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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “FullOfGrace,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
aguJPFoG Gratiae's Saint PatrickAdult (f)1,8925702
INeqQFoG Gratiae's Lucky CloverAdult (f)1,8916800
8ZXSzFoG Gratiae's Tropical LibraAdult (f)2,1514141
uS7UI(uS7UI)Adult (m)1,8717101
CtQAi(CtQAi)Adult (m)2,16579717
vR0Pc(vR0Pc)Adult (m)2,3536752
KaJK2FoG Gratiae's Venomous TableauAdult (m)1,8987292
jNp0KFoG JazzyAdult (f)1,8566971
hq21T(hq21T)Adult (f)2,6655915
qsGMgFoG Gratiae's Musty LibraAdult (f)2,5696102
vetT9(vetT9)Adult (m)3,4987790
kbjMB(kbjMB)Adult (f)3,5457531
2ZwLz(2ZwLz)Adult (m)2,3916501
kpo1a(kpo1a)Adult (m)2,7894452
TznWO(TznWO)Adult (m)2,4466342
fbykv(fbykv)Adult (f)2,5576540
fBMEL(fBMEL)Adult (f)1,9465511
LK7uw(LK7uw)Adult (f)2,6335305
TwyzW(TwyzW)Adult (m)4,5646312
A8TfO(A8TfO)Adult (f)3,6077681
rnZWz(rnZWz)Adult (m)3,5357561
hzENd(hzENd)Adult (f)5,1135640
biz1v(biz1v)Adult (f)4,8975660
FrlJp(FrlJp)Adult (m)5,3018985
fB3gf(fB3gf)Adult (f)2,7793491
c4o3FoG Glorious Medal Of HonorAdult (m)1,9958059
8rT2j(8rT2j)Adult (m)2,3033829
Y53NFoG Hash Marks Of IvoryAdult (m)1,6356727
UeAACFoG Gratiae's Golden BoyAdult (m)3,8951,09931
IffsJFoG Gratiae's Striped LibraAdult (m)2,6845805
LKqBFoG Vicats' MardiGras StripesAdult (m)1,9581,11814
JyxRFoG Stars And Stripes ForeverAdult (f)2,29179116
Dli3FoG Betsy's Magnolia GardenAdult (f)1,41898214
2D01FoG Golden Mardi Gras GirlAdult (f)1,1344064
P3hBFoG Libra's Patriotic SaintAdult (f)2,2782703
7VBhk(7VBhk)Adult (f)2,2227303
cOz3tFoG Gratiae's Party StripesAdult (f)1,1064863
875bv(875bv)Adult (m)1,7057914
4zeIr(4zeIr)Adult (m)3,3016128
j3Ggh(j3Ggh)Adult (m)2,3345742
QIEBV(QIEBV)Adult (m)2,3935931
Vhvv6(Vhvv6)Adult (m)1,5557013
q2dW8(q2dW8)Adult (f)2,3715890
NGWYB(NGWYB)Adult (f)3,1544692
vfubU(vfubU)Adult (f)2,4926160
z4W7Z(z4W7Z)Adult (f)2,3935680
auVkx(auVkx)Adult (f)2,0945482
0gxjHFoG Gratiae's Crowned LibraAdult (f)1,5685452
DjX7eFoG Scotch KissAdult (m)2,8808651
0bC7cFoG Polar Bear PawAdult (m)2,7708742
MIUaDFoG Tropical TangoAdult (m)3,9828758
idGqKFoG Gratiae's Libra SparklerAdult (m)4,8668356
0GF6vFoG MarzipanAdult (f)2,1787550
j9PMGToffee-etteAdult (f)3,6874479
OvAWLFoG Lavinia's Libra GratiaeAdult (f)3,7708945
q64cHScotchmallowAdult (f)3,2017695
n2DuCFoG Blonde BordeauxAdult (f)3,0357052
DUQgrFoG Divinity PuffAdult (f)4,0137003
HJ5AC(HJ5AC)Adult (m)1,6776542
qNvpw(qNvpw)Adult (m)1,5506052
9Q1Xx(9Q1Xx)Adult (m)2,3408191
sGCgu(sGCgu)Adult (m)2,2407170
ehuV1FoG Gratiae's Yellow LibraAdult (m)1,2214530
96ISy(96ISy)Adult (f)2,5057231
GokQa(GokQa)Adult (f)2,3537760
ZtYf8(ZtYf8)Adult (f)1,5225183
ffg6W(ffg6W)Adult (f)2,3928530
