel's Shadowed AngelAdult (m)1,8725402
U4XVIFoG Noel's Shadowed YuleAdult (f)1,6165303
UPkk3FoG Noel's Shadowed RibbonAdult (m)3,2761,1133
PsFVCFoG Noel's Wrapped In ShadowsAdult (f)1,4965527
RVEltFoG Noel's White AngelAdult (m)2,1116493
NsYiFoG Ruadan's White NoelAdult (m)3,76025210
oDYd(oDYd)Adult (m)3,2033114
VAQhEFoG Noel's Holly ShadowAdult (f)2,61169812
2BLuJ(2BLuJ)Adult (f)2,8417232
4Aqb(4Aqb)Adult (f)3,71031612
LiJaFoG Kaw-Liga's Noel TrinketAdult (m)3,8364788
jA0UFoG Leylandi's Noel CastlewellanAdult (f)3,7822537
bUVeVFoG Yule's Draconis NoelAdult (f)2,2845336
pBUD(pBUD)Adult (m)3,93335610
a27XFoG Melia's Frilly NoelAdult (m)3,6113609
cVqfFoG Anmar's Noel FrillseekerAdult (m)4,0833607
MvcKFoG Iza's Noel AngelAdult (m)1,58961722
uQFE(uQFE)Adult (f)3,9213569
pSKr(pSKr)Adult (f)4,9453477
pn2W(pn2W)Adult (f)2,77152422
eQ5uJFoG Gratiae's Irish Lady ElementAdult (f)2,0228163
HXiVTFoG 5E Noel's Magick LibraAdult (m)4,3163996
efl8PFoG Libra's Noel AngelAdult (m)2,4948941
K75qjFoG Gratiae's Noel RibbonAdult (f)2,0426683
MbtZFeliz Navidad's Glowing HearthAdult (m)4,9505068
TfN8FoG Noel's Hot AngelAdult (m)2,8713359
0k2vFoG Noel's Cinnabar TalonstrikeAdult (f)3,28581814
t88m(t88m)Adult (f)2,7833303
JAd2FoG Macha's Libra NoelAdult (f)1,8344544
3QK7(3QK7)Adult (f)4,2423353
MGc3m(MGc3m)Adult (f)3,2039957
BZmd7(BZmd7)Adult (f)2,8106702
IZiWT(IZiWT)Adult (m)5,1708921
Awmgk(Awmgk)Adult (f)1,7905871
E1oQH(E1oQH)Adult (f)2,0096141
wO3VE(wO3VE)Adult (f)1,9026262
RvOoR(RvOoR)Adult (f)2,3506761
LZTLV(LZTLV)Adult (f)4,3971,0333
Gxad2(Gxad2)Adult (f)5,1341,1851
LP8eR(LP8eR)Adult (f)2,2404044
eJslm(eJslm)Adult (f)3,6217842
93yN6(93yN6)Adult (m)3,3224773
OwKXe(OwKXe)Adult (f)5,0555845
LlcSw(LlcSw)Adult (f)3,4934152
cXRP6(cXRP6)Adult (m)4,5094751
QkGpL(QkGpL)Adult (m)2,6903732
wg1D9(wg1D9)Adult (f)3,4044602
4UdVf(4UdVf)Adult (m)2,9597632
lFyO5(lFyO5)Adult (m)2,2666318
tgZ5m(tgZ5m)Adult (m)6,0004495
nAGCd(nAGCd)Adult (f)5,7564931
T07Fa(T07Fa)Adult (f)6,0124745
c2yti(c2yti)Adult (m)2,9575033
6ub3i(6ub3i)Adult (m)2,7456315
iE52p(iE52p)Adult (m)2,4664732
IA8q2(IA8q2)Adult (m)2,2315881
Db6mJ(Db6mJ)Adult (f)2,7036313
jtGX(jtGX)Adult (m)3,0582881
70XoS(70XoS)Adult (m)3,2076669
z2SwV(z2SwV)Adult (f)2,2866742
jrMk(jrMk)Adult (m)2,36236215
kTy49(kTy49)Adult (m)2,1335810
STY5(STY5)Adult (f)1,9063939
BEiY(BEiY)Adult (f)1,4314401
9HQZ(9HQZ)Adult (f)1,7765936
m8iX(m8iX)Adult (f)2,9914445
YrI1s(YrI1s)Adult (f)2,0795681
5TOUp(5TOUp)Adult (m)3,0065966
6kgQ(6kgQ)Adult (m)9974087
goGQjenchanted 2mAdult (m)2,6134391
t1Nh(t1Nh)Adult (m)2,66136018
Ravcdenchanted IIMAdult (m)2,5677925
LcfCkFoG Enchanted PeaceAdult (f)2,2606262
aOMG(aOMG)Adult (f)1,8754224
XAHk(XAHk)Adult (f)1,5336056
2prA(2prA)Adult (m)3,2622916
7Eu5yFoG Third Enchanted ShadowAdult (m)1,8755791
VBDUy(VBDUy)Adult (f)1,9135733
YvRHY(YvRHY)Adult (m)3,1517725
4bG0(4bG0)Adult (m)3,7083608
RRcYFoG Drake de Mon's Syke IllusionAdult (m)2,1688519