EI1gU(EI1gU)Adult (m)2,5716931
1g0Lk(1g0Lk)Adult (m)3,0077561
PVobR(PVobR)Adult (m)2,5217513
A0JkHFoG Gratiae's Seafaring LibraAdult (m)2,4145641
Z8oPx(Z8oPx)Adult (m)3,0268342
StARA(StARA)Adult (f)2,8987461
ZE7IE(ZE7IE)Adult (f)3,0997942
TgREE(TgREE)Adult (f)1,8447412
kLCuN(kLCuN)Adult (f)3,8176722
I18iPFoG Gratiae's Viridian GreenAdult (m)2,5636563
MFHjtFoG Gratiae's Thalo GreenAdult (m)2,5696692
SpUfoFoG Zapdos LIKE A BOSSAdult (m)2,8626815
knLhDFoG MG Libra's Cadmium YellowAdult (m)2,7336033
uuGcrFoG Gratiae's Libra PestAdult (m)1,8845722
jvfPpFoG Nectaris' MardiGras PaintingAdult (f)2,8496472
EmNac(EmNac)Adult (f)2,9366573
3PPLr(3PPLr)Adult (f)2,5176940
dsTdkFoG Gratiae's Toxic LibraAdult (f)2,2254252
7bWFL(7bWFL)Adult (m)4,3425710
4mQDV(4mQDV)Adult (m)6,5046781
3aoF7(3aoF7)Adult (f)7,0306710
4288K(4288K)Adult (f)3,6764051
223MR(223MR)Adult (f)4,8187200
KV1Tv(KV1Tv)Adult (f)4,9963351
KLnkFoG Noble JetAdult (m)2,54175913
cJkTA(cJkTA)Adult (m)2,9631,2062
P62xFoG Belthazor's Shimmering InkAdult (m)2,18029811
4FkiFoG Daemon's Black JewelsAdult (m)2,80724516
BtIaFoG Elektra's Sable SaiAdult (f)2,1203616
V9UdFoG Serena's Hex Of PandemoniumAdult (f)3,45625810
5qcBRFoG Silverdrak's Black MagickAdult (f)1,8567663
oD26FoG Phoebe's Little Black BookAdult (f)1,62737418
Rb1CBFoG Libra's Dark EnchantressAdult (f)2,5005914
1sVvFoG For The Love Of King CakeAdult (m)3,0742647
uk895(uk895)Adult (m)5,1461,54710
vqBbE(vqBbE)Adult (m)2,4448242
r889G(r889G)Adult (m)5,4281,1247
2R1cuFoG Love Of LeapingAdult (m)1,8507340
ywCq3FoG Gratiae's Love Of LibrasAdult (m)1,8286052
djD0M(djD0M)Adult (f)3,1706954
GFcJFoG Syringa's Unrequited LoveAdult (f)2,1051,07918
hipZFoG Sugar Plum Fairy In LoveAdult (f)1,34534525
X4HoFoG Libra's Love Of MagnoliasAdult (f)3,2262634
BZcmFoG Love's Frozen Lemon CustardAdult (f)4,8013489
gfAKFoG Lovely Feathered MaskAdult (f)1,9524987
vUfiFoG Love's Amazing GraceAdult (f)3,2222436
aF3eFoG Love's Blueberry PieAdult (f)4,5283039
Hm8I(Hm8I)Adult (m)1,3383815
nRuhFoG Gratiae's Dark NightAdult (m)1,3523814
L9aHFoG CasteyelAdult (m)2,8832423
jl7mKFoG Dark Libra EquineAdult (m)4,4051,0302
eY7wG(eY7wG)Adult (m)2,2226273
GcurFoG Dark Night Of EndymionAdult (m)3,0582406
up5B(up5B)Adult (m)2,3952646
3vdbFoG Libra's Dark Night GypsyAdult (m)3,3842569
btV2(btV2)Adult (f)1,8823576
X7kI(X7kI)Adult (f)1,2774206
L5lGqFoG Gratiae's Equine LibraAdult (f)2,4696082
8XVP(8XVP)Adult (f)11,4221,7033
uLAIFoG Libra's Dark Night PantherAdult (m)3,1212615
INIbFoG Purple ROCKSAdult (m)1,9948804
1s1tFoG Cherish The Dark NightAdult (m)5,1124065
UzAKWFoG Gratiae's Dark LibraAdult (f)2,0713863
L2iHFoG The Look Of A Dark NightAdult (f)2,6343127
htoXFoG Dangerous Dark NightAdult (f)1,3623307
eI2h(eI2h)Adult (f)1,4433875
xOTgy(xOTgy)Adult (m)2,7506313
P076FoG Shiro Shitoro's Dark NightAdult (m)3,5662453
2mKT(2mKT)Adult (m)2,6479236
EXLa(EXLa)Adult (m)2,9633074
G2VqFoG Libra's Dark NightAdult (m)3,6813173
Hg1NFoG fullofgraceAdult (f)2,72331516
jmbH(jmbH)Adult (f)1,82673514
ei5h(ei5h)Adult (f)2,5212476
64hXz(64hXz)Adult (m)3,2227351
oI5d4(oI5d4)Adult (f)2,8777370
VizL6(VizL6)Adult (m)2,9907033
wIQAG(wIQAG)Adult (f)3,1387112
1eKdd(1eKdd)Adult (m)2,9227122
7KKBZ(7KKBZ)Adult (f)2,2196841
nkzXm(nkzXm)Adult (f)3,2415805
5WdKP(5WdKP)Adult (f)3,1627572
sA7kE(sA7kE)Adult (m)2,2375694
N6NUQ(N6NUQ)Adult (m)2,0536973
uhabL(uhabL)Adult (m)2,5235735
lQ7aa(lQ7aa)Adult (m)3,2134064
mplSiFoG Libra's Blue SurfAdult (f)2,9806687
nBnoW(nBnoW)Adult (f)3,7467699
obpXE(obpXE)Adult (f)2,0327036
FNDuv(FNDuv)Adult (f)1,6883206
ZPX3U(ZPX3U)Adult (m)1,5903244
NQvPS(NQvPS)Adult (m)2,6424391
wHNW7(wHNW7)Adult (m)1,0424242
pMSzoFoG Moody Blue LibraAdult (f)3,5501,0171
rNYbC(rNYbC)Adult (f)3,0764872
MmJk5(MmJk5)Adult (f)1,4313483
8tl9A(8tl9A)Adult (f)1,6643371
Dynhs(Dynhs)Adult (f)1,7923053
65hHFoG Ceylon SquireAdult (m)2,51530313
45GNFoG Kyrian's Royal EagleAdult (m)1,2527054
D2JnFoG Blue Heaven Of TalonAdult (m)3,2613518
06ofFoG Alexion's Brandeis HeavenAdult (m)2,1064136
HjTcFoG Bondi Heaven Of AcheronAdult (m)3,6542457
AcboFoG Enchanted Blue LibraAdult (m)2,8242934
ntfogFoG Blue's Enchanted Not A FoGAdult (m)2,6769001
CxVeFoG Midnight Pride Of DangerueseAdult (f)2,3051,2624
1mUWFoG Soteria's Majorelle HeavenAdult (f)3,54629312
Hx1UFoG Katra's Blue HeavenAdult (f)2,13239810
isrn(isrn)Adult (f)3,71232611
5tar(5tar)Adult (f)1,5973956
rRfpmFoG Blue Acrobatic LibraAdult (m)2,3796034
1MkaC(1MkaC)Adult (m)3,4296943
FSs33FoG Libra's Blue PatriotAdult (m)1,6864202
Y5f6FFoG Leaping Blue PatriotAdult (m)1,7947511
cry2fFoG Crying Blue TearsAdult (f)1,6013574
5OVjTFoG Libra's Blue AcrobatAdult (f)1,6133853
4Zs3DFoG Graceful Blue PatriotAdult (f)1,6527041
1rSj(1rSj)Adult (f)3,2702653
EHvdFoG Libra's Love Of BalloonsAdult (m)3,6292765
19YVFoG Love's Raspberry SorbetAdult (m)4,0052695
ur8RNFoG Pizza NOPEAdult (m)1,8554357
EQieFoG Dark Side Of LoveAdult (m)1,2788854
B0KSFoG Pink Panther In LoveAdult (m)3,77425212
AtGVw(AtGVw)Adult (f)3,7294382
BOiqFoG Sweet Confectionery LoveAdult (f)1,22545214
LceoFoG Bonica's Love In BloomAdult (f)1,2123597
HVVVFoG Love's Baby GraceAdult (f)3,0583255
ahCIFoG Love's Coconut FrostingAdult (f)3,0493025
nuFTDFoG Libra's Loving InfluenceAdult (f)2,5048331
LNlDFoG Lisette's April FoolAdult (f)2,57036311
MuS8W(MuS8W)Adult (f)4,2414722
zLigK(zLigK)Adult (f)3,6237560
2TcpQ(2TcpQ)Adult (m)3,7517420
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