tT7j(tT7j)Adult (m)3,2442385
jfG1(jfG1)Adult (m)1,8926816
ddBR(ddBR)Adult (m)3,4652604
ssuYYFoG Enchanted HalloweenAdult (m)2,6485874
TxwtFoG Lancelot's Immortal KnightAdult (m)2,01031310
PYB0l(PYB0l)Adult (m)1,8805623
8xVGG(8xVGG)Adult (m)1,7495465
6oyEQ(6oyEQ)Adult (m)1,9185573
9XTLH(9XTLH)Adult (m)2,1095982
VpBFE(VpBFE)Adult (m)1,7565272
WCM7A(WCM7A)Adult (m)2,0936191
bwOBi(bwOBi)Adult (m)2,1366154
Tf02(Tf02)Adult (f)3,1262507
25EJb(25EJb)Adult (f)1,8525681
IYBgFoG Nineva's Goddess SemiraAdult (f)2,68327214
8IVuFoG Piper's Enchanted AkoyaAdult (f)6434822
L18MR(L18MR)Adult (f)3,0366232
arHr(arHr)Adult (m)2,55541120
HJl4FoG Black Velvet Bear Of AresAdult (m)2,03778414
Xmcf(Xmcf)Adult (m)3,1785617
LEG6FoG Noir Hoax Of KarposAdult (m)2,20654819
Oa1YFoG Haru's AvatarAdult (m)3,4122928
iqAvK(iqAvK)Adult (m)2,6598681
QFgZFoG Sweet Tropical TreasureAdult (m)8086045
CZSHFoG Callisto's Charmes de NoirAdult (f)1,18475022
tM23FoG Ebony Bambarra's SorceryAdult (f)1,7004763
icT3SELF BRED ELEMENTSAdult2,9182384
CHMnFoG Element Of A Stunt ManAdult (m)1,8563624
TWg8MFoG Enchanted Black CatAdult (f)3,9397969
69rm(69rm)Adult (f)1,70359210
NRJfWFoG Libra's Elemental ThirdAdult (m)2,2556641
KkAvFoG Selina Kyle's Strong VoyageAdult (f)2,1003238
a4mIFoG Elemental Monster VIAdult (m)1,7844024
0IW3FoG 5E Falling Piano's TreasureAdult (m)1,65856911
cGe2FoG Chandra's Onyx Spell Of FireAdult (f)1,77757310
i7uM(i7uM)Adult (f)2,91234114
WY6UuFoG Element Of A Golden PromiseAdult (f)2,4437915
6CkH5FoG Element Of A Bright AutumnAdult (f)2,7327125
RLt19(RLt19)Adult (f)2,6738581
A7XWFoG Monster EAdult (f)3,1363468
UeirL(UeirL)Adult (f)2,5518460
gjMBFoG Five Monster ElementsAdult (m)3,7984273
qm53v(qm53v)Adult (f)1,7926441
Ma7W1FoG 5E Full Circle HolidayAdult (f)1,7957411
jqcyVFoG Valentine's Third DinerAdult (m)1,8386351
dV9YFoG Element Of A Silver SpiralAdult (m)2,24536710
CfQOEpink diner IIIMAdult (m)3,1699811
ZSNppink diner IIIAdult (f)1,89047211
8U0ZFoG Element Of A Windy MonsterAdult (f)3,1902615
rB4sFoG Elemental Third SpiralAdult (f)4,3563168
uM54FoG Elemental Aquila WhirlAdult (f)4,0354335
18WVFoG Libra's Patriotic VexAdult (f)2,85631512
kKQmFoG Sunshine's Bright AngelAdult (f)2,3761,23810
ItlIFoG Grace's Delphinus ElementAdult (f)1,4795295
uIKPFoG Ruby Of Lady LibertyAdult (f)2,5021,13338
qukPFoG 5E Rosaline's Falling PianoAdult (f)3,2222805
AgvWFoG Kawaiahao's PledgeAdult (f)85037814
stFdFoG Rosalys In Her ElementAdult (f)1,7456247
qdwQBrightside Of Celestial ElementsAdult (f)1,76245414
KgoiFoG Element Of Fiery WindAdult (f)3,5043614
s8QDBrightside Of Being An ElementAdult (m)2,6271,0978
KIpkFoG Seven Monster ElementsAdult (f)3,2473873
h6Y9FoG Element Of A Whimsical RoseAdult (m)2,0555119
ivk7FoG Monster Element IVAdult (f)5,1553524
GYarReigning Peace of the ForbiddenAdult (f)2,14892413
3qMI(3qMI)Adult (f)4,2885855
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